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Warriors religion !

Photos from Battle School's post 07/11/2020

So much bad advice out there. This one comes from a “ Krav Maga “ outfit selling their self defense corse - the info is so outdated -
This one is titled “ how to reliese from a front choke “ this is where the attacker has their hand round your neck choking you!
They suggest you lean back and with a plucking technique remove the hands and while leaning back- go on one foot for a groin strike - and follows it up with fancy strikes . This was the way old way of doing it befor they figured out that when people choke they also put forward pressure- that means your upper body is being pushed backwards. So now they want you to lean back??? Anyone see an issue here!? What happens when you lean back and go on 1 foot while being pushed ? Yeah - now the attackers on top of you while your on the ground! Good luck with that - in part 2 we will give you the correct answer to this .

Parachute | App Review 06/08/2020

Parachute | App Review

Safety app. We will be doing a full review. We will be downloading this in class tonight / testing it and giving our opinion. It’s worth a solid look. We would teach in our seminars to upload video to a “live stream” in case of an emergency. This app will send location and record / send to all you pre program across multiple platforms ie Text/ e mails . We will have our personal reviews up in a few days. Feel free to share with friends and family -

Parachute | App Review Download Here: *DISCOUNTS and SUPPORT* Get 10% off all orders through LensProTo...

The "WHY" to the rules 05/29/2020

The "WHY" to the rules

Like. Share.
Battle Rules For Self Defense. We have boiled down the "mind map" that will keep you safe! There is industry Jargon on here. We will soon make a post to be more simple for people just getting started. Enjoy.

The "WHY" to the rules 1. Stay standing, stay alive. Control the distance. Keeping on your feet keeps you mobil. On the ground you don't know who is going to stomp on your head or run up to stab you, shoot you, or in some areas of the world, e...


Basic Kimura Submission | Sheepdog Response

Click here to support Grateful to be Alive After House Fire organized by Lewis Walker 12/07/2019

Click here to support Grateful to be Alive After House Fire organized by Lewis Walker

A friend of ours recently had a house fire. They have a “go fund me”page. This is legit a tragedy. This guy reaches out every year for the holidays and opens his home to anyone.  it would be nice to see him get some good karma back. If you can’t donate, please consider sharing this post. If you have a little something to spare, I know it would be appreciated.

Click here to support Grateful to be Alive After House Fire organized by Lewis Walker Lewis Walker Grateful to be Alive After House Fire The first thing I want to say is thank you to the first responders.I'm grateful to be alive.Sunday morning


Enjoying the weather. thoughts on skill development


We are just fan-boy’ing out on these!!!! Get ready we are going to be covering the Biggest instructor NO NO really soon. knife defense . We want to video some offense but we choose not to due to responsibility and potential litigation-


New Certified Coaches are coming !!! That potentially means new class times available during the morning/ day!!!


No Gi Collar-tie options

No Gi Collar Tie options

Be Dangerous But Disciplined - Jocko Willink & Jordan Peterson 10/18/2019

Be Dangerous But Disciplined - Jocko Willink & Jordan Peterson

Jaco talks about things that led to him being a secure human being, #1) learning how to fight/ The fact that he could fight helped him to become secure . He lists the same Philosophy that we have a Battleschool. A strong Brazilian jiujitsu ground game and solid striking! -Carl Jung talked about this as “having teeth”. It’s the fact that you could bite someone- but you choose not to... this makes you a secure human being.

Be Dangerous But Disciplined - Jocko Willink & Jordan Peterson Join the conversation on Twitter/Instagram: Excerpt from JOCKOPODCAST 98


Hips under is magic !!!! Battleschool we take a position of bringing Mma into our self defense! Battleschool we take a position of bringing Mma into our self-defense!! If you do catch yourself getting overwhelmed with punches to the face- Often times we will shield in to an “anchor position”. This means we are shielding our head against incoming punches and grabbing on to someone where we take less damage. This point is called a “clinch” we master 3 to 4 clinches per level- ideas - Muay Thai clench /50-50 over /50-50 under/ Brazilian jiujitsu clinch/duck under /or arm drags / head locks/... we end up in a position where we can get our hips underneath the other person. This shows the importance of keeping your hips underneath someone . (we don’t always want to clinch in a self-defense situation, but sometimes it’s out of our control- so we better be good at the position)


UFC 243: Whittaker vs Adesanya

Fight study on footwork - notice who’s closed- towards the end you can see that turtle ride with pub punches ! Well done !


Fun flows to insert your dirty tricks ! These are some flow drills when you find yourself in certain positions that you can take advantage of. Enjoy .


Some basic counters off the shield drills for level 1- enjoy


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Situational Awareness | Sheepdog Response


Congratulations on those who Tested Level 1 yesterday - 4 hours of Go! That’s not easy- rest well . Vids and pics to come . Respect ✊

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Battle School techniques are used by Law Enforcement, Military and by civilian's around the world.

What gives us our competitive advantage is our superior Customer experience.

-Our classes are fun, exciting, and practical ways to builds skill. Its about being a better you, improving the human experience, and expanding human potential. This is what embodies martial arts.

What makes Battle School such a powerful platform is the structure of class. lessons are built on top of carefully selected, previously learned techniques. We use a a rotating curriculum, that ensures you developing the skills .

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No Gi Collar-tie options




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