Maitri Yoga Seattle

Yoga & Healing in West Seattle. Sarah will help you cultivate a yoga practice that leads to living with more awareness, gratitude, & self-love.

Specializing in nervous system support with yoga, guided meditation, hands-on healing and sound healing.

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Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their business hours. 08/18/2021

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their business hours.

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their business hours.

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their phone number. 08/18/2021

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their phone number.

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their phone number.

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their address. 08/17/2021

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their address.

Maitri Yoga Seattle updated their address.


Our next sound healing and yoga session will be at Jet Lag festival in New York this July! Hope you can join us.

Our next sound healing and yoga session will be at Jet Lag festival in New York this July! Hope you can join us.

[12/13/16]   Feeling tired, sore & stressed?! Join me for an hour of restorative yoga at EvoFit TONIGHT 7:30-8:30pm. I promise you'll leave feeling better than when you arrived. Nothing beats a good dose of 'yogahhhh!'


Need a little more restorative yoga in your life? You can practice with me at the 'Cuddle Club' near the Fauntleroy Thriftway on the following Mondays from 7-8:30pm. Dec 5th & 12th and January 16th, 23rd, & 30th! Gentle yoga, guided meditation and hot tea!

[08/10/16]   It may be cloudy, but the summertime hustle of 'work hard play hard' continues and I'm exhausted! Join me tonight at EvoFit to wind down, relax and recharge for one peaceful hour of Restorative Yoga 7:30-8:30.

[08/04/16]   Well, there's no photo to prove it because we were all just blissed out in the present moment, but standing in mountain pose, we all watched the sun sink below the mountains as we closed our practice on a beautiful evening in Seattle. Thank you all for saluting the setting sun with me!


Do these long sunny days have you squeezing a few too many things into your schedule? Even if you're having FUN you may be feeling depleted. Join me at Evo for restorative yoga Wednesday evening 7:30-8:30 to recharge your mind, body and soul.

[06/06/16]   Is your time working spent staring at a screen?
Is your time relaxing or playing spent in front of a screen?
Do you stare at a screen until just before bedtime or immediately upon waking?
Eye contact & true moments of connection & relaxation are starting to feel too rare in our modern world.

[06/04/16]   "One should forgive, under any injury," says the Mahabharata. "It hath been said that the continuation of the species is due to man's being forgiving. Forgiveness is holiness; by forgiveness the universe is held together. Forgiveness is the might of the mighty; forgiveness is sacrifice; forgiveness is quiet of mind. Forgiveness & gentleness are the qualities of the Self-possessed. They represent eternal virtue." ~Mahatma Gandhi



Hope to see some of you all tonight at 7:30-8:30pm for restorative yoga at EvoFit. Your first class is free!
4800 40th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116. EVOLVE is the original program offered by EvoFit. It is an advanced bootcamp style program designed specifically for women. It can be described as faster-paced and more intense with advanced versions of the fundamental muscle-building exercises found in evoStart and other workout programs. Though we...


"In America, everyone is too busy. If you keep running after too many hobbies you won't have any time for bliss." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Spira Power Yoga

Such a fantastic weekend learning all about Restorative Yoga with a mix of curious yogi's looking to deepen their knowledge and 200hr teacher grads. We covered a variety of poses which included standing poses, forward folds, backbends, twists, and inversions as well as an anatomy lecture and guided meditation.

Sharing a few pics which represent just a small portion of what we covered.

Next module up June 3-5: Understanding and Pronouncing Sanskrit. Sign up while space is still available!

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We may not be able to enjoy viewing the sunset on this rainy night. Instead, come relax with me at Spira Power Yoga for a restorative yoga class 5:45-6:45pm. It will be very grounding, soothing and the perfect way to release tension & start your week ahead with a relaxed mind, body and spirit.


This time last year I was preparing for my final yoga teacher training presentation and exam at Spira and packing up for a journey to visit friends, family and as many ocean views as I could along the coast of California. Both of these endeavors helped me learn so much about myself and allowed me to heal my mind, body and spirit after a very difficult start to the year. Growth can only happen when we make space for it. Remember to Pause, to Breathe, and you will surely blossom.


Endometriosis awareness post: wanting to share something positive tonight. Endometriosis has taught me that no one (doctor) can take care of me better than I can take care of myself. Chronic pain is a serious thing to manage. If I tune in & listen to my body, I can give it what it needs most. Although my pain was high, I enjoyed a wonderful weekend of self care with things that calm my nerves & feed my spirit: a chakra balancing workshop with the lovely Carina Terra on Saturday & today a yin, yang, yoga nidra event that incorporated acupuncture for 2.5 hrs of blissful relaxation with Nancey Cohen. My community of yogis is growing each & every day & my daily yoga practice is my saving grace. Namaste.

[03/17/16]   I ran into so many yogis yesterday during my errands in West Seattle. I am so grateful for my community.
"Toward realization of the world's highest ideal--peace through brotherhood--may yoga, the science of personal communion with the Divine, spread in time to all men in all lands." ~Paramahansa Yogananda



I'm grateful to officially be starting my journey as a yoga instructor. Ladies, I invite you to join me at EvoFit in West Seattle for restorative yoga on Wednesday evenings 7:30-8:30pm. Your first class is free! Register ahead of time online.<=staff EVOLVE by Evofit is a bootcamp style program designed specifically for women. Whether you are a mother of a 4 month old or a 24 year old, a bride to be, a single corporate powerhouse, a grandma or anywhere in between, EVOLVE by EvoFit will help you evolve into the healthiest, fittest you!


Every day is a holiday, and every meal is a feast. Live in gratitude & you will live in joy & peace.


Open your heart, as you open your eyes, and the universe will blossom before you.



I will be teaching a one hour restorative yoga class tomorrow (Wednesday 27th) at Evofit in West Seattle: 4800 40th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 (btwn California Ave and Fauntleroy Way)! Drop in for some deep breathing, relaxation and rejuvenation. EVOLVE by Evofit is a bootcamp style program designed specifically for women. Whether you are a mother of a 4 month old or a 24 year old, a bride to be, a single corporate powerhouse, a grandma or anywhere in between, EVOLVE by EvoFit will help you evolve into the healthiest, fittest you!


I used to dream of a paradise where I could retreat in meditation and find bliss. But no travel is needed to find such a paradise, just a journey within.
Paramahansa Yogananda used to day dream longingly of retreating to the Himalayas to find complete union with the divine until his master asked: "Do you have a small room where you can close the door and nobody's going to bother you?"
"Yes." he replied.
"Well, that's your Himalayas."

Parents of small children: I know what you're thinking. Maybe the only solitude you get is in the bathroom (if you're lucky!) If you have the luxury of running errands by yourself, or commuting alone in the car, why not pause for a few minutes, eyes closed, breath deep before you open your car door and continue putting everyone else's needs before your own. You will benefit and your family will too. Even 5 minutes of daily meditation can help you find more gratitude and inner peace.



Have you felt your energy drop this week as the rain falls?
I'm already looking forward to breathing, stretching & relaxing in Spira power yoga's warm & beautiful space this Sunday. I'll be teaching the one hour 5:45pm Restorative Yoga class. Join me there to end your week with a little more peace & gratitude in your heart & an open mind to what the week ahead may bring.


Pema Chödrön explains Maitri

I invite you to join me for private or small group yoga classes this year that will renew your physical body, refresh your mind, lift your spirits & open your heart to the greatest love of all: unconditional love for yourself.

Maitri ('my-tree') is the practice of cultivating unconditional loving kindness towards and friendship with yourself.

Pema Chödrön's explanation of Maitri is beautiful.

Free Weekly Wisdom. Visit From Good Medicine:


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