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The S.E.E.D. Fitness Method is a dance conditioning class that works the ENTIRE body in one hour. You will tone, burn calories, and build cardiovascular health!

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Fuel your body with good food and your body will thank you! I hate when my clients ask me “what should I cut out of my diet to lost weight?” How about not CUTTING…but SHIFTING?! Let’s rethink healthy eating and fat loss.

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I love a colorful plate!! One, because it’s beautiful and much more appetizing and two, because I know I’m much more likely to get a variety of nutrients when it’s colorful. I try to get 5 different colors on my plates when thinking about food. When you start to look at colors, you see your plate as an art project and not as calories or a stress. It makes cooking and food prep much more fun. Try it!

Check out to see more recipes and colorful ideas from vegan to Keto options!!


It’s Saturday…you’re pressed for time, and you want an effective workout that is FUN too?! Check out SEEDFitness on YouTube!

You’ll find 4 min cardio, arms & Booty, mat workouts where you don’t have to get off the floor, amazing stretch series & full 30-50 minute “class” workouts!
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One thing you’ll hear me yell in my dance classes is “you can smile”! I find that so many people look at working out as a chore where as I see it as a full release. I look ahead to how I will feel afterward. I also love moving which is why I created SEEDFitness. Dancing and moving to great music never feels like working out to me.

Smiling is not always involuntary. It can be a conscious choice. Smiling has been shown to reduce stress, boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, elevate your mood and reduce pain.

When you’re having a tough day or just trying to get through part of your work out, show some teeth! It’ll go a LONG way! 😁


What do you have to lose??




What IS SEED?! Strengthen Elongate and Exercise through Dance is a total body fitness method that challenges the body inside and out.

Hi, I’m Tracy Puddy. I created this method after many years of struggling with my body. I’ve been a dancer my entire life. After receiving my BFA in Dance and completing residencies at Tisch School of the Arts, I decided to go commercial and danced professionally. I then received my MFA in Dance from the University of Arizona, had a successful nonprofit jazz company here in AZ & currently head the dance program at Arcadia.

As a dancer, I felt pressure to be thin and did pretty much anything you can think of to achieve the smallest weight possible without thinking about the repercussions. I moved to Chicago to pursue my career in teaching and choreography with @gusgiordanodance . It was in Chicago that I began to develop SEEDFitness. My adult dancers wanted something to get their bodies into top dance shape and well… here we are! I’m not a girl who dabbled in dance in high school and then started a dance fitness method. I have LIVED and BREATHED dance my whole life! With me, your body is safe, as injury prevention is very important to me. You need to execute movements properly or fatigue and tears happen and you may not see results.

Trust me…I’ve got your back…your arms…your abs…and booty! ;) My mission? To get you moving to your best self. Try a class!!! You won’t regret it.

Don’t live in AZ? No problem! Contact me about private Zoom classes or recorded personalized workouts!


Sometimes you have to trudge forward and not stop to turn around. 👊🏼


Stop beating yourself up about your actual weight. Instead, go by how you FEEL and how good you’re being to yourself!


I felt so sluggish the other morning and just needed to feel rejuvenated quickly. I went outside and took a deep breath as I did one of my favorite quick stretch and wake up sequences. Try it! You’ll thank me.

👉🏼View under my Reels!


Jump for joy it’s the weekend! Welllllll, almost. If you haven’t checked out SEEDFitness on YouTube…do it! There are so many workouts on there from 4 minutes to 50 minutes!!!! I promise you the results will come AND you’ll have fun. Let me know which ones are your fave. 🥰


The reason I eat low-carb is not because I’m on a “diet”. It’s because I’ve realized that too many carbs just make me feel sluggish and full for days. When I’m craving pasta or burgers or specific carbs, I like to substitute with other things that still satisfy my craving. For burgers I use Keto bread and just carve out two circles about the shape of my burger. For pastas I use zucchini or squash noodles. Muffins? Substitute flour with cassava or almond flour.

Want to switch to a lower carb diet but need ideas for substitutions? Hit me up! Happy to help!!!


DM me for personalized workouts and stretch routines! They will give you life and motivate you to do more. I swear!!!


Photos from SEED Fitness's post 03/22/2022

Crescent Lunge, aka Ashta Chandrasana is one of my favorite poses to stretch the hip flexors, open up the chest, access the psoas, lengthen the mid-section, strengthen my lower back and quadriceps and wake up my body.

👉🏼If you need to modify this pose, try not lunging as deep, maybe keeping your hands on the floor in a more traditional “runners lunge” or even using blocks under your hands to raise your upper body off the floor.

👉🏼If you want to deepen it, drop your back knee and grab that back ankle with the opposite hand. OR, you can turn your front hand out and wrap your arms around your front foot moving into humble warrior.

(Scroll to see two modifications.)
Either way, you’ll get incredible benefits!!


In case you didn’t know, in-person classes are every Sunday and we burn a ton of kcals while having a great time! Join me for FREE for your first class and see why it’s so incredible!!


Sunday we are doing both!!! However, I know you have a favorite. Which is it?!


How do you protect yourself from you? I have realized after personally struggling with disordered eating patterns, anorexia & bulimia that I have to protect myself from me and my thoughts. It’s no one else’s comments that pushed me into these terrible patterns or habits, it was me. So how do we get past those self sabotaging thoughts and love ourselves and our bodies?

For me, it’s realizing the WHY. Why do I start attacking myself or my body? It’s usually stress-induced. If I’m in a stressful situation or I’m anxious about something or there’s a trigger, I resort back to those negative feelings and bad self-talk. So, as soon as those thoughts creep in, I remind myself that attacking myself and my body is not going to relieve the stress and that by loving my body during these intense times I will be better off.

Then I make certain to fuel my body with good foods so that I KNOW I’m taking care of it. When I feel good about what I put into my body, I am able to feel better about how it looks.

After that, I remind myself of all the amazing things my body has done for me…from my dance career to my two beautiful children. I forgive myself for the negativity and thank my body for what it HAS done for me.

Then, I trudge forward waiting for the next round of self sabotage and do it all over. After all, when you’ve battled this type of thing for over half your life, it doesn’t just stop, you have to work at it. I’m 15 years out from having any semblance of disordered eating but I battle myself daily. And that’s ok. I’m at a good place of loving my body and appreciating it for what it can do — and I’m okay with that. 🙂 (Continued in comments…)

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