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Are the t-shirts for sale? Perfect description of taking care of "YOU." Nice design, too. Thank you, Kathleen.

Scottsdale Combine is a strength, speed, and conditioning training facility, specifically designed f

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Photos from Scottsdale Combine's post 01/13/2023

Welcome 2nd class .franze .1 into The Scottsdale Combine Banner of Fame! If you’re name is on one of these banners, you represent what a Scottsdale Combine athlete is. Just to name a few qualities: Work ethic, consistent, competitive, determined, leadership, resilient, and an unwavering will to succeed! You are the best of the best! Behind every name is a unique journey of your “How” and your “Why”. These stories are shared frequently with our younger athletes in the hopes of influencing their own path! Win in the gym..Win in life!! You all are in my Forever category and your legacy lives on within these walls. Thank you all💯



Photos from Scottsdale Combine's post 10/15/2022

It is a great feeling to prepare an athlete for the field of competition. Every once in a while, we’ll find someone that goes beyond sports and into adulthood. .baxxter is one of them.
Life after High School Sports can be difficult finding your way through life. At some point, the sport you played and loved will be stripped away due to various circumstances. The real question is what’s left? What did you learn and where will life’s journey take you?

Figuring this out takes time, courage, and determination to be great! It also takes a great deal of maturity and character to run AT your fears..Josh Baxter is that guy!! However, It didn’t happen overnight.

Personally, I have seen this young man at his worst. Self doubt is filled with destructive tendencies. Choices made between the ages of 13-19 stunted his growth and development as an athlete and a person. Receiving a call from Josh about a year ago to come back to my program was an encouraging one. Discussing his goals and getting back into shape, physically and mentally for a higher purpose was our mindset. I believe in 2nd chances. Knowing the support of his family and that he was not alone was half the battle. His faith in me to get him there was all I needed. Bottom line, he was ready at the age of 20 to get past what was holding him back.
Fast forward to now, I’m here to tell you that the foundation of the past was laid and not forgotten. It was my job and my team of amazing coaches to bring out the best in him. The confidence he now has and the humble spirit sets him up for a successful and happy life! I am beyond proud and humbled myself to see this fine young man’s development into a success story in the making!
God Speed Josh💯

This is the essence of what we do at Scottsdale Combine.


Coaches- Motivate athletes and keep them accountable..Most importantly have fun teaching! Our kids need this more than ever💯

Photos from Scottsdale Combine's post 08/18/2021

.gray15 is heading out to Trinity University in Texas, running track for the Tigers!! We have trained CC for 2 seasons and now it’s time to say goodbye for now😢. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to shear strength! There is a whole lotta power packed into her small frame! All her primary numbers were far above anyone her size. The willingness to push further and breakthrough barriers is a clear indication of how strong she is in the mind as well. Her quickness and speed in the gym directly related to her performance in her events. The hard work and determination to be great showed up! We are so proud to send her off to the next level where she will continue to shine and achieve success.
God Speed CC💯🏃‍♀️


Another athlete moving forward to play at the next level! is heading off to college in Florida to play Lacrosse. She has been a part of our SC family for 3 years. It could be quite intimidating when you’re working out with mostly boy athletes, but Addy didn’t flinch! She jumped right into our program with her goals in mind. The focus and drive to get better was innate and also developed through her efforts. The proof is in her work ethic and determination to play on. Nothing will stand in her way until the goal is accomplished. That is the root of success and what a Scottsdale Combine athlete stands on. So proud of her accomplishments! Many many more success stories in her future. God Speed Addy💯


Sending off another Stud athlete today😃🥲 .1 is heading to Kansas to play college football. Joining the Scottsdale Combine family early this year..he probably put in 2 years of work in 7 months time. Dedicating most of his day to training and eating!
Packing on some weight, getting stronger, and gaining speed was our goal. Mission accomplished! The proof is in the numbers and he passes the eye test! It’s been an absolute pleasure preparing him for what’s to come. I know his athleticism and character will stand above the competition. God Speed CT💯💪🏽


It’s that time again. Sending off another next level athlete to pursue their dreams!
I had the privilege to prepare him for 3 seasons. Their are many positive words I can use to describe him, but the one word that sticks out.. Coachable! If you ever taught anyone something of value and they picked up on what you were teaching, then you know what that word means and what a great joy it brings to the teacher. Luke is the epitome of this word! He Listens to small details, studies hard, and applies new information to perfection. Not only does he learn with his brain but with his heart as well. The trust between a Coach and an athletes relationship is a big part of moving them forward…This TRUST was established Day 1! His mentality matched my own! I know I got his best and he got mine! My advice is to be Fear-Less in everything you do! The future is bright young man!! Nothing but great things ahead Luke! God Speed 💯


This should light the fire as AZ High School football heads to camp! To all that have been involved in Scottsdale Combine, it’s been our privilege to prepare you for this upcoming season. Y’all worked your tail off!! Now it’s time to show off how hard you’ve worked in the off season. Stay healthy, stay strong, and never quit! Personally, I’ll be watching your highlights and checking stats 🏈FOR LIFE!! God Speed fellas💯


We’re different!! Drive the sled. Flip the sled. Pull the sled. Drag the sled. Push the sled-High and Low. Like I said..We’re different.
Stand up to a challenge when it presents itself, especially when everyone else is backing down. This moment will reveal your true identity. Sometimes you need a little push. If you’re having trouble with me. I’ll give you some enCOURAGEment!




Almost that time again..Another graduating class through Scottsdale Combine, playing at the next level. It’s been a tough road for this class to say the least. The uncontrollable circumstances of the world have influenced our athletes to grow up pretty quick! If you were to speak to anyone of these boys, I know for a fact it would be nothing less than respectful, intelligent, and a heartfelt mind behind the words. When I look at all the crap that’s going on in the world, I focus on who God has put in front of me. That’s my inspiration..That’s my encouragement..That’s my passion!! This keeps me moving forward. God Speed boys!!💯

Photos from Scottsdale Combine's post 03/08/2021

New week, New goals || Share below your personal goal for workouts this week, and tag some friends you’re working out with 🏋🏼‍♂️

Photos from Scottsdale Combine's post 03/03/2021

🏃🏼‍♂️Speed Work🏃🏼‍♀️


🏋🏼‍♂️ Being the best takes sacrifice 🏋🏼‍♂️

Photos from Scottsdale Combine's post 01/30/2021

A solid couple months of grinding means it’s Slam Ball tournament time!


When adversity stares you in the eyes..Ya stare back!History was made and No One will ever take it away! Enjoy
I am! 💍


My 12 season coaching HS football! Definitely THE most difficult year to overcome adversity. For those of you who are done with your season, get after it in the off season! But for now it’s PLAYOFF SEASON



Timeline photos 08/27/2020

last workout at Combine before he leaves for 🏈
If you ever had the opportunity to meet Brock, I’ll bet is was a memorable one! His enthusiasm for life and hunger for knowledge surpass most young men. He fills the room with an energy that resonates through everyone and the level of competition is cranked up a notch or two. What I will remember mostly is when he walks into my everyone that infectious smile, then flips aswitch and it’s ALL OUT! Every rep, every drill, every set, every workout, every phase is done with every muscle fiber is his body! The effort is indescribable. You wouldn’t understand unless you were here working out with him! The Will to go through some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever put together were made to try and break him..He never did! He is ready!
These attributes will serve him well as he heads off on a new journey and into his adult life. There is no limit to what he can achieve. I look forward to watching his life blossom into everything his heart desires. God Speed kid! G

Timeline photos 08/21/2020

Big shout out to .murphy.66 moving on to In the 3 seasons he has been with me his dedication, hard work, and perseverance for excellence stand out. For those of you who have been through my program know it’s all about how you Finish! His determination to never quit or settle for the ordinary will serve him well in his life ahead. Personally, I am proud of all that he has achieved and I look forward to watching his future accomplishments!
God Speed! G

Timeline photos 07/13/2020

Good luck to as he reports to West Point tomorrow. I am most proud of Jack because he did not choose the path of least resistance...He took the hard road! Those of you who know his journey understand the adversity he went through. It only made him stronger as he continues to follow his dreams! 10 years from now his choices will most likely put him in a leadership role that will change the lives of many who follow. He takes a stand and will not back down! He is a strong minded individual that will lead with integrity and justice. I KNOW he is destined do great things for our great country!!
God Speed Jack🇺🇸

Timeline photos 07/11/2020

The last one of 3 athletes to leave our program for West Point! is playing on mentally focused and physically prepared for what lies ahead. When I think of Spencer, the first thing that comes to mind is his willingness to do whatever it takes to be great. No hesitation, no fear.. Just point him in the right direction and he will get the job done! Since November he has been coming to workouts everyday at 430am! Always the first and the last to leave. Not many beat me to morning workouts but he consistently did! His dedication to greatness will move him far up in the ranks as he serves our great country!
Personally, I have spent the most time with Spencer this year than any other athlete. I am extremely proud of our accomplishments together and the development he has shown over the past 8 months, but apart of me is selfish, and wishes he could stay. I do know that he will be back which gives me great joy in his return.
I will miss everything about this kid!
God Speed Stud🇺🇸

Timeline photos 07/09/2020

Another hard goodbye... heading off to West Point!! With his god given talent and hard work, he has earned his way to play and represent our great country! Connor is all about doing the little things. A simple attitude of gratitude goes a long way. He leads with his heart in everything he does! Speaking with him isn’t not only heard with your ears..If you listen closely, it’s felt with your heart. I can truly identify with his approach to life! This attribute will serve him well as he moves forward serving our country.
Personally, this has turned out to be a special year!! Your future is bright kid!
You will be missed😢, but it’s Your Time now. God Speed 🇺🇸

Timeline photos 07/08/2020

An emotional goodbye today for .sunday as he heads off to West Point tonight to play football but most importantly to serve our great country ! This is a hard one to let go!! As a coach, If you ever had the opportunity to get through to an athlete and they apply your teachings to every compartment of there lives, then you’ll know what I’m Talking about. Shane does EVERYTHING right! At the end of today’s workout, as we said our goodbyes it wasn’t with words..It was with a look of THANK YOU from the heart! The look was a mutual 4 year appreciation and respect for all the time put in and all the effort put out. We both did our absolute best and are satisfied with the results and the goals we’ve achieved, and we did it together. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than that feeling. It takes a special kind of courage to serve our country. Shane has it all! It restores my faith that we are in good hands with our future leaders.
God Speed Shane🇺🇸

Timeline photos 07/06/2020

A bitter/ sweet goodbye for Heading up to for the next chapter of his life. We have a 7 year history together and a special player/coach relationship that exceeds all expectations. Seeing him develop into a DOMINANT football player for everyone to see was something special, but I saw the journey and what it took to get there!! The GRIND..the WIll..the GUTS to go through some brutally tough workouts!He kept coming, never stopped chipping away at greatness! I am so proud to say he is the epitome of what Scottsdale Combine is all about. God Speed Verb💪🏽


Beast mentality!
All athletes have a different starting point. Different in size, strength, and speed...But the one thing I’m mostly interested in is the EFFORT! Before they move on to compete, my hope is that they understand what it takes to see a change in the body. Also, what it takes to have a strong will to fight through barriers. A belief in themselves, not only to change their own mindset, but inspire others to do the same. This video is proof! If you don’t see it, get someone to help you.
I am so grateful and blessed to do what I do..everyday! I am surrounded by AMAZING families that go above and beyond! To all the families that know and trust me, to the athletes, and to my team of coaches who are Absolutely AWESOME ..I thank you all and I love ya, G

Timeline photos 06/11/2020

The Big Man! The first of many college athletes to leave Scottsdale Combine this year to play football at ! A great opportunity lies before him to receive an education and become one of our future leaders. So many positives I could share about this young man Ability and character but I’d rather have him show you all in 5 years! God Speed Tosh 💯💯💯


Testing day! How do you know how far you’ve gone without knowing where you started??

Timeline photos 05/17/2020

Part 2

Timeline photos 05/17/2020

What an amazing test day!!
Video of everything we did today is coming soon! Thank you all for doing your best!

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