Youth Experiences at The J

Youth Experiences at The J


It may not be an "Old Town Road" but these kids are too cute getting their cowboy and cowgirl on! Make sure you are following Youth Experiences at The J to stay up to date on all the fun and cool things going on for our youth programs!
We love to see our learning so much and having a blast while doing so! Be sure you are following along with our Youth Experiences at The J page to see what your little one's are up to and activities at The J that they can get involved with!
All Martin Pear JCC families are invited to the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Phoenix Family Sunday Funday at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park 12/12 from 3 PM-5 PM!
Following a fun day at Camp Shemesh at the J (Youth Experiences at The J), Gaby comes up to the Gesher Disability Resources office for “Tutor Tuesday” and works on activities from PJ Library’s Summer Mitzvot Bag. Now that’s a full day! Don’t you love her kindness cards?
After a few weeks off, it is time to announce our latest , Lauren Lai!

Lauren has been involved in local Jewish life her entire life. She currently works as a Kindergarten Assistant Teacher at Pardes Jewish Day School, and this summer Lauren will be spending yet another summer with Shemesh Camp at The J supervising Kindergarten and 1st grades.

Click the link below to learn more about Lauren and all of the amazing work she does with our !

Youth Experiences at The J Martin Pear JCC
Shemesh Camp at The J is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with SARRC, the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center. Read the article below to find out what this means for you and your family this summer.

Make sure to follow Youth Experiences at The J for all things Summer, Youth, and ECC related at The J!
Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center will be partnering with Shemesh Camp at Martin Pear Jewish Community Center (Youth Experiences at The J) this summer. A SARRC representative will ensure that all campers at a disadvantage have what they need to participate in camp fully.
Our final Federation Emergency Fund Grant shout out of the week goes to Martin Pear JCC and Youth Experiences at The J! Through the funds received, The J was able to serve 100 kids as part of their Club J All Day program late last year. Thank you for answering the call and creating this new care opportunity for our community during this unprecedented time.
When Shemesh Summer Camp at Valley Of The Sun Jewish Community Center opened May 26 with a slew of new guidelines, the one thing that was unchanged was the campers themselves. Happy to be among old friends they hadn’t seen in months, the kids also found some unfamiliar restrictions on their movements. No field trips, no tromping through the building, no intermingling of camping cohorts and — at least initially — no masks.

That changed Monday, June 22, after Scottsdale and other cities mandated the wearing of masks in public spaces. Exceptions to the mask requirement are kindergartners and campers exerting themselves physically.

Kim Subrin, camp director and chief operating officer of MPJCC, felt a sense of trepidation initially about whether the children would comply easily with the order. But last Monday morning came and went without incident. The kids had been watching their mask-wearing counselors since camp began, and — as with adults — this is their new normal.

“I was beyond pleasantly surprised how adaptable all these kids were to wearing the masks,” Subrin said.

“My kids are old enough to know it’s a precautionary thing,” Audrey Hummell, third-grade counselor, said of her camper cohort. “It’s becoming normal — something they see all over.”

We wanted to thank Kim Biggard Subrin, Michael Kipersztok, Arianna Villa-O'Day and all of the staff at Shemesh Summer Camp for an amazing 5 weeks! The girls had a ton of fun and it was so healthy for their social and emotional wellness (and mine!). THANK YOU!!
How do I get to see the other posters to vote for my favorite? :-)
Kids of all ages will walk into familiar camp settings the last week of May, but it won’t be exactly what they’ve experienced before. Camps across the Greater Phoenix area are implementing changes to procedures and protocols in order to protect campers and staff — hoping to create a safe space where kids who have been cooped up at home can experience some of the normalcy camp offers now that summer has arrived.

On Tuesday, May 26, both Shemesh Summer Camp at the Valley of the Sun JCC and the East Valley JCC’s Camp Rimon at the EVJCC open the doors to their respective day camps, albeit for a reduced number of campers. Both camps are using CDC guidelines to ensure kids are maintaining social distancing as much as possible and keeping contact to a minimum.

“It’s a matter of adjusting the way we’re looking at camp,” said Grace Hamm, EVJCC’s camp and youth senior coordinator. “It definitely can still be fun.”


The J offers fantastic programs for children of all ages! Check-in often for info on all youth activ

Operating as usual


Check out these cool lava lamps our campers made in STEM! Our campers enjoyed their electives and activities such as sports and chess today. We are super excited for our finale of hot dogs and a movie tomorrow!


Today at camp we dove into our "Day Camping We Will Go" theme! We had a variety of camping themed games for our campers, from flashlight tag to capture the flag, and we even made dream catchers. We can't wait for the other themed surprises that are sure to come later this week!


Thank you to the Phoenix Herpetological Society for visiting Shemesh today! We loved seeing all of the reptiles, especially the tortoises, lizards and snakes. Lots of our campers learned new things about reptiles. We even got to touch the reptiles at the end of the presentation!


What a way to kick off our "Day Camping We Will Go" week! Lots of our campers participated in a variety of activities today, from making picture frames, to dancing and swimming. Our electives are continuing as well, with campers crocheting, performing experiments in STEM, and playing sports in the gym. What a great way to start off the week!

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 07/22/2022

WOW SHEMESH! What an incredible end to a wonderful week! We had a huge Shemesh carnival today, with tons of booths and activities for our campers to enjoy. From face painting, to potato sack races, our campers had lots of fun competing and earning tickets! To top everything off, campers got to choose from a table of prizes after they finished playing their games. We can't wait to see everyone next week for our “Day Camping We Will Go!” theme!


One more day until carnival fun! Today lots of our campers did a wide variety of activities, from crocheting, all the way up to dancing and even cooking! Our campers are talking about the exciting carnival games planned for tomorrow. We can't wait!


Shemesh! Another amazing day at camp has come and gone. Lots of our campers enjoyed swimming and swim lessons today, and many others had lots of fun in Activities With Ashley, STEM, and more. We can't wait for tomorrow!


We had another amazing day at camp today Shemesh! Lots of our campers participated in their chosen electives, which included chess, sports, art and STEM. Our campers are getting more skilled by the day in chess, and in STEM our campers learned about the different types of fingerprints and even got to see what theirs looks like on paper! We can't wait for tomorrow!


Our "Under the Big Top" theme is here! Our campers started today with activities such as coloring in All About Me, and lots of our campers learned how to crochet too. We can't wait for the carnival surprises later this week!

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 07/15/2022

Ahoy! What a wonderful end to our "Treasure Hunters" week at Shemesh! Our campers did a multitude of themed activities, such as the huge campus-wide scavenger hunt! All of our campers fought to find the treasure, and some brilliant minds were put to the test when finding the clues. We can't wait to see our campers next week for our "Under the Big Top" theme!


Another treasure hunting day at Shemesh is complete! Lots of our campers have been head-to-head to see who can get the most amount of points by finding different pictures of our staff. We are super excited for our pirate games tomorrow, and we can't wait to find out which group is the winner!


Shemesh went on a super fun field trip today! Our younger groups got to go to Kids Empire, and our older groups had tons of fun at Mavrix! Our campers had a blast climbing on a huge playground, bowling, and playing arcade games. What an amazing trip!


Today was filled with traditional camp activities! Lots of our campers completed different projects in art, and lots of fun was had in STEM and swimming too! Remember that tomorrow is an all-camp field trip! Make sure your camper wears their camp shirt. We can't wait!


Wow! What a way to kick off our "Treasure Hunters" week at Shemesh! Pictures have been hidden around The J for all of our campers to find. We can't wait to see who will find the most pictures! What treasures await us Shemesh?

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 07/08/2022

Calling all heroes! Camp was a blast today! We had all sorts of everyday heroes come into camp and teach lessons with the campers. From firefighters, to nurses, our community came together to give the kids a wonderful experience learning all about different professions and the heroes we see in our everyday lives. We can't wait to see the types of heroes that our campers will become!


Today was another sunny day at camp! All of our campers got to dress up in their pajamas for PJ Day, and Ruach got to go on a super fun field trip to Skateland. A lot of our campers also enjoyed swimming, art, and cool activities in STEM and cooking as well! We can't wait for tomorrow, which is sure to have some surprises for the conclusion to "We Can Be Heroes" week!


Today we had a Mitzvah Day at Shemesh! Our campers performed various good deeds, from packing kits for the homeless to writing kind messages on cup sleeves! Every camper got to participate and it was wonderful being able to give back to our community!

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 07/05/2022

Last week was exhausting! Thank you to all of our wonderful campers and staff who made Maccabiah so much fun. From competitions on the field and in the pool, to a relay race that went through the entire campus, the games were full of lots of energy and excitement. Congratulations to our Blue Raspberries for winning! Every team made a courageous effort, and there was tons of teamwork and great sportsmanship on display!


The relay race this morning was a success! Each team put in a valiant effort, and the blue team emerged as the winner! It was super close, with each team right behind each other. Don't worry, there is still plenty of Maccabiah competitions to go, and we can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!


Wow! Today was filled with fun competitions, from tug of war on the field to a dance battle to end off the day! Our teams are neck and neck, and we can't wait to see which team comes out victorious!


What an exciting day at camp! Today, our campers went to Harkins Theatres to watch the new Lightyear movie! Afterwards, we headed back to camp and the Maccabiah Games got announced! A week full of awesome Maccabiah sports, games, and more is ahead, and we can't wait! Will the Green Beans, Yellow Lemonheads, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Blue Raspberries win? We can't wait to find out!


Excitement is through the roof for Maccabiah this week! Our staff is getting everything prepared for a fantastic week of fun and games. Also, a reminder: there is an all camp field trip tomorrow! Make sure to send your camper to camp dressed in their Shemesh Camp shirt!

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 06/24/2022

What an amazing week! This week the campers did all sorts of themed activities, from making traditional Israeli foods to playing dreidel! Seeing all of our campers dressed in blue and white was wonderful, and the themed "I


Another extraordinary day at Shemesh! Today our campers had lots of fun with all sorts of activities during Counselor Led Crafts! We also learned new swim techniques in our swim lessons. We are all super excited for tomorrow, which is the last day of "I


What a crazy day at camp! Today, ventriloquist Chuck Field visited and performed a show for our campers! What an amazing performance!


Another "Tacky Toes Tuesday" in the books! We had lots of fun today at camp. From playing on the playground to directive coloring, today was full of adventure!


Our "I

Photos from TheJ's post 06/17/2022

Summer camps going strong here at The J! Have you gotten to experience it yet?

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 06/17/2022

What an incredible week! Our "Royally Shemesh" theme was a total blast, and our field trip to Medieval Times was amazing! With a royal flourish, this week came to an end with all sorts of themed activities. We can't wait for next week's "I


Did you know that for a lot of our campers, our field trip yesterday was the first time they had ever been on a bus? It was super exciting, and we have a couple more field trips in store!

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 06/15/2022

Our first all camp field trip was a blast! The kids loved seeing the wonderful show that was thrown for us at Medieval Times. From knights jousting, to sword fighting, and even some horses dancing, there was never a moment to miss! We all returned to our normal camp activities with imaginations racing and bellies full!


We are super excited for our field trip to Medieval Times tomorrow! Make sure your camper comes dressed in their camp shirt!


So much fun went on today at Shemesh! Our campers kicked off our "Royally Shemesh" week by doing activities such as art, swimming and dodgeball! We are super excited for another week full of festivities, and this week is definitely full of surprises too!

Photos from Youth Experiences at The J's post 06/10/2022

OMG! Week one of camp has been amazing! Our campers had lots of fun this week, especially today, which was filled with all sorts of "Into the Wild" themed activities and games! From building a campfire, to a frozen t-shirt challenge, today was filled with all sorts of creative adventures! Keep an eye out every week for our Shemesh blog post and recap video as well! We can't wait to see everyone next week for our "Royally Shemesh" theme!

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