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This youth athlete does not let arthrogryposis multiplex congenita get in the way of her taekwondo training! 💪 You’re a fighter, Suzy!! ❤️ (📸 IG: @unstoppablesuzyq)

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New Year 😄❗ New Challenge 🏆🥇

Registeration is open for the Virtual JCUK Open Poomsae Championships 2021 from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 January 2021 🌏🥋🍀💚🥋👊👍

Accepting entries for:
🔅Dan, Para, K1, K2, K3

From the Team that organised and held VROPC20 & VKWPC20 🍀💚🥋👊🌏

Registration will be open soon at www.Martial.Events

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We specialize in Olympic style Taekwondo and Hapkido. We work with students of all levels of experience ages 3 and up! We work with Adults of all levels.

Lions Taekwondo Academy specializes in Olympic style Taekwondo and Hapkido. We work with ages 3+ and adults of all levels!

Operating as usual


Belt Test Day 2 for Green Belts and up! Check Out the video with some TKD Board Breaking. Breaking with the head?!ouch! 😉💪🏻


Belt Test Day 1

Belt test is done! Our students have showed their Taekwondo Skills and confidently moved up a rank. Here are some highlights 🔥 Groups 3-7 & 7-13 years old.


Remake. 😉😎💪

Photos from Lions TaeKwonDo Academy's post 06/05/2022

Team Lions at the AAU qualifier, here are the results:
First place 🥇:

Second place 🥈:

Third place 🥉:


Guys, we have just finished with the Lions Taekwondo Academy facade renewal and happy to share with you! For stickers, we used photos of our Instructors and Students. How do you like it?

And for our regular Students & Parents, there is a fun quiz - write the names of everyone who is depicted on the stickers and get a nice bonus from us! The first correct answer in the comments wins! Let's see how long you are with Lions 😄🔥


We want to thank our Heroes for the service.


PanAm Series results:
Milan - first place 🥇
Melanie - second place 🥈
Lev - lost his first match


Team Trials results:
Melanie 3rd place
Lev lost in preliminary round

Martial Arts & Fitness Space & Gym - | Gofynder 05/27/2022

Martial Arts & Fitness Space & Gym - | Gofynder

Guys, we know how important it is to have a cool space for quality training with students, and we are ready to help you with this! Now we are listed on Gofynder and you can easily make the booking according to the free schedule. Our school is open for any classes, from your yoga classes to individual fitness classes. For more information, please check the website or contact our Staff members via phone number 📲 818-994-9439.

Martial Arts & Fitness Space & Gym - | Gofynder Our space is great for Instructors looking to train their clients on individual classes or for group classes for up to 35 people. We have 1 big matted room (capacity 35-40 people), mirrors and free stranding boxing bags and 1 fitness gym area. The space provides zoning space options through special....


Guys, be careful in scheduling the classes - our Lions Taekwondo Academy will be closed on May 30th and July 2-4th in order to celebrate the public holidays.

During this period, we won’t be available via phone calls, but we will be checking our emails. If you have an urgent issue, please email us with the word “Urgent” at the beginning of the subject line, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We wish you happy holidays! 🎆


New HIIT Boxing program is for everyone who wants to get fit and energize your body! 💪🔥 Our trainers are highly qualified and have international experience of teaching. Our main goal is to create a cool atmosphere for each class and to deliver great body results, no matter the level of your boxing ability. Minimum fitness equipment required. Starting June 1st!

Morning classes:
▪ Monday - Friday 5 am / 6 am / 7 am/ 8 am
▪ Sunday 9 am

Early birds can get all benefits that we launch for all members in June:
👉🏽First class is free for all new members.
👉🏽Sign up for a 3 months Membership, and get 40% off.
👉🏽Sign up for a 6 months Membership, and receive an additional month for free.
👉🏽Bring a friend for free in June and get 20% off on the next membership. If you are a membership holder, bring a friend to class with you for free * 1 visit per friend, must be a first timer.

Join Us Now and Start Your Workout! For more information, please contact our Staff members via phone number 📲 818-994-9439.


Searching for the new ideas for your Birthday? This is exciting! Elevate the way you celebrate at the best kids birthday party place near you. At Lions Taekwondo Academy, we take care of all the hassle with planning a birthday party so you and your friends can focus on having a great fun. Our birthday party package includes big space for adventures, party invitations, professional Instructors for guiding kids, Taekwondo demo class & board breaking for all the guests!

Ready to celebrate? For more information, contact our Lions Team or call us via phone number 818-994-9439 and book the place. We’re looking forward to celebrating your Birthday with us!

Photos from Lions TaeKwonDo Academy's post 05/10/2022

It's time to sum up and share the results of our "Students of the Month" program at Lions Taekwondo Academy. In April 2022 our Super Stars are:
🏆 Brixton Elrod (Core Classes 3-7 y.o.)
🏆 Isabella Cruz (Core Classes 3-7 y.o.)
🏆 Monica Kim (Core Classes 7-13 y.o.)
🏆 Abraham Ceja (Core Classes 13+ y.o.)

Congratulations, guys! We are pleased to note your impressive progress! Very good job!💪💪

Photos from Lions TaeKwonDo Academy's post 05/09/2022

TKD moms are so special, that's why we love them so much and appreciate all efforts they are doing to help our Students to be a better version of them every day! At Lions Taekwondo Academy, we congratulated our moms with special gifts. Welcome to the team, Moms! Please contact our staff members if you have missed it.😉


Team Lion’s is wishing everyone a very happy Mother’s Day!🌹🌷💐


Today’s results at the western Grand Prix:
Aurika - second place 🥈
Melanie - second place 🥈
Milan - third place 🥉, due to and oversight was 0.2kg over weight and had to move up a division and fight against much heavier competitors.


Interview with the champ!


Here are today’s results at the West Grand Prix:
Izabella - first place 🥇
Lev - lost his first fight and didn’t place this time.

Aurika, Melanie and Milan are fighting tomorrow.

Photos from Lions TaeKwonDo Academy's post 05/04/2022

At this point our team has 3 world class black belt cadets (12-14 year old) and we are proud to announce that 2 of them are ranked in the top 5 in the country!
Melanie is currently ranked number one and Lev is currently number 4 !
Both have been invited for national team fight off at the end of this month in Texas.


Parents, get ready! Every last Saturday of the month we start holding game class between students and their parents. "Parent&Me" сlasses are great to immerse yourself in the gaming environment and get acquainted with the program that your Kids carry out so responsibly. All parents and Students will have to sign up for this сlass during the month! Class starts at 9am. Let's make a battle and have fun! 😆🥋🔥

Help Melanie Ayvazyan go to World TKD Championship, organized by Edward Warzhapetian 04/29/2022

Help Melanie Ayvazyan go to World TKD Championship, organized by Edward Warzhapetian

Our Student Melanie Ayvazyan has been training at Lions Taekwondo Academy since she was 5 years old. She has been working really hard and started competing in World Сlass division since last year. She has already taken part in the biggest Taekwondo Cadet competitions, winning medals at Grand Prix Finals, Washington State Championship, CUTA State Championship, California State Championship. She is currently ranked among the Top athletes in the USA in her weight division. This summer, she is dreaming to participate at the Cadet World Championship in Bulgaria. She has been training so hard and going to a lot of tournaments, the expenses are adding up and it is already hard for her family to keep it up. Please help with as much as you can, no donation is too big or too small We will really appreciate your support from the whole Taekwondo community.

Help Melanie Ayvazyan go to World TKD Championship, organized by Edward Warzhapetian Melanie Ayvazyan has been training Taekwondo since she was 5 y… Edward Warzhapetian needs your support for Help Melanie Ayvazyan go to World TKD Championship


Team Lions at Twin Tigers Tournament:
First place 🥇:

Second place 🥈:
Sasha (was definitely supposed to be first)
Masha (was definitely supposed to be first)
Axel (lost a great match against an older, heavier and more experienced opponent)


Here are the results of the Grand Prix Finals:
Kristina - first place
Melanie- third place


Attention, announcement of the upcoming event — SLEEPOVER at Lions Taekwondo Academy.🎉 It's a great chance for kids to practice being independent and boost their social and problem-solving skills, all within a safe environment with our Instructors. For more details and sign in, please contact our Staff members or call us via 📲 818-994-9439. Let's have fun!

Photos from Lions TaeKwonDo Academy's post 04/09/2022

Guys, we are happy to share the achievements of our students at Lions TaeKwonDo Academy . On a monthly basis, Instructors will select the "Students of the Month", who are the most active and persistent, as well as showing the most progress and maintaining regular attendance. Students will be chosen from each Group. Good luck to everyone!

In March 2022 the winners are:
🏆 Valeria Bukareva (Core Classes 3-7)
🏆 Austin Chun (Core Classes 3-7)
🏆 Winter Jin (Core Classes 7-13)
🏆 Caleb Kim (Core Classes 13+)

Congratulations! Keep up the good job!
P.S. We need more photos of our winners! Guys, don't run away without photos next time 🙌

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Belt Test Day 1
Ring 2 Live stream




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