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Infinity Fitness AZ


This is an incredible gym, with incredible trainers and members. They have gone above and beyond for us during the quarantine, with daily workouts, extra mini-workouts, one-on-one counseling and a fitness challenge for 6 weeks. Need weights, bikes, rowers? You can borrow them during the time we can't be in the gym. Can't say enough about this great team! Check us out!
Hi, how do I see the live workout?
Looking for a new shoe for my Infinity workouts. Love my ASICS but I come through the toes. Need to try something new. Ideas?
Guys, he worked his birthday dinner off tonight with toddler squats. I swear. 🤞🏻
Infinity peeps, I am looking for a partner for the challenge. I am in the 5am class, but I don't think that's a criterion.
Can you identify this member in 5am class today? Brrrrr.
Team AARP rocked it with Heather!
Adam Hawkins where are you?
you guys running the 9 this morning?
you guys running the 9 this morning?

Infinity Fitness AZ offers adult group fitness, personal training, & youth training programs. Our c We are in a brand new location! Come visit us!

Still in the Scottsdale Airpark, conveniently located off 101/Raintree.

Operating as usual


Best Place To Workout!

We're so honored to be in the running AGAIN for
[BEST PLACE TO WORKOUT] in the Scottsdale Airpark! 📣

We are grateful to our incredible community >>
Please vote daily!! Let's WIN for 2022! THANK YOU!! 😁💓🙏




"I’m proud to say that I’ve been a client of Infinity Fitness since 2013. Infinity Fitness is AWESOME. The trainers are supportive, and encouraging and provide a variety of workouts. It’s such a positive environment to be in that you can’t help but push harder and aim higher. My overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically. I’m now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own.
I couldn't imagine life without Infinity Fitness. I look forward to my training sessions and being with my IF family—it’s the greatest community!!"- Luann Murray


9 years of Infinity Fitness AZ!

Thank you for being here with us every step along the way! We care so much for all of you! 💙

Come join us tomorrow, September 10, for our vendor community workout classes!



Join us next Thursday, September 8, for our member appreciation week and rep your team while you get your workout on!


👋🏼 Will YOU be our next success story??? 🧐😅

➡️ GO TIME this Monday, the 8th!

✔️CLICK LINK for more details & to register!!

Questions? DM us or email!
[email protected]


Down over 75 lbs!?! 😱 Oh, yes, HE DID! 🤯

We're excited to kick off our August Member Spotlight with this guy ... We're SUPER PROUD of you, Jovon! 😁

He "wanted to lose a few pounds" for his wedding...and 7 months later, he's a brand new man!! 🤩

>>> Experience your own TRANSFORMATION when you join us for our 5-week “Total Body Transformation Challenge” !!!!


Even Mondays are Good Times at Infinity! 😁 And, if you’re not a part of our fit family (yet!), NOW is the perfect time to give us a try with our 5wk “Total Body Transformation Challenge” - unlimited group classes included (and tons of other resources to help you lose fat & build muscle!!)

😎 HURRY! We start on MONDAY, August 8th!

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Photos from Infinity Fitness AZ's post 07/31/2022

When you join our 5wk "Total Body Transformation Challenge," we'll get you completely dialed in with your nutrition. 🤘🥦🍎

Keeping protein high has been shown to yield the most successful results (in our members' experience, plus tons of studies)...

Sooo, we created this incredible "Hi-Protein Recipe Pack" filled with 50+ healthy, delicious recipes ... just for our challengers. I promise, you'll thank us! 😜

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⏰ We start on Monday, August 8th!!


👋 Heads Up! TODAY is the last day to get the discounted price on our upcoming ⏫ “5wk Total Body Transformation Challenge”

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DM or email us at [email protected]

It’s Go Time // Monday, August 8th!!


🥹.. the moment when you realize you’re doing what you were designed to do … 💓

☑️ These small gestures are confirmation that we CAN make a difference!! And our rock-star coaches work hard to do just that …😌

As we wrap up our 2022 Summer Youth Program, we are incredibly & to ALL of our families!! 😄


🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️Wanna be stronger, leaner…just overall healthier??
Wish we could tell you the process was easy. Or, happen naturally … or, that you won’t feel uncomfortable … 🤷🏼‍♀️

But, none of that is true, so we aren’t going to try to mislead you…(or, insult your intelligence 😂!!)

Here’s the reality. You must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Some days will simply test your will, your stamina, your endurance.

Guess what? That’s how becoming stronger in body AND mind is accomplished. Embrace the adversity… use it to keep pressing forward. It 💯 WILL be worth it!!

Here’s another truth: You don’t have to go at it alone (in fact, we DO NOT recommend it, 🙅🏼‍♂️!)

We give you the support, the tools and the resources, along with a fit community that will become more like family (the ones that you actually want to spend time with 😉)

The time is NOW —>
Join us for our PROVEN program for people just like YOU ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Our 5wk “Total Body Transformation Challenge” starts on Monday, August 8th!!

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☀️Another early morning kickstart to a GREAT day! 😅

We’ve got your next opportunity to get in incredible shape, just like our 🔥Power Couple 👫 with our 5wk “Total Body Transformation” Challenge…

We give you the 3 necessary components to any successful program:
—> Nutrition 🍎 Accountability 👀 Fitness 🏋🏻‍♂️

✔️ No membership required >> Unlimited Workouts Included!!

↔️ We start on Monday, August 8th! ⏳ Early discount ENDS Friday!

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Enjoy this easy-to-make, high-protein snack! Plus, you can make life super simple and make a bunch ahead of time for your meal prep! YUM!! 😋

Like this? Get more low-carb, high-protein recipes, when you join our upcoming 5-week “Total Body Transformation Challenge”! 😍

✅ Click here for more details:

🔺INGREDIENTS (makes 6 servings)
•½ broccoli
•5 eggs (use egg whites only to reduce fat)
•1 clove garlic, minced
•pinch of chili flakes, optional
•4 slices ham, chopped
•⅓ cup (30g) grated cheese
Preheat the oven to 360°F (180°C).

Place the broccoli in a pot of boiling water and cook for approx. 3 minutes. Strain and cut into small pieces.

Beat the eggs in a medium size bowl, add the minced garlic and season with salt and pepper, and chili flakes if using.

Grease a muffin tray with baking spray, and fill with evenly divided broccoli, ham, and grated cheese. Pour the beaten eggs into the tins and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, or until eggs have set.

🔺Nutrition per serving
102 kcal
6g Fats
4g Carbs
10g Protein


🎯 Did you join us for the awesome QUAD CRUSHER workout today? 😜
Want REAL training from coaches who SPECIALIZE in one thing…getting people from point A to wherever their Point B secretly is (that goal that you’ve never told anyone about and can barely believe you can get their yourself!)
…to get back in shape (duh, who doesn’t)
…to sleep better (yea, that would make life better)
…to have the guesswork taken out
…to use a PROVEN system with a PROVEN track record of results
We got you! ✔️
Join us for our “Total Body Transformation Challenge,” starting on Aug 8th!
😎 NO membership required!
💲DISCOUNT until July 29th**
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Message or email us ([email protected]) for any questions!! 😁

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Huge Congrats to our very own Coach Carlos Lopez and Bart Brennan for their super-human achievement! 😁
The DECALIBRON Loop :: The only place in America where you can reach four 14,000ft peaks in a single day > DEMOCRAT, CAMERON, LINCOLN & BROSS
Impressive Guys‼️🔥‼️


Timeline photos 06/19/2022

For all the and -At-Heart, have a wonderful day with your family and friends ~ We celebrate our real-life Superheroes!! 🏆🚀


2022 Summer Youth

Already in the 2nd week of our 😅
Working on agility, speed, strength - and most importantly, building CONFIDENCE in these young athletes!! 🏆🎯

Reach out for more details:
[email protected]


Summer Youth Program 👉🏻 Day 2!!

Our is underway!! Sooo much planned for our 8.5 weeks >> Keep the kids busy & healthy during the off-season 💥😅 with our 2hr sessions that incorporate strength, speed & agility 🤩

Reach out for more details:
[email protected]

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Honoring our nation's heroes this ~ Expressing our gratitude for those who serve today and for those who gave the greatest sacrifice for our freedom! Thank you!


Proud of these beautiful, happy faces!! .…just a sprinkle of our awesome member results 😍

We’ve got your next opportunity to get in incredible shape with our 4-Week “Summer Slimdown” and it STARTS ON MONDAY!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

✔️ No membership required >> Unlimited Workouts Included!!

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Do you live the or do you WISH you did? 🧐

At Infinity Fitness AZ, we're truly invested in your health and well-being. We are passionate about helping our community become the healthiest version of themselves. 🏆🎯

Some days are better than others, we get it. But, we're here for you every day, to encourage & push you... even when it seems impossible! ⚡️

It's time to ❌ STOP ❌ wishing and let our top-notch Coaches help you reach your fullest potential!

Our "Summer Slimdown" Challenge STARTS IN ONE WEEK...Take the 4-Week ADVENTURE to a healthier version of YOU!! 🤩

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🌷Happy Easter to you and your family! May you enjoy a joyful and lovely Easter holiday...💕

😍 Love from all of us at Infinity Fitness AZ 💓


Real People. Real Results.

Here are a just few of our past challengers .. all pursuing their own fitness goals! 🎯

Join us for our “Summer Slimdown” Challenge, if you want to --

🍅 Naturally balance blood sugar and help eliminate cravings
🤩 Help balance hormones
🍋 Improve brain health, memory, and clear "brain fog"
🥦 Improve digestion
🍏 Increase energy levels
😴 Improve sleep quality
🍇 Decrease anxiety & mood swings

Click the link for more details & to register!
HURRY!! We start on April 25th! 😅

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🚫Ditch the scale🚫

Your weight is made up of muscle, fat, and water…

The 🔑 key to effective is losing excess body fat, not overall body weight.

🤨 Weight loss is not the same as fat loss.

Instead of tracking how heavy you are, use body composition analysis to track how you TRULY are.

We use our for all of our challenges to track >> our next one starts on April 25th!

Go here to get details & register! 🤩

Fitness for the whole Family in Scottsdale

Infinity Fitness AZ offers adult group fitness classes, personal training, and also youth training programs. Our group fitness classes are designed to lose weight, add lean muscle mass, increase your range of motion, and improve your aerobic capacity in a welcoming environment.

Videos (show all)

Best Place To Workout!
Summer Youth Program @ Infinity Fitness
2022 Summer Youth
Summer Youth Program 👉🏻 Day 2!!
Proud of these beautiful, happy faces!! .…just a sprinkle of our awesome member results 😍We’ve got your next opportunity...
Do you live the #fitlife or do you WISH you did? 🧐At Infinity Fitness AZ, we're truly invested in your health and well-b...
Real People. Real Results.Here are a just few of our past challengers .. all pursuing their own fitness goals! 🎯Join us ...
Monday Motivation!! 😅 Go get it today! ⚡️💪🏻#walkthisway #WalkingLunges#bestscottsdalegym #weightloss #getfit #scottsdale...
How can something look so easy, but be so hard!?! 🤯🙈Yep, our Coaches will challenge you with exercises that maybe you’ve...
If you’re tired of the “weight-loss-gain-roller-coaster”, here’s some free advice --Ditch the fad diets and get back to ...
☀️$100 off our Summer Youth Program!☀️




8698 E Raintree Dr, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 7pm
Tuesday 5am - 7pm
Wednesday 5am - 7pm
Thursday 5am - 7pm
Friday 5am - 5:30pm
Saturday 6:30am - 10:30am
Sunday 9:30am - 10:30am

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