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Haley Schramm is a motivational coach and personal trainer in Sioux Falls SD. See my website also.

Specializing in women and couples who prefer In Home Personal Training or the privacy of my home gym for their workouts.


Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife

I remember a baby that had been aborted in our Houston center at 16 weeks. I remember its body lying in the glass Pyrex dish in the lab. And then its tiny little hand that had been open, slowly close into a fist, as if to remind us of what had once been...a living human being.

I remember what the ziploc bag at the end of the day looked like...tiny human parts all mixed together...then thrown into a freezer that we called "the nursery."

I remember the sounds of an abortion. The doctor would wait for that big suction noise. That was usually the baby's head going through the tube. That was "the finale," as he called it.

I remember sterilizing instruments used during abortion procedures. One time I unwrapped the blue paper that held the dirty instruments and saw a tiny arm stuck to one of them. I quickly washed it, watching the arm go down the drain into the garbage disposal.

I remember performing abortions the day before Christmas one year. I remember the desperation in the eyes of these women. They weren't any more callous than the women at other times of the year...but they were more desperate. And we were there to lie to them about how selfless their abortion decision was. How they would be able to celebrate Christmas without "anyone knowing they had an abortion the day before."

I pray God never allows me to forget these things...these memories...these vile images. These memories keep the urgency alive in me. I hear about "burn out" in this movement, but I don't personally understand it...not when you have seen what I have seen.

I know that the Christmas season is about family. But we must remain vigilant during this time. We must remember these little ones who are denied their family, in the name of "choice." We must never tire of fighting for them. We would never need a break from fighting to protect our own children. These children are ours, too...they are our brothers and sisters.


Personal Sized Baked Oatmeal with Individual Toppings: Gluten Free & Diabetic Friendly | SugarFreeMo

These are great for a quick breakfast or snack! I made up a batch and froze the ones I wasnt going to eat soon. When I need one, I take it out of the freezer and microwave it for a bit. I loaded mine up with all sorts of berries! I also added some peanut butter to a batch- some added protein and healthy fats! Do you have picky family members? Do you make a meal and almost always one child is not as thrilled as the others because of


How can you get yourself to the gym? There are so many other things that you can/should be doing, right? Here is a fun way to SEE your progress: each time you workout, put one dollar in a glass jar. Find something special that you would like to purchase for yourself, but wouldnt normally buy. Set a goal for how many times of exercising it will take to "earn" that item. Treat yourself when you have reached your goal!

Another fun visual if you are trying to lose fat: Find two clear, glass jars. Gather up something like marbles, or something around that size. Figure out how many pounds you would like to lose and put that amount of marbles in one jar. Each time you lose a pound, transfer one marble to the other jar. If you gain a pound back, transfer the marble back to the original jar. This is a GREAT way to see your progress and how far you have come!


How is your immune system this winter?? How about your kid's? Do you want to do whatever you can to prevent CANCER?? MANY docs back this up, but this is pretty cool to be featured on The Doctors! Check out vegetable and fruit WHOLE FOOD supplements... let me know if you are interested!


It's the holidays... most of us "expect" to eat lots of sweets and treats. But, what if we looked at it another way? Expecting this just sets yourself up for failure. Do you HAVE to make that choice just because it is the holidays or because everyone else is doing it? How will you feel in January? Will it be worth it? Ask yourselves those questions and then decide what choice is best for YOU this month! Merry Christmas!


My scrambled egg breakfast this morning:
1 tbls olive oil, 2 eggs, 5 sticks of asparagus cut up, 3 tbls salsa, 1/4 cup natural shredded cheddar cheese and salt and pepper. Look at what you get in that! Healthy fats, protein, veggies, and dairy all in one!! Do not be afraid to try new things!


Why What You Think About Your Food Matters...

There's no doubt about it...

Your body and your mind are directly linked.

What you think about has a clear effect on your health and vice versa.

In fact, I've just come across a fascinating study that shows how strong this mind-body connection is.

Researchers at Yale University decided to see how your thoughts affect your body's response to food.

The study, published in the online journal Health Psychology, focused on ghrelin levels in the body.

So we're on the same page, ghrelin is also known as the "hunger" hormone. It sends a signal to your brain that makes you want to eat.

If your body's ghrelin levels are high, you'll tend to overeat... even if you are already feeling full.

Likewise, low ghrelin levels are associated with feelings of satiety and not needing to eat more. .

One more thing - ghrelin levels typically increase before meals and decrease after eating.

Back to the study...

The researchers recruited volunteers and divided them into two groups:

Group 1 - received a milkshake that they were told was a 620-calorie "indulgent" shake.

Group 2 - received a milkshake that they were told was a 140-calorie "sensible" shake.

In reality, both groups got the same exact shake, which came in at 380 calories.

So what happened?

After drinking the shake, both groups had their ghrelin levels measured.

The group that thought they were having the nice, fatty-shake had a dramatic and steep decline in their ghrelin levels.

The group that thought they were being healthy had a neutral ghrelin response.

“This study shows that mindset can affect feelings of physical satiety. The brain was tricked into either feeling full or feeling unsatisfied. That feeling depended on what people believed they were consuming, rather than what they actually were consuming,” said Alia J.Crum, the study’s lead author.

“What was most interesting,” Crum added, “is that the results were somewhat counterintuitive. Consuming the shake thinking it was ‘indulgent’ was healthier than thinking it was ‘sensible.’ It led to a sharper reduction in ghrelin.”

Pretty crazy, right!?

The mere perception of what you're eating has a direct effect on your body.

How's that for "food for thought?"

So next time you embark on a diet, try to see if you can get yourself to change the perception of what you're eating... and then see how it makes you feel.

Imagine the possibilities... indulgent chicken salads... hearty protein shakes... and exquisite veggies.

The sky's the limit on this one!

Well, that's all for today. Keep up those good eating and exercise habits... and make sure to use this neat little Jedi "mind trick" this holiday season.


How do you eat less carbs, get more protein, and consume enough calories for breakfast? Add peanuts to your toast! This may seem crazy, but here is the reason: I dont want two pieces of bread- waste of calories. However, one piece of bread with peanut butter is probably only around 150 calories- too little for breakfast! So, instead of adding more carbs (bread, banana, etc) I add unsalted peanuts! Pretty dang good!


My husband has caved in to letting me train him (I actually train WITH him), but I am having so much fun! Have you ever thought about training with your spouse/significant other for a while? You can take turns making up the workouts so that if your styles of working out are different, you can do both! It is a great way to spend time together- and a HEALTHY way to spend time together! And if you two are competitive at all like most couples are, you will push yourself that much more! Give it a try!


We are Made to Crave! Amen, right?!?! However, most of us struggle with our cravings and when to stop. I am just completing a wonderful Bible Study on Craving God and not food. Going into this holiday season, consider reading the book, Made to Crave. It has opened my eyes as to WHY I crave what I do and WHY I have a hard time stopping sometimes. What void are YOU trying to fill? And what does GOD say about all of this? Check it out!


I LOVE THE FALL! It is the absolute best for exercising outside in my opinion! Get outside and change your workout up! Here is an idea: outdoor circuit! This workout can include running, pushups, lunges, squats, dips, jumping jacks, squat jumps, etc. all in your own neighborhood!


Heres what I am cooking tonight- GREAT crockpot recipe that takes LITTLE effort!
Put about 1 pd of chicken breasts, one can salasa, and one can black beans in the crock pot. Let cook around 6 hours, add one tub of sour cream the last hour of cooking. Thats it! You can put this over rice, pasta or tortilla chips!


When is the best time to work out? Anwer: when it works BEST for YOU! Think about it- if you are not a morning person, why force yourself to work out in the morning? You will not have the motivation to get the great workout you may be able to get in the evening/afternoon (or whenever you prefer to workout). Getting a workout in can happen ANYTIME that you feel you can get it in! Its burning calories, getting your HR and metabolism going and making you FEEL GOOD no matter what time of day!


Everyday we have to fight something. It may be addictions, illnesses... the list is endless! Remember, eating healthy and exercising are CHOICES that you make everyday. Everyday is a NEW day to make a GOOD decision and FIGHT the feelings that push you the other way. Yesterday, I had a bad day- I ate like crap! But, today, I woke up choosing to FIGHT again. Yesterday is GONE and I learned from it. Who knows what tmw may bring- but that doesnt matter. Im focused on TODAY!


Ok- so, wanna hear what I just mixed up for lunch? This is just me, throwing in things- which I never do- I am a horrible coook, but it turned out SO GOOD! Had to share...Salad- dark greens, piece of tilapia cut up, almond/dried cranberry mixture, feta cheese AND THEN... my off the top of my head dressing: 2 tbls apple cider vinager, 2 tbls lemon juice, and a dobble (teaspoon maybe?) of light ranch dressing all mixed together!


Get this- you need to consume an EXTRA 3500 calories on top of what your body NEEDS to gain ONE pound. Of course you don't eat THAT much extra, right? So, how in the world are you gaining weight? Lets say you get a 300 calorie coffee drink 5 days a week and maybe then you have a 400 calorie bowl of ice cream at night around 5 days a week. What does that equal up to each week? You guessed it! 3500 calories OR one pound of FAT!


Oh- night time... self control with food? Out the window for most! What can you do to stop that late night snacking? Try two things! First, run to that toothbrush as fast as you can when you feel a craving coming on. Or, better yet, brush right after dinner. This helps get that craving out of your mind. Second, GUM! With all these new, cool kinds of gum, it can really be like a dessert!


Sioux Falls Personal Trainer In Home - Haley Schramm

Interested in private personal training or know someone who is? More info here: Personal trainer in Sioux Falls SD. High energy positive workouts for women and couples in my gym or the client's home gym.


Best breakfast right here: 1 cup Greek nonfat/plain yogurt, 1 cup of any type of frozen berries, an orange, banana, and 2 tablespoons ground flaxseed blended up to make 2 VERY nutritious smoothies WITHOUT any added sugar! Save the other half to shake up the next morning. This breakfast starts your day with protein, antioxidents, plenty of vitamins/minerals, fiber and healthy fat!! What more do you need??


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