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Here are some simple leg strengthening exercises you can do at home for an effective and fun workout.

📚 it doesn’t require a lot of time and you can get a pretty solid work out if you do these exercises repeatedly for 30 seconds to a minute at a time.

🔑 I know most of us are still not as active because of the pandemic and it’s easy to stop working out or giving your body a longer than needed rest break from exercise. So I encourage you to keep moving and keep pushing your body because you will feel better, have more energy, increase endurance and overall feel healthy.

📌Save for your next workout

🙋🏻‍♂️Let me know how you feel!

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💯Let us help you move pain free

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Another week using 4KOR Fitness‼️
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Can I just say that this company has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. They really do stand by their product. They fixed an issue I had without any hesitation. They are amazing.

4KOR Fitness provides the highest quality home fitness equipment, for the best value... Period.

Operating as usual

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Sit back, relax, and realize a little self-care (and recovery) goes a long way. ❤️This is your Friday reminder that you deserve both.
Let us know below how your practicing self-care today! ⬇️🥰

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Summer body is in progress 💯

Get back on your feet faster & train harder with a consistent recovery routine. 👏🏻

🤓🔎A study published in Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research for Doctors proved percussion therapy to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS): the pain you might experience a few days post-workout. 💪🏼

With added percussion therapy to your pre and post workout routine, you will be summer ready in know time. 😍

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Push your next workout out of your comfort zone, and leave the sore muscles to us. The Menthol and Arnica in our CBD Recovery Stick help provide a soothing and cooling effect. The 4KOR Health CBD Recovery Stick is one way to naturally manage the body’s inflammatory response and keep your joints from aching and swelling up after a grueling workout💪


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The Perfect accessory for your push or pull workouts ! 💙

Resistance bands are versatile fitness tools that are highly effective for building strength, mobility, and stability! We challenge you to add resistance to your workouts! 💙

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How often do you mix up your workouts? 🔥

🥾Hiking is an awesome alternative to a traditional cardio workout! ❤️
It takes strength, endurance, improves your balance, and helps build lower body muscles. 💪🏼

We encourage you to try a new activity this week and bring some friends to make it more fun! 👯‍♀️

Don’t forget your recovery equipment for your cool down reward! 😉


Mood because it’s finally FRIDAY! 🙌🏻

Round of applause to everyone for another week of successful workouts! 💙 If you don’t take time for active recovery after every workout (you should definitely start), then use this weekend to rest your body! 💤

The CBD recovery stick is your simple and quick solution. ✨

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Today is your day to start fresh, to eat right, to live healthy, to train hard, and to be proud! ✨


We love seeing where you take your recovery! ⚡️

The Power Volt Mini was designed with compact convenience in mind! The pocket sized bestie fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is essential for an on-the-go lifestyle.


Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Team 4KOR! 💕


Gym partners who wall sit together, stay together 💙💕

Challenge: Try adding a resistance band to your workout for extra difficulty !


Huge shoutout to professional athletes like @shane_lemieux who take a fitness focused approach to their recovery this offseason. The NFL season can be one of the most taxing on the body, a strategic recovery routine that focuses on fitness is key to building strength and resiliency.⁣

We’re honored to have professional athletes choose us for their strength and recovery tools. ⁣⁣


Do you prefer outdoor workouts or indoor? ☀️

Our equipment are suitable for both with easy to travel portability in mind! 😍

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Keep your squats low & your standards high 💕💪🏼

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Motivate each other 💪🏼❤️

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Glutes on 🔥🔥🔥

New patterned resistance bands coming soon 👀

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Happy Friday! 🐶
We have our workout support dog on deck & ready to help you get through your “ruff” banded burnout 🔥


This is your Monday reminder to get your booty band workout in & your vitamin D! ☀️

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A little progress each day adds up to big results! 👏🏻

Whether you are working out at the gym or at home, the 4KOR Power Bands are designed to be one of the most versatile resistance tool! They make any exercise more intense and more effective 💕

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Learn to rest, not to quit 👏🏻✨

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Now selling on Amazon & our website, the 1.2” set of 3 power bands! The full body workouts are endless with this set!

💜 lavender = lightest resistance
💙 aqua = medium resistance
💕 pink = heaviest resistance

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Alleviating back pain one massage ball at a time! 🤯🙌🏻

Our TPR Rubber plantar fasciitis balls feature a massage grid with enhanced gripping power for maximum results! 🔥


We made it to hump day ! 🍑 grab your friends and let’s do the dang thing! ✨💪🏼

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Pinpoint your trigger points with the fireball, which will help target smaller areas with improved precision and enhance myofascial release!

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Prepping and planning for a productive week! Get after your goals!

Photographer: @ci_photographyy 📸

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We made it to Friday friends! Be sure to take time to recover this weekend, mentally & physically 😴💪🏼


Where you are a year from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now! Get started 👏🏻

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First Monday of 2022 & we can’t wait to use the new 2inch hip bands! 💙💜💖

Here’s some of our favorite resistance band exercises you can incorporate into your leg day today:
✨standing step backs
✨clamshells (hip abduction)
✨donkey kicks
✨lateral leg raise

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Happy New Year friends🎊 To help achieve your fitness goals in 2022, we’re offering 22% off storewide! Just use code SAVE22 at checkout. ⁣Let’s Go💪

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A lot of new resistance bands coming in 2022 👀😍


There’s no better time to start than now! ✨

4KOR fitness equipment go hand in hand with your New Years healthy lifestyle goals.

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3 reasons why athletes around the world love the @4korhealth CBD Recovery Stick ⬇️:
1. Easy to apply & mess free
2. Intense relief at your fingertips
3. Enhances exercise recovery

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Happy Monday! ❤️
Swipe to see how trainer, @laurakrukfit utilizes her 4KOR red fireball after her workouts for optimal recovery! 🔥🙌🏻


Merry Christmas and a happy holidays from all of us at @team4kor ! ❤️

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Jumping into the holiday weekend! 🔥

Be sure to tag us in your @team4kor Christmas presents! ❤️

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The power of 3 🔥

The 4KOR deep tissue massage balls for recovery come in an all inclusive 3 set kit, including:
(1) 4.75” red fireball
(1) 3.3” black fireball
(1) 65mm small lacrosse ball

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