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So proud of this beautiful team! Always! Thank you to Marty Barrett for this gorgeous image. 12th Round Fit Marty Barrett
Want to box for your but don’t know how? Marty and Harvey from 12th Round Fit teach us the first punch in this video. Want to learn more? Head over to Baehr Challenge’s Instagram for other moves! (The account is public, so you don't have to have an Instagram account to view.)🥊
April is Parkinson’s Awareness month. Thank you, Marty, for all you do to help people like my husband to Punch Out Parkinson’s! StairMaster Official Site you have been challenged by 12th Round Fit
I had a GREAT WORKOUT with some really good people today! Cant wait to go back !!

12th RoundFIT training program is run by Marty Barrett and his team of USA certified boxing coaches. Next generation boxing training equipment, Boxmaster.

Operating as usual


It’s about to go down. hit for tickets.


We are looking for a couple of 75 year old sparring partners to challenge my Parkinson’s patients.




You wanted soups? We got em! And more coming tomorrow! Today we have beer cheese, broccoli cheese, California blend, bean and ham, veggie beef barley, Reuben with corned beef, homestyle chicken noodle, baked potato with bacon, Minnesota wild rice, and chicken dumpling! The other flavors will be in tomorrow sometime!

Photos from Izzy’s Bakery & Cafe's post 10/07/2018

Photos from Izzy’s Bakery & Cafe's post


Punching Through Parkinson's: 12th Round Fit Boxing Gym


At 12th Round Fit Boxing gym in Scottsdale, Arizona, owner and trainer Marty Barrett helps train people battling an incurable disease.


The new boxing ring at 12th Round Fit.


The new boxing ring at 12th Round Fit.


Chinese boxing star Zou Shiming wants boxing to grow in China

news.cgtn.com Chinese boxing talent Zou Shiming has two Olympic golds and is a reigning flyweight world champion. Now he wants to harness his fame and global success to put boxing on par with other sports back home in China.





The best place to get in shape in Scottsdale.


The best place to get in shape in Scottsdale.


The best place to get in shape in Scottsdale.


Photos from 12th Round Fit's post


Give Me Your Best Shot!!

You will exert more energy and release all the day's tension from on the job when you hit that bag as hard as you can.

CALL NOW: 480-540-5086

Looking to try something new and unconventional to liven up your workouts, then PUNCH your way into shape.
That's right, give boxing a round, or two or three. Boxing has become a fitness craze that breaks up the monotony of stair climbing to nowhere and typical weight training programs. Boxing can give you a high-intensity workout that will develop power, strength, endurance, balance, and confidence, not to mention maybe a title shot for the World Championship title.

The Workouts:

Boxing workouts incorporate traditional moves in the ring but also a safe alternative to pumping all that iron. The upper body, mainly the torso and mid-section receives much of the conditioning benefit, especially when you are doing glove to heavy bag contact. Those gloves alone weigh anywhere from 12-to-20 ounces.

Yeah, it might not sound like a lot, but after 6 3-minute rounds keep your arms up and the shoulders are screaming for a break. The added weight in the gloves increases the intensity in the upper body movements because of the small amount of resistance.

Some of you might think this type of workout is aerobic with all that huffing and puffing going on, but really it is strictly an anaerobic workout. A boxing workout can be compared to the H.I.T. philosophy of training. Boxing is small bouts of high-intensity exertions followed by brief moments of recovery.

Call us today and let's get boxing:



Foreman vs Moorer 10th rd ko

At 45 Big George Foreman won the heavyweight championship for the second time. Are you ready to go a few rounds?

Call us: (480) 540-5086

21 years after he first became heavyweight champion, Foreman does it again. Trailing badly on the cards and needing a knockout to win, Foreman lays a straigh...


Live with Marty 12th Round Fit Boxing 2515 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale. Trending Topics News Radio live now with Tom Simon.



Dear Gym Member,

I'm a nobody from a town you never heard of.

I have no "simple four-week system" to share with you today.

There's no "live" webinar starting 10 minutes from now that I'm going to ask you to register for, either.

And I'm really bad on camera, so this letter will hafta do.

(You were probably hoping for a video where I paraded several models in front of you, showing before and after shots, so I could get you to expand the screen to see how beautiful my exercise routine can make you look. Then I would pretend to give you a few tips.)

Sorry, not gonna happen.

Besides, it's really late right now and I look like my face got attacked by a raccoon-- you're not trying to see that.

Finally, I refuse to make outrageous claims to impress you. I could, but I won't.

Now. Despite all my shortcomings,
I still manage to create simple boxing routines that work swimmingly well.

And my style--surprise, surprise--goes against the grain of what all the exercise gurus teach.

At my club, WE HAVE FUN !

Put it this way, you won't need a mind map to get hooked on my approach.

I keep it "easy peasy."

... and I save a ton of time by not trying too many things, stressing and struggling in the process.

...and yet, if you come down to our comfortable, friendly club, you'll see why I feel we can't miss.

I'm getting multiple pound weight losses each month for clients who do nothing but let me teach them how to box, all while having loads of fun at the same time. Pretty cool!

(My worst results right now far outdo the commercial gym results. But still. When you come to my place, you'll quickly notice a big difference. Everybody's smilin' and sweatin'.)

What's weird is:

I'm not using guru-like routines; no scientific analysis prior to putting together your workout, no CrossFit stuff, or "two-a- day" max out exercising.

And even though you'll love it, your entire life doesn't have to change to get the results you want.

So what's my SECRET?

I wish I had one, but I don't. (If I did, I'd gladly whisper it into your ear.)

All I can tell you is this:

Stop majoring in the minors.

Common sense + consistency + awesome fun = RESULTS.

[email protected]

Even if you don't show up every day or take a big vitamin pack in the morning or drink powdered shakes before and after each workout--whatever they are right? I can still help you win.

Stick to the basics. Pass. Catch. Shoot.

It's not about using the newest fad routine, getting on some cyber exercise diet, doing 100 sit-ups or push ups each day or wearing cute gym shorts with the right logo on them or even having the best coach in the business (yes, more time at the gym sometimes works, but I'm not looking to turn you into a "gym rat" okay?).

It's about having fun. Seriously. That's 90% of it.

So if I were you, I'd double-down on the fun quotient and ease up on the bells and whistles and guru technical nonsense.

I mean, if I can keep my shape and fun attitude and make boxing work for me:

(480) 540-5086.

Surely you can do the same.

(Please don't laugh at my voice mail message. It's like: "Dude, 2011 called-- they want their tape machine back!")


I'm off to binge-watch season 2 of Narcos and eat a disturbing amount of trail mix.

Bye for now.


P.S. If you do decide to swing by the shop at 2515 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona or you take a look at our webpage at www.12thRoundFit.com/ ... and you're picking up what I'm putting down on that page... you might wanna go ahead and call me at: (480) 540-5086. I've got some great stuff waiting for you in the boxing world.


Hi guys! Do you need a helping-hand with your exercise routine? If so, let me tell you about my boxing approach to getting in shape.

Check it out. What if:

...Getting in shape was fast and easy?

...And you didn't need to buy all kinds of
fancy equipment?

...And you didn't hafta hire an exercise guru or over-the-top coach to get you there?

...And after each routine you could tell it was really working?

...And you weren't worried about having to change your whole life and schedule, just to get in shape?

...And you could advance quickly and kick some serious butt?

Great news: you can. I know' cause I've done it.

Hey , it's Marty from 12th Round Fit Boxing.

And not long ago I was completley mystified by this whole get in shape, stay in shape thing:

You get all the gurus talkin' in the self-help books 'bout this new routine, their secret workout, what you must eat, when you must eat, custom reps and exercises...OMG!

It's enough to give you a migrane headache. Amiright?

But finally, after months of scrambling for the right approach, I was like, "Come on Marty, just go with what ya know!"

So I developed my routines around boxing and incorporated the "less but better" approach (Greg McKeowen, Essentialism. Read it.)

I didn't create multiple routines, with hundreds of reps and tens of sets. Or duplicate routines 15 times with minor changes to see which one sold best. Or test all kinds of different movements.

No CrossFit. No complicated exhausting circuit training. No fancy test marketed internet-crazed routine.

Nope, I simply put all my boxing knowledge into coming up with a winning exercise concept.

And once I had my "less but better" routine together, I pushed all my chips into the middle and started teaching people just like you how to get in shape...and have fun doing it.

No testing, tweaking or takin' it slow....know whatimean?

Hey, when you gotta great program--it's like you just discovered ice cream--you can't wait to share.

So now I want to ask you to call me: (480) 540-5086. When you do, we'll set up a time for you to come down to the gym. You and I will set up a routine that will reach your goals.

--- Want to lose weight? I can help.
--- Want to tone up? I can help.
--- Want to learn to box? I can help.
--- Want to have some fun? I can help there, too.

So gimmie a call: (480) 540-5086

And besides, it's not like you've been getting anywhere going to the gym (meat market) everyday, doing it "the right way."

So why not gamble a bit with me and try the complete opposite?

I didn't put this program together thinking about what was right and what was wrong. All that mattered to me was that it is fun and that it works!

Anyways, guess what?

It does work.

And learning to box is lots of fun!

So call me, Marty: (480) 540-5086

(Ding Ding) Are you prepared to answer the Bell?

P.S. When you call, remind me that you saw me here...I've got a free trial offer for you. A helping hand to jump-start your workout. Peace!


Are you a woman who is looking for a new exercise routine, gym or instructor? If so, you need to check out my unusuall approach to fitness I discovered at 12th Round Fit boxing.

Check it out. What if:
...Creating a successful fitness routine was fast and simple?
...And you didn't need to be all analytical and complicated?
...And you could do it without reading or signing any wordy long-term contract?
...And u didn't hafta hire an exercise guru, a muscle bound weight-lifter guy or even a shrink?
...And ur new routine actually worked?
...And it wasn't "Beverly Hills" expensive?
...And it was fun...real fun?

Great news: you can. I know cuz I've done it.

Hey, it's Rebecca, and by now you've guessed I'm talking about learning to box. And I gotta tell you, once I called 12th Round Fit Boxing at: (480) 540-5086 everything was smooth like butter for me.

Not too long ago I was completely overwhelmed about the whole diet and exercise thing:

You get all the gurus talkin' 'bout eating this shake before and this one after, this routine, abs, pecs and cardio...oh my!
It's enough to give a homegirl a headache. Amiright?

But one day, after months of struggles, too many botched exercise routines, and at least twenty ibuprofen, I was like "screw it I'm going to do this my way."

I found Marty at 12th Round Fit Boxing. It was just a simple call to: (480) 540-5086 and my transformation was on its way!

I ignored all the "meat market" gym rules and supposed "best practices" and with Marty's help, took a "less but better" approach. (Greg McKeowen, Essentialism. Read it.)

I didn't create two-a-day routines. Or try all kinds of new nutrition discoveries. Or different fad exercises to see how the muscles would react. I didn't CrossFit.

No, I simply put all my energy into having fun and learning to box with Marty.

When we came up with the right strategy, I pushed all my chips into the middle, I was all in!

Take it from me, when you find a great program, and you can hardly wait to get to the gym, there's no reason to go slowly--it's like "Dude, don't slow me up, at this rate I'll be in a wheelchair before I get in shape."

And besides, it's not like I was getting anywhere doing it the gym way. Right?

So why not gamble a bit and try the complete opposite way...and have fun.

Anyhow, look at me now. Slim, strong, confident...and I can box.

So ladies, call Marty, here's the number one more time: (480) 540-5086.

I'll catch you when the bell rings.

Bye for now,


P.S. Be sure and ask Marty for his winter special pricing. And build a great program!


Dear Sir/Mam:

I know you are thinking now's the time to get in shape. So you're ready to go down to the local gym and plop down the cash and sign a contract, again.

Friend, can I ask you to call me first? My number is (480) 540-5086.

When you call me, I'm going to take just a few minutes of your time to discuss with you how boxing has kept me in shape, given me purpose and allowed me to have lots of fun in my workouts.

We are not complicated. Take the first step and call me: (480) 540-5086. In that call we'll figure out a routine that will excite you, I promise...and you'll learn how to box.

I'm waiting to hear from you!

Best wishes:


P.S. Oh I forget to tell you. I've put together a free trial for you this month, so call me now: (480) 540-5086.


12th Round Fit's cover photo


This year try something new! The boxing pros at 12th Round Fit can show you how to get fit and have fun...all at the same time. Calls us now and ask about our "2017" 12th Round Fit Special Trial Membership: (480) 540-5086


12th Round Fit's cover photo


12th Round Fit's cover photo


Always having fun...


12th Round FIT helps fight Parkinson's Disease. Pass on the word...


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The new boxing ring at 12th Round Fit.
The new boxing ring at 12th Round Fit.
#TipTuesday 480-540-5086
#scottsdale #adult
The best place to get in shape in Scottsdale.
The best place to get in shape in Scottsdale.
The best place to get in shape in Scottsdale.
Live with Marty 12th Round Fit Boxing 2515 North Scottsdale Road,  Scottsdale.  Trending Topics News Radio live now with...
Always having fun...




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