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Softball Lessons | Spokane | Brooks Baseball & Softball Academy 06/04/2021

Softball Lessons | Spokane | Brooks Baseball & Softball Academy

Outside lessons are in full swing (pun intended!). I do have the possibility of *some* inside lessons, but with school getting out soon, the emphasis is OUTSIDE! With my college students heading to summer jobs, and my HS students graduating, I do have a few openings for both baseball and softball! It's a GREAT time to come on as a new student! Hitting, fielding and foot work, arm mechanics, arm strength and health, pitching, vision training, and MORE! Go to for more details and contact info!

Softball Lessons | Spokane | Brooks Baseball & Softball Academy The #1 place in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene for professional lessons for Fastpitch, Slowpitch, and Baseball! Take your game to the NEXT level with Coach Tiff!

Brooks Baseball and Softball Academy updated their address. 04/24/2021

Brooks Baseball and Softball Academy updated their address.

Brooks Baseball and Softball Academy updated their address.

[02/21/21]   Very much looking forward to starting lessons again OUTSIDE as soon as the weather gets a bit better! Unfortunately, the owner of the Sprague Building (Old APX) has shut down the facility we were using for the majority of our fastpitch and baseball lessons and has re-purposed the building. I could not get adequate assurances of safety and adherence to COVID-safety policies at the other facilities, so we're sunk until the weather turns. Hang in there! Spring is coming, and I look forward to seeing you all soon, and helping everyone get back up to speed! Hopefully by NEXT winter, we'll be able to be back inside as we usually are. Fingers crossed! Health to all!

[12/09/20]   Well...we celebrated our first day of 3:57pm sunsets yesterday with an OUTDOOR lesson! It was a terrific day, with temps around 55-56 degrees for the couple hours we were outside. Grass was reasonably dry, but the infield was a mud bog. Nevertheless, we got our cuts in and worked our arms! :) Shout out to the BRAVE Terry I. and Kennedy R. for giving it a shot. Glad to say fun was had by all. :)🥎

[12/06/20]   Wishing everyone good health as we go into what may be an extremely difficult time. Please stay well and safe, and I will look forward to seeing you all and resuming our training after we battle through the other side! Hang tough, my friends!⚾️🥎


Happiest of Thanksgiving wishes to all my students (past, present, and future!), to all the supportive parents, and to all my friends near and far! May your day be warm and joyous! I am grateful and blessed.

[11/18/20]   Hi All! Just a heads-up that we'll be closed for indoor lessons until at least December 14. We just had a "chilly" set of lessons outdoors yesterday (11/17) that went well considering weather conditions! We'll be watching for the occasional day or two where the temps get up into the 50's and fields are reasonably usable so we can have a few spot lessons! Have a terrific and safe Thanksgiving! Thinking of you all!

[10/31/20]   Hi All! Now accepting a few new students (with flexible schedules). We're mostly indoors now for the winter at The Hitting Zone (12422 E. Desmet, off Pines), by appointment only, weekdays 10-1:30 pm (or so). We may occasionally be able to run a little later (maybe until 2pm or 3pm), but the limiting factor is keeping numbers down inside the facility to promote a COVID-safer environment with adequate distancing and air circulation. I know this is a really tough (or impossible) schedule for many to make, but with at least 2 other facilities now closed and one more soon to be, space is at a premium -- and safer space is even tougher to come by! I know some schools have allowed hitting/fielding lessons to substitute for PE. Might be worth checking on. :) Hang in there with me! As soon as we can get back outside, we will! C'mon SPRING! Miss seeing you all!

[07/18/20]   Thanks to everyone who came out this last week for lessons! It was great to see you all, and great to get started again! Shout outs to new baseball student, Tommy P. who just got started this last week, to Dawson L., who hit TWO bombs in the 12U wood bat tourney last weekend, to Peyton L. who is doing battle on the road, and to Bella B., Lilly M., Taylor M., Bella K., and Lindsay H. who are ALL still working hard to get better...even though their seasons were canceled! That's heart and love of the game right there! Proud of you all!

[07/12/20]   Shout out to Brooks BASA students Dawson L. and Tommy P. (Welcome aboard!) who are playing ball in the 12U Wood Bat Tourney in Post Falls, ID this weekend! Dawson hit a two run BLAST (over two fences) with WOOD last night! Attakid! Definitely in the Brooks Bomb Squad now! Stay hydrated, be safe, and CRUSH! Go get 'em, boys!


ALL DIAMONDS CLOSED AT PLANTE'S FERRY! l was just out there today, getting some baseball and softball work in and checking out the fields for upcoming lessons. Sadly, because whole teams and groups have been ignoring the COVID-19 rules, the County has now closed all the diamonds until further notice (see photos below). My guess is that they will not be re-opening until Phase 3... if we get there.


Hi All!

Welcome to Phase 2! We still have considerable requirements for social distancing, sanitizing...and having ONLY outside lessons right now, but.... GAME ON! Email me if you'd like to get on the schedule for next week!

Please continue to be safe...distancing, masks, etc. We're having a spike in cases in Spokane County the last few days (46 new cases over the last 5 days). If we aren't CAREFUL, we can be put back into Phase 1. Let's all do our part! We're in this together! Here's the official letter from the State on Phase 2 for Spokane County:

Looking forward to hearing from you all and SEEING you all soon! Let's go crush and kick up some dirt!

[05/20/20]   Update on Reopening: Sadly, Spokane Regional Health District has determined that we must wait until Phase 2 or until we get further guidance from Governor Inslee. I will keep everyone posted as I know more! Hang in there! Can't wait to see you all OUTSIDE for lessons!

[05/08/20]   Hi to all my students and families! Just a heads-up that IF we get to move to Phase 2 of the Washington State reopening plan soon, I will be looking at starting lessons again -- in much the same way we ended on March 23rd -- outside as much as possible, good social distancing (6' minimum, but 10' preferred due to some new studies), hand sanitizer, etc. I realize there may not be a huge demand right away, as tournaments, leagues, etc. have not yet been re-established, but if you'd like to have even an occasional lesson to maintain skills -- I will be here for you! PLEASE continue to wear masks in public, social/physical distance, and practice good hygiene! We all need to do our part to re-open SAFELY! Good health to you and yours!

[04/10/20]   Hi All!

Hope everyone is staying healthy!

So... I'm ready to get started next week looking at some of your uploaded videos (Are you/your athlete staying ready? Are you/your athlete training as much as you can?).

If you'd like to give it a try, I can review the procedure with you, and we can get started!

Please let me know if you'd like to give this a shot!

Wishing you all the best...and health to all!

[04/10/20]   Today's highlights: Hitting off the tee, doing J-Bands, and long-toss in fabulous weather at the park. Since I was moving and not congregating, and keeping TONS of social distance, I think I met the Stay at Home guidelines for outside long as I'm running solo. Back to home workouts!
What did you all do today to get better? Check in! :)

[03/24/20]   Hi All,

It is with great sadness that I'm posting this to let you all know I must discontinue all in-person lessons, as required by the Governor's Stay at Home Order. This is effective immediately, and will last until the Stay at Home Order is lifted.

Take heart! More details to follow in the next day or two, but I will be introducing video lessons/analysis and virtual lessons/discussion via Skype. This will be a great way to make sure you are not practicing the wrong things...or practicing bad form while at home. We can do hitting, arm mechanics, and even fielding analysis.

Soon...hopefully...we'll be back to having lessons together at APX, The Hitting Zone, and outside... but in the meantime...Let's not just maintain, but let's get you all BETTER! I pledge to put all the effort into your video lessons that I do when we're in person.

Stay tuned, stay well, and stay hopeful!

"Difficulties mastered are opportunities won" -- Sir Winston Churchill

[03/23/20]   Hi, all my BROOKSBASA BEASTS, families, and friends! I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. In-person lessons are continuing -- both inside and outside (weather-permitting) with safe-distance (minimum 6') requirements at all times, and much hand washing and/or hand sanitizing! Contact me if you'd like to schedule a session. PLEASE...if you are sick at all... coughing, sniflling, sore throat or fever...even recovering from a cold or flu, PLEASE RESCHEDULE! Coming soon: VIDEO ANALYSIS and COACHING! We'll be experimenting with parent/teammate shot videos hung on DropBox, then marked up/analyzed by me, and then we'll follow-up with some Skype and/or phone sessions. Adapt, survive, THRIVE! :) Hang tough! 🤜🤛⚾️🥎

[12/10/19]   Shout out to Taylor M.! She has been working hard on soft hands, good footwork, solid throwing mechanics, and... learning to dive for balls properly! Great work, BEAST!

[12/10/19]   Shout-out to Peyton L., who really stepped up last weekend...and crushed a DINGER into the fence at the indoor tournament! No...really...INTO the fence...where it stuck! WTG BEAST! Can't wait to see what colleges will soon come a knockin'! Very proud of you!

[12/02/19]   Shocked and saddened today to hear of the passing of one of my amazing Senior Softball students, Joe Young. Joe came to me a few years ago for a little help with rotational hitting, but primarily for proper throwing mechanics to help a painful arm/shoulder, and to learn some pro-level footwork at SS/2B. Joe was a member of the World Championship Men's Senior team a couple of years ago, and was inducted into the Spokane Softball Hall of Fame. He was upbeat, positive, had an incredible work ethic, and was in great physical shape when I had the honor of instructing him. He will be missed near and far, but especially in our softball community. RIP, Joe. Give 'em heck on the heavenly diamonds, my friend.


Happiest of Thanksgiving wishes to all my students (past, present, and future!), to all the supportive parents, and to all my friends near and far! May your day be warm and joyous!


Surf City Tourneys

Best of luck to Jaycee J., Bella K., and Lindsay H., who will all be competing against some VERY tough SoCal teams with their Spokane Mudhens 18U squad next week at this tournament: Lots of recruiters scheduled to attend. Go get 'em BEASTS!

[11/16/19]   Shout-outs are in order! Congrats to Hannah B. (CVHS) and Bella K. (Cheney HS) who were both named to the all-GSL first team for Fall Slowpitch! Further congrats to Hannah B. and Jaimie R.(LCHS), whose teams took 1st and 3rd in the state (respectively)! Great job! Now...let's crush some Fastpitch! :)🥎


Brooks BASA Beast of the Day is Taylor M.! After crushing baseballs with an adult -3 bat, she started crushing softballs... and started with a line drive rope to ... her water bottle! BOOM!

[08/29/19]   Greetings to all my students and their amazing, supportive families! First...good luck to all heading back to school! Things may get a little crazy for scheduling for a few weeks, but hopefully we'll get some regular times locked-in soon that will suit everyone's busy schedules! Make sure to read the scheduling emails for info on long-term scheduling Sept-Feb!
Happy Labor Day to all! ⚾️🥎


Shout-out to Stevie S., who was just named her team's MVP/All-Star as she led her team to a 3rd place finish...with a HR! Great job, Stevie!


Jaycee J. just went Yahtzee(!) in her 2nd game in Nationals, and drove in two of three runs in game 1! Peyton L. almost went yard, too! Stand-up double! #BrooksBombSquad #Beasts

[07/24/19]   Big Shout-out to Brooks Bomb Squad members, Jaycee J. and Peyton L.! Peyton hit TWO dingers, back-to-back in the 4th of July Tournament, and Jaycee crushed her first of the summer! Huge Shout-outs to Lindsay H., who hit an incredible .800 in the State Championships in Boise, Abby L. went yard (AGAIN!) last weekend in McCall after helping her team win GOLD in their bracket at the 4th of July Tournament, and Jaycee led her team to a third place finish in the State Championships. Another Big Shout-out to Dawson "Iron Man" L., who catches pretty much every game and then crushes balls to the fence, and to Bella "Iron Woman" B., who also catches pretty much every single game, gunning runners out, and helped her team to a 3rd place in their bracket at the 4th of July Tournament at Franklin! Attakids! Finally a Big Shout-out to Sophia F., who just had a terrific 4-4 performance (with two doubles!) en route to helping her team take silver in Selah! who did I miss? Remind me/Fill me in! It's been an amazing few weeks! Great job to all! Way to leave it all on the field! Play Hard and Dream Big!

[06/21/19]   Welcome aboard to new student, Lilly M.! Gonna be a beast at the plate! :)

[06/21/19]   Happy Summer Solstice/First Day of Summer! Let's start Summer off right with some Shout-outs! First to Elise W. and Hannah T., who showed amazing improvement this year in their school ball hitting! Hannah hit .375 and Elise came up from the .100 range the year before to finish up with a .372!!! Well done girls! Very proud of you! Stevie S. continues to impress, with a GRAND SLAM this last week (Attakid!!!), and I have three of my Senior Slowpitch players (Cindy, Pam, and Terry) at Nationals right now, with the possibility of everyone coming home with hardware! Great week, and a testament to the hard work and passion all of you have for the game! SO... what other great accomplishments did I miss??? Let me know, and I'll get them posted!


Big Shout-outs to two of my BEAST pitchers! Luke F. Threw a complete game shutout to help his Spokane Angels team to a 6-0 win! He K'd 4, while only giving up 3 hits in 6 innings! Attaboy! Mylie M. pitched 6 innings over 3 games, K'ing an amazing 12 batters! Awesome! Very proud of you both! You've both come leaps and bounds since we started! :)




A very special shout-out to Bella B., who helped lead her Stealth team to a Silver Bracket Championship last weekend!!! She was a BEAST both at the plate and behind it, with numerous hits, great patience at the plate (several BB's!), and even threw a runner out at 2nd! Attagirl! Way to put all that hard training to work!

[05/11/19]   Shout-outs! Different week, different heroes! So darned proud of everyone!

Hitting: Great job to Madi C., who hit ANOTHER Home Run, then went 4/7 with 3B, 2B, and two 1B's! Fin H. is tearing it up in her league now, with 4 BB's in one game, then a bases-loaded 2B and then a second 2B! Next game, she rocked second base when not behind the plate, then ripped a 3B! Attagirl! Shout-out to Taylor E., who is working hard to lock-in lefty hitting, and got a nice base knock this week, and to Lindsay H., who just ripped a 2B and had a couple of singles earlier in the week! Way to go!

Pitching: Top Fastpitch honors to Eliona M., who had an amazing 14K's in 7 innings (2 games, 5 innings/2 innings)! For a young woman who has just learned to pitch this last year, that's a truly terrific accomplishment! Top Baseball honors to Luke F., who has been working really hard on form, arm strength, and control, and just dominated on the mound with a 4-pitch inning (!!!!) in his last tournament! Great progress, Luke! Shout-out to Mylie M., also, who has really been progressing in her pitching, and threw solidly this last week! Attagirl!

Finally...Shout-outs to Jaycee J. and Ethan J., who are both headed to State, and to all my students playing in Districts or Regionals! Proud of you all!

Please let me know if I missed anyone's great work this week!

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A little delayed, but a big shout out to Sydney J. who not only hit a homerun a week ago, but got it on video!  Great jo...



Outside lessons ONLY during Phase 2.


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