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Happy Birthday to this thirst trap of a man. You’re a good dude Mike Gerry always willing to stop what you’re doing and listen to others. Lots on your shoulders, thankfully you’re stacked and you’ll be fine. Lol.

I remember when I first found out I was going to have a daughter, scared out of my mind bc I grew up around nothing but dudes, I sought out Mike G (who has all girls). So thankful he reassured me that things were going to be ok, and to just be the best man I could be and things would work out. Preciate you bro!!
Is there an 8:00am class tomorrow? (Saturday 7/10)

It says on the WOD Saturdays have an 8am but on the class schedule it’s not available.
Hey fellow CrossFitters! We're a small gym in McCall and we're hosting a TEAM throwdown in August. We would love to see you come out for it. I hope it's okay to post on your FB page about it. :) Follow us on Instagram or check out details at
Coach Sam brought back the infamous Pizza game where friends quickly become enemies, but everyone has fun and eventually become friends again. It was said John D won… I’m not buying it.
Would anyone want to do the Spartan super (10k) in Snohomish on September 11?? I was going to register and wasn’t sure if anyone would wanna do it to!
Is anyone else having problems logging into Wodify for tracking challenge?
Joseph Rojan this morning 😂
Happy Friday!

We got together today to talk about reopening!

We are so excited to open our doors!

Stay tuned for the reopening date!

Thank you The Spin Barre for challenging us! We love a good challenge!!

Now we challenge...
Crossfit Spokane
Dynamite Enterprises
FatGirl Yoga
StrongHer Revolution

#blindinglightschallenge #blindinglightsdance #blindinglights #spincityspokane #acrazygoodtime #spokane
Two very different businesses pictured.

One is essential to fight diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atherosclerosis (where fatty deposits narrow your arteries), which can lead to coronary heart disease and stroke. the other is not.

One is scientifically proven to be essential to health. The other is not.

One is proven to reverse the very chronic illnesses that are most susceptible to Covid-19. The other is not.

One of these businesses is scientifically proven to help with depression and anxiety. The other is not.

One is considered an “essential” business, the other is not.

🤔 hmmmm which business is actually ESSENTIAL? Spokane, WA Local - News Break REOPEN WASHINGTON RE-OPEN SPOKANE

Who's actually in your corner and is going to help you not just survive but LIVE TO THRIVE!

Fight Back! Take control of your life and decisions.

This Virus ISN'T GOING AWAY! There WILL be another one!

Are YOU going to make the change in your life necessary to THRIVE?!

Or will you keep waiting for a cure and solutions from sources that may NEVER come?!

If you're ready to make a change, we're here to help:
Chrome Personal Training Centre, Inc.
Hardcore Gym Spokane
Crossfit Spokane
West Spokane Valley Fit Body Boot Camp
RE Fitness Studio
Spin City
Body By Biju/ Private Fitness Center - Spokane
Yarrow Hot Yoga & Wellness Studio
The Lab
Titan Fitness
The Union
Beyoutiful HOT YOGA - South Hill
Go The Distance Training
Air-O Fitness
CrossFit Dūrātus
Catalyst Fitness
Rewired Fitness Co.
South Perry Yoga, LLC at the Buddhio

If I tagged you please share. If I missed another local studio owner, please tag them.
If health is essential, then our gyms, especially the smaller boxes where capacity can be limited and safety can be prioritized should not remain closed by state and local officials.

We should be encouraging people to exercise and eat well during these times! Thank you Angela Gerry, owner of Crossfit Spokane, which is located in the heart of District 1, for speaking out on behalf of physical and mental health.

“We, in every way, should be considered essential, especially when we can control our environment...a CrossFit gym where you can cap sizes, (where) you know who is coming in and out of your doors and on a personal level. It’s a much more controlled environment than the grocery store or retail shop that has been considered essential,” [Angela] told Morning Chalk Up.

“It is a much more essential business than any pot shop, liquor store, or fast food restaurant that is now open,” she added.””

#CoronaResponse #Corona #Spokane
I just created this Facebook group to buy/sell gym and fitness equipment from Spokane to CdA. Please join if interested. This isn't spam, just a local trying to help connect local buyers and sellers.

Apple Podcast: CrossFit Spokane Wellness, Inc.

is a training facility dedicated to providing the best possible coaching and training to every member.

Operating as usual


What can we do to help you become happier, healthier, and stronger?⁠

A session in the gym.⁠
A cup of coffee.⁠
A few workouts to do at home.⁠
A new car.⁠

That last one was just to make sure you were paying attention.⁠

Seriously though, send us a quick message.⁠
We’d love to help.⁠

📸: @chriselamphotography


When was the last time you were a true beginner?⁠

As kids we’re beginners at everything.⁠
We try things, fail at first, and try again.⁠
Slowly we get better — we learn how to ride bikes, how to swim, and how to tie our shoes.⁠

Once you’re an adult it’s easy to avoid being a beginner. ⁠

You get used to being competent, and pretty soon learning something new seems terrifying.⁠

If you haven’t been a beginner lately, you may have forgotten that mastering a new skill is exhilarating. It fills you with pride and a feeling of possibility.⁠

After you try something new, your brain starts to think — if I did that, what else can I do? ⁠

Suddenly the world seems full of possibilities, not obstacles.⁠

Here, you can be a beginner in a safe, supportive environment. You’ll learn at your own pace, but you’ll be encouraged to push yourself. ⁠

All you have to do is show up.⁠

📸: @chriselamphotography


Are you achieving your goals? If not, it may be because you aren’t writing them down.⁠

This month, we challenge you to pick one goal and write it down. Think about something you’d like to accomplish, and instead of letting the idea flow in and out of your head, pick up a pen and write it down.⁠

Writing down goals helps in two ways. First, looking at a visual reminder of your goal every day keeps it top of mind.⁠

Second, writing helps with encoding, the process by ⁠
which our brain decides what gets stored in our long-term memory and what gets discarded.⁠

People who describe or write down their goals are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish them.⁠

After writing down your goal, think through the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen.⁠

Let’s say you want to come to an early morning class at the gym four days a week for a month. What do you have to do to accomplish that? It might be setting out your gym ⁠
clothes the night before, committing to an earlier bedtime, or asking a friend to hold you accountable.⁠

We love to help you achieve your goals! Tell us what you’d like to accomplish, and we’ll tell you how to get there.⁠

Send us a message or sign up for a free consultation using the link our bio - we'd love to chat!⁠

📸: @hannahacheson


Are you putting off joining a gym until you feel ready?⁠

Do you feel unprepared to join a group class where you’ll be asked to do things you’ve never tried before?⁠

We’ve all felt this. Don’t wait until you feel ready, because that day will never come.⁠

None of us feel completely ready to try something new, especially if it’s unfamiliar and challenging. However, transformation only happens on the other side of uncertainty.⁠

If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always had.⁠

You don’t have to get in shape before joining our gym. ⁠

We’ll meet you at your level, giving you enough of a push so you see results, with an intensity that’s sustainable over ⁠
the long term.⁠

Our coaches are experienced at working with all levels of fitness — from experienced athletes to people who’ve never set foot inside a gym.⁠

Come on in. Your transformation is waiting.⁠

Sign up for a free consultation using the link in our bio. We can't wait to meet you!⁠


This Saturday:
Festivus Games will be held at CrossFit Spokane Valley. We have a team competing as well as an individual. Come on out and support and cheer them on! Starts at 9am.
After that, pop on over to the convention center for the Empire Classic. Mike Gerry and I will be competing as well as Noah Pasino. They will have bodybuilding, strong man and power lifting all going on! (posting the link the the comments for tickets to the event).
A full day of fitness to be had!!!


Today we have a simple question: how can we help?⁠

Do you have a goal you’re struggling to achieve? ⁠

Questions about nutrition? ⁠

Wondering if you’re working out enough? Or maybe too much?⁠

Finding it hard to balance work, family, and your health?⁠

Send us a message letting us know how we can help.⁠

We are here for you.⁠

📸: @chriselamphotography


Right now you’re probably trying to figure out the perfect time to start this fitness journey.⁠

You might be thinking, “Those people seem really fit, I need to get into better shape before I try,” or “I’m really busy right now, I’ll go in when I have more time.”⁠

Here’s the thing:⁠
There will never be a perfect time.⁠
Life will always be busy.⁠
You’ll always wish you were in better shape.⁠

We avoid unfamiliar situations because for most of human history new experiences could be deadly. Staying inside our comfort zones kept us safe from predators and danger.⁠

However, in the modern world, thoughts like these aren’t helpful.⁠

In fact, they’re preventing you from a potentially life-changing experience.⁠

Here, you’ll be trying new things and meeting new people, but it will all take place in a safe, supportive environment. ⁠

Here, you’ll find just the right amount of “productive discomfort” where you can challenge yourself at your own pace under the watchful eye of knowledgeable, experienced coaches.⁠

We can’t wait to meet you!⁠

📸: @hannahacheson


We hear it all the time - exercise is boring, every day it’s the same thing over and over and over again.⁠

How many times have you hit the gym, completed the exact same routine, and then left feeling unfulfilled?⁠

We know we need to exercise to be healthy, but defaulting to a set period of time on a treadmill, stationary bike, rower, stair climber, elliptical, or the “get fit now” video series just doesn’t cut it.⁠

There is more to it than the heart rate elevating, the sweat pouring, and the calories burning.⁠

Routine is the enemy - plain and simple.⁠

Message us today to get started. Sign up for a free consultation using the link in our bio!⁠


Have you ever picked up something from the ground like a bag of dog food?

Guess what?
You performed a deadlift.
A functional movement.

Have you ever put an object on a shelf above your head?

Guess what?
You performed a shoulder press.
A functional movement.

Have you ever sat on a step?

Guess what?
You performed a squat.
A functional movement.

Want to know more about exactly what functional fitness is?

Sign up for a free consultation using the link in our bio and we can help you get started.

📸: @miles_pnw

Our Story

Since 2006 CrossFit Spokane has been a training facility dedicated to providing the best possible coaching and training to every person who come through our doors. Our goal is to make your life better outside of the gym by guiding, motivating and supporting you through your fitness journey.

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Warrior Camp Warrior Camp
5027 E Trent Ave
Spokane, 99212 MMA * Live Sparring * Jiu Jitsu * Wrestling * Muay Thai * Boxing