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Structural health, Fitness Training and Performance Coaching We pride ourselves in our ability to uniquely blend Physical Medicine and Performance coaching.

TTP Structural Health is home to a facility that specializes in individualized manual therapy, chiropractic alternatives, cutting edge healing modalities, fitness training and sports performance coaching. At TTPR we alleviate pain and get people healthy by using World Class Physical Medicine and we Build Better Athletes through scientifically proven strength, conditioning and speed training methods.

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Photos from Triple Threat Performance's post 01/18/2023

Quite simply, it is never too early to begin living a healthy lifestyle. Most people just can’t do it with this level of style. Eliana for the win. Cutest athlete of the week.


We absolutely love when these memories pop up on our feed. These young men were great athletes that became even better men.


We are very blessed to have great people walk into our clinic and intrust us with their most valuable asset, their body. Jimmy is one of the finest people we’ve had the privilege of treating. Ethan Banning


Manual therapy Legend stopped by today to work his magic on EB’s surgically repaired shoulder. Andy Miller is the finest manual therapist on the planet and we are proud to have had all of our practitioners trained by him in IASTM, Tissue Palpation and Joint Mobilizations. Ethan Banning Andrew Miller

Are Speed Ladders Killing your speed??! Speed Training for Explosive Athletes... 08/22/2021

Are Speed Ladders Killing your speed??! Speed Training for Explosive Athletes...

If you can’t come in to train, check out our online options at Elite Athletes TV.

Are Speed Ladders Killing your speed??! Speed Training for Explosive Athletes... Learn How To Train Speed the Right Way and Become a Faster, More Explosive, High-Performing Athlete. Human performance specialist Ethan Banning brings a weal...

Photos from Triple Threat Performance's post 07/09/2021

Another visit, another legend. remains the finest human with whom we have worked. She is the “gold standard!” We are honored she came to visit our performance center today. Over the years, we have had some amazing times while she trained like a champion. More importantly, she was instrumental in the personal development of Gabbie and Sophia and we are forever grateful for our time with her. We pray they grow up to be like her. She recently graduated from and is changing our world daily. She is the real triple threat.

Photos from Triple Threat Performance's post 07/02/2021

Our fearless leader had Shoulder surgery earlier today for 5 separate tears, bone Spurs, arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis.
The blessing…. An opportunity to slow down and spend more time with family. We can’t wait to use our device to drive in Electrons and improve his healing process. IMPRESSION:  

1. Full-thickness tear of the posterior supraspinatus tendon footplate, measuring 
approximately 8 x 7 mm in size. Supraspinatus tendinosis with chronic partial tearing of 
the remaining anterior tendon insertion. 

2. Advanced tendinosis of with chronic tearing of the posterior infraspinatus 
tendon. articular-sided tearing at the anterior tendon footplate. 

3. Subscapularis tendinosis with undersurface fraying. bursal-sided
tear at the central tendon footplate. 

4. Biceps instability with medial subluxation. Complex longitudinal partial tearing of 
the extra articular fibers, involving slightly greater than 50% thickness. Mild 
superimposed tendinosis with trace tenosynovitis. 

5. Posterior superior labral tear at the 10-11:00 position.

6. Mild/moderate acromioclavicular degenerative arthritis with type II acromial morphology with broad-based acromial spur. Trace subacromial-subdeltoid bursitis. Thank you to the best shoulder surgeon Dr. Evan Lederman, best home nurse and the best clients/patients in the world.


Two days in a row, two epic visits at our Performance Center. This time two more former SCC athletes, one former TTP coach and their beautiful daughters. Brett and Elyse were good athletes, are fantastic people and have become even better parents. It is with great passion that we coach athletes and mentor young coaches, but there is something so very special about watching those with whom we have worked bring their children by to run around the facility like Gabbie and Sophie used to do when they were that age.


These two SCC Tennis Legends came by the Performance Center today to visit and even got in a little workout. Just like old times. We need to have a reunion. This group wasn’t the most talented, but they sure made up for it by working harder, becoming stronger with more passion and toughness than any other tennis group. One powerful word to describe this team that placed 2nd in the National tournament. GRIT!!!

How To FIX a Stiff Neck (HINT - UnF*CK Your TRAPS!) 03/25/2021

How To FIX a Stiff Neck (HINT - UnF*CK Your TRAPS!)

Ryan is great and the video’s he does are super informative. In this video EB plays “the A$%hole.” Check him out on YouTube. Ryan Humiston Ethan Banning

How To FIX a Stiff Neck (HINT - UnF*CK Your TRAPS!) Alright today we’re going over how to fix your stiff neck that’s causing some serious pain and if you’re anything like me it’s directly related to the tightn...


This young lady lives a life of consistency and excellence. She gives everything she has to everything she does. She simply just outworks others. It is inspiring to watch her work and win. She is laying the foundation to succeed in anything she chooses. Gabbie is 13 years old and is showing what hard work and consistency can do. Here she is performing a money set of 10 neutral grip pull ups, Box Squatting 5 sets of 3 @ 185 lbs and linear speed work of alternate leg bounds into an acceleration.

Photos from Triple Threat Performance's post 12/05/2020

A couple of amazing before and after pictures of the power of used to speed the healing process. These pictures are nine days and 4 treatments apart. This powerlifting athlete had significant muscle tearing in his first power lifting meet, 2 weeks ago. He came in for his first appointment, post injury, on Wednesday the 25th. His bruising and ROM were very bad. He was limping badly and nearly unable to bear weight on his injured leg. After 4 treatments and 9 days, his bruising is nearly gone and his pain free ROM has increased dramatically.


During nearly 20 years serving Arizona, there have been a lot of great people come and go through our doors, but none finer than this man. has been a NCAA Football National Champion, University of Florida Student Body president, WWE World Champion, Celebrity Dad of The Year, Ted talk presenter , and now he and some other fantastic human beings are “leading from the front” yet again. Check out this amazing project. Share some kindness with this amazing app.

Faster 40 07/13/2020

Faster 40

No gym? No problem. We are Super psyched that our partners at Elite Athletes TV are leading out with our guy, the legend, Daniel OBrien and his “faster 40” program. Check it out. Throw them a like and a comment.

Faster 40 Learn from the world's greatest athlete to run faster in 40 days!

Timeline photos 07/02/2020

It is always great to catch up with our retired athletes and hear about their next steps in life. Ryan was a super star athlete at Notre Dame prep, made Sportcenter top 10 plays at NAU and went through our NFL draft prep program several years ago. He has since taken his relentless pursuit of excellence to the military and became a Green Beret. He was a great football player and we are sure he is a fantastic soldier, but the most rewarding part of catching up was meeting his wonderful wife, Monica and son Braxton. This man was born to be a husband and father. Glad we could get in some treatment and meet your growing family. Thank you for your service.

Timeline photos 06/12/2020

and .banning had a blast working with these two studs from Detroit. They came in early and ready to work every day for the last few weeks. Awesome job guys. baseball

RETRAIN YOUR MIND - New Motivational Video Compilation 04/06/2020

RETRAIN YOUR MIND - New Motivational Video Compilation

We were inspired by this and hope you are too. It is long, but you probably have the time to watch and you won't be disappointed. This is SO good.

RETRAIN YOUR MIND - New Motivational Video Compilation "Your mind is the battleground. You must win the battle everyday" Develop a strong mind and you will lead a strong life. ►Subscribe for new Motivational Vide...

Timeline photos 03/23/2020

Make wise choices. Listed are six of the wisest choice we can make. Be stewards of your body.


Focus on what YOU CAN do now.

We are in uncharted territory and many people/athletes are wondering what to do now. Our founder, EB, gives his take on taking control of the things we control. Effort and Attitude.
Check us out at or Ethan Banning Daniel OBrien Electrons Plus

Photos from Triple Threat Performance's post 03/19/2020

Throw back Thursday to when EB did an educational TV segment on AZ morning discussing different protein products and the importance of adequate quality protein intake. We now carry our own brand. Check it out.

PEMF Therapy for Coronavirus (COVID-19) 03/13/2020

PEMF Therapy for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We came across some recent research about PEMF and how it helps mitigate the risk of getting sick and specifically builds our cells to fight off viruses like COVID 19.

As practitioners and Certified Master Instructors of Electrons Plus Guided PEMF, we feel it is extremely important that we share this relevant and exciting news given the recent pandemic.

The video attached does a great job summarizing how PEMF charges your cells to protect your body.

At Triple Threat Performance, we are implementing these strategies for all of our patients, if you want to take additional steps to safeguard your health, take a look at this video and give us a call to get scheduled and take advantage of this life changing technology. Daniel OBrien Electrons Plus Ethan Banning

PEMF Therapy for Coronavirus (COVID-19) PEMF Therapy for Prevention and Healing Coronavirus Infections. Link for research studies: (still a rough draft, ...

Timeline photos 03/09/2020

So, we were ruffling through the old files and came across this article from a couple of years ago. Hopefully, we're still staying inventive with our approach to create the best athletes/ people possible. Ethan Banning Daniel OBrien


Please, join us in congratulating Max.
He just set a HUUUGE new Personal Record
in the shot put and, in the process, qualified for
state. He went from 38 feet to 46 feet! Incredible.
Way to go, buddy. We're all super proud of you.

Photos from Triple Threat Performance's post 03/03/2020

Spring Training Edition

In our experience, Elite Athletes take proactive steps to stay healthy and on the field or court.

MLB pitchers miss innings for a number of reasons. Statistically speaking, the top five reasons are
1. Elbow 86%
2. Shoulder 80%
3. Back 49%
4. Knee 25%
5. Hamstring 18%

We encourage our “Big Leaguers” and all of our patients to keep their tissue and joints healthy by getting regular maintenance.

Are you doing the things you need to do to stay healthy? Come check out what we can do for you.

Timeline photos 02/25/2020

Experience the TTP Difference.
We get results! Visit and LET'S GET IT!
Or, come by our gym in Scottsdale, mention this post and, if it's your first time, we'll train you for a week, for free.



Coach OB, Dan O'Brien discusses 3 fundamentals to Master your event or sport. 🔥🔥🔥 Daniel OBrien



Yes, the baseball season is fast approaching and we want to wish our boy Jett Bandy a GREAT season with The Red Sox this year. He's put in a ton of work with us, this past off season and, we look forward to seeing it pay off for him. Good luck, champ. 🥂

PS: thank you for the kind words that you shared about us in this video. 👊



STOP HURTING YOURSELF, by doing it the wrong way. (2 Point Dumbbell Row)

The dumbbell row is one of the more complex upper body exercises that an athlete or client can do. The way that we teach the row it incorporates the upper body the lower body and core tying those two parts of the body together.

Timeline photos 02/07/2020

For years, people have commented about our shakes. We joke that our clients come back for the protein shakes in spite of the coaching.

It has been in the works, behind the scenes for a LONG time and Today we are excited to announce that we finally have our own protein brand!!

Now you can have our 🌍famous protein in every smoothie. Come get yours today or send us a message and we will ship direct to you. 🤯🤯🙏🙏

Timeline photos 02/05/2020



We really enjoyed working with Aaron this offseason, because he approaches his life and work with humility, passion and consistency.

Aaron is an extremely coachable player with the ability to retain the information given to him the first time it is relayed. He matches his coach-ability with work ethic and athleticism that are off the charts. That said, we are excited to see him take his game to the next level this season and moving forward. Best of luck bud.

Timeline photos 01/31/2020

Please, join us in congratulating our man, Coach Ty Woody on passing his certification test. Now, he is officially a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist! Congratulations, Coach Ty! We love you, brother. 🥂😎

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TTP is home to a 12,000 sq foot facility that specializes in individualized manual therapy, chiropractic alternatives, cutting edge healing modalities, fitness training and sports performance coaching. We pride ourselves in our ability to uniquely blend Physical Medicine and Performance coaching. At TTP we alleviate pain and get people healthy by using World Class Physical Medicine and we Build Better Athletes through scientifically proven strength, conditioning and speed training methods.

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Focus on what YOU CAN do now.
WAY TO GO, MAX!!!Please, join us in congratulating Max. He just set a HUUUGE new Personal Recordin the shot put and, in ...
We're LIVE!  The last Saturday of the decade. We're working, what are you doing?
The Day After Christmas and it was cold outside. That bed is mighty comfy! We didn't know who would show up. Pleasantly ...




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