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Photos from Varsity Academy Spokane's post 11/12/2021

Great Veteran’s Day clinic today. Spotlights for a few of our shooting champs from the day. Next up in Spokane…Holiday Hoop Camp! Please register early, this one sold out with a waitlist.


Thank you. 💫

Photos from Varsity Academy Spokane's post 11/08/2021

A great day with awesome kids in Kendrick, Idaho today! 🏀🏀

Timeline Photos 11/02/2021

Timeline Photos

⭐NBC Camps Newsletter! Improve Your Mental Toughness -


We still have 3 “SCHOLARSHIP” openings for our 7/8 grade girls teams! If she’s played before and has been left out or can’t find a team but wants to get ready for HS ball, we are here to help with our program full of dedicated coaches and skill trainers! Send us an info form!


VA is underway! You can still join us for the fall session, but you'll need to contact our office for a late-registration - 800.406.3926
Let's get to work and get better!

VA is underway! You can still join us for the fall session, but you'll need to contact our office for a late-registration - 800.406.3926
Let's get to work and get better!

Photos from Varsity Academy Spokane's post 09/14/2021

You could say we are pretty excited about our VA staff this fall! Come join us, just a few days left to register.

Photos from Varsity Academy Spokane's post 09/01/2021

We are excited to work with you this fall at VA Spokane! We combine fundamental to advanced skill training with competitive live play to help you improve your game in an encouraging environment.

We've trained athletes for year-round success on and off the court since 1999. Come check out our Fall Session staring soon.


Basketball requires love. No award. No trophy. No scholarship can make you more loved. You are of infinite value and you don't have to prove your worth. Your job today is to love life, love God, and love others. Great basketball comes from love-- not ego, or self-promotion. Love arrives when we stop focusing on what basketball can give us and instead focus on what we can give to this amazing sport and to the incredible basketball community of people we get to play against as well as with.

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Join us for virtual basketball training and mentorship. Next 3-week session starts August 30. Let us help you improve your game and prepare for hoop season!

Details and registration here:


Registration is now open for Fall Session Training!
Starts September 19, 2021 at The Warehouse.

Come join us to improve your game.
Train. Compete. Win.

Registration is now open for Fall Session Training!
Starts September 19, 2021 at The Warehouse.

Come join us to improve your game.
Train. Compete. Win.


Beef Delivered To Your Door

Peyton is a former VA’er and NBC Camper.
Cool to hear her story! Check it out.


The heart of the pack is given to the student-athlete that exemplifies the characteristics, heart, and passion of a BMCC Timberwolf. Congratulations to Craig Mueller! Recipient of the men's basketball heart of the pack award!

Photos from NBC Basketball's post 05/31/2021

Photos from NBC Basketball's post


College bound! Congrats Anthony! #collegebasketball #collegebound #tekoa #playmaker #recruit #catchspokane #🏀


When Life is Difficult
Do you know someone who is suffering from depression, discouragement, or pain? Are you suffering right now? Many people throughout the world are struggling with deep issues and hardships. Here are a few ways to find comfort.

When life is hard, criticism cannot move you out of difficulty. Love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy are the tools needed.

Suffering reverberates in the mind and can make any place anxious, angry, or disturbing. Sleep can elude you when you are suffering. Create space to set troubled thoughts aside. Give your mind a break. Write your troubles on a piece of paper and allow yourself time to move away from the suffering. This can come through walking outside, asking God for help, repeating a beautiful verse, "God will keep in perfect peace the one whose mind is set on Him."

In suffering, be extra gentle, extra patient with yourself and others, extra slow to speak, slow to decide, slow to make permanent decisions.

When others are suffering, their pain can make life untenable for you so that you can't handle their pain and your own. We feel suffering in the deepest part of ourselves which can make us so uncomfortable we look for relief in blame, shame, addiction, depression, thoughts of giving up. Instead, visualize the pain moving out of your body into the arms of God, moving from your burden and into deepest love, hope, peace. Rest in that image.

When your pain and suffering become too great to bear, get outside help. This means connecting with a wise counselor who can help you stabilize during times of intense suffering and pain.

We need each other more during hardship, reach out. We need more comfort, be kind. If someone you know is suffering, your unconditional love means more than your advice.

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Send in a player form if interested in a spring/summer program of 6-8 local tourneys from april-august, skill training, program scrimmages, and an atmosphere for growth!


We are so excited to get back in the gym!

Spring Session 1 begins March 14 and runs 3 Sundays (open to 9-14 year olds). Limited spots available.

Spring Session 2 begins April 11 and runs 4 Sundays (open to 9-17 year olds).

At this point masks will be required. We look forward to working with you again real soon!

We are so excited to get back in the gym!

Spring Session 1 begins March 14 and runs 3 Sundays (open to 9-14 year olds). Limited spots available.

Spring Session 2 begins April 11 and runs 4 Sundays (open to 9-17 year olds).

At this point masks will be required. We look forward to working with you again real soon!

02/16/2021 12/30/2020

Anthony Gehring, 2021 Grad, 6'1" 165 lbs, PG/SG Skill Video

Great young man with a great work ethic.


NBC Basketball

Do you have a plan to work on your game? Join us for our next round of 4-week virtual training. Registration deadline is this Thursday. Find out more here and enroll soon!


NBC Basketball

We want to help you improve your game no matter where you live!

The next 4-week virtual training session starts October 12. Find out more about how we use the Famer app to help you learn and grow as a player. 09/29/2020

Varsity Academy - Spokane, WA Basketball Training

We aren't cleared to pick back up with VA in Spokane yet, but we are working on some other opportunities, including small group training. If you're dying to get back in the gym again, we hope to see you in October. Follow the link for more info. Very limited spots available so hop on ASAP! Ages 12-18 boys and girls. Fall and Spring basketball training in Spokane, Washington NBC Camps offers high school athletes Varsity Academy Division 1 and for younger athletesh Division 2 at the Spokane Warehouse. Get ready for basketball season today. 09/17/2020

Ritzville woman uses time away from college to start business

Shout out to one of our former campers. Good job Peyton!! 👏🏼👏🏼 RITZVILLE — When the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year, 20-year-old Peyton Curtis, an animal studies student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, really didn’t think it would amount to much.


Varsity Academy Spokane's cover photo


NBC Basketball

If you're serious about improving your skills this fall, we want to help you!
Join our 4-week sessions. Starting September 14.


Varsity Academy Spokane's cover photo


NBC Basketball

Virtual Basketball Camps Now Open for Registration!

Get a big dose of NBC Camps this summer from the safety of your home. Join coaches and campers virtually around the globe, get intensive workouts, and be inspired!

Here is the link to find out more!

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NBC Basketball

Parenting Generous Children

Here is a great description of generosity. The Red Sea is a life-giving body of water teeming with activity. The Red Sea receives water and lets out water. There is a natural give and take. Similarly a healthy person brings in and gives out. The Dead Sea, on the other hand, receives water but never gives water and therefore is dead. Nothing lives in this water or is sustained by the water. Selfish people only receive, they never give and therefore they are dead. They live meaningless lives.
Health is found in both the giving and receiving, the balance of getting inspiration, rest, self-care as well as giving inspiration, wisdom, and care for others.

Unselfishness is the discipline to be generous with our time, money, and effort to help those around us. Children who only receive money, time, and the effort of others and are never required to give these in proportion, often become entitled and selfish. A generous heart is a happy heart. Generosity is the quality of the most healthy on earth. It is truly better to give than to receive. Help your kids live in generosity toward you and toward their siblings.

1. Set time for the family to have a loving and honest conversation on noticing how much money, time, and effort are given and received.
2. Find fun and creative ways to serve as a family and give together of your time, money, and talent.
3. Avoid shame and anger as tools to motivate more unselfishness.
4. Celebrate acts of generosity without comparing.
5. Selfishness can be in entitlement. How much money, time, or effort are you or your family lavishing on a person or persons in your family? Find ways to balance the amount of flow with an equal balance of giving. Maybe draw a visual map to help see what is going on.
6. Generous children are often found in a relationship with parents who have great generosity with each other.

As you keep the images of the Red Sea, and the Dead Sea this can help you create the home you desire to give and take.

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NBC Connect Live Interview with Brendan Bowman

Brendan Bowman grew up attending NBC Basketball Camps and later worked on summer staff. He now works on the athletic training staff of the San Antonio Spurs....


3 Questions: R-Jay Barsh

3 Questions is part of the EXTRAordinary series produced by Mike Weaver with Refine Media. The series was started in the spring of 2020 during the coronaviru...


NBC Basketball

Practicing on your own can be tough. Here are some great ways to stay motivated!

Here are ways to break through thresholds this month and maintain your path of improvement.

Set goals. Identify one or two specific ways you want to deliberately improve your skill in one aspect of your talent. Write them down and post them. This goal is your roadmap.

Set up a challenge. As much as we don’t like tests, the intensity and heightened experience the test creates, causes our brain to remember more and work harder. This tension is a necessary component for improvement.

Perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect practice doesn’t mean you never make mistakes. Mistakes help push us and teach us but sadly, if you practice something inaccurately, poorly or halfheartedly, this kind of practice is dangerous. Practice should engage and challenge your mind and heart. If your practice is mediocre or worse, you will not improve. Stay motivated, get energized, and get better.

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NBC Connect Live Interview Kerie DePell

Kerie DePell, former head coach at Montana Tech, speaks about her experiences and provides wisdom and advice for players, parents, and coaches.

Varsity Academy Spokane

Varsity Academy began in 1999 with the mission of helping athletes succeed in sports and in life. We desire to challenge players to improve their game and become leaders in an encouraging environment with coaches who care.

We use this page as a platform to communicate about our VA programs, highlight athletes and coaches, provide motivation and tips, and promote our local NBC Basketball Clinics.

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10003 N Division St, Ste 100
Spokane, WA
Other Sport & Recreation in Spokane (show all)
Universal Warriors Dragon's Dojo Universal Warriors Dragon's Dojo
2325 N. Monroe Street
Spokane, 99201

Universal Warriors Dragon's Dojo is a Chuck Norris System and a hybrid martial art. Train to defend yourself against domestic and sexual abuse.

Meridian Farm Meridian Farm
2505 W. Gibbs Rd.
Spokane, 99224

Training and lessons for Show Jumpers and Hunters. All levels of experience welcome.

Toddler Waddler Toddler Waddler
Spokane, 99205

The Toddler Waddler is a little wooden bike which is designed to help young children develop their balancing skills, while having fun!

Flying Irish Running Club Flying Irish Running Club
700 N Division
Spokane, 99201

We didn't invent running, social runs, post run cold beverages or even being Irish but we are the biggest and best at doing them all! WE RUN SPOKANE!!

Jubilation Farm, LLC Jubilation Farm, LLC
10102 N Fairview Rd
Spokane, 99217

Proudly returning to Spokane, Caley Thomas will be offering a progressive structured H/J & equitation program based at the picturesque Fairview Farm.

Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo
Spokane, 99201

Spokane Great Outdoors & Bike Expo. February 23 & 24, 2019

TrivialMinds Live Team Trivia TrivialMinds Live Team Trivia
Coming To A Bar Near You
Spokane, 99205

Taking Trivia to a whole new level!!! Weekly clues for the TrivialMinds Live Team Trivia games around the Spokane area.

Allen's Cycle Allen's Cycle
6319 N Pittsburg St
Spokane, 99217

Motorcycle repair, restore, retail and salvage yard.

The Podium The Podium
511 West Dean Avenue
Spokane, 99201

Introducing an all new, indoor multi-sport venue (including a state-of-the-art 200-meter hydraulic banked track) coming to Spokane, WA in the fall of 2021.

Stimpi Ridge Disc Golf Course and Pro Shop Stimpi Ridge Disc Golf Course and Pro Shop
3003 W 47th Ave
Spokane, 99224

Fully stocked Disc Golf pro shop, which is open to the Public, by appointment.

Shred Sports Shred Sports
4505 N Division St
Spokane, 99207

Join us this October the 28th for an epic Ski Film Premier to help raise money for our local avalanche center. IPAC!!. Purchase your ticket at the link below!!