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It has been nearly 3 years since our last stage rally and the Southern Ohio Forest Rally 2020 did not disappoint! The journey to get here was difficult to say the least. Shortly after the initial build in 2017 we uncovered numerous issues and unfulfilled promises that caused us to take a step back from competing. We decided to rebuild the car ourselves, built our own shop to manage the project, put a new rig together, trained a new crew, all in the midst of a global pandemic and civil unrest. There were some days that felt as if we would never make it. So we are very happy to say that not only did we make it back on stage but we took home 3rd place points in the 2WD national championship!

We weren't the fastest by any means, but as the saying goes "in order to finish first, first you must finish." This was the first test of the rebuilt car and she held up like a champ. The crew managed every situation thrown at them effortlessly, and driver/co-driver kept the car out of any major incidents. We're 3 years out of practice, but with more seat time and stage miles the speed will come.

Huge thanks to the American Rally Association, the city of Chillicothe, OH, and all of the volunteers for putting a safe and efficient event together. We also want to thank all of our sponsors and partners that have helped us get here today, we couldn't have done it without you!

We can't wait to see our rally friends and family again!

Photos by Page Productions

Total Care Restoration
Opes Real Estate Group
Hydra Motorsports
CR3 Motorsports
Red light therapy is truly such a blessing, especially with my auto immune disease battle.
My short story: End of 2018 into 2019, I went from a very normal energy level/weight/mindset to everything being completely off in the wrong direction - my doctor diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, told me thyroid issues are common in women my age and to take the meds, it should correct. 😳

After a few months of meds (no real changes), I sought out a naturopathic doctor. My naturopath dug deeper and figured out I have celiacs disease and a very intense allergy to eggs(I was eating a TON of eggs & gluten is in everything so that’s problematic).

That led to the paleo AIP diet (essentially you only eat grass fed meat, veggies, fruit - no nuts, nightshade vegetables, wheat, legumes, dairy etc) and fortunately the dietary change revived my energy level x 1000 but I still wasn’t able to sleep well. (Nor am I where I want to be yet, but it’s a process)

Thankfully I met Jake who owns Quantum Red Scottsdale and I began a red light therapy regimen. Truly, I am now sleeping so well and I’m doing something vital for my body (esp with how much time I spend staring at a screen)
SO if you’ve had some odd health things, I highly encourage you to look outside of the box and try new avenues, you never know what will work. Grateful I’m getting back to my old self, one day at a time. 💪
For anyone looking for some ideas on where to start:
my naturopath is in LA and works virtually, Dr. Ryan Monahan.
My personal trainer has been a god send with nutrition ideas that fit my very strict diet. With his help I’ve lost 17lbs of body fat in 2.5mo. & gained an immense amount of strength. Pierre A. Batraville - Train Athleteist
Red light therapy - 10mins a day at Quantum Red in North Scottsdale 💞
Awesome start to 2020 at Train Athleteist! Sharane Dorrah Matthew Dylan Sara Racey Batraville Pierre A. Batraville getting those New Years gains 😂💪 Happy 2020!!💫
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Hope you're enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend!
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FACTS. Tshirts for Athleteist LLC. with inside neck label and smaller, .75" lower logo. .
Hope you're enjoying the rest of the holiday weekend! .
@ Jersey City, New Jersey
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THIS IS THE OFFICIAL HOME OF THE HUMBLY COCKY. We are a boutique strength training studio and appar RETROACTIVE;
We keep it retro, while you keep it active.

Operating as usual

humblycockytv 01/04/2021

It's a New Year, and we here at Athleteist are mixing it up. We feel that these platforms we are on are highly irresponsible and unfair. Censorship of information is criminal. It is their prerogative as companies, but it is ours as well not to spend our advertising money with the likes of FB, Insta, Google, Twitter, Youtube, and Amazon. We are a company which roots are pro America and pro individual freedom. If this message finds you confused then you may not be aware of current events. We invite you to join us on Rumble. That will be where we restart and we will look into some other platforms in the future. We thank you all who have supported us here and we wish you all the best. You all have kept us going this long. We will disconnect in 1 week so please feel free to email us to stay in touch as well.

God bless you all.

Email: [email protected]

humblycockytv humblycockytv's videos on

Read reviews, find and book classes and appointments | Mindbody 12/29/2020

Hey there my friends. Our class schedule has changed. We will also be updating the class descriptions on the program for each class so you can plan your week out. If you have time suggestions you want to see, let us know. Hope you had a great Holiday.

Find the schedule here:

Read reviews, find and book classes and appointments | Mindbody Your destination for wellness. Find and book your favorite fitness classes and appointments at studios, salons, spas and wellness businesses near you.


We would love to have you come to our space but we also come to you. Especially during these times, we get it. And maybe you just like the convenience. We’ll bring our equipment if you need and give you the same great service to your door.


We are not here to be easy on you. We are here to push you. If that is our reputation, then we will own it and do it with a smile. Gains! 💪🏽❤️


Our Fit3d Scanner is our accountability metric for our clients but we also offer it to anyone looking to track their gains! It tracks lean muscle, body fat, posture, and more. A few people have even used it to get full measurements of their body for clothing fit. Message us to schedule a scan today!

*If you have any COVID concerns, let us know. We will accommodate.

Video by David Anyanwu



-It's the Holiday's and we are running our first class promotion. It's for a limited time for the first 10 people who respond. We know you'll enjoy it and most importantly, let's get you on our FIT3D BODY SCANNER and see what the gains look like after 10 days. Consider it a challenge!


Sara and Nate Burleson talk life after the NFL Get to know the VERY BUSY Nate Burleson and all he’s doing after the cleats came off. Sara wants you to get to know the humble Nate, and what an amazing pers...


Now that we are open again. I feel I have to re-intro myself. And while I'm at it, I should mention:
-Our classes are small.
-Our classes are basically like being in a semi-private session
-I am still offering online training (I'll write you 4 week programs my friend)
-I am still taking a few more virtual clients
-Cyrus is getting bigger
-You can still track your lean muscle or body fat with our fit3d scanner
-Veterans and first responders can still jump in our free Saturday class at 11:00am every weekend.

That will be all.

Video by David Anyanwu


Thank you all who have supported our reopening! It’s been a real trying experience. We know everyone is going through it and we sincerely appreciate all of you who have donated, taken a class, or offered encouragement. I know we are repeating ourselves but it’s really how we feel.

Sara, Cyrus, & Coach P


Thank you to all who donated to our GoFundMe link and those who simply sent positive messages. We are humbled and appreciate you all. We realize everyone is going through this and we don't take that for granted. God Bless!

Save Small Businesses, Save TRAIN ATHLETEIST! organized by Jessica Adnani 07/01/2020

We are so humbled by this. Thank you Leila for your strength and love. We are putting our pride aside. Sara and I, like all of us, didn’t expect the impact of this pandemic. Now, we’ve been forced to close a second time. Please read Leilas message and our story. We know everyone is impacted by this so even a kind message would be amazing!! God Bless. Pierre, Sara & Cyrus

Save Small Businesses, Save TRAIN ATHLETEIST! organized by Jessica Adnani My cousin Sara Racey Batraville and her husband Pierre Batraville left Ne… Jessica Adnani needs your support for Save Small Businesses, Save TRAIN ATHLETEIST!

Photos from Athleteist's post 06/15/2020

What an INCREDIBLE DAY! had the honor of collaborating with + organized by the best . This one was for the books! Sold out twice and came together for an amazing cause. Plus, aka DJ Bish spinning tracks and photography by 🖤 I think we do it all 🙆🏽‍♀️


That was a fun class today! It's called "End of Weak Gainz" for a reason. Thank you to everyone who came. Coach P jumps in sometimes. You don't have to ask him twice.


This is a crazy time. We had to close our doors during the Arizona COVID LOCKDOWN but thought maybe a reintroduction was in order. Check out our services at Thank you to for the vid skills!


First class back from Covid Break. We are limiting our class to 4 people max. We never intended to have big classes but we are dropping the size even more so we can be extra cautious. We appreciate you and thanks for your patience!


I know this is going to be challenging for us all and I hope to help as many people get in their fitness as we wait to hear next steps for the future. Whatever I can do to ease anyone’s stress, please let me know. In the mean time, here’s a lil home workout helped me with. For whom I am very grateful. You can do these exercises with very cheap items. If you don’t have access to these things, there is always other options. Trust me. Take care of yourselves. Much love to everyone. Be safe.

5/8 Rounds You Monster you.


12x Slide side to reverse lunge
12x Superman slide push up


8/12x Pistols or box pistols
12x kneeling band pull or
12x Pallof press ...Or both!
30/45 secs Band sprints or
30/45secs Box toe touches

Photos from The 4MOM Charity's post 02/19/2020
Instagram Photos 02/19/2020




The moral of the story is, get the work where you can. Having a son has taught me that more then anything. TIME is everything. I cherish as many moments with him as much as possible. But that doesn’t mean I can’t set a moment aside for myself. You matter. You’re health matters. Let’s try to have as much time on this Earth as possible. Studies show In under 10 years 50% of us will be obese. That’s a lot of potential for time lost between families because of Cancer, Heart disease, and other health risks. The mission is to change that. Let’s get it! Tag a friend who needs quick workout ideas to get fit.

Photos from Athleteist's post 02/01/2020

We here at ATHLETEIST keep getting asked about this strange contraption in our front office. It's our Fit3D Scanner. We love it. Some clients dread it. But we honestly wanted the most effective and visual tool that was on the market. We wanted to make sure every client who walks through the door, gets the results they work so hard for. It tracks your gains and losses as we like to say. Gains in muscle and losses in fat amongst other things. This coming week we are offering free scans and free nutrition consultations. Keep those goals alive people!


I hear this a lot. But what it strikes me as is a cop out. You have your body weight. That’s a lot. If you have a dumbbell and a swiss ball. That’s even better. Let’s break down some things we can do with just a swiss ball and a dumbbell. There is so much you can do with the most minimal equipment. Feel free to tell me what you have and I’ll post some ideas for whatever it is.


Had these two stop in today. One thing about fitness is energy is transferable. The people around you can give you negative energy or positive energy. Simple as that. Keep company of people that want to be great and won’t accept anything less from you. When you are negative around these type of people, they will fix that real quick. Check their instas: .ville .am.willpowered and


Yes Sara and I get a little ridiculous sometimes. What is important in all seriousness, is good energy and a plan of attack. Simplify your plan. Write it down. Even schedule it like you do all the other things that are important to you. Starting can be hard. Some days are harder then others. Especially if you have legit stressors on your mind. Like meditation, clear the mind. Focus on the plan. Every time you get distracted, re-focus, and start again. If you get one round, that truly is an accomplishment and be proud of yourself. Keep going everyone!


The mission, is to eliminate the phrase “I don’t have time”. It can be difficult, but with the right plan and strategy, busy professional or anyone else can change their lives and be healthy. Here’s one strategy. Quick 20 minute workout.

•Pick 2/3 exercises
•Set Timer 20:00
•start super light and gradually add weight.
•mark the rounds you complete and what weight you used. Takes a second to mark off in notepad or whatever you choose.
•Timer goes off, leave the gym and go home immediately! Done.

Now, Next time you do exactly the same thing. Your trying to beat the last amount of rounds you did. Do same program every week for at least 4 weeks. Then switch it up. Done!


Another 20 Minute Smash Workout. Do you consistently say you don’t have time to workout? Try this my friend. Today it’s upper body. Set your timer for 20 minutes. Pick 3 exercises. How many rounds can you do? You take minimal rest and keep going. When the timer hits 20, you leave the gym immediately! 📵We are building muscle but it’s going to feel like your heart is potentially about to explode. This is one of the most efficient and effective training protocols I’ve seen the most success with for me and my clients. Not every workout you do in the week has to be this intense, but three days a week consistently and you will only see progress.


Coming off our official launch party, we couldn't be any happier with the response in our short time here in Scottsdale. Thank you to Personalized Solutions and 55 Media for this awesome video.

We are about results and using meticulous data and nutrition guidance to help you reach your goals.


Happy New Year everyone! We are starting this year with that 20/20 vision. We will be open for New Years Day for those looking to get a jump on the gains. Set those goals and stick to it. 2 slots left for our 12pm New Years Strength Training Class. Be safe tonight!


Calling all Military Veterans! It is no secret that we are fully supportive of the Veteran community. Sara and I have talked for some time about how we can show our gratitude to those in uniform. We already have 30% off training and apparel but we wanted to do more. So on Saturdays we would like to do free strength training groups. If you have a Vet you think would be interested or someone who needs that extra push, please share or message us. We will have some coffee and snacks afterward. This is something we want to do every weekend. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! God bless.


We created a space where you are the focus. Your form. Your goals. Your results. Stop by and see the difference. We are Functional Strength Training. Tailor made for you. This is your time.


As part of our soft opening, we’re excited to announce our first small group class. “Saturday Service” The classes will always be small. We want proper form in a safe challenging environment. We’re all about doing more with less. Only 6 spots! We look forward to seeing you!


We are excited to announce our online training memberships. We have listened to your request and we hope you get a chance to try it. Get custom programs, nutrition advice, and if your in Scottsdale, you can track your progress with our , which tracks lean muscle, body fat, and posture changes.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Scottsdale?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our Story

Athleteist came to be initially as an identity. Sara Racey Tabrizi (from America’s Next Top Model) sat on a busy Subway in New York City peering out the window, thinking of herself and others who never lost that spark in themselves to be competitive and to always strive for every single goal that stood in front of them. From that single mother like hers, trying to start a business, working out at home—to that ex college or highschool athlete that daydreams while at the office. Always thinking of running the score on rivals, you never let that spark die. It's an idea to be the best but never having to express it verbally. Always in the back of the mind like inspirational motivational quotes, you know there’s more to you. At ATHLETEIST, we believe in unlocking the potential of every client and creating the most in-personal atmosphere to achieve the best results. Our Fitness Studio in Scottsdale was created with the thinking: “If we wanted a place to work out, what would it look and feel like?" —Simple and effective. We also have a Fit3D Proscanner as a tool to track lean muscle, body fat, and postural changes because it is important to us to actually show every client what the hard work looks like.

ATHELTEIST went from an identity, to a brand, to apparel, to the best personal fitness experience you’ll have. Because we cut away the fat of flashy gyms and give you a one-on-one facility that allows you to be you, and meet your goals.

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We make house calls!
Get on the A train!
Allow us to reintroduce ourselves!
First Class since COVID Hiatus.




Scottsdale, AZ

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Monday 6am - 7pm
Tuesday 6am - 8pm
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 8pm
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Saturday 10am - 3pm
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