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Scottsdale Public Art is looking for experienced group bike ride leaders for a few rides as part of the Canal Convergence festival. Rides are at the following times:
Sunday 11/11 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday 11/13 6:00 PM - 8:00PM
Sunday 11/18 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
The rides are tours of public art in Scottsdale. They are meant to be for families, so the pace is moderate. Routes are relatively short. You will be given a guide for the route and the art pieces at each stop. The festival is free with art installations, music, and workshops to enjoy before and after the ride. The Sunday rides begin and end at the festival site. The Tuesday begins and ends at the Scott Resort with a happy hour at their bar afterwards. We can offer $25 to each ride leader. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested. More info:
If this isn't appropriate please delete. I have an almost new SeaSucker bike rack (for one bike) that is just sitting. Wondering if someone wanted to pick it up for $100 (it retails for about #300) I am in Scottsdale. Please message me if interested.

Bicycle Haüs is Arizona's premier bicycle pro shop providing sales and service to all cyclists. Loc

Operating as usual


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good ride!


Happy Holidays! We truly hope this time is filled with family and love. We will have modified hours during this time. Please see below.

Christmas Eve: 10-3
Christmas Day: Closed
12/26: 12-4
12/27-12/30: 10-5
NY Eve: 10-3
New Years Day: Closed

Thank you for a great year! Looking forward to an amazing 2022!

Kale, Shasta, and the whole Bicycle Haüs team


Holiday Customer Appreciation BBQ this Saturday 11-2pm at the shop. Brisket and beer! 🍻


We will be closing early on Thursday September 30th at 3:00pm and will return to regular hours on Monday October 4th. We will be celebrating our amazing team during this time. Thank you!


Hope you have some fun plans for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend! Bicycle Haüs will be closed on Monday September 6th for the holiday. See you soon!!


Holiday hours this weekend:

We will be closed on Sunday and Monday May 30th and 31st. Back to normal hours on Tuesday June 1st.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.

Thank you


Here we go!!!! Crazy Goats


This Friday from 1:00-4:00pm we will be celebrating all of you, our customers/friends/family! Come by the shop and enjoy some Crazy Goats Ice Cream Sodas and Nitro floats on us. Looking forward to seeing you.


Our friends from InGamba Tours are coming to town!!! Join us Monday April 12th for an Adero Canyon ride. Eros Poli 🇮🇹will be pouring Grappa at 7:30am, ride leaves at 8:00. ☕️🚴

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New sock day!!! FINGERSCROSSED 🤞🏻


Happy Holiday Season!

Hope you are getting in some good rides in this beautiful and crisp weather.

Our shop hours will have some slight adjustments for the holidays:

December 24th- 10:00am-3:00pm
December 25th- Closed
December 26th- 10:00am-3:00pm

December 31st- 10:00am-3:00pm
January 1st- Closed
January 2nd- 10:00am-3:00pm

Best wishes from the Bicycle Haüs crew for a happy and healthy holiday season and cheers to 2021!


Thanksgiving Holiday Hours:

Wednesday- 10am-3pm
Thursday- Closed Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Friday- 10am-3pm
Saturday- 10am-4pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm

Wishing you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.

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Fall is finally upon us. That means wine on the patio, pumpkins, and layering up. We have a new supply of cool weather wear coming this week. Stop by this weekend to check it out. 40 degree morning temps will feel much cooler after a long hot summer.


Bicycle Haus will be closed for a staff retreat Monday October 5th - 6th. We will back in and ready to help you on Wednesday at 10:00am. Looking forward to seeing you then.


Happy September! We hope everyone is enjoying the TdF as much as we are.

We will be closed this Sunday and Monday for the Labor Day holiday. Back open on Tuesday at 10:00am. Come on by to get yourself stocked up for the weekend.

Velogames Great Big Bike Game XXII | Velogames Fantasy Cycling 2020 Stage Race Championship 08/28/2020

Velogames Great Big Bike Game XXII | Velogames Fantasy Cycling 2020 Stage Race Championship

The Great Big Bike Show!

This weekend is a big deal, one we've been anticipating all year! It's the golden moment each summer, sandwiched between two other grand tours, filling the center of our "cycling-sandwich" with tradition, inspiration, and pure, blissful glory!

Yes, the Tour de France is actually happening this summer, and we invite you to join us! The Haüs discovered the Velogames gang a few years ago and learned firsthand that a football wasn't necessary in order to satisfy that "fantasy spirit!" This is your chance to be a spectating participant - the best of both worlds!

Everyone is welcome! And by everyone, we truly mean everyone! Click on the link below, log in, build a team, and then choose Bicycle Haüs using the league code: 355553012.

Google a few names, check out a few of the stages, create an appropriate team name, and then hold on to the bars good and tight! This is going to be the "socially-distanced tour" that brings us all together!

NOTE: The deadline for entries to be submitted is Saturday 29th August 2020 at 07:45am US East Coast. To join an existing league with a league code, do so from your team roster page. Create a team by hitting the Enter Now link, and then submit the Bicycle Haüs league code: 355553012!

Velogames Great Big Bike Game XXII | Velogames Fantasy Cycling 2020 Stage Race Championship Fantasy Cycling games based on the professional cycling season, including Grand Tours and Spring Classics

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The Gold.

American literature has always stood on the shoulders of the greats like Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Emily Dickinson, and Mark Twain. These word artisans have taken us on adventures that continue to inspire, enlighten, and even educate our minds. Their stories have long-since shaped our perspectives and even taught us a thing or two about life.

So has the bicycle. Each time we click in and aim our wheels in any given direction, we know in the back of our minds, that there's an adventure to be had, a new story to be told. The words begin to type out what's about to played out - with each pedal stroke, each gasp of air, and each glance out across the neighborhood or squinting up the trail.

Just as Mark Twain put pen to paper, we also grab ahold of the bars and put tread to trail. In his book, "The American Claimant," Twain introduces us to the likes of Mulberry Sellers, whose words, "There's gold in them thar'hills,” echo truth on many levels!

In our best attempt at finding that truth, we gathered some friends this weekend and spelled out a new adventure, creating another story to forever remember and never forget. You can bet we found gold - all around us, above us, underneath and of course, shining bright though each smile. Hope you had a chance to write up an adventure or two this weekend, scooping up a couple handfuls of gold along the way?!

Witness the Tarmac SL7 07/29/2020

Witness the Tarmac SL7

The Holy Grail.

No, not from the legendary film, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” but rather, something completely different - and by different, we mean something exceptional and out of the ordinary-different!

Yesterday, Specialized finally allowed us to “go public” with the exciting news of their all-new Tarmac SL7, and may we just say, “exciting” just doesn’t quite cut it - this bike is truly exceptional, and we are ecstatic!

Specialized has done it again. Done what, you may ask? They’ve managed to carry out their legendary motto, “innovate or die,” by not only improving upon the already extraordinary SL6, but also simultaneously creating another breed of road bike altogether - one that cross-pollinates with the immensely popular Venge aero road frame to create what they’re calling, “the holy grail” of road bikes, “the one bike to rule them all.”

The new SL7 is our living proof that you can have your cake and eat it, too! While some companies have spent time blending geometries of the endurance road and the race bike, Specialized has “taken a left turn” to blend the aero with climbing to create the most efficient bike, period. We can’t wait to “take those first few sips” from this cup of “holy-smokes, that’s fast!”

Witness the Tarmac SL7

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The birthday.

We love birthdays. Who doesn’t, right? I mean, there are some people out there who loathe them. They see the birthday as a reminder of another year older, rather than a celebration of one’s first glimpses into this crazy, yet incredible world. Not us. We want the cake.

The last two days brought us a couple good reasons to celebrate: one belonged to Shasta, the shop mother/sister who effectively keeps the loose ends tied and our ship pointed in the right direction! The other was the 10th birthday of the BMC Teammachine, a bike that redefined the carbon road bike in 2010.

The Swiss brand always wears a keen perspective, expressed in an unique, pragmatic design. They view areas of frame design with a different pair of spectacles, such as lowered seatstays, smartly-shaped tubes, asymmetry-exactly-where-needed, and a careful mixture of carbon to produce a brow-raising ride quality best described as light and nimble. This distinctive design was more than a look or a marketing gimmick - it immediately caught the industry’s attention and was copied six ways from Sunday!

The latest generation Teammachine continues down a path of refinement and efficiency, absorbing more aero aspects in addition to some vital tweaks to the carbon. Reminds us of the fine line that defines the distinction that determines the success. The all-new Teammachine will continue to succee, and in the meantime, we‘re gonna continue enjoying the cake. Happy birthday, Shasta!


July 4th.

Unravel Old Glory, roll out the grill, crack open a few cold ones, and pump up those tires, it’s time to celebrate our nation’s birthday! We are looking forward to meeting up with friends and family for a day of patriotism and a few miles on the bike.

We will be open 10am-3pm tomorrow, Friday, July 3rd and closed on the 4th and 5th. See you soon and enjoy the birthday bash this weekend with a safe, smart, and kind amount of camaraderie!

July 3: 10am-3pm
July 4: Closed
July 5: Closed

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The Epic.

We all know the term quite well, and when our good buddies throw it out there, it generally means, “please pause for a moment to really understand what just changed my life.” The adjective takes your noun to the next level - the remarkable, impressive, extending well beyond the usual. Sure, we’re aware of the epic as a noun - those incredibly long poems describing heroic adventures like the Odessey or even the Star Wars Triology. However, the 4-letter word seems to get the most traction as an adjective. The adjective form seals the deal - just like the legendary Old Milwaukee Beer commercial, “Fellas, it just doesn’t get any better than this.”

The crew at the Haüs were recently reminded why Specialized chose to call their flagship cross-country mountain bike the “Epic.” On the coattails of the recent launch of the 2021 bike, we gathered a few of our friends and hit the hills of Flagstaff, taking a first-hand look into why this bike continues to “cross-country” itself to the front of the industry. The secret sauce isn’t necessarily found in a lighter, stiffer frame, but rather, a geometry that adopts aspects found in our most favorite trail bikes. This doesn’t slow down the handling of the bike, but instead, gives it a real-world versatility, which ultimately adds to its already incredible pedigree. Long-story short, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

So, yes, the Specialized Epic is truly epic. Whether you choose to see it as adjective or a noun, we’re quite sure that you’ll always find yourself in the midst of another extraordinary tale, topping your favorite mountain as the hero, with your trusty Specialized Epic, of course!

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The Good Itch.

One of the joys of our industry is innovation - that familiar moment when technology walks out on stage and delivers another performance that leaves us speechless...and itchy. No, not the falling into a patch of poison ivy-itchy, but rather, the compulsive desire to do better, be better-itchy. That’s right, the “good itch!”

Specialized has had that itch since the very beginning - since Mike Sinyard first uttered those famous, three words, “innovate or die!” They’ve never stopped itching - constantly improving upon their very best improvements. This obsessive chase may never really satisfy, but at least it’ll keep you out front every time!

Introducing the all-new, 2021 S-Works Epic full-suspension mountain bike. Adopting geometry from the trail mountain bike and fine-tuning the suspension to produce seven (that’s right, SEVEN) different Epic models, guaranteeing more than seven hundred tons of success on each and every ride!

Last week gave us a sneak peek - thanks in large part to mtn bike legend, Ned Overend, who stopped by with his new Epic! The Bicycle Haüs has all seven models in stock. Do we even need to ask if you’ll be swinging by? Didn’t think so. See you soon.

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The Headwind.

There always comes a time when we find ourselves face to face with a headwind - the harsh resistance that hides in an invisible world, existing for one purpose only, stopping you dead in your tracks. It’s an obstacle that we never see but always feel with an agonizing grimace and demoralizing exhale from our chests.

In the world of cycling, the worst possible moment for us to realize this opposition is at the bottom of every mountain climb. Isn’t it enough to confront a drastic change in elevation? Why must the challenge be compounded by Mother Nature’s hand pressed up against our faces?!

Instead of trying to answer such ridiculous questions, we just chuckle and click in. Adversity is that extra little surprise never posted in the weather forecast but always hidden around the bend. We face it. We grin and bear it. Why? Because we know that at the end of the struggle is found a reward, a gift that only perseverance and persistence can give. These have been some difficult times with some “super-harsh headwinds;” yet, as the bicycle has taught us time and time again, we will prevail. We will be strong. We will summit, and it will be well worth it!


The Memories.

Tomorrow’s a very special day. Means many things to many people. To the Haüs crew, it’s a day when we look back on the moments when our loved ones were with us. It’s a day when we recognize how they gave their lives for the sake of our freedom. Join us as we continue their legacies and celebrate what they made possible because of their selflessness and courage.

It was JFK who once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them.”

We will be open from 10am-4pm on Monday, May 25th. Please join us as we live out our most heartfelt gratitude and cherished memories!

Bike Check Kale Keltz's Aspero - ENVE 05/18/2020

Bike Check Kale Keltz's Aspero - ENVE

The Envy.

We’re curious - what do you do whenever you find yourself grappling with a sudden bout of envy? You know, the kind that taps on your shoulder and whispers your name from over in the corner? Yes, that envy. Many of you have suggested the best solution is to just get up and leave the room. Sure, whatever, but what do you do when you get stunned with the “two-e’s” type of envy? Yes, two-e’s. The same dilapidating distraction or perhaps more of a therapeutic solution?

Enve Composites in Utah knows quality and refinement, as made evident in every single piece they create - from wheels, forks, bars, stems or posts. Enve completes the build with a “Midas Touch” that adds value well-beyond its weight in gold. So, next time you’re ever feeling a bit envious about this or that, don’t leave the room, but instead, counter it with a handful of Enve for your current or next machine.

Enjoy our recent therapy against such...

Bike Check Kale Keltz's Aspero - ENVE Earlier this year in January, we took a trip down to Scottsdale, Arizona to ride desert gravel. From the legendary McDowell Preservation trails that seem to wind around forever, to the long and flat canal paths that stretch out across the desert, we were impressed with the variety and quality of ter...

Speed up. Slow down. A Roadbike Film. 05/15/2020

Speed up. Slow down. A Roadbike Film.

It's Friday.

As we gear up for the weekend, we just happened to stumble upon a cool YouTube video that we thought you might appreciate - one that's unique, yet also all-too-familiar. The Swiss town of Gstaad produced this a few years ago as an expressive way to introduce themselves and offer some insightful perspective. We've found ourselves paying attention to different views these days, as we navigate through this "new normal."

It's about three minutes long, but a lifetime's worth of prose - each word of each sentence striking a chord. Enjoy it and remember that this strange "deceleration" just might be the change of pace that life's been asking of you. Go with it and don't forget to fill those jersey pockets with enough grub.


Speed up. Slow down. A Roadbike Film. Speed. It has become a passion, an obsession, a religion in the world we live in. We try to do more and more with less and less time. We turn every moment of...

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Dearest Mom,

Just had to take a second to reach out and let you know how much you mean to me. Yes, you're my mother - you brought me into this world; yet, it doesn't stop there. It never stops there. You have always been there for me, from day one until the umpteenth day that we call today.

In my life, I've had many experiences. I've observed, I've tried, I've failed, and I've also succeeded. I've felt the highest of heights and the lowest of lows. I've felt my heart beat through the rush of love and the ache of despair. And what makes each one of those memories especially poignant is that no matter how wild or how common they might've been, I can always find that line and trace it all the way to you. That's right, mom, you.

You were there through all my "firsts," and because of your ever-present and never-ending love, I will always find that dangling thread with you on the other end.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! And thank you for finally nudging me off of those pesky training wheels. My new bike is awesome! Can't wait to show you.

Love you,
Your Best Buddy

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Dearest Bicycle Haüs Friends,

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that we're thinking of you...
In case you were wondering, we're still here, doing what we can to help out. Please don't hesitate to call or post up a comment on how you're managing the times? We’d love to hear how you're doing.

With love,
Bicycle Haüs Crew

Ciavete: Dream On 04/23/2020

Ciavete: Dream On

The Dario.

Many of you have continued to ask about Pegoretti since his passing about two years ago, now. We are happy to report that the legacy lives on!

That’s right, while we remain deeply heartbroken to have lost one of the industry’s most prolific and charismatic frame-builder - a true artist in every sense of the word - his vision, his purpose continues on in the loving and responsible hands of the Pegoretti family and his crew in Verona, Italy.

Dario truly lived out his words, “fatti con le mani,” or made by hand, without one single gram of compromise or adjustment. He always insisted that his vision become reality, untouched by any outside influence, resulting in a saturation 100 percent-proof distinctive and original. This was always apparent from the first conversation with each customer to the final paint color and pattern that he subsequently chose. Dario‘s perspectives in the elements of art, his clever understanding of geometry, and his keen knowledge of engineering helped him to produce a bike that not only looked like gallery works, but also rode with a quality only dreams could compare.

So, yes, Dario’s vision lives on in Verona, and we are so honored to continue the Pegoretti experience, here at the Bicycle Haüs. Again, “molte, molte grazie, Dario, e tanto amore!”

Ciavete: Dream On With appearances by Pegoretti owners from around the world, and American artist, Jacob Hashimoto, Ciavete: Dream On seeks to uncover the soul and spirit of the Dario…

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Go the distance.

In the most idiomatic sense of those three words, we cannot help but stop and take notice. This sudden turn of events has unexpectedly hooked us across the stage, leaving us stunned, confused, and even scared. Who could’ve guessed that we’d find ourselves in this strange and unimaginable place? We wake up each day with a list of simple tasks that have transformed into complex math problems - no longer the easy distance between two points, like between your home and the grocery store. The simple trip now stands in front of you just as the Rocky Mountains once stood before the early settlers. That quick errand is now cluttered with life-threatening monsters, the same ones that once hid under your bed at night. Perhaps you find yourself staring across overwhelming gaps in the road, across a river valley with your toes dangling where a faithful bridge once stood?! You go to bed at an ungodly hour and wake up just before lunch, asking yourself the same questions over an over - what is happening? What are we going to do? How are we possibly going to make it to the other side? All of a sudden your normal has completely changed, and it doesn’t look easy. In fact, it looks incredibly daunting. It looks damn-near impossible.

Yet, there are three words that command your attention, an abrupt “stop and take notice.” Three simple words with several sentences-worth of hope and determination. Three simple words that splash cold water to the stunned face, numbed with fear and anxiety. Three simple words that could only originate from an effective mixture of passion, perseverance, and persistence. We’ve all been reminded that life has never been a wading pool. It’s always had that deep end, where you find the courage to face the unknown. You do not falter. You do not stop kicking. You do not stop pedaling. You will see this to the end. Yes, you will go the distance, and not alone - your loved ones, your neighbors, in fact, even total strangers will also join you across the finish line.

We will go the distance. We will basque in the warmth and strength found at the heart of solidarity. Our passion has always been rooted in a deep love of cycling, and it’s with that same tenacious spirit that we will bridge across this bizarre gap in the road. Not only will such an enduring spirit keep us alive, but it will also reinforce our courage, fortify our character, and even tightly weave us closer together.

So, please, when you sense a weakening limb beneath your feet or perhaps a flood of emotions in your chest, remember those three words through insurmountable odds, “go the distance!” And that we are all right by your side, going there with you.

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A special announcement to all our friends and family in the community.

We want to thank all of our customers for their continued business and loyalty. With the recent announcement from our governor, who declared all bicycle shops as “essential businesses,” we feel that it’s time to make a couple adjustments in order to best serve our community, including our dedicated crew, whom we also consider family. Based on the needs we have seen and heard from the community, we have decided to continue our regular business hours of operation for the time being. Of course, we will continue to watch and listen with astute discernment and wisdom. Our priority is to provide a safe and clean environment, complete with the necessary service and resources as you adjust to this new “day to day.” This will also allow us to catch up on restocking and sanitizing, which is and always has been an essential. Our doors will remain open with a only few, unique changes:

We are extending the shop facilities out on to our lovely patio, setting up a “greeting” table to accommodate all necessary service assessments. As we normally juggle the usual tasks as quickly as possible, we especially understand that your time is both valuable and vital. We ask that you plan to wait on the patio during your needed service. If a part-order is needed for your repair, we may ask to schedule a return visit with your bicycle in order to complete the service. This will allow us, with our very limited storage space, to meet your needs and get you and your family back on the road ASAP. Bicycles have truly provided everyone with a renewed sense of hope and escape, as we work to counter this very strange and very contagious virus. Our ultimate goal remains the same as always - to service all repairs in as little time as possible, allowing you to make plans as soon as possible!

If you would like to purchase supplies for your rides or perhaps even considering a new bike/kit/accessory, one of the Haüs staff will gladly accompany you to the appropriate area of the shop, answering any and all questions. We hope this will allow for an efficient and carefully monitored experience. We are thankful to report excellent inventory levels; however, if anything is needed, it will be ordered to arrive in 3-5 business days. And as always, you are very welcome to call the shop to order, drop ship, or ship from this Haüs to your house at no cost to you. Please make sure to call during business hours, and don’t worry one bit - we will “make it so” to the very best of our ability!

With all that said, we encourage you to call and ask for anything - we will do all that we can to help. Thank you, again, for all your continued support, for choosing the Bicycle Haüs. Please be safe, mindful, and stay the course. We are definitely going to make it through this challenging time together.

Haüs phone: 480.994.4287
Drop a note here, too, if necessary, thank you!

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The Tailor.

When we think of the “tailor,” what first comes to mind? Is it the stereotypical image of the promising, young “buck” standing in front of a mirror with an elderly gentleman measuring the cuffs at his feet? In the world of fashion, with each and every garment, we all can agree that the most crucial element is found in the fit. Nothing is more disappointing than receiving that special shirt in the mail, only to find that it doesn’t fit as expected.

The fit completes the garment. The fit determines the ultimate efficacy of each piece. How can you possibly know a shoe’s fullest potential if your foot never quite feels at home? The answer is, you can’t. Have you ever tried running a mile in shoes too big or too small? Nothing but a distasteful recipe that always disappoints. The art of tailoring goes far back in history and for very good reason - it’s the essential moment of finishing a garment to the point of not only looking good, but more importantly, feeling good. It’s a careful attention to detail found in each swatch of fabric, each millimeter of measuring tape, and each placement of the needle - the same applies with each bicycle that we are asked to build.

At the Bicycle Haüs, the fit begins and ends each and every build. The pre-determined measurements are applied to the frame and components and ultimately create an efficient, seamless cycling experience each and every ride. That “good and proper fit” takes you from the right size to that “tailored fit.” Our goal, our responsibility is to help you achieve the “fits like a glove” feeling with your vested cycling decisions. Consider allowing us to help complete your next bike build or perhaps elevate your current machine to a higher level of cycling. Our “tailors” are poised and ready to make the necessary adjustments.

Photos from Bicycle Haus's post 02/19/2020

The dream.

When we speak of dreaming, what comes to mind? Blurring scenes of escalators to the sky or maybe the game-winning shot? Nothing but net? Hole in one with every swing? What about that endless climb up through the shining gap in the clouds - the one that sees not a single spit of reprieve or even one captured breath? And despite those haunting visions, the imminent impossibility, becoming more apparent with each exhausted breath, we find ourselves able to press on, with the strength of not one, but two.

This is where the all-new Specialized Turbo Levo SL comes into focus - rubbing your sleepy eyes awake to realize the ascending, twisting, endless trail mixed with effortless agility and endless energy has been made a reality. Carefully integrated into the frame is found the core of this exceptional machine, a little “engine-that-could,” giving the Levo SL a massive range that lasts a full five hours with a max speed of 20 mph!

Yes, those blurry dreams have finally been made clear as day with the Turbo Levo SL, the lightest mtn bike in its class - a nimble trail companion, multiplying you by two and your experience by an exponential number! Up until now, we could only dream of executing that perfect shot, but with this innovative design from Specialized, we can dream big each and every ride! Swing on by to say howdy and enjoy your dream come true!

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