Marker Buoy Dive Club

Marker Buoy Dive Club


Good Morning Everyone. I'll be making my way back home soon (Mountlake Terrace). I've done a bunch of diving in and around Guantanamo Bay last few months. Looking to network and start diving in the PNW. Any info much appreciated. I have my Advance Cert.
Any body loose a reel in Seacrest in October? looking for owner.
Found a dive computer at Akli Cove 2 today. PM me I’d you lost a computer (describe the computer). I would love to return it to the owner.
The Marker Buoy Dive Club September 2021 Buoy Tender Newsletter is now available

Seattle Dive Tours firmly believes in partnership.
Partnership for more people to recognize our ocean world and the joys there. We partner with non-profits, other dive shops and operators, all certification agencies and more in those efforts.

We also partner strongly with Seattle Parks and Recreation and King County Water Taxi / King County Marine Division Division.

Message to all divers: Please Be Safe, Practice Your Navigation, Adhere to Community Standards and the fantastic buoy system installed by Marker Buoy Dive Club

We need to share these spaces with other users. There are signs at both sides of Cove 2 defining diving restricted areas at Cove 2.

Diver shouldn't be north of the buoys, near the dock. We shouldn't be in front of or behind the Water Taxi. You don't want to be in front of the dock (especially this time of year) lest you get hooked.

Note: This picture was provided by the water taxi crew. The same divers/bubbles were in front of the water taxi/dock minutes prior.
Just came across this scuba guide for Turkey in case anyone is interested as an alternative dive spot. There are quite a few shipwrecks.
This is the link to the Logan Grass YouTube channel!

Logan is a 16 year old diver. He got certified last August and is already at FORTY DIVES! He’s also on the cusp of becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver.

Logan dives every week, and often films the various cool things that he finds.

If all of THAT isn’t enough for you to take a trip to YouTube to view his videos, how’s this: when Logan’s channel hits one hundred Subscribers there will be a Subscriber giveaway of a free trip to Sund Rock Marine Preserve!

Hannah Jackson won the Subscriber giveaway at 50 Subs, and Logan is already up to 54, and he gets a few more each week!

So go check out Logan’s channel!

Yes! Saltwater State Park TODAY IS OPEN!
Interested in learning more about what OceanGate is up to in the Pacific Northwest? Join submersible Pilot, Mikayla at the Marker Buoy Dive Club for a discussion about opening the oceans with manned submersibles.
Hey, friends I'm going to be driving down the west coast from Astoria to San Diego in May. Any locations/clubs/shops to recommend? I'd like to dive in Monterrey and La Jolla Cove but don't have contacts in either of those areas. Any other places to recommend?
Does anyone have the Oceanic Pro Plus console dive computer? How's the reliability? It's on sale for $999. I've done about a 100 dives on my Atomic Cobalt 2, and I'm concerned about its reliability. It has a terrible reputation, and two friends bought theirs at the same time as me from the same dive shop. They have problems and I don't. Go figure.

The Marker Buoy Dive Club is one of the most active dive clubs in the Puget Sound region of the USA The Marker Buoy Dive Club is one of the most active dive clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

Our members include many active, experienced divers and their families. We welcome all divers regardless of their experience. The club especially welcomes new divers who are looking for a fun group of folks to share in the passion of exploring our underwater world. In addition to hosting many dives each month, monthly meetings are held at the Sunset Community Center in Ballard. Monthly meetings g

Photos from Marker Buoy Dive Club's post 10/21/2021

Saturday, Oct 30th

Well, once again, the Halloween season is upon us. In a tradition established a long time ago; the Marker Buoy Dive Club and the Seahorse Dive Club will be hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest. This will be held, the morning of October 30th, at the “Picnic Shelter” in Alki (West Seattle). For those of you that are not familiar with the location:
You can GPS the location at: 2700 Alki Ave. SW, Seattle, Wa.
This is located across the street from Pegasus Pizza, just east of the intersection of 62nd Ave. SW. and Alki Ave SW., in West Seattle.

8:00am until 10:00am: The Marker Buoy Dive Club will be providing coffee and pastries (until they run out), and time to chat with friends and to make new friends and if you need a dive buddy, it’s a good time to look for one.
9:00am until 10:00am: Transport some/all of your gear and your pumpkin, carving utensils, and weights, to the staging area (in front and to the east of the picnic shelter) and suit up. Be ready to enter the water at 10:00am
10:00am until 11:00am: It is planned that all contestants will enter the water at 10:00am. Late water entries will be accepted. The contest will last, no longer than a total of one hour.
11:00am until 11:30am: all contestants are required to be out of the water, all buddies are to be checked in, and all pumpkins must be arranged on the breakwater, ready for judging. Judging will begin promptly at 11:00am and will proceed from one end of the displayed pumpkins to the other end. Judging will be done by voice volume, by the entire population, of people that are present (yes, I know that’s subjective).
11:30am until some time later: The Seahorse Dive Club will be providing hot dogs, sodas, other beverages and chips (until they run out). Again, this is a good time to catch up with old friends and to make new friends.

All divers and shore support are welcome to join/attend. You do not have to be a club member to join in the pumpkin carving contest, or the festivities, either before or after. Divers will be checked into and out of the water. Safety divers will NOT be provided, you are responsible for your own safety. Liability Wavers must be signed prior to entry into the water. Photos will be taken of the group, of the contest, and of the festivities, both before and after and may be published on social media and/or by news agencies in attendance. Expect rain, wind and cold … same as always. Parking can be problematic. Arriving early is encouraged (just not before me).
Pumpkins must not have any penetrating holes in them prior to the start of the contest. Part of the game/contest, is figuring out how to sink a pumpkin to the bottom before you cut any holes in it. Sketching an outline on the outside of the pumpkin before starting is encouraged. No solo diving will be allowed, however, multiple pumpkins per “dive team” will be allowed. Masks and social distancing will be encouraged. Some prizes will be provided. We are still negotiating this with the various Scuba Diving shops. It’s been a couple of tough years for them. We’re working on it.
Marker Buoy and Seahorse dive clubs will have membership forms available. Certification is not a requirement for membership and yearly dues are (intentionally) just barely enough to cover club expenses (like hosting this activity). If you feel so moved, donations to the club of your choice, will be accepted.


Outstanding applause to all who helped clean the cove 2 buoys and the boundary line today. I had planned to do more cleaning tomorrow (Monday). Yet, you all did such a fine job today...I have canceled tomorrows event. I really appreciate all the hard work. Thanks so much! Randy Williams.


Marker Buoys! Our third year for the International Coastal Clean-up Day! Once again, we will take the plunge to help remove trash and debris from our the N. end of the Des Moines Marina and the fishing pier. Our marina harbor staff will help by transporting divers out to the dive site. Please sign-up here for a shift, for shore clean-up and for helping with sorting:
Supported by SR3 Marine Mammal Hospital, Washington Scuba Alliance, Seattle Dive Tours, City and Port of Des Moines, WA along with the Marine Science & Technology Center of Highline College. The Des Moines Farmers Market is also open that same day. 😃👌


It is done! The final phase of the Cove 2 buoy replacement project was completed today, 16 July 2021. We installed the line floats along the boundary line down to buoy #5 MBDC has again partnered with Seattle Parks Dept to help maintain diver safety at Seacrest park, Cove 2.


OK! I installed the three shallow red buoys this morning. They look a bit close to each other. That's because I took the pic at 12pm and the tide was ebbing along with a breeze and current from the NW. All that is left is to get all the line floats attached to the boundary line. That will be the last phase of the project.
Randy Williams.👌👌👌👌👌👌


Outstanding! Gene and Randy managed to load the three new anchors, got 'em over to Cove 2...and actually got them in place! These are aprx 240 lbs each. Darn near 750 pounds of the little buggers. We got the new boundary line extended through them as well. Almost done with this project! Not bad for two old and crusty ancient divers. Next up...Get the last buoys in place and strap on the 90 little line floats to the boundary line. 😁👌👌👌👌👌


Rich will be missed. Thank you, Jan Kocian for this touching photo montage.

Photos from Marker Buoy Dive Club's post 05/08/2021

Photos from Marker Buoy Dive Club's post


Saltwater State Park waters are closed. it seems Midway treatment plant had an issue. McSorley Creek got a hit. it's the creek that discharges at Saltwater State Park. Stay safe!


Our annual Moonlight Beach Adventure has been cancelled for Aug 2020. Very sad.

Moonlight Beach Adventure Aug 2019 08/26/2019

Moonlight Beach Adventure Aug 24, 2019 edition 08/25/2019

Edmonds’ Moonlight Beach Adventure makes landfall Saturday |

My deepest and loud, THANK YOU to all of the Marker Buoy divers and friends. Our 2019 edition of Moonlight Beach Adventure was a rousing success. Everyone did a great job educating and entertaining the many hundreds of folks who came out to help explore a bit of the fantastic Puget Sound!
Here's an article from the Everett Herald extolling our adventures. Outstanding operations tonight. I can't make this work without all the hard work and dedication from you divers and wonderful shore support people.
Randy Williams See underwater critters up close and watch a live video feed from the offshore depths.


Dive Club banquet Sat April 27. This is a seriously fun and potentially rewarding event. Over many years I've won a dive computer, regulator, video light, and more. I'm donating a 1 hour flight in my (and Steve DeBlois') airplane for sightseeing, photos, looking at dive sites. You can fly the plane for much of the flight (I won't let you do anything bad). Call your friends and MBDC members and let's get this up to 70 attending!! Current members RSVP on MeetUp. Not a member (yet), contact Myra.


Washington Scuba Alliance

This is a fascinating site to listen to the sounds picked-up by the hydrophones of the Orcasound network.


Pinto 'Northern' Abalone in Washington


Despite a ban on harvest and the establishment of a captive breeding program, information available to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) suggests that remnant populations of pinto abalone are not reproducing in the wild and may be in peril of local extinction. WDFW is soliciting any available data on the species, and seeks public comment on a proposal to list the pinto abalone as a State Endangered Species. Please consider attending one of the following public meetings:

December 4, 2018, 6:00 p.m.
Northwest Maritime Center
431 Water Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368

December 10, 2018 6:00 p.m.
Anacortes Public Library
1220 10th Street, Anacortes, WA 98221

Or, submit comments and questions to:

WDFW, Fish Program, attention: Michael Ulrich
P.O. Box 43200
Olympia, WA 98504-3200
(360) 902-2737
[email protected] 10/21/2018

Marker Buoy Dive Club » Introducing… Our Past Buoy Tenders. This part of our site has been up for a little while, but I felt it was a good time to announce it with the addition of a few of our newer Buoy Tenders. We’ve added July & August 2018 to our site. Enjoy the swim down memory lane.


From Randy and Jim, WA Scuba Alliance: "Our thanks to the MBDC for inviting us to speak about the current and future plans for the Redondo Artificial Reef. The Marker Buoy Dive Club is a great supporter of all things that go to protect our wonderful Puget Sound waters. On behalf of our crew at WSA, we thank you for the support.


I checked the message board on our MBDC FB page at about 1026 this morning. Amy (A non diver) left a message at 1002 asking for a diver assistance at Leschi Marina. Seems her and her husband have a boat there and had just dropped a full set of keys in the lake, next to their boat. I called back, got their info, loaded my gear and got there about an hour later. I was successful in not only finding the keys, but i found her prescription sunglasses she evidently lost a few weeks earlier. Viz in the lake was really good. I asked why she posted on the MBDC FB messsage board? Some one at the marina said to leave a message with the Marker Buoys. It worked! They were quite happy. Always happy to serve. A bunch of "Atta-boy" points for the Marker Buoy Dive Club!
Randy Williams


Great Banquet Marker Buoys! Andrea outdid herself, once again. I'm glad you like our new stickers. Why don't we start this off with everyone putting a sticker somewhere and posting the photo? I'll start. Don't forget to tag it with #OliviaLivesHere


Our new club stickers have arrived!


Marker Buoy Dive Club's cover photo


Marker Buoy Dive Club


Washington Scuba Alliance

A wonderful statement from the very insightful (and funny!) Dave Barry. Visit the Washington Scuba Alliance at the Tacoma Scuba & H2O Adventure Show April 21-22. Also, don't forget the Treaure Hunt being held once again at the Foss Waterway Seaport Museum on April 22. Sign-in at 0800, splash for a chance at some great prizes at 0900. See ya at the show! Don't stand outside the tent.


Nothing says "first day of spring 2018 like a good 'ol buffalo sculpin sittin' on eggs at Redondo, Des Moines, WA


Washington Scuba Alliance

Attention all interested PNW divers: This coming Wednesday on November 29 at 7PM will be the second public meeting about the proposed changes to the Redondo diving area. The meeting will be held at the Marine Science and Technology Center (MaST) at Redondo. Please come and join with your fellow concerned divers. WSA has some interesting and vital info to share. See you there!


Congratulations to our own MBDC folks, Fritz and Joyce Merkel of Seattle! They were selected at the recent Scuba and H20 Adventure Show in Tacoma as the DIVERS OF THE YEAR! YAAAY!! This is the first it's been awarded to a couple. A most deserving couple, I might add!


National Ocean Service

The Winter High Tide Outlook is available. Higher than normal tides are expected in December. Here is a brief recap by region of what to expect: West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska (Dec. 11-16); Southeast and Northeast (Dec. 13-15). Click below for more details.


2015 Seattle Underwater Pumpkin Carving

Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest between several local dive clubs coming up, Oct 29 at Alki Beach, south end. Here's last year's event. Y'll come and carve.

Seattle area dive clubs have an underwater pumpkin carving contest. Scuba dive teams show their artistic abilities. Boeing Seahorses, UW Underdawg, Marker Bu...


On August 20, 2016 the Marker Buoy Dive Club once again stepped-up to support the Moonlight Beach Adventure and the Edmonds Beach Rangers of Edmonds, WA. We had a cadre of divers out collecting marine creatures to place in the "tidepools" for all to enjoy and wonder about. Just after dark, we had a diver swim out while using a full-face dive mask and a closed circuit video camera. Our own Gene Coronetz did a great job showing the visitors the local marine life. The video was projected on a screen so all the folks could see what was happening down there. This was our 7th year of doing this program. The Edmonds Beach Rangers did a great job explaining all the wonders to the folks out on a glorious Saturday evening. It's estimated that close to 400 people joined us for the show. Always a good time for marine science and education.Of course, I must also give credit to the Highline College, Marine Science & Technology Center in Des Moines, WA. They are also supportive as they lend me the use of the video and comm gear for our diver. Great team of folks!


A sad day to learn about the passing of a fine member of the Marker Buoy Dive Club. Fair winds, smooth seas and great visibility to you Stuart Westmorland. You will always be remembered.

The Northwest has lost one of it's own.
Stuart Westmorland lost his short battle with leukemia, just 18 days after being diagnosed and starting intense treatment. Stuart was an iconic Seattle underwater photographer coming from our local Marker Buoy Dive Club of Seattle, WA as did I. He reinvented himself (his words) several times, more recently doing travel and feature pieces, including a beautiful coffee table book on Seattle. His contributions to our art and to the soul of the Northwest will be missed greatly. My sincere condolences to his family. More of his work is on his website:


Divers! There is a discussion from the WA State Parks Board to sell the Possession Point Park property at the south end of Whidbey Island. As most may know, this is a fantastic dive site and amy be lost as a shore accessible dive site. While it is a late notice, there is a public meeting scheduled for April 26 at Freeland on Whidbey Island. We'd hate to see the property sold. It's a jewell of a site that many don't know about.


Norranders Reef/Rockaway Beach Park on Bainbridge Island is a pretty nice dive site. Most divers on the east side of Puget Sound don't know about this great little spot. Limited parking and no "facilities" (yes, plan ahead). Just last yeart, the Bainbridge Parks Board added a nice fence along the edge of the short bluff. Better yet...They put in a great set of stairs to the beach! Great when humping your overloaded body in dive gear down to the water and back up. Much safer now!

Christmas Party 12/05/2015

The Club had our annual Christmas meeting with white elephant gift exchange and a potluck. Great fun!


These four diving ladies from the Marker Buoy Dive Club had a good day at Redondo (Puget Sound) today. In attendance were: (L to R)...Joyce, Randi, Myra and Joan. The tide was right up there this morning so plans were made to do a long walk off a short pier. The four did a nice and easy entry from the MaST Center pier. They all reported a great time on their dive. Getting back was a tad dicey. The winds kicked-up from the NW at about 17knots making the steps a bit lumpy to climb up. But hey!! These women are tough! Afterwards, they all retired to the Randi and Randy homestead just up the hill for libations, munchies and good conversation. Mr Randy had the honor of being the dive sherpa for the event.

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Diving Pt Hudson
Marker Buoys Scuba Dive in Edmonds WA 2010




3003 NW 66th St
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General information

Marker Buoy Dive Club traces its roots to 1961 as a shop-sponsored dive club in Ballard, WA. The club was founded by John T. Miller, who together with his wife Alma, owned and operated the Marker Buoy dive shop in Ballard. The club was originally called "The Marker Boys".

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