Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch

Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch


It's our LAST Night Race of this year and thanks to Orange Theory Fitness at Scottsdale Ranch, you can save 10% using the discount code, "ORANGE". The code has to be used for online registration! Race 3 -
Thanks Orange Theory Fitness at Scottsdale Ranch, you can save 10% on the Mystery 5K Races using the discount code, "ORANGE". Make sure you stop by their table and check them out!
The code has to be used for online registration!
Race 3 -
Friendship and Fitness -Meet lovely Lexi! She has been a "Friend of GiGi's" since we opened in 2015. Her Mom Lesley along with two other women were instrumental in bringing GiGi's Playhouse to serve the Greater Phoenix Area. As co-owner of several Orangetheory Fitness locations in Phoenix and California, Lesley continues to support GiGi's Playhouse by offering our GiGi's Participants fitness sessions at the Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch location several times a year. Our Participants love OTF! Simply stated, Lexi shares her "WHY" below:

"I love GiGi's Playhouse and all the activities I can be involved in! I have made so many friends at GiGi's and learned so much!"

Lexi has once again joined her GiGi's Friends in the annual Friends Campaign. You too can be a "Friend of GiGi's Playhouse Phoenix" and support this campaign by clicking on the link below.
Thank you Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch for partnering with GiGi’s Playhouse for the Fall Fitness Session. Our Participants love OTF!!!
Our GiGi’s Participants were “Rock’n and Rowing” today Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch .
GiGi’s Participants who are pre-registered for the OTF Fall Session, we will see you at Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch this Saturday at 1:45pm.
So this happened in tonight's Inferno Class. 😱 Our guest Kyle K from Fitness Scottsdale Ranch brought the most heat 🔥 on the rower today hitting 1K meters!
‘The time is always right to do what is right.’ -Martin Luther King Jr.

From all of us at StretchLab North Scottsdale.

We would love to get to know you, our new neighbors, and find out about your goals! Come by OTF Scottsdale Ranch from 2-6pm for a free stretch today. Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch
CP Cardio Sculpt 1.5 Pilates class with Ashley this morning! Come on down and sign up for a class and experience the Pilates Revolution!
9301 E Shea Scottsdale, AZ 85260 down from Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch
Lexi's "Light" has shone brightly at the Playhouse since the day we opened. She participates in several programs including Teentastic, Dance Mania, Music Therapy, Rock Band, and is becoming an avid reader via the Literacy Tutoring Program. Lexi's Mom, Lesley, was also instrumental in the startup of GiGi's Playhouse Phoenix and served on the "startup board". She has provided ongoing support since the day we opened. Currently, Lesley offers fitness training classes throughout the year for several of our GiGi's Participants via Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch. During the month of October, our Participants are reaching out to their families, friends, and the community to support the 2018 Annual Friends Campaign. In honor of Down Syndrome Acceptance month, you can support this campaign by visiting Lexi's fundraising page or clicking on the link below. No donation is too small. Thank you for sharing your Fundraising Page, Lexi and for being such a "bright light" at the Playhouse.
🔶 Free Artisan Festival UPDATE: 🔶

Orangetheory Fitness McCormick Ranch and Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch will be on-site for a group (child-friendly) fitness session from 11-11:30pm. There will be two raffle opportunities (one at the OTF booth and one at our info booth) to win a pack of classes at Orangetheory! Get ready for FREE OTF swag throughout the day too! 💪
We are having an awesome time today Club Pilates Scottsdale Shea! Free Intro’s, Get Your Fathers Day Gift Cards, New Private Training Client’s= 1 PT Session, 1 PT Assessment and VIP Bag for $59.99. Next to our buddies Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch
Just took Sean’s class and he was awesome! Myself and others in the class agreed we love his music!
Just want to give Coach Kim a shout out, Thanks for the push this am, and helping me reach a personal goal, by the end of April. 2 miles of run/walk, 25 splats today.

Our trifecta of science, coaching, and technology takes the guesswork out of working out and helps you live a longer more vibrant life. Come get #MoreLife

Heart-rate based interval training in a fun and energizing group environment. Work for 1 hour, burn for 36. That's the Orange effect!

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 06/05/2021

Timeline photos

You did it. For 12+ months, you worked out in front of your computers/TVs, ordered new home equipment and reimagined your office, kitchen, basement (you name it!) into a makeshift workout space. Our studies show that Americans are eager to shake off their Basement Burnout and get back to their pre-pandemic fitness routine. We know nothing replaces being in the energy of the studio and with your community in person. Dr. Rachelle Reed, our Senior Director of Health Science and Research, is here to the rescue to share expert tips on how you can get More Life out of your workouts. Let us know how you plan to beat !


Valentines, Galentines or here for the free champagne 🥂 Whatever the case may be - make sure to reserve your spot in our specialty classes next week! ♥️ There are limited spots!! - so make sure to call the studio to reserve your spot ASAP! ☎️


SUB ALERT: Come sweat it out w/ COACH KIM on Thursday, Feb 4


ARE YOU READY?!💀 Day 2 of Hell Week is tomorrow, Saturday October 10th! We have the option for an outdoor workout at Cactus Park with Coach Paul at 7 AM, or book a class in studio. It will count towards your 4 classes needed to earn your shirt!💀🔥

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Introducing the latest and greatest! Coach Audri! Audri has been an OTF coach for over 3️⃣ years 🤪 She’s from from Washington State!
She went to college for exercise science at Eastern Washington 💪 and she LOVESSSSS to cook, specifically, korean pulled pork 😋 Audri will be coaching monday and wednesday evenings!!! Be sure to pop in for her class and say hello 👋🏾 🧡




👻 𝐵𝒪𝒪! October schedules have been posted 💥 Pre-book your classes and hold yourself accountable to 3-4x a week to 𝘊𝘙𝘜𝘚𝘏 your goals! 💪🏼 Classes fill up quick, don’t miss out 🎃

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Each of you challenged yourself and CONQUERED💥 Your OTF family couldn’t be prouder of your energy, persistence and level of WORK 🤩 We will see you each next time 😉

Timeline photos 09/21/2020

You might have some mixed emotions booking your first class post-quarantine. 😷 You may be chomping at the bit to get back in the groove, but you may also be a little nervous to jump right back in, especially now. Rest assured your health and safety is, and will always be,
our top priority. ☝🏼 Is your membership still frozen? We’re offering you a FREE class, so that you can come in and see for yourself. 🥰 Call or text 480.551.1111 to redeem your “Back to Base” complimentary session! 🍊💪🏼

Timeline photos 09/02/2020

New to Orangetheory Fitness? 🧡
Join now to get 1 month Free! 🤩
Offer ends 9/30/2020 🔥
Call 480.551.1111 to get started now 🥳


We’ve missed all of you of you as much as much as you’ve missed us. So we’re out here getting our outdoor workout on ☀️ Same Vibe. Same Energy. Same Splat Points. Don’t believe us? Listen to Mary Ellen 🧡LET’S GO 💥

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GET PUMPED OTF FAM! The outdoor schedule is UP! 💥 ••
Please note there are 2 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS, but all classes are booked through via the app or link in bio 😍 Can’t wait to see you! will be there bright and early! ☀️🌵

Timeline photos 08/04/2020

🚨Outdoor Workouts are HERE!🚨
Check out the details above! This week is FREE 🤩 Get booked quick - there’s limited capacity! 💥 Booking available on OTF Paradise Valley. Link in bio or hop on your app! ☀️🌈🌵

Timeline photos 07/15/2020

Which badge are you going to earn today?

Don’t forget to post your challenges and badges earned on social media! And tag us in your post!

Timeline photos 07/14/2020


Exercise is medicine! There are so many benefits of working out! Reduced risk of depression, improved sleep, improved bone health, reduced anxiety, improved quality of life, just to name a few!

Remember you can still continue the challenge with the at home workouts! Stay consistent in your routine and earn those badges! 👊🏼

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch's post 03/31/2020

Congrats to the top finishers in the entire state of Arizona for our 8 week Transformation Challenge! Maria Jerkov⚡️, from our sister studio McCormick Ranch, took first place✨losing an amazing 20.73% of her body weight! Great job to Justin who finished 1st for the men and the Midtown studio for being the top studio in the valley!💥

Orangetheory At-Home Workout for March 20 03/21/2020

Orangetheory At-Home Workout for March 20

Check out Orangetheory At- Home workout!

Orangetheory At-Home Workout for March 20 Missing your rower time? We’ve got you covered in today’s Orangetheory At Home. WaterRowers for everyone! (Just kidding.) We all miss the total body workout ...


Ellen Latham's Message


Thank you to our community, members and teams for their continued support as we try to navigate through these events. Effective immediately, we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close all of our studios until March 31,2020 or until otherwise cleared by authorities to re-open. As a result, all out-of-studio events and parties are postponed. We will temporarily suspend all memberships until we re-open for business. While we will be closed for class, we will still be here to answer any and all questions you may have, and continue to serve our community. Take care of yourself and each other, and we hope to see you back in the Orange Zone very soon. 🧡


Swing By to show some support for this amazing charity event! ForeBatten


Celebrate the Big Game with Orangetheory Fitness


Congrats to our to our members hitting 50 classes! Richelle Hopkins, Chris Dragon, Mike Hurst, Kyanna Szczurek, and Alice Smiley!


In support of Orangetheory Studios in Australia we will be running a donation based 90 minute class at all three studios to aid and relief the fires currently burning. Please donate using link below and share your receipt with our team OR we will have computers set up that day so you can donate before or after class. We will be providing a water bottle and towel to those who donate to the cause. Join us in our support-
Sunday January 26!

Scottsdale Ranch 3:30pm

Click here to support OTF Melbourne Bushfire Relief organized by Orangetheory Melbourne 01/09/2020

Click here to support OTF Melbourne Bushfire Relief organized by Orangetheory Melbourne

In support of Orangetheory Studios in Australia we will be running a donation based 90 minute class at all three studios to aid and relief the fires currently burning. Please donate using link below and share your receipt with our team OR we will have computers set up that day so you can donate before or after class. We will be providing a water bottle and towel to those who donate to the cause. Join us in our support-
Sunday January 26!

Scottsdale Ranch 3:30pm

Click here to support OTF Melbourne Bushfire Relief organized by Orangetheory Melbourne Orangetheory Melbourne OTF Melbourne Bushfire Relief Hey Orange Nation! This fund has been created by our OTF team in Melbourne, Australia to unite our gl


Let us help you achieve your fitness goals! Sign ups begin TODAY! Give us a call 480-551-1111

Timeline photos 09/30/2019

We are very sad to say that this will be Nicki’s last week at OTF 😭 Nicki has been an amazing part of our OTF fam and will be very missed! Make sure to stop by this week when you are here for class to say goodbye 🧡

Timeline photos 09/25/2019

Hey OTF fam! Meet Courtney, our new Studio Manager.🧡 Courtney moved here from the sunny state of California☀️ to pursue her career in the fitness industry.💪🏼 If you haven’t already met her, make sure to stop by and say hey next time you’re in the studio! Fun fact about Courtney: she worked on Dancing with the Stars✨💃🏻


THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR .. Huge congrats to for your dedicating to OTF (& OTF BINGO😉) You did it, 5 months free!! 🤩🥳 Thank you to everyone who participated! We 🧡 our Scottsdale Ranch fam!!

Timeline photos 08/16/2019

Lots of love for the Lazarus fam🧡 with
So much fun working out at Orangetheory all summer with Sami and Maxi💕🙏. So grateful to all of the awesome trainers and front desk staff for your dedication and support💕🙏

Timeline photos 08/09/2019

And another member gets to check this off their BINGO card✔️ Way to go 🤩🤩

Timeline photos 07/23/2019

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges. 💪 Who’s ready to conquer the upcoming challenge?

Timeline photos 07/12/2019

Lol gotta love it!! 🍷 with
Girls night out with . No happy halfway here, experiencing by going all out with the vino!

Photos from Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch's post 07/09/2019

Don’t forget to grab your coach before posting a picture for the Summer of More Life contest!! Swipe right to see the rules. @ Orangetheory Fitness Scottsdale Ranch

Timeline photos 07/03/2019

We want you to celebrate the Fourth of July but we also want you to get your workout in! We’ll still be here in the morning before your celebrations, but make sure to prebook your class! Be safe & get this July 4th! 🇺🇸💥💪🏼🌭

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9301 E. Shea Boulevard , Suite 114
Scottsdale, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 7pm
Tuesday 5am - 7pm
Wednesday 5am - 7pm
Thursday 5am - 7pm
Friday 5am - 5:45pm
Saturday 6am - 3pm
Sunday 7:15am - 3:30pm

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