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Bohdi. Day 15. He’s mastered the structured walk but I’m testing him today in a world where it feels a little bit chaotic with wind, rain, leaves, stuff blowing on the streets, trash cans, etc. I also discuss my own state of avoidance around a neighbor so that my vibe stays neutral. Dogs feed off of us.

Additionally, my personal trainer Caleb of Gains Gym gives me homework too. Cardio daily. Two birds; one stone! Boom!

My little training boy has grown into a confident young man yet has not lost his puppy qualities. Training is never about breaking the spirit.❣️
Hello! If you or any of your members would like to try Cryotherapy for muscle recovery, metabolism boost, to clear skin, or just to feel good and try something new... the link below will get anyone their first session for free! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to share this link with anyone you know who could benefit from trying Cryotherapy!

Big shout out to Caleb Glory Gains Gym for use of the facilities for today's photo shoot. Your gym is sick! I wanna come back and shoot there again! Check this out. First shot of the day.
Thanks Caleb Hock for opening your gym for our event! Looking forward to sharing health tips and sampling plant based, vegan nutrition products and sports nutrition to supplement a clean eating regimen.

Personal Training Gym in North Scottsdale.
10,000+ Sq Ft
40 yard Turf Field
Brand New Equipment 11,000 Sq ft Private Gym

Operating as usual

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 06/01/2022


Grateful for all of our Glory Gains Family who have made this house a home for 5 years and counting. 🎊🙏🏼

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 06/01/2022


Grateful for all of our Glory Gains Family who have made this house a home for 5 years and counting. 🎊🙏🏼

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Happy Birthday to our designated hype-man 🔥 Blessed to have your energy at GG each and every day.


Quick reminder to pull up to the gym today to get your GAINS on!😎🔥


always bringing the 🔥🔥🔥 to his group sessions!

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 04/05/2022

putting this clients to work! We love seeing you in here crushing it G.😤

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 04/04/2022

What a VIBE!🤗✌🏻


The best culture in the Valley.😎🤘🏻
We hope you all have an amazing Sunday today!🙏🏻

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Who’s pulling up to lift today? Tag your trainer / gym buddy!🔥

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 03/29/2022

Shoutout to the coaches for putting on a lit event last week!🤘🏻🔥
Who thinks we should run this back again soon?✌🏻

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 03/14/2022

Who’s ready for yoga with ?🙂
RSVP to our x Spring Spectacular going down 3/20 @ 12-2pm!✌🏻
» link in bio! «


Happy Sunday!🙏🏻
We hope you’re having an amazing day like these two!😍 .club

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 03/04/2022

We’ll miss you !🧡
It’s been a pleasure having you change so many lives here at our facility. Thanks for being such an amazing person!🙏🏻

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 12/21/2021

Happy Birthday to the man himself birthday 🎉

Thank you for everything you do and for building such s strong and loyal community!

We love you! Happy birthday 🎂🥳


GG family! All I can say is thank you!
You absolutely crushed it with the x .co toy drive!!

Every heart was taken from the tree, and all the gifts are amazing! You filled the lobby and also thank you to all of you who didn't get a heart in time yet still gave donations ✨🎄

Truly this is going to make the kids Christmas so memorable!

Our community near ceases to amaze me! Let’s go!!!

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 11/30/2021

We flipped into a new week like... Swipe to flip with us!

How was the start to everyone’s week? 🐒

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 11/22/2021

It’s always a great time to give, but it’s even more important this time of year Glory Gains has teamed up with .co to enhance the lives of children in foster care this year through the giving tree program.

Show your support, and grab a heart off the tree in our lobby that has the name of a child on it and what they need this holiday season!

All gifts are due by December 3rd!

Let’s show the world what the GG family can do and give back🎁

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 10/20/2021

New Equipment Alert!!! 🚨

Glory has added a few new toys to the mix 😎

A new rack, new leg press, two hip thruster machines, new flat benches and 2 new seated benches🤤

So excited to have you all come in and put these bad boys to work! 🔥

Shout out to for the amazing service and awesome machines 🔥🙌🏼


Leading by example😤

Anyone who trains in our gym knows that every trainer practices what they preach🔥

And you know that if you’re nickname is “The peach farmer” you better be working those legs and peaches!🦵🏼🍑


The key to any lift is focus and form.

Simple as that✨

If you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re just going through the motions, you’ll never hit your goal and even worse you could hurt yourself ❌

If you need help with form come in and hire one of our trainers! We’d be happy to guide you to lifting optimally!


x Community Event Recap!🔥⁠⁠
Thank you to everyone who showed up to support this past weekend!⁠⁠
The energy was lit and we can't wait to step it up for our next one.😎⁠⁠
🎥 | ⁠⁠

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 08/23/2021

Man oh man! ⁠

What an incredible weekend!🔥⁠

The pure ENERGY that was in the building on Saturday for the first ever community event was INSANE to say the least! If you were there you know would have to agree 🤯⁠

We’re so excited to keep doing these in the future! ⁠

So grateful to all of you who came out to support as well as all of our sponsors! ⁠

If you missed any of it check the highlights in our bio to catch up! 💪🏼🧘🍩⁠

Thanks again Fam!⁠


Shoutout to for being a 🔥 trainer here at our gym!🙌🏻
If you’re interested in working with Upton Fitness, shoot us a DM!📩

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 08/12/2021

You know you’re gonna have a fun workout if you’re training with !🤗


Come see for all your recovery + mobility needs! He’s the best in the game 🚀

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 08/06/2021

It’s always a good time when .club x .club are in the building!😎

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 08/03/2021

Interested in our group sessions here at ?👀
DM us today to learn more about our packages! We can’t wait to help you meet your health + fitness goals!🤘🏻


That look you have when you see someone reppin’ the new merch!😉
» come cop some new tees + hats in our lobby today!🤘🏻«


We love seeing Upton Fitness crushing it when they’re in here!💪🏻

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 06/18/2021

We love seeing all of our trainers transforming lives every single day!!!👏🏻


putting all of his clients to work this week!👀💪🏻
Interested in training here at ? DM us to learn more!🚀

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 06/10/2021

always having a good time with her squad! (Swipe through!😉)

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 06/01/2021

.apodaca putting his client through an epic workout!🙌🏻
We can’t wait to see everyone back in the gym crushing their workouts after this holiday weekend.💪🏻

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 05/28/2021

If you’ve trained with you already know it’s gonna be a 🔥 session! //

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 05/26/2021

Comment below if you train with these all star trainers!😍👇🏻

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 05/25/2021

What’re you guys training today?✌🏻
putting her client through a tough upper body workout!🔥

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 05/19/2021

crushing it this week with all of her clients!😋

Photos from Glory Gains Gym's post 05/11/2021

Who else is hitting chest today?😎⁠⁠
x ⁠⁠

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God doesn't send troubles to you, but just remember that each one of these obstacles are designed to strengthen weakness...




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