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DeVine Physiques updated their information in their About section. 09/27/2021

DeVine Physiques updated their information in their About section.

DeVine Physiques updated their information in their About section.

DeVine Physiques updated their business hours. 09/27/2021

DeVine Physiques updated their business hours.

DeVine Physiques updated their business hours.


DeVine Physiques


DeVine Physiques


Very true.

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One of my client's shared a quote with me, and another turned it into artwork. :-D


Words of wisdom!

Good morning, everyone! Happy Saturday :) Here's something to keep in mind if you're feeling discouraged on your #weightloss journey. Embrace the process--you WILL start to see results! How are you getting one step closer toward your #goals today?


Exactly what squats feel like. Are you squatting this weekend?


Need help creating goals for 2015? Check out the new blog on creating goals:


Always a good feeling! What are you doing for your goals this weekend?


Most information spread about health and nutrition is either incorrect or exaggerated. Take adaptations to rep ranges as an example:


And this is why you shouldn't give celebrities, or even athletes, credibility unless they have legitimate credentials.


Helping many achieve their goals and live healthier lifestyles! Need help getting started? 11/17/2014

What is a "Complex Carb"?

Most people don't understand carbohydrates-- Do you? Do you know what a complex carbohydrate is? I would argue that most people don't, as there are a lot of misconceptions about what makes a complex carb. The term is thrown around a lot, and is use...


. . . do you? Have a great weekend! Tell us what you're doing for your goals this weekend! 10/23/2014

DeVine Physiques

Did you know we're on Yelp and have a 5 star rating? Trainers in Los Angeles, CA


This is why it's important to have someone with credentials and a strong basis in science on your side:


Get the help you need from a certified trainer & nutritionist:


We decorated for Halloween (and more than what's pictured)! Have a great weekend, and let us know what you're doing for your goals!


We made some changes to our "Success Stories" page-- Check it out!


What is stopped you from achieving your goals?


Is this you? Hopefully not, and hopefully you're working hard this weekend! What are you doing for your goals this weekend?


We're still out there every morning for our hike-- Want to come?


I place more emphasis on being healthy (physically, nutritionally, mentally) than on immediate results-- One thing that tends to happen, though, is the goals are still achieved along the way!


Make sure you're concerned with the quality of service you get and the qualification of your trainer / nutritionist!


A new recipe was posted to the blog-- Grilled Mac 'n Cheese Sandwich! Read all about it here:


Friday Funny-- Though, I think he should eat a "fit person." :-) What are you doing for your goals this weekend?


Need a science, research, and evidence based approach to your healthy lifestyle proven to work?


Calories don't have to be bad! Get the truth about them from a certified nutritionist:


Does your trainer have actual credentials? Does your trainer go to school? Does your trainer take continuing education courses? Or do they hold this degree? Check out my credentials: 09/22/2014

Who would you rather be?

A short blog post based on an experience a client had: I have a client that has seen tremendous progress-- She has lost 17 lbs. since training with me, and started in early May of this year (19 weeks). Just like most people, though (myself included),...


This is the worst. Can you relate? What are you doing for your goals this weekend?


One of our clients that has seen tremendous progress is constantly asked how few carbs they eat. People are shocked when she tells them that she eats quite a few. Science, not broscience:


We'll be out hiking! Will you?


It's a good idea to change into your workout clothes before you leave work if you struggle with getting started!

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My first chin up! Next stop: pull ups!



Personal Training, Couples Training / "Semi Private Training," Online Training, Wellness Coaching, and Nutrition Counseling.

Visit the website for all of the details:



13440 Ventura Blvd, Ste 110
Sherman Oaks, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 4pm - 8pm
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 12pm
Sunday 7am - 4:15pm
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