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Stretch for Strength


ROW-Off was a HUGE success!!

WOW! What a day at our first ROW-Off. There were so many amazing things that happened, so I wanted to give a quick recap and the MANY thanks that is deserved.

We were able to donate $5000 to Christina to help her fight against cancer. I cannot begin to thank everyone who signed up to row, sponsored, donated, or just showed up in support.

For those who weren't in attendance, we presented Christina with a $2500 check, and then Bryan Arvizu from Next Gen Financial Services decided to MATCH that check, bringing our total to $5000.THANK YOU BRYAN!!

Also, shout out to all the vendors that set up tables and provided some AWESOME raffles and services for our attendees!

1) Megan Jones Nutrition
2) Stretch for Strength
3) AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Gilbert
4) Next Gen Financial Service
5) AZ Fat Loss & Wellness
6) Vital CBD

We could not have been able to do this without YOU, so THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who helped bring some light into Christina's world.

ALSO, here are the results from the ROW-off!!

Click BELOW to view the spreadsheet :)

So far, we have raised $2100 to donate to Christina in her fight against breast cancer! Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up, donated, or sponsored!!

We still have a few spots left in the 10:15 heat and 12:15 heat, so we have extended the ticket deadline to THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT!

I know there are a ton of people still looking for teams, so REPLY to this email and I can help make some connections to get it done!!

Grab your team and get signed up today to make a difference :)

DON'T FORGET the awesome vendors setting up tables providing some service for the athletes competing, along with everyone attending! Click their name for more information!

1) Megan Jones Nutrition
2) Stretch for Strength
3) AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Gilbert
4) Next Gen Financial Services
5) AZ Fat Loss & Wellness

Click the the link below to get your team signed up!!

Event Details:
-HALF MARATHON (21097.5m) Row In teams of 4 (MMFF)
-Cost: $100/team (all proceeds to go Christina!)
-Date: September 28th, 2019
-Time: 8:00am-3pm (heats will run every 90-120 minutes)
-Location: CrossFit Infernal (New Building!!)

Click on the button below to sign your team up NOW!
Have you signed up for our Charity “ROW-off” Fundraiser to help one of our members with her Breast Cancer treatments?! If not, check out the link below!!

Even if you don’t want to row, we are going to have some AWESOME vendors setting up tables giving away some really cool prizes. Vendor list below:

- Megan Jones Nutrition
- Stretch for Strength
- AFC Physical Medicine & Chiropractic Mesa
- Next Gen Financial Services
- AZ Fat Loss & Wellness

Ticket sales end THIS SUNDAY!! Event Details below:

-HALF MARATHON (21097.5m) Row In teams of 4 (MMFF)
-Cost: $100/team (all proceeds to go Christina!)
-Date: September 28th, 2019
-Time: 8:00am-3pm (heats will run every 90-120 minutes)
-Location: CrossFit Infernal (New Building!!)

Click on the link above to sign your team up NOW!
What are you doing Wed May 1st at 7 PM?

Come learn stretching and strengthening tips for your back and hips!

Taught by physical therapists from CHAMP Physical Therapy and Pilates dba AZ SportsCenter and fascial stretch therapist Joanna Riggs Stretch for Strength
May 1st is almost here! Remember to RSVP!! 480-361-1127 or [email protected]

Info EVERYONE can use - all ages and levels of activity!! Plus see event details for what you will receive - just for showing up!!

Stretch for Strength CHAMP Physical Therapy and Pilates dba AZ SportsCenter
Just had another great stretch session at Stretch for Strength! I've been doing "extra" work on push ups and pulls ups this week. Couple that with a VERY long week at work, and my shoulders and neck were in need of some attention.
Joanna, literally pulled the tension out.
Never a bad day after seeing Joanna. Didn't think twice about buying my next 8 session package :)

Fascial Stretch Therapy for people of all kind to aid in increasing flexibility to live a more mobile life using traction, PNF, and breathing!

Operating as usual


Welp, that’s my time folks💙💛

I taught my last workshop at Stretch to Win this week, and it was a crazy experience. This was an amazing group of students that I couldn’t have been more grateful to conclude my time teaching Fascial Stretch Therapy with.

I am incredibly thankful to every student I’ve crossed paths with. Being a small part of your journey learning FST and seeing you all grow as people has been the most rewarding experience over these past few years!
Thank you all for allowing me to grow as a teacher. It has been a position I love and I cherish the opportunity I’ve gotten to pursue it!💚

But alas, as I’ve learned and also taught in class trusting your intuition and knowing when to make a change is vital to growth.
The time has come for me to continue forging my own path. While I am sad this chapter has closed, I am excited to write a new chapter📖

Final thanks to all the amazing peeps I’ve taught with. You know how much I love you all and thank you for showing me what a true team is like!🤍

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Happy 2022, I’ve officially moved!🎉🥳

Well….more like consolidated.

I have officially set up shop out of Next Level Performance Consulting in Scottsdale, AZ. I will be taking all clients out of this location only from now on!🤩

2021 was a huge year of growth for me in so many regards. This big change capped off the end of it, but also a new beginning. 🌅

To my Chandler clients, THANK YOU! You all allowed me to build and grow and for that I am so grateful! I’m lucky for those that are coming with me, and grateful for the time I had with those I had to part ways with.💙

Moving forward, I am extremely grateful to Mycal and Nicole for making room for me to set up here at Next Level. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have a place to plant my feet and continue growing with a fantastic team. Thank you both💚

If you want stretch therapy and training blended together, now you’ve found your place! Come check out the new place, I’d love to show you around!😃

Stretch for Strength updated their address. 12/15/2021

Stretch for Strength updated their address.

Stretch for Strength updated their address.


Helping amazing peeps get better🤩

My clients are simply amazing! They are striving to be better and improve everyday. So here’s a post to show how much I appreciate them and their willingness to achieve consistent progress…always😍

Especially when I make them push a sled on the rubber floor (if you know, you know)😅

Photos from Stretch for Strength's post 11/12/2021

When you’re just trying to get on TJ’s level but can’t make it🤣

Thanks for suffering with me TJ! Glad I got to kick off 25 with some cool peeps today😃

Thank you to everyone I saw today for the birthday love💙


Who ya gonna call?☎️

Doc Sean Drake!
But seriously very grateful to have such a fantastic team around me who takes care of each other, and wants to see everyone at their best.
Doc Sean has been helping me work through aches and pains associated with my crazy lifestyle. I am now functioning better and not having to stress about small issues, which means the world. Thank you Dr. Drake!

Yes, that is a needle right in my heel by the way😅

Find your team, then help each other feel and become better🤩


We’ve got an official toe touch!🙌

This awesome gentleman has been working his ass off preparing for his 50 mile race in the next couple months. Not just with training, but he is prioritizing recovery and getting work done to keep his training consistent 👏

While working with me and a couple other fantastic professionals (@crisptraining and @drseandrake ) he is improving exponentially!

This was his first time ever touching his toes with his knees fully extended! 😃😃
If you listen you can hear how he used to be when he wrestled previously compared to now. He was so excited to reach his toes, but the real win is his running is becoming more efficient! The more efficient he is, the less his body will break down during that long trek.

Keep it up Keifer!!🏃

Photos from Stretch for Strength's post 09/20/2021

Yes! Working out can be fun for everyone!🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

I often hear from clients or in day-to-day life how some people simply hate working out.
Nothing about it is appealing. They hate going to the gym by themselves, unsure of what to do and get frustrated with the entire process.

Working out is hard. Consistency is challenging. That’s where your community comes in!
Someone to support you,
Someone to motivate you,
Someone who understands that life is hard, but the decision to make yourself better through physical practice is worth it.
Someone who understands how tough the mental the game is, and helps you to win at that too.

That person can be me, your local box (namely @nextlevel_phx ), a running club you join, anything! Lean on those around you to help you along when you’re stuck.

Finding the people that will help you get there is the best step you can make. Swipe to meet some of mine! Progress Always💯


🎶You get the beeeeeeest of both worlds🎶

Blended sessions are in full swing these days! I’m loving the combination of training with Fascial Stretch Therapy. Getting the opportunity to combine the two has been very cool to play with😃

📆⏰I’m accepting a couple more peeps to work with at this location, but spots are filling up. The link in my bio has my available times.
📍All blended sessions take place at Next Level Performance Consulting (@nextlevel_phx ) in South Scottsdale.

Comment if you know who I’m referencing in the first line of this post😂


It’s workshop week!🤩

I’m out of office this week getting to teach Fascial Stretch Therapy to a fantastic group of students😁

Here’s a sneak peek into the large group lead section of the day. Love the opportunity to guide everyone through the material to take them into this new skill set 🤗🤗

I also love having a captive audience to listen to my stupid jokes 🤣🤣

Have a great rest of your week! I will be back the week of the 14th👍


Happy Sunday!😄🏋️‍♀️

Charge into next week with the movement practice that makes you happy!🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️

I got to have a bro day doing some bench press, curls, and some careful step ups minding my ankle. Followed by some shoulder stability work. Good way to both start or end the week (depending on who you are)😁

Keep up your consistency, or commit to a new practice today! Your future self will be proud of you🤗


I hope you find some peace this week💙

Through the ups and downs of life, take those little moments to find your peace. It doesn’t have to be much, it just has to be yours😌

For me that peace can be tuning into my body to check in, then ending with working on breath. That was the case on this day having a beautiful view, but it doesn’t have to be this photogenic.

Take advantage of the smallest moments, then keep moving forward. Progress Always💙💚


Get Flexy and Strong!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️💪

When you book an appointment with me in Scottsdale, you will see an option of a Blended Session. So what exactly is that?

It is a workout and stretch both customized to you! Every day will vary in how much we add in both pieces, while making sure we are in accordance with you and your goals😃

Why the blended session?
Fascial Stretch Therapy is amazing, but sometimes you need specific strength and conditioning work to get you to the next level (pun intended 🤣)
Whether the next level is improving performance, better movement, or getting out of pain, we can complete the puzzle of making you feel amazing!🙌

📍Blended sessions available only at Next Level PHX in Scottsdale! Come on down and let’s make you better👏


I love lifting weights🏋️‍♀️😁

This week, I hope you get to engage in exercise that makes you happy! Whether it’s lifting, hiking, running, boxing, biking, CrossFit, or so many other options!

I’m glad I have found something that makes me feel strong and confident. It helps keep me sane, as well as strong for working with clients💪

If you need help finding some love for lifting and fitness, come find me at @nextlevel_phx in Scottsdale😃


An hour in 30 seconds😱

This is what almost a full session looked like for this fine gentleman today! Ever session looks a bit different, but in the end he felt much better and got what he needed😁

Want to see what your full session looks like? There’s a link in my bio to help with that😃
📍Fascial Stretch Therapy at both Chandler and Scottsdale locations
📍Blended sessions (Training and stretching) available at Scottsdale only @nextlevel_phx

Come on in, I would love to see if we can work together!🤩


That extra reach🤩

Just trying to make tying shoes a little more doable😃
Notice how we were able to get lower, while also achieving a flatter back in the process! We achieved a little more reach with our work on the superficial back fascial net as well as in the deep hip joint👍

I’m back in town and taking clients! Link in bio to schedule on my brand new booking software😍
📍Locations in Chandler and Scottsdale for Fascial Stretch Therapy
📍Scottsdale for personal training only🏋️‍♀️



My dogs are barking today👣

Along with stretching my hips yesterday, my calves also needed some help! Here’s a good pick me up to do if you’re walking a ton, or need something quick (hopefully you can see through the flowy pants🤣)

Here’s how to do it:
✅Pick a stable surface to prop the ball of your foot on, as well as pull yourself into.
✅Prop up the ball of your foot, and pull yourself into your surface with a straight leg. Feel your calf stretch😁
✅Ease off, bend the knee and pull yourself back in. You won’t go as far, and the stretch feeling should shift below the belly of your calf closer to your foot. Feel your soleus stretch!
✅In one or both parts of the stretch, shift the hips side to side to get different fiber angles! Remember, we are 3-dimensional and need different angles to get the most effective stretch😁

Make sure you breath calmly as you ease into the stretch, and never go to the point of pain. Go to the place you need the stretch the most, and stay for as long as you need to, allowing your body to let go when its ready😌

Hopefully this can help you get a good stretch in a pinch, or as part of your warm up. Have fun!

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