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In addition to my Friday workout, I'll be teaching a virtual Barre Fusion class for CardioBody Fitness Studio Thursday @ 9:00am :D Link coming soon!
We raised just over $200 in donations from our CardioBody Fitness yoga class to support the Australian bushfire animal relief. Yay! I was also told that some other members of the studio who were not able to attend the class donated directly to the website. Thank you all for doing your part! CardioBody Fitness Studio
I love the evening spin classes!!
Look.. You know im always gonna find SOMETHING to do that avoids me from working out..
Jessyca Brown is the owner of CardioBody Fitness Studio. We took a trip to her gym to talk about fat shaming, stress eating, and being judged by do******gs in the gym.
And wouldn't change it, yo!
Great Fitness Page 👍
So thrilled to have finally crossed the threshold of CardioBody Fitness!! I'm so loving it!!
Ladies love Tris!
Now everybody clap your hands.. "Clap clap, clap, clap,.."... For this amazing gym. Amazing isn't the proper adjective because it doesn't give enough praise, to the owners/trainers at CardioBody Fitness. Each day is intense, yet varies enough to make muscles sore, while all the while toning and strengthening. I am a former professional athlete who hasn't been able to run in almost a year, because the muscles around my knees and glutes weren't strong enough. In a month, I'm back to running and most importantly, my dog Jade has a partner again for sprints! I give this gym a triple like!
See my Underwater headstand push ups!

Now offering virtual classes & training! Check out our reviews on Yelp! CardioBody Fitness & Lifestyle is a fitness studio operating in Los Angeles & Chesterbrook, PA offering a wide variety of classes to meet everyone's needs!

Checkout our website for the class schedule and pricing. Try a class for only $5! We also offer In Home Personal Training at a great, low rate! Contact us for more info! FREE consultation!

Operating as usual


Summer Slim-down Week 6!!!

As many rounds as you can for 3 minutes! 💪🏻


Summer Slim-down Week 5!
As many rounds as you can in 3 minutes!
If you have weights or a cloth band use them for the lunges.

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Happy Birthday to the one who keeps us limber, zen and toned! Hope you had the best birthday Ally!!! Don’t know what I’d do without you! 🎉🎉🎉 @allysun.snead

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Help me wish this fabulous gal a Happy 40th Birthday!!! Hope you 2 had the best weekend away! 🎉🎉🎉


Summer Slim-down Week 3!

20 Mountain Climbers
10 V-Sits
20 Helicopters

As many rounds as you can in 3 minutes!

If you need to swap the mountain climbers, do 10 jacks instead!


Week 2! Here’s your next 3 minute workout to do till next Monday!


Summer Slim-down Workout Week 1!

5 Burpees
10 Lunges
5 Deck Squats

See our Instagram story for all the details!

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So nice to workout in person with my favorite crew! ❤️🌴


Tone & Stretch @ 9am today 🙏🏻


@sethslaymaker with @make_repost
Today’s my wife’s birthday! We decided to “decorate” the studio last night for her arrival this morning! 😂 happy birthday @jessycabrown24 haha!! More fun to come your way later!! @shilpacoorg @realnayanpatel

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Heartbroken 💔💔💔

CardioBody Fitness Studio updated their info in the about section. 08/19/2021

CardioBody Fitness Studio updated their info in the about section.

CardioBody Fitness Studio updated their info in the about section.


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That’s a lot of @cardiobodyfitness !!!

Freaking rockstar 💪🏻🤟🏻

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If it wasn’t for all the amazing females at the studio, I don’t know how I would’ve survived the whole new parent thing. This community gives me more than I’ll ever be able to express. This community (and yes, the guys too! 😉) helped me raise these munchkins and I’ll always be grateful. The best village there is! Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama’s at the studio, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s who gave me these wonderful clients ❤️


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CardioBody 5K! Thank you to this crew who came out and ran in masks (as uncomfortable as that is!) and KILLED IT! ❤️

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Just me, an empty studio, and a box of tissues. Soaking up my last few minutes in the place I spent almost every day in for the past 6 years. Heartbroken and angry, but more than anything, I’m feeling grateful and loved. As I sit here in the studio for the last time staring at these bare walls, I think of how much this place gave us all. Friendships that will last a lifetime. Health and fitness goals and discoveries that made us better. Confidence we never knew we had. An appreciation for those who motivated us. We’ve laughed. We’ve cried. We became a bonded community. So grateful for that. Thank YOU to my amazing clients that let me fulfill my dream of owning a fitness studio. Never anticipated having to close my doors this year, but thank you for being the rock I needed through this gut-wrenching process. Like most of you have said to me the past couple months, CardioBody isn’t the place, it’s the people. ❤️ **k2020



Join meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I’ll be teaching a virtual small dumbbells class for CardioBody Fitness Studio this Tuesday! Join me 😁😁😁



This. is. not. okay.
We’re all about “silence is complicity” and I get this is a whole different topic, but it’s a topic that needs a conversation.
Small businesses are having to throw in the towel, and we have NO support. We’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into our places, and we’re being overlooked.
The PPP is a joke. Large businesses are benefiting and it’s disgusting. We’ve all seen the news stories. Small businesses are getting enough PPP to cover 2-3 months of rent. Gee, thanks. Especially when we’ve all been closed for 7 months now (and counting). I don’t know what the solution is, but something has GOT to give in LA (and plenty of other places!)
Please do what you can to voice your concerns and save the businesses you call “home”. In my comments, I’ve posted a video from a colleague. Watch it please and do what you can to support your favorite businesses.

P.S. Thank you to ALL of my clients who have been keeping us afloat with virtual classes. You truly are our family ❤️


Have you checked out our YouTube page yet? If you can’t make it to a virtual class, log on and do one of the workouts on our page! We’ll have 5 more up next week! And don’t forget to subscribe 😉

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Fall cleaning! The start of a new season is the best time to de-clutter! All shirts must go, so let us know if you want one! We’ll ship them for free!
$7 each 💪🏻🏋🏼🏋🏼‍♀️

4 Minutes of Planks 09/03/2020

4 Minutes of Planks

Join our Plank Challenge! Do this video everyday till Oct 2nd! Your abs will thank you! ;)

4 Minutes of Planks A quick 4.5ish minutes of planks! I have a challenge running at our studio right now (virtually of course), and part of the challenge is doing this plank vid...


YESSSSSSSSS! Ruth has absolutely killed it and I’m so proud of her! Consistency is key and lbs are shedding off this girls body in record speed! She stuck to the last Challenge we had (tracking our macros) and kept the workouts going, even from Switzerland! Keep killin’ it girl! See you on Zoom this week ❤️🙌🏻🔥💪🏻

Repost from @ruthiegalore

It's been a minute since my last weight update and since then a lot has happened. It was really difficult to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle while moving to another country with a dog in the midst of a global pandemic. On top of that exercising has been mostly a no-go for me for the last month because I'm still experiencing inexplicable back pain that's stopping me from doing what I want to do. So I was pretty surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning to see that I had cracked the -30 lbs bar. I have 30 more to go but for the first time ever I feel like I can actually get this done. Thank you so much @jessycabrown24 and @sethslaymaker for sending me on this journey. If you're in LA please support their amazing @cardiobodyfitness I definitely would not have made it here without them 💪🏼

Total Body w/Light & Heavy Dumbbells 08/31/2020

Total Body w/Light & Heavy Dumbbells

Can’t make it to a class? Do one of the workouts up on our YouTube page!

Total Body w/Light & Heavy Dumbbells A quick total body workout using light and heavy dumbbells! If you have 45-60 minutes, repeat the circuit 2-3x's! Enjoy my screaming children in the backgrou...


Grab a mini band and repeat this sequence a few times!


Virtual HIIT Cardio! 30 minutes of pure cardio with limited breaks! Got what it takes? I mean, even if you don’t, you’re can just log off at any point! The beauty of virtual classes 🤣

2 chances to take it this week!


Teaching a virtual CardioBody Fitness Studio class this Sunday 😎 Go to to register!


Missed our online classes? Looking to get an extra 45min shred session in? Seths got you covered!! Here’s a full bodyweight blast session!! Go Kill it!! 🤘🏼


*Sunday Lineup*

10am Total Body with Ricky 11am Power Yoga with Ally 4pm Yin Yoga with Michele


*Just added*
Cardio Abs Friday @ 7:30am

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We’re with you ❤️

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