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Thank you to our very first sponsor of the year . . . Goshin Karate & Judo Academy! Thank you for supporting the North Ranch Elementary PTA Sensei Boggs! We appreciate you! Goshin Karate & Judo Academy

Kata with Ms. Grace and Ms. Rebecca 🥋
Here are some home Judo training tips for all of you
😍Hulafrog Most Loved Awards Update!!😍
Top 5 Martial Arts Studios...in no particular order...

Paradise Valley Karate
Goshin Karate & Judo Academy
Valley Martial Arts Academy
Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center
Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, Inc.

Click through to find YOUR favorite Martial Arts Program!!! Voting ends tomorrow (Friday) at midnight!!
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Thank you, Mr. Roger Boggs and Goshin Karate & Judo Academy, for your wonderful food and clothing donations!!!
A successful board break and sense of pride overflows. He hasn’t stopped talking about the experience.
I was fortunate to participate in Mr. Boggs woman’s self defense class today!!! I highly recommend this class to woman of all ages!! True professionals and the staff was amazing!! Mr.Boggs is a skilled teacher and has the best personality!! I learned so much more than I had ever expected. I recommend Goshin Academy with the highest praise!! Thank you Mr Boggs!! Janice
Friday Giggle 🐷
U rápas gostoso
seul le travail paye

Providing Instruction Lessons in Martial Arts , Self Defense, Judo and Karate for Kids, Teens and Ad Sensei Boggs

At Goshin Karate & Judo Academy, our mission is to impact and empower peoples lives with the positive benefits of martial arts. We are committed to create a better world filled with health, happiness, peace, and harmony built from a unique blend of old traditional and modern day martial arts training.

Operating as usual




Top of the Morning, to ya...


We have the Best Instructors!


Ordering more Dojo Frisbee's


Hey... Goshin is OPEN this week!


Hanging out with my Granddaughter this morning! (It don't get better than that.)


Rocking the North Ranch FitFest this morning!


Next week is Spring Break, which means Buddy Day''s... Get a Buddy Pass!


It was good to see Mr.Steve on the Mat yesterday... He called me "Mr.Positivity!"


Judo Day... All Day! "GET YOUR GI ON"


&.... JUDO


KARATE &....


Thanks Mr.Connor for all your help yesterday... "You Rock"


Hey Goshin Leadership Team... Looking for some Volunteers today ... Rebecca & Ron are out.


It's Grappling Day....
Yahoo! You know what to do!


Self Defense Day at the dojo...


I am working on a "BO" class for March 25th!


A step by step guide to having a good day!
....... Go to the Dojo!


Great Instructors don't rely on just one method to keep 100% control of their class. They focus on using 50 different methods that produce 2% control each. Here are just a few...
1. Teach with Passion. Let the students see your enthusiasm and excitement as you teach. This alone will capture their attention.
2. Continually catch students doing things right and publicly praise them.
3. Be constantly aware of the state (Mood) of your class. When you detect the overall atmosphere of the class is falling, do something that will pick the enthusiasm levels up again such as going on to the next segment of your class or giving some compliments and encouragement out loud.
4. Use students names throughout the class to keep them involved and engaged. (Use them as an example)
5. Tell the kids you are looking for an assistant for the next technique – someone who is listening well.
6. Develop the skill of commending individual students by name whilst conducting your class! (For example if you are calling out numbers for a basic punching drill, you would do the following: “1... 2... good punch Tom... 3... 4... 5 excellent Juliette!...6... 7...”)
7. Sit or stand the child next to you and use them as a demonstration person.
8. Kids are more attentive when there is movement so move around gesturing as you talk.
9. Where possible, use humour.
10. Vary the tone of your voice throughout the class by raising it, lowering it, whispering, impersonating and emphasizing.
11. Clap your hands or click your fingers as you speak.
12. Give individual students a reputation to live up to by pointing out to the entire class how focused they are.
13. If you have a student who struggles to concentrate, look out for the moment they show improvement and acknowledge them immediately in front of the class.
14. Pick out students who are concentrating particularly well and put them in a line at the front of the class. Then label that row out loud as the leadership row. (Hehehe, watch how all of the students concentrate to try and get in that row!)
15. At the end of a session, commend a student’s behaviour in front of their parents.
16. Consistently remind the students that in order to earn a Black Belt, they must have a Black Belt attitude first! And a person who has a Black Belt attitude is a person who concentrates and listens.
17. Make sure that the students posture is always upright in class while they are sitting or standing. This dramatically increases their focus and concentration.
18. Instruct the students to show you how a Black Belt sits, stands, walks and goes about their training. Get them to pretend that they are a Black Belt for the next 5 minutes and then watch how they transform. (Hehehe... Let's hope that you have set a good example!😮)
19. When you notice the students enthusiasm levels start to fall, give them what I call a, ‘30 second state change.’
This is where you get them to do something totally unexpected like, free spar anyone, run and touch a certain wall or try and tap someone on top of the head. This quickly interrupts student’s thought patterns so they go from a mind set of ‘lost interest’ to a mind set of alertness and excitement in a matter of seconds. Once you have boosted their state, go onto your next drill and teach it with ENTHUSIASM!
20. Change the drills once you notice the students starts to loose interest. (This doesn’t mean do a different technique - just change the drill.😊)
21. Regularly remind your students that you listen with 3 things! Your ears, eyes and posture!
Ask your students, "who can recite the answer?" and then publicly praise the students who know it!
22. Make the drills appropriately challenging for everyone so you have an easy version for beginners and a harder version for your more advanced students.
And finally...
23. Make concentration a priority in your school! This begins with you as the Instructor, constantly cultivating your skill of maintaining the students focus within your class.
OK... now we are almost half way there! Do you have any ideas of your own? If so, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM!
By focusing on improving just one of these skills at time, you will develop the reputation of being a GREAT INSTRUCTOR around kids!
This will improve the results you gain with your students and also improve the retention in your school! 😀
(Written by Regional Master Instructor Tom Craig)


Every kid needs a grown-up who takes care of them and is kind to them.


It's not work, if you love what you do!


Presidents' Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February; Presidents' Day 2023 will occur on February 20. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, the holiday became popularly known as Presidents' Day


At the Arabian Horse Show today!


Presidents Day Weekend!


32 Years in the Same Location!


I "LOVE" Karate!


Sparring Day...


Hey Goshin Family,

We are finalizing the 2023 Leadership Team.

Our leadership program gives your child the real ability to communicate and lead while studying the inner workings of teaching martial arts techniques, working with people and how to motivate students with inspiration.

The first class in on March 4th at 2pm

Essays and Applications MUST be received by March 1st

ALSO... I will be ordering new Team Uniform's, Instructor Gi's and T-shirts on March 1, 2023, so get me your sizes.

Thanks for being a part of the Goshin Family.

Mr. Boggs
Goshin Karate & Judo Academy
6254 E. Bell Road #120
Scottsdale AZ 85254

480-951-2236 - Call
602-350-0257 - Text


Great Class..


How can you not like that!

Photos from Goshin Karate & Judo Academy's post 02/12/2023

And then this happened...


Jedi Samurai w/ Sci-Fi Battle Sabers


Our newest Black Belt Club Member!


It's Valentines Weekend!


Attitude & Effoet...


Sparring Day... "Get Your Gear On"


I am so blessed...


Sci-Fi Battle Saber class this weekend!


Good Morning Dojo...

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Women's Self Defense Class...
The power of the CHI...  Do you want to know the secret?  I told them to fall down! (lol)
Finally got some Rain...
Amazing...  Mason!
My favorite kick is the... Side Kicks!
Heading over to the dojo... "Get Your Gi On"
Judo in Scottsdale Arizona...
Arms across the middle... Arms up in the sky!
Rock, Paper, Scissors, SMASH!




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