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Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun


The inaugural Arizona Trolley Dances is 10 days away. We're thrilled to partner with Movement Source Dance Company to present San Diego Dance Theater, The Jukebox Dance Studio, and Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun in addition to works by Movement Source. These works will be performed in unique locations throughout Old Town Scottsdale. Hitch a ride on the Trolley and experience dance like never before!

You can buy tickets to any of these timeslots:
Friday, Mar. 4, 2022, 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m.
Saturday, Mar. 5, 2022, 11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m.
“Can people actually use capoeira in a fight, self-defense or emergency situation?” This is a question that is often brought up by critics of Capoeira.
The fact is that the roots of Capoeira are embedded in the freedom and survival of captives during the times of slavery. The breaking of handcuff is in our logo and and symbolizes what capoeira has been historically. This martial art was used by thousands to save their lives and sanity.

To explore these questions, and show how capoeira is most effectively used in self-defense in current day situations, Contra-Mestre (CM) Osso Duro, aka Marcus Vinicius Maciel, is going to teach a 3 day capoeira intensive at Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe, beginning MARCH 6, 2020.

To read more about the event visit

To register

Capoeira Canada
Gracias! Thanks to all the performing artists and groups: Primavera Folklorico Q Deezy Deezy Ballet Folklorico Quetzalli - Chandler, AZ Mariachi Corazón Del Valle Ollin Yoliztli Dance Academy Desert Dance Theatre Mariachi Juvenil de Mi Tierra Keith Johnson Rachel Bowditch Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe YolloIncuauhtli Aztec Dancers, Eli Renteria, FE Lerma . Tony Arias Danzantes, and much more. Over 200 masked performers!
Axé Capoeira Arizona Tucson Batizado & Troca de Corda | 20 years of Axé Capoeira Arizona and 10 years of Axé Capoeira Tucson | Oct 6, 2019
To all the fathers & father figures at Axé Capoeira Arizona Tempe: Happy Father's Day for All you Do.
We are excited to announce our next special guest, Mestrando Camara leader of Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe, USA. We are so happy to have his presence and super Axé once again, at our 2019 Axé Capoeira Vancouver Event!

This year our event runs from July 25th-28th! Come train and learn from some of the best Capoeiristas in the world!

Axé Capoeira Vancouver 2019 Summer Open

Maculelê!!!! ~ via Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe
Kicking off an amazing 3 day weekend of mixing it up just right at the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden!!! The annual Chiles and Chocolate Festival starts today at 10am! Ill be there mixing up an All Vinyl Dj set all 3 days with loads of Salsa, Latin Jazz, Boogaloo, Afro-Latin, Samba, Forro, Jazz and more fine tunes to radiate eardrums!

Each day Ill have special guests dancers and performers during lunch time, that you don't want to miss! Guests include:

*Friday Yumi La Rosa
*Saturday Cory Thomas & Friends
*Sunday Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe

So whether you like Flamenco style dance, or you want to shimmy some salsa, or see some afro-brazilian music and dance! You won't want to miss this event!!!

Tickets and info in the link below!

Chiles & Chocolate Festival is the ideal recipe for a sweet and spicy weekend. Sample and shop your way through Arizona’s top chile and chocolate vendors. Indulge in gourmet chocolates, zesty sauces, fresh fire-roasted chiles and other delights. Listen to catchy musical mixes and enjoy fiery live performances of Latin, Brazilian and Spanish dance on Boppart Courtyard.
This Week! Full Schedule of Gigs! Come out and move your feet to the World and Latin Beats!

Tuesday @ Culinary Dropout
FOREIGN AFFAIR | 7pm - 9pm
All vinyl World Beats
No Cover

Friday @ Desert Botanical Garden
All vinyl Latin / Jazz
Guest Yumi La Rosa (Flamenco)
Tickets @

Saturday @ Desert Botanical Garden
All vinyl Latin / Jazz
Guest Cory Thomas and Friends (Salsa)
Tickets @

Sunday @ Desert Botanical Garden
All vinyl Latin / Jazz
Guest Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe (Samba)
Tickets @

Push Play! Enjoy! See you this week!
Check out the ladies, and gents from Arizona's best, Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe!! Spearheaded by the great Jay Camara!! Axe Capoeira brings you the best music, dance, performance, capoeira, but most importantly, the guidance to being the center of you while training in one of the world most ancient art forms. Proud to know them, and excited to see them this weekend at the 9th Annual | Brazilian Day Festival at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts!!

Tickets, Info, Details
Axé Capoeira Vancouver is excited to announce our next special guest, Contra-Mestre Jay Camara.
Contra-Mestre Camara began training with Mestre Barrão in 1992 and was Mestre’s first student in North America.
In the year 2000 he began teaching Capoeira in Tempe, Arizona. Over the years he has trained and developed several successful students and teachers.
Not only is he an amazing Marital Artist, but he is also an incredible mentor, inspiration and leader. He continues to travel to events in Canada, the US, and Brazil, sharing his great knowledge and experience with the students of Axé Capoeira.
Contra-Mestre Camara, leader of the Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe schools, will be present at the 2018 Axé Capoeira Vancouver.

This year our event runs from July 26th - 29th! Come train and learn from some of the best Capoeirista’s in the world! Register now to be a part of the best event of the summer::

THANK YOU Tucson for joining us for our weekly Saturday COMMUNITY CAPOEIRA class and Roda for Kids, Teens and Adults. We had a visiting capoeira family Espirito from Axé Capoeira Tempe.

We’ve got some exciting announcements coming up so be sure to Like our Facebook “Axé Capoeira Tucson” & Follow Us on Instagram for upcoming details. 💯%AXÉ

Elite Martial Arts Academy Scottsdale is a premier martial arts gym with 5 programs; Muay Thai, Bra visit for the full schedule.

Axé Capoeira Arizona, has two locations - one in south Scottsdale and one in Tucson AZ. Axé Capoeira AZ is the southwest hub for Grupo Axé Capoeira in North America. We offer capoeira training for all ages and have an unparalleled kid's capoeira program. If you are looking for a new or additional activity to add into your life as a means of growth, personal development, and means of change - you h

Operating as usual


Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tuscon and Phoenix at The Wrigley Building in Chicago for the 2023 Axé Capoeira Chicago Batizado. Parabéns Contra Mestre Bambu! Salve Axé Capoeira! Salve Mestre Barrão


Axe Capoeira Arizona and Tucson schools representing at the Axé Capoeira Vancouver event 2023!

Photos from Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun's post 07/06/2023

Parabéns to our great mentor and leader. We are so fortunate to have you in front paving the way for our growth and self-realization. Words cannot begin to express the love and gratitude we all have for you. May your day be filled with love and light Mestrando Camará 🙏🏼


:: :: Practica para amar o berimbau. Bora garoto.


Sequencia das crianças hoje. Bom trabalho Pipoca e Joey!!! Salve Axé Capoeira.

Timeline photos 06/09/2022

Salve Mestre Barrāo!

The leader and founder of Grupo Axé Capoeira is a songwriter with more than 100 songs recorded.

His lyrics talk about the daydreams of life, about the world and relationships , always with the support of berimbau.

In short, Mestre Barrão musical legacy is the foundation for the art of playing capoeira.


Salve! Today we had a guest from Axé Capoeira KC - aluno Urso! Bom treinamento tudo mundo!!


UAU!! Foi maravilhoso! What an amazing event we had this past weekend. The 2022 Axé Capoeira Arizona Batizado e Troca de Corda was amazing. Muito obrigada Mestre Barrão for your blessings to have this event, for your encouragment, and for your teachings. We zoomed Mestre in from Recife and had nearly 90 students online with him - a majority of whom were just meeting him for the first time! Mestrando Camará we would not be here if it were not for you and your unparalleled tenacity to keep on. To all of our guest teachers - CM Bambu, Instrutora Arara, Instrutor Sombra, and Graduado Microphone - your presence, your teachings, and energy brought this event to life!

To all of our students, from near and far, OBRIGADA e PARABÉNS!!! Our groups are still strong because of your presence, and your choice to continue your training. Thank you for your continued support of our events here in Arizona!

Vamos crescer!! Salve Mestre Barrão

Com amor, Graduada Iúna


Aula com ao nosso Mestre Barrão!! Salve Mestre e muito obrigada por seu apoio para nosso evento!!!

Photos from Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun's post 04/23/2022

Axé Capoeira Arizona Batizado 2022!

Mestrando Camará
Contramestre Bambu
Instrutora Arara
Instrutor Sombra
Graduada Iúna
Graduado Microphone


It is BATIZADO weekend! Capoeira at the acdemy is cancelled for Saturday, April 23.


Mais um! Arriving today from Puebla, Mexico, leader of Axé Capoeira Puebla, Graduado Microphone! He began his training with Grupo Axé Capoeira in 2011. Graduado Microphone has traveled a lot throughout the world visiting many of our schools. He will aslo be present in Juliaca, Peru in May. Bem vindo de volta ao Arizona Graduado!!


We are ready to kick-off our event this weekend! Axé Capoeira Arizona welcomes all of our out-of-town guests. The event was organized by Graduada Iúna, one of Mestrando Camará's oldest students. Graduada began training with Mestrando in 1999 on the grass fields at the student recreation center at ASU. She teaches capoeira for kids and adults, and more. Her non-profit organization, Axé Cultural Foundation, was founded to support meaningful arts and education through martial arts and dance, focused in Afro-Brazilian culture. Our event was made possible in part by the ACF, and with the support of our amazing donors. Muito obrigada, e axé! Salve Mestre Barrão


Twelve days until our event here in Phoenix! Our sister group in Tucson will be joining us to celebrate 23 years of Axé Capoeira in Arizona. Axé Capoeira Tucson was founded in 2009 by Instrutor Sombra. He was introduced to capoeira in 2003 and began training with Mestrando Camará in 2005 in our first location in Tempe. Instrutor Sombra has a lifetime of experience and knowledge in health, fitness, and martial arts that began with his father, and he continues to bring all of these things together in his work as a personal health coach. You can expect some motivating workshops with him. Please join me in welcoming Instrutor Sombra to PHX!


Feliz aniversário ao nosso Mestre Barrão!!


We are fifteen days away from our long awaited event in Phoenix, AZ! Our next guest announcement is for Instrutora Arara, leader of Axé Capoeira Kansas City. Instrutora Arara began training with Mestre Barrāo in 1999 in Vancouver, B.C., helped grow capoeira in St. Croix, and has been in Kansas City for over a decade where she opened her academy in 2015. She has been on a mission to share capoeira with the world, and created opportunities for students to connect with our teachers worldwide during the lockdown with her project Vamos Girar o Mundo - a series of web-based workshops. Please join me in welcoming Instrutora Arara to PHX!


Salve Axé Capoeira! It is time to announce our special guests for this year's event. We welcome Contra Mestre Bambu, leader of Axé Capoeira Chicago, to Phoenix. CM Bambu has trained with Mestre Barrão for over twenty years and has operated his academy in Chicago since 2009. He is highly respected in our worldwide organization and we are looking forward to some amazing workshops with him. Please welcome Contra Mestre Bambu!

Macau 4 Eddy - Fundraising to help Master Eddy 03/21/2022

To all of our friends in the capoeira community, near and far, old and new - Mestre Eddy needs our help. Mestre Eddy Murphy is a vital teacher in our community and has overcome so much in his life. He recently underwent a bone marrow transplant and will require more extensive treatment to kick this cancer out of the proverbial roda. Please donate to his fundraiser 🙏

Macau 4 Eddy - Fundraising to help Master Eddy Edilson Almeida, also known as the beloved Master Eddy Murphy of Axé Capoeira, was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, and is now receiving proper treatment, which has been very costly. Let us help him fight this battle by donating and showing our support!


Salve tudo mundo! Your host for the 2022 Axé Capoeira Arizona Batizado e Troca de Corda is our own Mestrando Camará. Mestrando created our group here in Arizona over twenty years ago on the grass field at ASU and has continued to grow our group strong. Through the most challenging of times, he will always persevere and carries that energy through his training to his students. We owe it all to you Mestrando!!

For event registration:


We are excited to announce our long awaited event in Arizona! It has been a long two and a half years. With Mestre's blessing, we are hosting our batizado and troca de corda in Phoenix. Special guest announcements coming soon! Axé e salve Mestre Barrão


Happy Thanksgiving Galera and enjoy family, friends and have fun. AxeStrong and Muito Abracos. Mestrando

Photos from Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun's post 10/31/2020

Capoeira na parque! Salve Axé Capoeira!


Join us for a beautiful night immersed in songs, stories, and conversations with the legendary Mestre Barrão. Don’t miss this truly special event with performances of Samba de Roda, Afoxé, Maracatu & Coco de Roda straight from his hometown of Recife, Brazil complete with an amazing live band and percussion! Mestre Barrão Will be accompanied by special guests and other renowned artists. It’s a cultural show that truly cannot be missed. Enjoy it with your family!
Live performance details:
October 25, 2020 | 7 pm Recife
E-tickets at $15 Individuals & $30 Family Ticket
Tickets and Live Streams Available Below
The first 100 to register will be given access as guests to Mestre Barrão’s private Zoom get together where you can feel part of the festive night; chat with him or even request a song! See you all there! Salve!

Timeline photos 06/02/2020
Joga Bonito 04/30/2020

Joga Bonito Mestre Barrao · Single · 2020 · 1 songs.


LIVE KID ONLY Capoeira Class (ages 7-13). Visit to view on-demand and live stream classes.

Photos from Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun's post 04/29/2020

Throwback to an amazing weekend with Contra Mestre Osso Duro! From Axé Capoeira Arizona we wish you a Happy Birthday Contra Mestre!!

Photography: @ Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe


Here’s a kid training sequence from our Saturday online capoeira class lead by Mestrando Camara.

For access to live online and full length on-demand capoeira and fitness classes, visit


All of us at Axe Capoeira Arizona would like to wish the leader of our group, Mestre Barrão, a very happy birthday! Thank you for your great contribution to the continued growth of capoeira around the world. Muito Axé!

Photos from Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun's post 03/09/2020

We had an absolutely amazing weekend with Contra Mestre Osso Duro! Thank you so much Contra Mestre we are all feeling inspired and ready to do more work.

Photography: photography

Timeline photos 03/07/2020

Today we start our day with kids workshop with Contra Mestre Osso Duro. This afternoon we have adults!!

Photography by:

Timeline photos 03/07/2020

Day one of workshops with Contra Mestre Osso Duro! More to come tomorrow!!


Salve galera!!

Today we kick off our 3 day Workshop with Contra Mestre Osso Duro!!

We are super excited for this amazing opportunity. Everyone please arrive at the Sundevil fitness Complex at 6:30p tonight!!!

Address is: Sundevil Fitness Complex- 400 E Apache Blvd. Tempe, AZ 85287.

We will be in the Aspire gym. When you arrive, tell the front desk you are with Axe Capoeira club event and they will let you in.

You will need to check in with Borboleta to get a wrist band. If you have not paid your fee you may also do that when you check in!

To our Tucson guests your host should have contacted you already! If they have not please let Andorinha know and she will lead you to the right person.

Please wear your whites during the entire weekend. That means abada and logo shirt (no Batizado shirts). We have a photographer taking photos and we want everyone to be uniform.

Thank you so much and see you tonight!!

Photos from Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun's post 03/05/2020

Salve Galera!! Contra Mestre Osso Duro will be here tomorrow!! We kick off our 3 day workshop tomorrow night! Please arrive at the gym at 6:30p to check in! Be dressed and ready to go. ATTENTION: Please be aware Saturday adults class will be cancelled due to the workshop Saturday anyone wanting to take class should be at the workshop at ASU. Kids class will be normal time at the academy on Saturday with our very special guest CM Osso Duro!! The kids workshop is FREE!! We are excited!! Please register if you have not!! Emails will be sent out in communication so we need your information! See you all tomorrow!! Be ready!


Photos from Axé Capoeira Arizona Scottsdale  - Capoeira BJJ Muay Thai MMA Wing Chun's post 02/21/2020

The agenda for Contra Mestre Osso Duro's upcoming workshop in Arizona!! If you plan on attending please register today! You do not want to miss this @ Axé Capoeira Arizona - Tempe

Contra Mestre Osso Duro Workshop Registration 02/17/2020

We are less than 3 weeks away!! Please register and pay if you intend on attending... Schedule will be coming out soon.

Contra Mestre Osso Duro Workshop Registration We are so excited to announce Contra-Mestre Osso Duro will be sharing his capoeira knowledge and experience in a 3 day workshop here in Tempe, Arizona!! Contra Mestre Osso Duro, was born in Recife Pernambuco, Brazil. He began training Capoeira at the age of four, under the supervision of his father,...

Is Capoeira a Martial-art? | CM Osso Duro Seminar 02/07/2020

Register today!!

Is Capoeira a Martial-art? | CM Osso Duro Seminar Contra-Mestre (CM) Osso Duro, aka Marcus Vinicius Maciel, coming to teach a capoeira intensive at Axe Capoeira Arizona – Tempe. CM Osso Duro, born in Recife Pernambuco, Brazi, has been practicing capoeira for over thirty years, has competed in the mixed martial-arts (MMA) arena, in addition to bei...

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:: :: Practica para amar o berimbau.  Bora garoto.   #capoeirakids #capoeiracrianças #axecapoeira #axecapoeiraofficial
Sequencia das crianças hoje.  Bom trabalho Pipoca e Joey!!! Salve Axé Capoeira.
Conversando e Cantando com Mestre Barrāo
Here’s a kid training sequence from our Saturday online capoeira class lead by Mestrando Camara. For access to live onli...
Mestre Barrao will be back in Tucson! Join us on Oct 5 for club Carnaval with MANY other talented musicians and dancers....
Come find us at ASU Passport!!! Maroon gym in the SDFC. We will be performing at 7p at the Student union!
Its welcome week at ASU!! This was Axe Capoeira @ASU last night at summerfest. Catch us tonight at culture fest!!! Locat...
Axé Capoeira Tucson is hosting Arizona's batizado, celebrating 20 years of Capoeira in Arizona!! Join us October 3rd-6th...
Just donated our time to a great charity @casabrazilorg ! The Axé was so incredible we had to keep going after we finish...
Just donated our time to a great charity @casabrazilorg ! The Axé was so incredible we had to keep going after we finish...
Second night of workshops with Mestrando Testa @axe_testa. #eunomovies #capoeiramovies #Capoeira #axecapoeira #fun #fitn...
An incredible night full of Axé! All of Mestrando Camara's past, present and future students came together to celebrate ...




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