Reality Defense Training

Reality Defense Training


Reality Defense Training is coming to C2 Tactical Scottsdale for an amazing class!

The class will cover 5 easy techniques that will give you the confidence to KNOW you can defend yourself!⠀

There's still time to sign up!

Sign up today by calling 480-588-8802 or stop in to C2 Scottsdale.
#TeamTASER brushing up on our physical self defense skills at Reality Defense Training in Scottsdale, AZ! We’re partnering with #KravMaga on some exciting training content. Stay tuned! ⚡

R.D.T. teaches you the mental preparation, combat psychology, and bio-mechanically inspired techniqu Why are we different? Our approach at Reality Defense Training (RDT) is specific to survival-based (reality) self-defense with an emphasis on “Adrenal Stress Fear Management” applications.

We operate a full-time facility in Scottsdale, AZ with nine instructors. Troy Coe, Founder of Reality Defense Training (RDT), has been teaching “martial science” for over 35 years (his bio can be found here: RDT has been a full-time teaching facility for 25 years. We offer both male and female oriented classes, including focuses on Hand-to-Hand (HTH), Knife/St

Operating as usual


Miss Jordan has completed our Women's FASST program. 10 sessions of learning some very valuable life-saving techniques and the proper mindset to survive a possible life-threatening incident. Job well done. She is tiny but mighty! For more info on our Women's self-defense programs, please contact Kristie Sharp. 602-550-7314
[email protected]


And.....another woman who in spite of her tiny frame, is now equipped with the proper mindset and fighting techniques that might possibly save her life! Good job Ali! Please contact Kristie Sharp for more info on classes. [email protected]


I had the honor of training 8 Girl Scouts and some of their mom's today! Being a Girl Scout myself, this was the "Pay It Forward" part of my job that I love! Great way to end the week knowing that in some small way, I hope, I taught these awesome ladies some life-saving techniques! For information on this 1day clinic, please contact me here. Kristie Sharp 602-550-7314 [email protected]
And a huge Thank You to Kenyon Martinez and his father Frank Martinez for taking yet another beating!


These 2 ladies in the middle are most definitely NOT GOING TO BE VICTIMS! They both learned some valuable life-saving techniques and are equipped with the proper mindset to deal with the evil on our streets! Good job ladies! For more info on our Women's Program, please contact Kristie Sharp. [email protected]. 602-550-7314


This young lady is off to college in a few weeks and came in for our 1day Women's Fast and Ferocious self-defense clinic. She's gained some very valuable and life-saving techniques in case the "what if" happens. Please contact Kristie Sharp here for more info on classes. [email protected]


These 4 ladies completed our 1day-5hr Fast and Ferocious self-defense clinic today. They will most definitely NOT be a victim. Great job ladies. Kristie Sharp Instructor




Photos from Reality Defense Training's post 04/15/2022

This is why I do what I do! Empowering women to not be victims is my goal, and it was most definitely accomplished with Hannah on her completion of our 1day 5 hour Fast and Ferocious self-defense clinic. If you'd like to schedule a class, please contact me. Kristie Sharp. Instructor RDT. [email protected]

Train riders held up phones as woman was raped, police say 10/22/2021

Train riders held up phones as woman was raped, police say

This happened in broad daylight. Don't fool yourself and think it could never happen to you. It can. It's up to you to protect yourself. If any ladies have any questions or would like to come in for a class, please message me here. Kristie Bonner Sharp

Train riders held up phones as woman was raped, police say A man charged with raping a woman on a commuter train just outside of Philadelphia harassed her for more than 40 minutes while multiple people held up their phones to seemingly record the assault without intervening, authorities said. More than two dozen train stops passed as the man harassed, grope...

Reality Defense | 30 Sec. 08/26/2021

Reality Defense | 30 Sec.

Reality Defense | 30 Sec. This is "Reality Defense | 30 Sec." by Redd Legend Media on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Another group of confident ladies who completed our 1day 5 hour Fast and Ferocious clinic today! Message me here to sign up! Kristie Bonner Sharp


These 2 ladies completed our 10 session FASST course and did their scenarios with Frank tonight and did an AMAZING job! Kristie Bonner Sharp


These 2 amazing ladies finished our FASST program and did their scenarios with Frank! I pity the fool that ever messes with them!


Hello Ladies! I have new self-defense courses starting daily! Learn what to do NOW before it's too late. Contact me here to schedule your 1st class. Kristie Sharp. 602-550-7314


3 more confident ladies who will most definitely NOT BE VICTIMS! Kristie Sharp


Another great 1day Fast and Ferocious self-defense clinic!


Another empowering Fast and Ferocious Women's self-defense clinic with these ladies! Contact Kristie Sharp to sign up. 602-550-7314


These 9 ladies completed our Fast and Ferocious 1day women's self-defense clinic on Saturday. They all did an amazing job! No victims here!




From this last weekend


Hi Ladies! How about reading something POSITIVE! I'm offering 25% off for a group of 4 or more to take our 1day/5hour self-defense Fast and Ferocious clinic! Don't wait. This offer won't last long! Sadly, this training is so important given the state of our country nowadays. Please contact me here to sign up or more info. Regular cost is $200 per person. Workout attire required. Snacks provided. Classes are scheduled on Saturdays. Thanks. Kristie Bonner Sharp 602-550-7314

For women of all ages!


Hello ladies.... I'm having a 1day/4-5hr Fast and Ferocious Women's self-defense clinic on Saturday the 20th! Learn what to do NOW before it's too late! Cost is $200 per person. Proper workout attire required. Snacks provided. Starts at 930 and will be approximately 4-5 hrs depending on size of class. Please contact me here to sign up! THANK YOU..Kristie Sharp. 602-550-7314


Getting ready to film a class for our FASST program online subscription course! Kristie Bonner Sharp


Another group of confident women who will most definitely NOT BE VICTIMS!


Another satisfied client!

Blade Combat - RDT vs FMA 01/09/2021

Blade Combat - RDT vs FMA

A throw back.

Blade Combat - RDT vs FMA This video addresses the comments and questions of our previous knife video while demonstrating our approach to blade on blade combat. We do things different...


I'm offering gift certificates for the Women's Self-defense program here at RDT. This is a gift that might save her life! Please msg me here for details or to purchase. Thank you. Kristie Bonner Sharp .

Cultivating a Survival-based Combat Mindset Featuring Troy Coe 11/06/2020

Cultivating a Survival-based Combat Mindset Featuring Troy Coe

Thanks to Way of the Renaissance Man Jim Woods for the opportunity to discuss my passion for helping other's protect their most important asset, themselves. Check out my interview with the Renaissance Man as we discuss the nature of combat, how to manage the physiological stresses during a confrontation, and a deeper look into the martial mindset.

Cultivating a Survival-based Combat Mindset Featuring Troy Coe Up next on Way of the Renaissance Man, reality self-defense and cultivating a survival-based combat mindset. Combat is a serious business. If you ever have to confront an assailant in a life or dea…


More women who will most definitely NOT BE VICTIMS! Kristie Sharp


Ladies, when you are being attacked is NOT the time to wonder what you should be doing. It's too late. Learn what to do NOW. Contact me here to sign up. Kristie Sharp 602-550-7314


Another day training women to NOT BE VICTIMS!
Kristie Sharp


Great Intermediate handgun class today. Shooting in the rain! No extra charge for realistic conditions!


These 3 ladies completed their 12 session FASST self-defense course today with some VERY intense scenarios with 2 of our best aggressors, Frank and Kenyon! No victims here! Kristie Sharp


More family training! Introduction to handgun class.


Pre-class instruction! Basic handgun course.


This training is very much needed today.


Family training today at Cowtown Shooting Range. A family that shoots together, survives together!


Another great Shooting class on Saturday. We completed an Advanced and Expert course of fire. Did some drawing from holster for speed drills!


Great Introduction to Handgun class today!


Beautiful morning to be shooting!


A little toasty but worth it

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What Does a Functional Defense Look Like?  It looks like this!
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Dismantling Boxing Pt.2
Developing Power Pt.1 "How to hit harder by using the body" This is Pure Gold!
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Answers to FMA Blade Combat (Fantasy of Attacks)




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