KMA: Black Belt Champions

KMA: Black Belt Champions


Great job everyone! Way to represent KMA!
The energetic but clearly out of the loop folks who showed up to train this morning...
What an incredible Black Belt show! Thank you and congratulations!

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Operating as usual


Happy Mother's Day!
A day to celebrate the unconditional love our moms have for us.


Get ready to have some fun. 💥💥💥

Bring a friend today & tomorrow. 😍

Friday in the dojang. 😁

Saturday at the park. 😎

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✅ New Schedule begins Mon, April 4 ✅

We are beyond excited to see everyone in the dojang! 💕

Classes will be in the park on Saturday through the month of April. 😎


Belief is the Yes I can Attitude

✅ Yes I Can

✅ Do My Best

✅ Failure is your Friend

✅ Winners never Quit, Quitters never Win

We don’t teach martial arts. We teach kids to internalize the best benefits of martial arts.


Rain or shine classes at the park today
Bundle up 💪 👍


Wishing everyone a Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy 2022. 💕

Cheers to all of you for finding the Strength and renewed endurance to keep growing. 🙏🏻

Strong starts here 💪💕


HAPPY NEW YEAR! New schedule starts Monday, January 3rd, 2022

We appreciate that everyone is at a different place in terms of navigating covid. The new schedule offers more classes in the dojang, while keeping options open for zoom (all links stay the same) and the park.

We choose to look ahead with OPTIMISM and all things possible.

New programs, new training, new ideas.
💯Our KMA mission
📖 Goal Setting & Expectations
💪 Practicing at home
🙌 Overcoming roadblocks & lessons from failure
😁 “Yes I Can” attitude!!
…and so much more!

If you have questions email us at [email protected]


Rain, Rain and more Rain ☔️

All classes moved to the dojang today....hope to see you there.

Photos from KMA: Black Belt Champions's post 12/13/2021

Congratulations to the new KMA Black Belts.
So very PROUD of these students. All began the journey at white belt....all the set backs, challenges, scheduling issues, hard times and good times. It’s ALWAYS worth it.
Perseverance, it’s a skill we all need today.


It’s a rainy day in California ☔️
All classes will be at KMA (dojang) today
Champions will be on ZM
No park classes
Email us if you have any questions


We are grateful for our KMA community.
Enjoy the day with family and friends.💕🙏🏻

We are open for classes on Saturday (at the park) 🍁


Perseverance, strong mind...YES I CAN
Black Belt Training
Best time - 2 miles 19:01

Strong starts here

Photos from KMA: Black Belt Champions's post 11/06/2021

Black Belt Candidates Interim Testing.

👏👏👏 to these students training hard towards black belt. 💕

💪 Strong starts Here 💪💕


It's tomorrow...join us for the BULLY AWARENESS WORKSHOP
Valley Village Park

DM us for details!

#bully awareness #stop bullying


Early morning workout in the park.

Strong starts here 💪💪💪

Photos from KMA: Black Belt Champions's post 10/09/2021

Running at the park.
Habits we train are the habits we gain.

Strong starts here. 💪🔥💪


Current schedule. 😎


Family 💕💕💕

Strong starts here 💪🔥💕


We all need somebody to lean on...

#teen leadership


Dojang, Park and ZM classes are available.
New links required for ZM.
Masks required at the Dojang.
Email us with any questions at [email protected]


Schedule changes coming in September...classes will be available in the dojang, in the park and on ZM. 🙏🏻


We celebrate 👏👏👏 the dedication, the commitment and the belief in oneself to accomplish and become a KMA Black Belt. Personal growth, a journey that takes years as we reach for the next best version of ourself. 💕💪🔥💕

Strong starts here💪

Photos from KMA: Black Belt Champions's post 08/01/2021

Thrive HYPER tour Team & Leadership lucky are we at KMA that this team continues to grow and lead by example.

Strong starts here 💪🔥💪


Champions in the park on a fabulous Saturday Morning!


Photos from KMA: Black Belt Champions's post 07/17/2021

How did you start your Saturday morning?

Black Belt Candidates-training
YES 🔥🔥🔥

💪Strong mindset
💪8am Saturday morning run
💪Awesome Attitude

🔥💪Strong starts here 💪🔥

Photos from KMA: Black Belt Champions's post 07/16/2021

When we bring the best of ourselves to whatever we do...we create habits that serve us a lifetime...2 miles, best time 💕

WAY to go Kaia! 💪Strong starts here💪


Saturday morning workout in the park!

Join us...

Strong starts here 💪😎💪


Running, training and so PROUD to achieve my best time for a morning run. 💪🔥💪

Strong starts here.


New schedule....
begins tomorrow Monday, June 21, 2021

Classes at the
on zoom 😃
and at KMA😍

Fun Nerf Day at KMA on Friday, June 25

Summer Camp in July

Email for details.


💕Love to all the Dad’s for your guidance, laughter, gentle strength and presence. 💕

Happy Father’s Day! 💕🙏🏻💕


Black Belt Candidates...ALWAYS do their best. Run at 8am and then to the dojang for Interim testing. On track and ready to grow

Strong 💪 starts here 🔥 🔥 🔥 !


Happy Memorial Day...We celebrate America's bravest sons and daughters who gave their lives to protect our freedom. 🙏🙏


To all the amazing KMA Mom’s, we thank you🙏…for being supportive, strong and your child’s biggest cheerleaders.

Much❤ Strong starts here ❤ 💪 ❤

Photos from KMA: Black Belt Champions's post 05/01/2021

💕Amazing support from the KMA community. 💕

WOW 😎 celebrating months of pushing, growing and learning. Students earned new belts, chevrons and tips today....and we CELEBRATE. 💪💕



#confidentkids #confidence
#mindset#community #communitysupport #communitylove


We appreciate our KMA community 🙏❤ NEW SPRING 2021 SCHEDULE

We are excited to be able to offer 3 choices for classes.

ZOOM classes Mon/Wed/Fri. No sign up required, use the current links, NEW times.

PARK classes Tues/Thurs/Sat. No sign up required, NEW times.

DOJANG classes begin this week on Wed/Fri.👏👏 You must sign up for classes at the dojang. Masks required. Arrive in uniform. Class size is limited. The sign up schedule on the app will be available Monday afternoon. If you have any issues with signing up on the app please email us and we can reserve a spot for you.

We will continue to offer semi-private lessons on ZOOM.

🙏 Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the ZOOM rooms, PARK schedule, semi-private lessons and the DOJANG schedule to accommodate all students' comfort levels. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

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