Larry Smith Fitness

Larry Smith Fitness


Best group class! If you are looking for a fun way to get into shape try
Man o man I wish I found this place while i was in Phoenix 2 weeks ago. In case I come back there, where are you guys located?
Great class Larry!

Sports Performance Trainer, Leader, Motivator Striving for Greatness! Bringing out the best from within� Outdoor Class Schedule:
Monday: 6:00am; 6:00pm
Tuesday: 6:00am; 6:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00am; 6:00pm
Thursday: 6:00am; 6:00pm
Friday: 6:00am
Saturday: 8:00am
Sunday: 8:00am

Indoor Class Schedule:
Monday - Friday: Stength and Conditioning @ 9:00am; Boxing @ 4:30pm

Other facility offerings:
Kickboxing, Kettle Bells, Group Training, Boxing, Plyometrics, Core workouts, Personal Training, and more!

Operating as usual


Basketball brings us all together to compete and fellowship in this brotherhood. It was great seeing & competing against my guy @everybody_hatechriss who is one of the best dunkers in the world, then teaming up with him for the all star game to pull out a win together. Bro keep rising in your light, my guy💯 We got it in today bro for the love of the game @thebig3 🙏🏾


For the love of the game🏀
For the love of the grind💪🏾


“Winners are not people who people who never fail. But people who never quit.”



Not serious, but serious…But…🤪everyday I wake up in BEAST mode to activate others beast MODE 🦍 It’s the Larry Smith way🔛🔝 of, it’s more than just working out. It’s FUN ⚡️it’s Different Daily 🏁
DM to join‼️

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Never a dull moment @disney


“Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” – Muhammad Ali

Happy Birthday Champ
Keep Floating In Paradise 🙏🏾


The climb continues 🏁 #2022

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Big Mood 🙌🏾
Big Energy 💪🏾
Big Goals 🏁
2022 Let’s GOOOOOOO #2022

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Thank you @krabqueenzseafood and your amazing team for the opportunity to be apart of history in the making. Today was epic, the world will find out why @krabqueenzseafood is one of the most successful companies 🔜. @ttnique_themogul said it clear…”I made the first step on the ladder.” The rest is history. Thru the ups and downs as a entrepreneur. It takes the dedication & consistency to WIN. Creating a winning team to assist in the growtih globally. Then rewarding your team with experiences of a lifetime will keep you winning. Thank you team @krabqueenzseafood for your energy today 🙏🏾


Uncut, clear view and sounds of a workout. During Covid when everything was shut down. I was blessed to be able to provide great workouts, music, energy & motivation to people from all walks of life. We turned the park into a club daily. Dancing, working & sweating. I appreciate everyone who hung out with me daily. Go subscribe to my YouTube channel (Larry Smith Fitness) & check out the entire Documentary “ Winners Rise In Crises” for pure fitness motivation. Stay tuned for dope workouts for every fitness level in 2022.


Sometimes in life you have to take a deep breath, relax & breathe. No matter how many people is in the room, the energy never changes nor does the motivation🗣 With that being said, boxing is one of the best stress relievers out there. It helps to release, hit, let go & relieves stress. So…..Box & Let Go!


Big ups to my guy @dgrayer7 for inviting me to be apart MDM-AYF CELEBRITY CHARITY GOLF CLASSIC! Connecting with great people and enjoying fun times on the golf course ⛳️ Such a memorable weekend. Looking forward to next year💯


As a hooper you should take pride in your physique. Your on stage daily why not look like the machine you are. I understand how hard it can be. But for what’s in front of you is more important. Not just the money, but the LEGACY that you create from your hard work to add on to the God given gift 🏀 My guy @5starfoster has unlimited dedication, it not only shows in his body. It reflects in his mentality first while enhancing his performance. Your body can do anything so don’t limit your off season training to just get by. Train like a warrior, look like a warrior, perform like a warrior, compete like a warrior. Mike stay motivated, humble and out work everyone. It’s a long journey, your marathon in this next chapter is just beginning. We have good days and bad days but hardwork never goes unnoticed 💯 (Feat. @5starfoster) 🙏🏾


“I hope this message touches someone’s spirit👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾”
It’s the determination. It’s the early mornings. It’s the sometimes you wanna stay in bed. But it’s the passion that wakes you up. It’s the fear that can hold you back. It takes believing in YOU. It takes consistency. It takes Faith to jump. It’s the unknown that keeps you in comfortable positions. It’s all a fight. You’ll take blows, but keep on fighting. You’ll get knocked down, but keep on fighting. But it takes mental toughness and endurance to win. We train for it everyday. Our life has chapters just like a book. Remember your WHY!!! When it’s time to turn to the next chapter. Keep the same passion, determination, mentality and WILL to WIN it ALL. It’s LIFE 🎥🙏🏾


In life we must keep our guard up to protect any negative energy that may come into our space. To knock us off the path towards conquering your quest to win in LIFE. Everyday we fight to win the day. By staying well balanced to block the power shot that may “knock us out & off our route we are running to WIN (@mrjordan1911 ).”Keep your 👁 on the prize and do it with positive energy and lots of endurance. YOU WILL WIN


You must see it. Dream it. Believe it. Reach for it. Hydrate for it. To go as far as you can. “Sky’s The Limit.” Have no limits when you dream BIG. WIN WIN WIN!!!!


The process of elevation always has hurdles...It’s never easy...As you get closer to the prize a hurdle comes your way...Keep a clear mind...Clear each hurdle with a smooth stride...I promise you will properly land to continue your marathon 🏁


It’s ok to be pushed.....To be pushed you have to first push yourself in order to be pushed by someone else. If you don’t have the self motivation to get up....You’ll never be pushed to reach the GOALS you wish for. Not only in fitness but in LIFE 💯
when you move


Take flight and elevate 🛫 Strengthen your wings to fly with eagles 🦅


Sometimes the picture looks better than the result of reality. Remember it’s just a picture. Only you know the reality of your life. Nothing is perfect. Everyday practice to be perfect for God. Even as you struggle with daily imperfections in this world. Your reality will eventually become as perfect as the perfect image you show. But the reality is only you know the result.. You’ve only got one shot in LIFE. Stay focused & shoot your best shot to WIN 🏌🏽 ⛳️


Everyday is a different way to
Everyday is a new day to
Everyday is
Everyday it seems to be a
Everyday is a new day to to

With ⤵️⤵️⤵️
... You will never fail even when you feel like you have. It’s all worth the FIGHT. People only see the ... They don’t understand the and the time you put in. Be fit to go the distance in LIFE but


Join us outside today @ 9am for some fun in the sun ☀️ at Scottsdale Sports Complex


In life we have many destinations to see and go thru on our journey to reach your fullest potential. Maintain a smooth pace as you reach the next destination fully equipped for the fight to conquer before going to the next destination . Win the fight & run to the next destination to prepare for your next bout. In life it takes endurance to complete the task of each destination and phase of life we experience. Stay focused on the end goal, endure whatever obstacle that may come with each destination. Win the fight. Keep on going toward the dreams with ENDURANCE


Take a deep breathe. Let these winning words of inspiration & motivation be of guidance to keep going in LIFE ~ Larry Smith 🗣


Sometimes the weight on one side gets heavier than the other. But when your well balanced from within. Regardless of the weight distribution you’ll always feel like you have good balance 💯

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Outstanding performance is what I teach also what I preach. LSFIT Sports Strength & Conditioning is where young men & women come to elevate not only their bodies but their MENTALITY and approach to perform at a high level.

Both of these programs Zone 6 (basketball) and Scottsdale Sandstorms (baseball) have both elevated their athleticism and performance since training with LSFIT. Sandstorms are getting ready for the Nationally known Little League World Series. Now being a nationally know program and ranked in the country. Zone 6 winning a major madehoops tournament a few months ago.

If you are coach and want to elevate your sports program please contact at

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Be unique. Walk with a touch of class. Embrace positive energy. Live with passion to WIN everyday. Celebrate others victory. Chase your DREAMS. Believe in yourself. Believe in GOD 🙏🏾
“You Will Win”

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