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Scottsdale School of Fitness


Governor Ducey issued a press release today saying that gyms can reopen starting tomorrow. Here is the guidance issued:
Great place to train. Goldberg helped get me ready for the 2017 NFL Combine and now I'm with the Greenbay Packers. When we play the Cowboys in Texas this year. He better be cheering for the Packs. Go Packs Go. Very friendly atmosphere and great facility even better people. Jamaal Williams. I'll be back in July before I report for training camp.
This is Fitness Inspired by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!
Hey, are you guys going to the Candid Camera show on April 9th? My sister found a promo code for their show in Scottsdale. You just use the word smile when you go to the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts website.
Earn Valuable CEU's, increase your client base, and make a huge difference in someone's life!

In 2014 there were 32,830 newly diagnosed cancer patients in AZ; this does not include those already living with/surviving the disease. We need more specially trained fitness professionals to help them recover safely and effectively.

I am personally teaching the Cancer Exercise Specialist Certification Workshop on August 29-30, 2015 at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center in Scottsdale, AZ.

This is the most comprehensive coursework on cancer recovery. The cost is $399 (until July 29th) and includes the 475 pg. Cancer Exercise Specialist Handbook, 2-day training, examination, FREE listing on our International CES Directory, and a 90 day FREE membership to the Medical Fitness Network.

We have group discounts for five or more people. If you would like to receive more detailed information, just let me know. For those who are unable to attend the live workshop, we offer a home study option which includes a two-day live/interactive webinar.

To register go to: or call 503-502-6776 to set-up a payment plan.
Good evening /morning everyone I just wanted to inform everyone that Thursday 6/25-6/28 starts our friends and family event at the Chandler Reebok at the phoenix premium outlets located by the wild horse pass casino and resort. Our ENTIRE store is 40% off except for the new crossfit nano 5.0 and zpumps. We have brand new kids shoes for back to school also , hope to see you all soon !
The best trainers in town....
Stay out of Rob's way on leg day!!
This is for you, Rob:

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself.” ― Edmund Lee

What an amazing future we all have ahead of us, because of your vision, and your effort to make it a reality!
Best trainer ever wish you were back in NJ Hope all is well
Another great workout w my ND & personal trainer!

Private training facility in Scottsdale Scottsdale School of Fitness and Scottsdale Combine. A Private personal and athletic training facility.

Operating as usual

Now it's easier to send Scottsdale School of Fitness a message. 01/03/2022

Now it's easier to send Scottsdale School of Fitness a message.

Now it's easier to send Scottsdale School of Fitness a message.


👏🏼Being sore DOES NOT = a good workout!👏🏼

Do you decide how well your workout was based on how sore you are the next day? If so LISTEN UP🗣

Soreness happens when your muscle fibers are broken down and your body has an inflammatory response, causing that pain feedback!

Being sore is NOT always a bad thing, but its also not always a good thing either!

If you are SUPER sore after a workout a few things could be happening:

➡️You switched up / started a new training program
➡️You aren’t eating enough or correctly according to your workouts
➡️You aren’t sleeping enough / well
➡️Your body is over worked / stressed out

Its normal to be slightly sore after workouts where you may have pushed heavier weight, done an exercise you aren’t used to, or are just getting into working out. But it is NOT normal to be chronically sore every single day! If you are you need to readjust! Come see me!!

Don’t let that “sore” feeling determine if you worked hard or not, I RARELY get sore anymore! Just keep workin🌈🤍


Lets talk alcohol & having & healthy lifestyle🌈🥂

Honestly Im not someone who goes out excessively or drinks a lot, but I do once in a while! I used to get SUPER upset with myself, feeling like id “lose all my progress” & ALWAYS punish myself with extra cardio & no food the next day

But thats just not the case! Is it something that will ruin your progress if its a daily habit? Well with anything you want to make room for balance!

From a nutritional standpoint - alcohol is viewed as “poison.” It serves no nutritional value at all & it is not NEEDED by the body! But that doesn’t mean we still dont want to have a drink or two once in a while!

Here are some things I do if im going out:

➡️Before: Eat & Hydrate

➡️While: Stick to one alcohol, Hydrate & Watch your mixers (avoid super sugary drinks!)

**My go to drink is vodka water & I am ABSOLUTELY that girl who brings mio to the bar lol** vodka soda is good too but I dont like bubbles!

➡️After: EAT, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate oh and HYDRATE!

After drinking I will drink LOTS of water, coconut water, @liquidiv packet, emergen- C Packet, & @youcanbeam recovery aminos! Drinking will lower your immune system so you want to make sure you replenish with lots of electrolytes & antioxidants!

Understand that you will probably feel bloated the next day - thats NORMAL! Its an inflammatory response and will regulate in a few days!

REMEMBER if you are only drinking once in a while thats FINE! You can absolutely enjoy fun drinks here and there, but if its an occurring thing, then I would recommend sticking to these tips on most nights!

Just 👏🏼GET👏🏼BACK👏🏼ON👏🏼TRACK👏🏼 the next day! No need to go to ~extreme measures~


Only 23 days left in 2021. How will you enter 2022? Come see us to get your year started off right!

We offer:
Nutrition plans🍓
Personal Training🏋🏽‍♀️
& more!


20 Year Celebration

Please RSVP to our pinned event invitation. After 20 years in Scottsdale, Arizona, it's time to PARTY! Join us as we celebrate incredible people and memories! Come for live music, food, drinks and a great time!


Are you eating ENOUGH? Some signs that could possibly indicate under eating!⬇️⬇️

Just as much as over eating can be a problem, UNDER EATING can be detrimental to your health as well!

Diet culture is CONSTANTLY telling us to cut out carbs, slash your calories in half, avoid sugar, etc… but what they’re not telling you is you NEED to make sure you are eating enough in order to see results too!

⬇️Some signs that you are under eating include:⬇️

•Low energy
•Poor digestion
•Unable to lose weight on a low intake
•Loss of menstrual cycle
•Uncontrollable binging episodes
•Low sex drive
•Constant bloating

If you experience any of these symptoms/feelings on a DAILY basis…. Its time to reevaluate your daily intake! Your body WILL fight against you!

Come see Gianna @giannagfit for a free assessment to see where your nutrition is at & the steps you need to take to better your health & REACH YOUR GOALS.

Because at SSOF… thats what we do👍🏽

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Scottsdale School of Fitness! This page will be focused on all things nutrition, recovery, and personal training!

🥗We are now offering Nutrition services here at SSOF. We are welcoming our new Nutritionist, Gianna Gentile @giannagfit . Her services include Meal plans, Nutrition Coaching, accountability, and more!

💆‍♀️Recovery is something we take very seriously at SSOF! We offer normatec boots! @hyperice These boots will cut your recovery time in half! They improve blood circulation & reduce soreness after a workout. Not to mention they feel AMAZING!

We also have an amazing massage therapist! @revivebodywork_az Book her for all your recovery needs!

🏋🏼‍♂️We have a great staff of personal trainers here! We offer private training, semi private training, & small group training!

Find all our services on the MindBody app or come in to see us! Stay up to date with us through our new Instagram!

Come join our family!

Scottsdale School of Fitness updated their address. 10/02/2021

Scottsdale School of Fitness updated their address.

Scottsdale School of Fitness updated their address.


En tiempos de cuarentena vamos a jugar voleibol de forma segura 🏐😎😂 😂


Big Companies Got The Small Business PPP Loans 04/18/2020

Big Companies Got The Small Business PPP Loans


Big Companies Got The Small Business PPP Loans Today's post was supposed to be about pretty outdoor home decor to zhush up your patio, but all that changed when I read that the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) funding designed to help small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis has


Today is a special day! 17 years ago I opened up a small 1800sq. ft. Personal training gym and called it East Coast Fitness. Every year I reflect on that day. The one thing that continues to go through my mind this year is how much I thought I knew. The reality is, I knew nothing!! The highs were filled with excitement and happiness...The lows were filled with disappointment and depression. I had know idea what was ahead! I learned slowly, how to run a business.. the hard way! I’ll always be stubborn, but I learned how to use it as an asset. I learned how to listen to the people who truly want to help and distinguish the difference between the ones who don’t. I learned how to fight through when all was lost. I still don’t have it all figured out by no means, but I’m getting closer. These are only the highlights of what I learned. I was so young and naive seventeen years ago! I started a business, but knew very little about the sacrifice it would be. When adversity me, I found out more about my willingness to fight. I found a way to fight back and never quit on my dream. I am proud to say, I’M STILL HERE! Much support has been given ( you know who you are) and i would never say I did it alone! I found out who my friends are. Anyone who knows me knows I value Loyalty over any other characteristic. A big thank you to all🙏🙏🙏 I’m still grinding and as passionate as ever! My intent is sound with my integrity in place.


Mommy and me workouts! Gotta another visit from my favorite little girl in training. It’s so much fun to see Paige light up! She is going to be a Rockstar! Thank you for bringing her in Trevor N Meghan Wilde

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It’s Time!
We are proud to announce our very own branded supplement line! After months of development, these awesome products were well worth the wait.
Available for purchase online:


Happy birthday Scottsdale School of Fitness!! I am so grateful for the last 16 years in business for the opportunity to serve Scottsdale with a service that changes people’s lives.
It is rare for me to stop my momentum of the day and reflect on what really matters. Most don’t know my heart, I don’t share it much, but take a deeper look at my gym, and you will find it on the floor!


Haven't posted in a long time on SSoF, but I felt the need to show that I'm still grinding away!


I LOVE OUR TRAINERS! Scottsdale School of Fitness... no one compares.

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It's a beautiful morning at Scottsdale School of Fitness!

Timeline photos 09/15/2016

Good Morning!

Timeline photos 05/20/2016

Check out what's happening at Scottsdale Combine!

Love seeing some of my youth athletes getting it done on the off season to come back better and stronger in the Fall!
Summer programs begin now for all sports! Football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, cheer....
You have an athlete that wants the best in Strength and Conditioning, Speed and Agility come see us! You need help with meal planning of have an Athlete that needs work on their mental mindset( being more focused, setting concise goals, mental toughness, increasing self confidence ) come see me! Athletic Performance at its best right here! So proud to be a part! Come join our amazing athletic focused family!!
Open House tomorrow 12-2! Stop By!

Jen Graffice | QLife 05/17/2016

Jen Graffice | QLife

Scottsdale School Of Fitness is proud to announce the addition of Jen Graffice Qlife to our facility and menu of services. A perfect fit, Jen Graffice works with the mental side of Athletic Performance for Athletes. From her one on one coaching to her camps, she helps Athletes and Teams get to where they want to be and it is all about the mindset. From setting goals, to overcoming fears and mental blocks, increasing self confidence and just teaching athletes how to be accountable to themselves, she guides the way! She works with World Class athletes and High School teams all over the Valley, For more information you can check out her website at Or come see her in person as she will be hosting an Open House this Saturday from 12-2! Come say Hi, I'll be there too!

Jen Graffice | QLife A goal-oriented health and wellness coach who supercharges your life from the inside out.

Timeline photos 04/20/2016

A Man and his gym alone on a Sunday. I will never lose my passion for fitness and never lose focus to help others. It is my true calling and my character will keep me moving toward new goals and bigger dreams.

Photos from Scottsdale School of Fitness's post 02/01/2016

New equipment, new floor plan! Moving forward everyday!

Photos from Scottsdale School of Fitness's post 12/03/2015

Night time crew at SSoF. I counted over 40 people working out comfortably. I guess the expansion is working. Never stop...never quit, and NEVER stop believing. Journey would be pissed!

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20 Year Celebration





Scottsdale, AZ

General information

A private facility designed for one on one and group training.

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 9pm
Tuesday 5am - 9pm
Wednesday 5am - 9pm
Thursday 5am - 9pm
Friday 5am - 9pm
Saturday 7am - 2pm
Sunday 7am - 1pm

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