Becoming with Gail

Becoming with Gail

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Aches and pains can be stopped here with ACTIVATION from LifeVantage!


Aches and pains can be stopped here with activation by LifeVantage!

Workouts with Gail 3 03/14/2024

Craig Flaa led his first solo 5-minute workout this morning in our private group! Do you have FOMO? If you don’t, you should! He’s a natural!

Yes. There’s still time to join the fun!

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Workouts with Gail 3 03/06/2024

Get ready for summer with us. You'll have a serious case of FOMO if you don't. Once your form is complete, you will be added to a private Facebook group.

Workouts with Gail 3 Please click the link to complete this form.


We are having a LifeVantage open house Wednesday 1/24/24! Socializing at 6:30 pm and presentation at 7!
It's really really important to know EXACTLY what PROTANDIM NRF2 does.

(remember Protandim is the only natural supplement proven to extend life!)

✅ Free radicals are rampant in our bodies - increasing DRAMATICALLY over the last 100 years - due to an increasingly toxic environment. The industrial revolution, chemicals, processed foods, fast foods, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients, pesticides, etc - and is literally killing us slowly. Literally.

✅ Antioxidants neutralize free radicals - free radicals left free cause Cellular Oxidative Stress....That causes disease.

✅ 3 common antioxidants found in food are Vitamins A, C and E. So when you eat an orange, 1 molecule of Vitamic C will neutralize 1 free radical. An orange has several hundred molecules of vitamin C. 3 oz of blueberries can neutralize about 6,652 free radicals.

✅ HOWEVER.....99% of ALL free radicals in your body are neutralized by Super Oxide Dismutase and Catalase. Let me repeat that: 99%!!!!

✅ You cannot eat SOD or Catalase!!! It's made in you body, by your body. Just 1 molecule of SOD neutralizes 1 MILLION FREE RADICALS!!! A far more more effective strategy.

✅ Protandim is CLINICALLY proven to increase your SOD by an average of 30% and Catalase by 54% in just 30 days. Thus proven to lower your Oxidative/Cellular Stress by an average of 40% in 30 days.

✅ This is going to neutralize MILLIONS MORE free radicals per second, all day every day....more than ever before.

✅NO diet change, increase in fruits/veggies, pills, powders, vitamins or drinks can do this. Not even remotely close. NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU EAT!!!!

✅ As a result, your body will slowly start to repair itself!!!! Oxidative stress is PROVEN to be a root cause for over 200 diseases, like cancer. Lowering your Oxidative Stress WILL HELP WHETHER YOU “FEEL IT” or not!!!

✅ Protandim is not a "cure" for anything! Nothing heals the body. The body heals itself.

✅People may never feel anything - but then again, who feels the cancer growing??? - nobody has ever gone to the doctor and not been shocked to hear the news that they have cancer!!!

✅ The body heals itself. End of story. But everyone is different. This should be something that you have in your mindset to take FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIFE. Why?

✅Cancer rates have gone from 1 in 33 to 1 in 3 in just the last hundred years!! Thousands or millions of years on earth, and that BIG of an increase in just 100 years?? Our bodies have NOT EVOLVED TO COPE WITH THIS TOXIC ENVIRONMENT!!!

✅ Protandim is a long term strategy to better equip your cells to cope with the "new" Toxic environment.

✅ It may take months or years to really notice a difference. Some feel better and energy and sleep right away, some don't. Because some of the ingredients are natural anti-inflammatories, some feel relief from pain right away. With others it could take months or years, depending on how high your oxidative stress is.

✅ It's best to re-evaluate your overall health, mood, sleep, energy in 6, 12 and 18 months. Not in 6, 12 or 18 days!

✅ In my personal opinion, stopping Protandim would be worse than saying "I don't feel anything when I eat fruits and I'm never eating them again for the rest of my life".

✅ When the body is equipped, the also DRASTICALLY increases your immune system. This can cause detoxing. This also will vary in every person. I had no detox, for some it's extreme and can last weeks.

✅ When I hear customers are saying "I've been on this 2 weeks and I don't feel anything, it makes me crazy. This is only because they have unrealistic expectations. Please please make sure your customers know that this is NOT a quick fix and works 100% of the time in 100% of the people...... Even if they never feel anything. You can't possibly know what future problems this might be preventing from ever happening!!!!


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Contact me with any questions!
The January Challenge will be announced LIVE Wednesday 12/220 at 5:30pm!






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