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The gift of is a gift that keeps giving 💛 Delta Pilates is my home Pilates studio where I trained, interned & taught. The knowledge & training from my premier Master Trainer is phenomenal. The love and support continues 💛

Scottsdale's concierge Classical Pilates studio and continuing education center. Booking: https://cl

Operating as usual


Happy 9th birthday to us!!! It’s been so wonderful to be able to serve your ur community, help people feel their best, and just enjoy movement all these years! Raising a glass to all our fantastic trainers, clients and supporters 🥂💙

Photos from Delta Pilates's post 11/26/2022

Happy ! Delta Pilates is Scottsdale’s premiere Classical Pilates studio providing private and semi-private Pilates education. Pilates is a system of movements and apparatus that focuses on strength, stamina, stretch and stability. Delta Pilates offers a highly individualized approach and caters each session to your individual needs.

At Delta Pilates, we have also integrated the MELT Method which is is a simple self treatment technique that provides a revolutionary approach to pain-free living. Through a carefully coordinated series of movements and the use of specially designed balls and a soft roller, the MELT Method rehydrates the connective tissue (also known as fascia), rebalances the nervous system, and restores space to compressed joints.

Let our team work with you on the areas of your body that are holding on to stuck stress. The is a unique tool that you use on your own to help you better handle the everyday accumulation of dehydrated fascia.

Contact us today for our special pre-holiday plans to help keep you pain free, motivated, and healthy heading into the new year!


Rolling out of the weekend and back into action! Start your week off right with a session at Delta Pilates!
Where else can you get highly individualized work in a group setting? Even in a group setting, your specific needs are always at the forefront and you receive 100% of the support and guidance you need to be successful. Elevate your fitness goals with our Intuitive Touch Technique - a personal approach to optimizing your wellness routine. Reach out to learn more and schedule an introductory session with our expertly trained Movement Instructors!


We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Didn’t exactly get breakfast in bed and a day of pampering? No problem - we have you covered! Treat yourself to our Summer Specials starting this week! Contact us for more details 💕 —


Happy 8th anniversary to us! Celebrating with a little Short Spine Massage and an extra special prop today 💖here’s to the next year being even brighter 🌟Happy Valentine’s Day!


Look at this beautiful amaryllis from one of our darling clients. Such a festive holiday red ❣️it looks like it’s really charging off of the gorgeous amethyst from one of our other lovely clients 💜


Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 week!

We wish you all a happy, safe, and plentiful celebration with your friends and family 🧡

We have special Black Friday deals starting this weekend for our current clients as well as anyone looking to try out the real deal in Scottsdale Classical Pilates sessions! We have availability all day from 7AM-3PM (by appointment only) so you can be done in time to keep the celebration going with your family and friends 🥂

We use tried and true accountability partnered with innovative program design to help you stay on track even as your calendar fills up. At DeltaPilates, we believe Pilates is for every body and it benefits all ages, ability and body types! We offer a supportive environment tailored to your needs - so leave the cookie cutter approach for your holiday treats! 🍪🎄

You will be thanking yourself in January when the resolutions roll around and you've already made a head start on your wellness journey!



Every Friday morning at 7am the fabulous Jeri will be hosting a small group mixed apparatus class! Jeri’s smart programming and keen eye for detail will help your reach your Pilates goals. Join her for a fun and fast-paced start to your Friday so you can kick off the weekend feeling energized!

Contact us using the info above 👆to get started! Pre-registration required.


Happy fall y’all! 🍁

Ok it’s just barely under 100° here but it’s still technically fall 😉

Something about the change in season makes us want to shake things up! We love this blend of On Guard and Wild Orange because it smells like autumn 🍂

Do you have a favorite blend? Let us know and we’ll diffuse it during your private Pilates or session!


Pack your bags, it’s 🙃

What’s your go to Pilates essentials?

Mine … to stay grippy, to stay hydrated and to block the desert rays 😎


Margaritas 🍹may be the go-to drink today but Prosecco is always in style for Pilates celebrations! 🥂

What do you have to celebrate today?


Beautiful back extension on this 🌟 shining star 🌟

Enjoy this last week of April as we start heading into May flowers 🌺 What are you hoping to work on this upcoming month?

Lots of love from your Delta family! 💙


Happy Valentine’s Day 💐

Today also marks Delta Pilates’ 7 year anniversary 🥳

Celebrating the milestone with a lovely work out at Delta Pilates Virtual HQ ☺️ If we can make it through this year, we can make it through anything! 🥂


The best way to spread Christmas cheer... is adding a sparkly tree to greet our friends!



Waving a hello to you 🥰

Schedule an appointment today to see how great this feels after sitting at your computer all day!

Photos from Delta Pilates's post 07/05/2020

Happy 4th of July!

Timeline photos 05/23/2020

Is your 🍑 ThAss 🍑 or does it need to stay in quarantine?
This strong beauty kept up her Pilates routine with online sessions while we were sheltering in place.
Not only was she able to stay on top of aches and pains from increased screen-time but she nailed her strength building routine and kept working on her goals
We still have online sessions available if you want to work on your goals at home!

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

Almost time..........
Rearranging equipment for you and just waiting for the green light ✅
We have increased safety protocols, sanitizer, masks and more! We will also continue to offer virtual sessions for anyone who isn’t ready to come back or enjoyed the flexibility of working out from home 💻



Photos from Delta Pilates's post 05/04/2020

Starting week 7 of virtual sessions! I see an end in sight. I’m not sure when exactly, but it’s there. I have been working tirelessly to figure out the different health guidelines, government press releases, and most importantly, figuring out what is best for the Delta family. We will be implementing increased safety measures around the studio (to be detailed in a direct email or message me if you’re not on our email list!) including two big ones: touch-free Pilates with your instructors wearing masks and available masks for clients AND the installation of new vinyl coverings for all of the Pilates loops and straps that I custom made to fit our equipment. This way, they can be disinfected in between each client like we do with our existing protocol. There will be several other changes to elevate our already high standard of cleanliness and I will keep up with the relevant recommendations. Stay well and I hope to see you soon xo - Alexis 💙

Photos from Delta Pilates's post 04/30/2020

The beautiful rolling alllll the way over! With her amazing form and legs for days 👯‍♀️the workout-at-home cue Jeri mostly gets is “watch out for the wall!” 😅we all miss the studio but we will still be providing virtual sessions to keep up your strength, stamina, stretch and stability until we can reopen! Miss you all 😘 @ Delta Pilates


Here’s a view of the lovely online studio at Casa di Alexis 🤓 come join me for a virtual session (private and group available). It’s been great seeing all your homes - and PETS 🐱anyone spy BubbaCat?

Timeline photos 03/20/2020

I have told clients for years that it would be much less expensive to buy some Pilates equipment and a couple DVDs - ok, fine, I’ve updated that to buying a monthly streaming service 🙃 - than to pay for sessions with me a couple times a week over the years. There’s a reason that we seek the guidance of a professional - specific, eyes-on (since hands-on is currently outlawed), modified and personalized guidance that is precisely suited to our own individual needs. I’m very happy that I decided to teach myself how to offer virtual instruction years ago - shout out to my test bunnies those first few sessions 😅🐰This is not me working out and you following along - this is me correcting and guiding you just like in the studio.
At this time, remote learning is needed and I am here for you! I will work with whatever equipment you have available and actually instruct YOU and coach based on your individual needs.
As a side note, I’m very happy there’s a lot of free “content” out there for you to follow along with and stream. This is a great option since gyms are closed and you can’t get your cardio or group exercise class in. Please consider putting a full length mirror in front of you and watching for your specific issues (ex: are you always being told to draw your shoulders down or keep your left knee on the centerline?). This way, you can get your work outs in and not compromise form!
As always, I’m here if you need me 💜Alexis


🍀Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀
I often get asked (by new clients or curious on lookers 😅) “ok Pilates looks cool but I want to do only the HARD stuff, definitely no mat.”
Oh boy. They’re missing the point! We need to get strong enough on the mat to be able to properly move those abilities to the more advanced work. By the way... the springs are helping you! 🧐
These lovely ladies (including Ashley in her holiday-appropriate green pants 💚🤪) look wonderful advancing the already challenging exercise known as Tendon Stretch. The one legged version is not for the faint of heart and will not be successful without the proper foundation built on mat work!
So while you’re social distancing at home, get out your mat and schedule a virtual session with me (I use all platforms) and we can get you strong enough so that when you get the ✅green light to come back to the studio, we can work on the “hard” stuff ☺️

Timeline photos 03/15/2020

Virtual sessions!
I have been teaching virtual sessions for over 6 years now! I work with whatever equipment you have (as basic as a mat and towels) up to traditional Pilates equipment using the reformer, tower, chair and of course all small props☑️☑️☑️
It takes time to develop an eye for teaching remotely as there are different factors at play and we don’t have the assistance of touch. If you are a visual learner, I can accommodate that by demonstrating on my own equipment 😀
Everyone has to decide their own level of comfort vs risk in uncertain times. If you have any underlying health conditions that we’ve been told create additional risk for you, I invite you to try a virtual session instead of coming into the studio if that would make you more comfortable. If you’d just like to see what it’s about and try something new, I also invite you to try! 💻
Text or DM me to schedule or if you’d like to discuss options 💜
👩🏻‍💻PS We can make this work on any device and I’ve helped “tech challenged” people set up their tech equipment with no issues 💁🏻‍♀️

Timeline photos 03/09/2020

We often get asked when you can “master” Pilates - how long does it take? When are we “done” learning the work?
Never! There’s always something new to work on, whether it be a variation, shift in breath or tempo, advancing a transition or graduating from a building block to the ideal form of an exercise.
Our two lovely students have been taking Pilates for more of the last decade than not but there’s always something new to add into the work! They’re practicing a slight variation on Headstand 1 (adding in a leg lift - in preparation for what comes next which is the Headstand without the aid of the arms for balance and support 😳)

Timeline photos 02/13/2020

Look 👀 at this gorgeous new piece at the studio!
This stunning amethyst quartz crystal is used to inspire a tranquil feeling, soothe the mind and relax the body 💆🏻‍♀️
It’s the perfect gem to greet you as you come into the studio and get ready to start your Pilates session with a clear mind!
Thank you so much to who scouted this gorgeous crystal for me at the recent . Carly is the BEST at custom orders and has an eye for the unique 💎 many thanks 🙏🏻 🥰 this is the perfect treat to celebrate my upcoming sixth anniversary here at Delta!

Timeline photos 02/11/2020

On we...
well you get the point ☺️😅

Timeline photos 01/29/2020

Stretching into the end of the week like...

Timeline photos 12/30/2019

So much to celebrate this joyous holiday season! 🍾
Cheers to the wonderful year we had and to the even better year to come 🥂
We wish all of our clients, friends and family a healthy and prosperous 2020 💜

Timeline photos 12/23/2019

just nailed mood swings 😂


Can someone say hamstrings????
Pilates works to engage both the major and smaller supportive muscle groups, the latter of which are often underused. Here is a perfect example of this work in action!


Our very own .blonde.bombmom performing some advanced core work on the one and only CoreAlign!
She always makes it look so easy!


Who needs when you can work on your flying squirrel???
🐿 🐿 🐿
An impressive display of an advanced movement from the hanging series on the beloved Cadillac.
Take that teaser Tuesday!


Pilates is complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit. It’s also really pretty.
Monday motivation happening all day and all night around here today. Did you get your week started right with a good sweat sesh??
🥵 🥵 🥵
We’d love to hear about it!

Timeline photos 12/09/2019

Sunday’s could be spent at home.
But we prefer to spend them in the studio with 😁😁😁
At - Sunday’s are for slaying!

Timeline photos 12/07/2019

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic.
It takes sweat, determination and hard work.
And Pilates. Lots of Pilates.


If it’s’s probably not Pilates.
Yep. We know you’ve heard that one before. But it couldn’t be a truer statement. A movement that may seem so simple can truly challenge the body in ways you’d never think of.
With a beautiful blend of balance, focus, core strength and props, this exercise a real doozy. She will feel this one tomorrow!
😉 😉 😉

Timeline photos 12/05/2019

Do you want legs like these?
Does someone you know want legs like these?
Are you wondering how you can gift somebody legs like these??
🦵🏻 🎁 🦵🏻 🎁
Delta Pilates gift cards.
That’s how.
Perfect for the holidays and available all year round. What’s not to love??

Timeline photos 12/05/2019

🤔 🤔 🤔
We saw the sign... it’s pretty clear!

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