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Any OPEX Fitness CCP Coaches in the Springdale/DC area. Looking for someone to refer a middle-aged overweight couple to.

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Looking for an OPEX CCP Coach in the Portland area. I have a client I would like to hand off to an In-Person coach.
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Can’t wait for Thursday’s kick off call!!!
Where can we find the results to the comp?

OPEX Fitness is the education provider for coaches seeking career success, longevity, and fulfillmen

OPEX’s (Formerly OPT) belief is that no two individuals are alike. We view fitness as an evolving journey and exploration to discover physical potential. That journey leads to the discovery of purpose and the longevity of oneself. At OPEX our commitment to continual learning and our passion for sharing that knowledge ensures that our clients have the best unique experience possible in their pursui

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With the end of summer fast approaching, now’s the time to jump on the OPEX Summer School deals you’ve been eyeing all season 👀⁠

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Whether you're a casual learner or want to go full summer school on your coaching career, we’ve got you covered.⁠

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Dividing long-term plans into phases of accumulation and intensification will help you manage volume and intensity in training.

Swipe right ➡️ to see the difference between these two phases of training for functional fitness athletes preparing for competition versus fitness enthusiasts training for general health.

One big difference you’ll notice is that while intensity is high for both athletes and health clients during an intensification phase, functional fitness athletes may also see high volume in this phase. The demands of their sport require a large base of volume and intensity prior to moving into a pre-competitive phase.

🏋️ To see these characteristics of training in action, click the link below and download Programming Functional Fitness: Athlete vs. Health. This guide includes 8 weeks of sample programming!

🔗 https://hubs.ly/H0xSfM-0

The Benefits of Walking 10k Steps 08/20/2023

The Benefits of Walking 10k Steps

The Benefits of Walking 10k Steps Walking 10k steps is a basic lifestyle guideline (BLG) that has many health benefits, making it a top recommendation for professional coaches to their clients.


So you (or your clients) want to lift heavy?

Intensity, aka, load, is something that has to be earned.

1️⃣ First, you must learn to move well and develop efficiency in your movement patterns. In the squat, for example, you need to develop stability, control on the eccentric, strength out of the concentric, and proper torso positioning through the movement first.

2️⃣ Next, you must build a base of quality reps at lower intensities. Here, you’ll develop muscle endurance and strength endurance, learning how to perform the lift at higher and higher degrees of tension. In the squat, that might mean going from 12-10-8-6 reps at increasing loads, starting with goblet variations, before moving to dumbbell loaded, and then progressing to the barbell.

3️⃣ Finally, with years of high-quality reps accumulated, you can start to truly express the movement with a max contraction. This could be the 1RM back squat, a maximal expression of the squat pattern.

Notice we said years. Not a 12-week strength cycle!

To lift with intensity both efficiently and safely, you need a big training history and LOTS of good reps. Novice trainees shouldn’t be hitting 1RMs, so save it for your advanced clients.

If you truly want to build strength for life and avoid peaking early and then plateauing, earn the right and build your base!

💪 A sustainable approach to fitness progression is at the heart of the OPEX Method. Click the link below and take our Free Coaching Course to learn a system that builds strength for life.

🔗 https://hubs.li/H0Qjl6Z0


All three macros are an important part of a balanced diet, each serving unique functions in the body.⁠

Some good sources of each macronutrient:⁠

🥩 PROTEIN: beef, lamb, chicken, pork, shellfish, fish, eggs, and dairy. ⁠

🥦 CARBS: vegetables, potatoes, rice, quinoa, oats, fruits, and berries. ⁠

🥑 FAT: seeds, nuts, fish, grass-fed meats, avocado, olive oil, ghee, butter, coconut, flaxseed oil, and olives.⁠

As with all nutrition prescriptions, there is no one-size-fits-all with macronutrients. The right macro ratios and sources will depend on a number of factors: goals, function, body composition, preferences, and more. ⁠

To learn how we personalize exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition programs, click the link below and start our Free Coaching Course today.⁠

🔗 https://hubs.li/H0Qjl6Z0

10 Row Variations for the Horizontal Pull Pattern 08/19/2023

10 Row Variations for the Horizontal Pull Pattern

10 Row Variations for the Horizontal Pull Pattern cable rows and bent-over rows are classics, but here are some other variations to increase your functional movement capacity and try something new.


Professional fitness coaches have to learn to love their finances (or, at least, get comfortable with them).⁠

Why? Because you can only move what you measure.⁠
Just as we assess our clients to identify their capabilities and limitations, we have to do the same with our careers in order to devise goals and a plan.⁠

Growing your coaching income starts with knowing what you have coming in and going out.⁠

Grounded in this reality, you can decide how many clients you need and what you need to charge to make the money you want to make. Then, you can map out a long-term business plan to get you there.⁠

We teach coaches the most important metrics to track and how to do so in the final module of the Coaching Certificate Program, the Professional. ⁠

Click the link below to learn more about CCP (and save on enrollment with our Summer School offer - ending soon!)⁠

🔗 https://hubs.ly/H0n13Gy0


With the end of summer fast approaching, now’s the time to jump on the OPEX Summer School deals you’ve been eyeing all season. ⁠

Grow your coaching career, your client list, and your brain while everyone else is at the beach. ⁠

Or even better, study and program in the sunshine with our flexible, digital learning and online coaching platforms, LearnRx and .app.⁠

Whether you're a casual learner or want to go full summer school on your coaching career, we’ve got you covered with up to 50% off our educational offerings. ⁠

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Macrocycles for functional fitness athletes and health clients must reflect their differing functions: maximal expression in competition vs. health and longevity.

An athlete’s training year must be structured around competition and periodized in a way that appropriately peaks them for maximal expression on “game day.” Their life needs to align with training.

A health client’s training year must be structured in a way that supports consistency in training for a lifetime. Their training needs to align with their life.

In our latest free guide, Programming Functional Fitness with Individual Design, we show you 8 weeks of sample programming so you can see each phase of these macrocycles in action.

Click the link to download now: https://hubs.ly/H0xSfM-0


Writing workouts isn’t what makes coaching hard.

The people you’re writing them for do!

As a coach, you’re in the business of relationships. And the best fitness program is only “the best” in the context of the person it’s written for.

People are at the heart of what you do, and they’re dynamic, complex, stubborn, entertaining, irrational, creative, self-sacrificing, inconsistent, focused… the list goes on.

The clients you will meet all have unique personalities that make them wonderful and challenging to coach because you will have to adapt your communication and approach to every single one of them.

Understanding strength training protocols or the best exercises to fix an unstable scap may seem overwhelming sometimes, but they’re actually the simplest parts of coaching (with some study, repetition, and experience).

The fun starts when you stop fixating on the technical aspects of program design, and start by thinking about the person you’re coaching instead.

Want to learn a system of fitness coaching that is focused on the individual first? Click the link below and take our FREE course, the Professional Coaching Blueprint.

🔗 https://hubs.li/H0Qjl6Z0

Pro Coach vs. Influencer 08/13/2023

Pro Coach vs. Influencer

Pro Coach vs. Influencer Learn to identify the key differences between a fitness professional and a social media influencer.


Individual Design Is…⁠
✔️ Personalized program design⁠
✔️ Lifestyle consultation⁠
✔️ Habit-based and progressive nutrition⁠
✔️ Coach-client relationship towards autonomy⁠

Individual Design Is Not…⁠
✖️ Online template programming⁠
✖️ One-size-fits-all behaviors⁠
✖️ A macro calculator⁠
✖️ What a fitness influencer says on Instagram⁠

Do you offer individual design (ID) coaching? Let us know in the comments!⁠

We’ve been teaching coaches how to offer ID since before it was cool! Click the link below and sign up for our free coaching course to learn the OPEX Method.⁠

🔗 https://hubs.li/H0Qjl6Z0

How to Become a Personal Trainer in 2023 08/12/2023

How to Become a Personal Trainer in 2023

How to Become a Personal Trainer in 2023 See success in 2023 as a personal trainer by using these key strategies to set yourself apart and deliver pro-level service to your clients.

Why You Should Quit Coaching 08/11/2023

Why You Should Quit Coaching

Why You Should Quit Coaching If it's not your passion, is the struggle really worth it? It takes determination and drive to make it in the fitness industry.


How many clients you have matters, but it’s only one of the metrics that professional coaches need to track.

We’d recommend you track these 7 key numbers to understand the success of your coaching business:
1️⃣ Client number
2️⃣ Retention
3️⃣ Average price point per client
4️⃣ Revenue
5️⃣ Expenses
6️⃣ Profit
7️⃣ RACs

You can get far more detailed from here, but these metrics are the ones we’ve found to be most impactful.

In the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program, we don't only focus on designing fitness programs. We also equip coaches with the principles and systems needed to grow a successful fitness business.

Click the link and apply now to learn more about OPEX CCP.

🔗 https://hubs.ly/H0n13Gy0

Remote Coaching: The Pros and Cons 08/10/2023

Remote Coaching: The Pros and Cons

Remote Coaching: The Pros and Cons While it may sound like a dream—working from anywhere with complete control over your schedule— remote coaching has both benefits and tradeoffs.

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It's not too late to go back to school this summer!⁠

OPEX Summer School deals are still live for a few more weeks, but hurry before they're gone.⁠

Click the link and explore our complete coaching education line-up, with savings of up to 50%! 🔗 https://hubs.li/Q01R6mxY0

10 Marketing Tips for Professional Fitness Coaches 08/09/2023

10 Marketing Tips for Professional Fitness Coaches

10 Marketing Tips for Professional Fitness Coaches Your ability to market your fitness business can make or break you, especially early on. Learn 10 key marketing tips to set yourself up for success.

Opening a Micro-Gym: Pros & Cons 08/08/2023

Opening a Micro-Gym: Pros & Cons

Opening a Micro-Gym: Pros & Cons A micro gym can be a low-cost, low-risk way to start your in-person fitness business. But consider a few of the pros and cons before making a final choice.



From determining the right pace to tracking progress, our aerobic training principles have got you covered.

Our team will walk you through a step-by-step framework for progressing aerobics, making it easy to implement and sustain in any fitness program.

✅ How to conduct simple yet powerful assessments
✅ Practical methods to program aerobic training
✅ A step-by-step framework for progressing aerobics
✅ Receive a bonus program design PDF

Click the link to register now: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vaDVQOG4Rw6ahDSyGvPgmQ #/registration


We want to know where you are on your coaching journey!

⬇️ Let us know in the comments, which category do you fall into?

Not Coaching. Part-Time. Full Time. Owner. Coach of Coaches. Scale.

Identifying where you sit in your coaching journey is an important part of setting professional goals and knowing what you need to do right now to achieve them.

In the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) we help coaches like you create professional careers in an often confusing industry. Click the link to learn more. 🔗 https://hubs.ly/H0n13Gy0


Sustainability in the gym means better and lasting results, but it matters even more for what it means for the rest of your life.

A sustainable approach to fitness carries over to vitality in life.

Fitness with the goal of functional strength and a robust aerobic system–all developed through patience and a slow and steady approach–ultimately supports the ability to enjoy many of the good things in life, and to do so for as long as possible.

Support your clients in their quest for vitality in life and honor sustainability in the gym.

🙌 in the comments if you’re with us


Save this post for some program design inspiration!

There is, of course, a crossover between muscles used for all of these exercises, but these are some good options to bias certain limitations when choosing accessory work.

For more program design knowledge, click the link and sign up for our FREE fitness coaching course.

🔗 https://hubs.li/H0Qjl6Z0

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Whether you want to write better training programs, increase your knowledge of nutrition & lifestyle protocols, or work on your coaching business, our new education solution, LearnRx, has you covered.⁠

Revolutionizing the way you learn, it’s a little like Netflix or Masterclass for fitness coaches. ⁠

And it’s a far more productive way to spend your time than scrolling Instagram, Threads, or Twitter!⁠

You don’t need to block out an entire weekend, travel out of state, or commit to a semester-long program to constantly uplevel as a coach. ⁠

Our micro-learning approach makes staying up to date with the latest in exercise, nutrition, and fitness business easy to fit into even the busiest coaching schedule. So the next time you go to scroll out of boredom, you can choose to grow your brain instead of drain it!⁠

Click the link below and use the code SUMMER23 save 50% on LearnRx or any of our specialty playlists.

🔗 https://www.opexfit.com/learnrx


Call it what you want, aerobic training is all the rage in the fitness world, and for good reason! Its benefits extend far beyond just improving cardiovascular health—it enhances recovery, builds endurance, and lays the foundation for peak performance.⁠

But here's the catch: progressing aerobics for different clients isn’t as simple as just sending them out on a run. Various fitness levels and capabilities call for a more personalized approach that can be sustained for a lifetime.⁠

Join us for this upcoming webinar, where OPEX CEO and OPEX Coach will cut through the complexities and present you with practical methods to assess and program aerobic training.⁠

Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2023⁠
Time: 1 PM EDT⁠

Click the link to register now: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vaDVQOG4Rw6ahDSyGvPgmQ #/registration

How to Do More Pull-Ups: A Step-by-Step Guide 08/02/2023

How to Do More Pull-Ups: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Do More Pull-Ups: A Step-by-Step Guide Do you struggle to increase your pull-up maxes? These tips are a proven strategy used by pro coaches to break through pull-up plateaus and ceilings.


[FREE GUIDE] Programming Functional Fitness: Athlete vs. Health⁠

This download includes:⁠
➡️ The characteristics inside different phases of training ⁠
➡️ Macro-view infographics for health and sport periodization⁠
➡️ 8 weeks of sample functional fitness workouts⁠
➡️ Videos to help you understand the intention behind each program⁠

Click the link to download the guide now and start writing better functional fitness programs for any client. 🔗https://hubs.ly/H0xSfM-0

Photos from OPEX Fitness's post 08/01/2023


📹Programming & Personalizing Mobility⁠
Join instructor for an approach to mobility that blends principles from the yoga and fitness coaching worlds. Explore three distinct mobility styles—active, passive, and restorative—and uncover how you can use them to enhance functional movement and overall well-being for your clients. You'll learn to craft personalized mobility prescriptions based on the OPEX Move assessment, including warm-ups, cooldowns, active recovery, and lifestyle Rx’s. ⁠

📹Back Room Talk: Easy vs Tough Aerobic Training⁠
and discuss the differences between performing easy and tough aerobics, the benefits of each, and how to progress through the aerobic pyramid with MAP principles.⁠

📹Case Study: CrossFit Competitor Testing and Accumulation Cycle (coming mid-August)⁠
breaks down an accumulation cycle for an Open-level CrossFit competitor. Sam shares testing week results and how these influenced the program design. Releasing mid-August. ⁠

📄2 New Programs: Easy & Tough Aerobics and Cyclical MAP 7⁠

Click the link to sign up to LearnRx to access all this and our full content library. Use code SUMMER23 to save 50%!⁠


Enjoy your daily dose of fitness education.

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