Spokane Sport Horse Farm

Spokane Sport Horse Farm


Hello friends. I don't know if you have heard but a developer is looking to purchase and build on the trail system currently used by the WA State Horsepark. The Horsepark needs your voice to help them to preserve some of this space for use by equestrians. Please write the City of CleElum at [email protected] in support of the Horsepark and sign this petition that we will be giving to the city planning committee on September 10th. Also please share this petition post on every equine website and with every equine friend you know so that we can unite to save the WA State Horsepark Trail System!
Events at the Sport Hose Farm are always so fun to photograph and the people are all having a good time! Here are just a few images - Enjoy!
I would love to find someone for braiding at the dressage shows.
Four seats left for tonight's webinar, led by this amazing PNW eventer!!!
Merry Christmas and thank you for generously sharing your farm to make happy memories this year!
Wonderful 12 year old mare available for half lease at Spokane Sport Horse Farm, English and Western, good on trails. No vices. Looking for someone with some experience because I want her to continue moving forward in her training, not because she is difficult. Access to outdoor arena, indoor, and trails. Please contact me at 808.223.6862 for more information and to come try her out. 300$/month.
Anyone competing this weekend heading towards Portland with room in the trailer for one ? I’m looking for a ride for a horse from Spokane to Portland!
RRA is pleased to bring Paula Kierkegaard for our first Spring clinic! Paula will be here at RRA March 21-22. Here she is schooling a student in piaffe. Paula is a retired USEF "R" Dressage Judge, a USEF "R" Western Dressage Judge, AND USEA Judge. Her bio reads like a "Who's Who" of classical training. Paula Kierkegaard is an author, judge, trainer AND instructor with over 40 years experience in the dressage arena. She has developed or assisted in the development of many Grand Prix dressage horses and is committed to the classical work. This clinic is for ALL dressage enthusiasts, modern, classical, AND western. Ride or audit, but be prepared to learn, expand, and increase your understanding of the art of dressage. PM me to register, there are only 15 rides available!
For lease at Spokane Sport Horse: Dakota, 2007 dressage mustang!

Dakota is schooling all of second level and pretty confirmed in most movements. He has scored in the mid 60s at schooling shows through first level. He’s fancy (possibly some Iberian blood), correctly trained, and not spooky, but he does have a lot of energy and needs a rider with good balance and soft, giving hands. He stands a stout 15 hh. I’m almost 5’ 11” and don’t look terribly big on him. Rider weight limit of 180 lbs.

I’d love to find someone who has previous dressage training or plenty of good dressage-based flatwork experience. I’ll expect his leaser to take regular dressage lessons with one of the several excellent teachers available at SSH. There are also regular clinics available.

Half or full lease possible – must be at SSH. I will expect one day set aside each week for me to ride him. Many competition and clinic videos available upon request. Lease price is negotiable depending on your experience and number of expected rides and lessons per week. My goal is a good fit and good affordability for you.

Courtney, 541-870-4176 or DM me. Thanks!
He's back! World renown horseman, veterinarian, author and berieter Dr Gerd Heuschmann, is coming back October 21-22 to Relational Riding Academy in Cheney Wa. If you missed him in May, now is your chance to meet him, listen to his wisdom and choose your riding future. Get updated on the condition of modern dressage around the world and build your understanding of the classical principles, biomechanics and rider dynamics. For registration go to http://www.relationalridingacademy.com/DrGerd
Breanna getting a gift certificate for her birthday to be able to school cross country.
Breanna getting a gift certificate for her birthday to be able to school cross country.

Spokane Sport Horse Farm is a premier boarding, training and breeding facility, owned and developed by Christel Carlson.The Farm sits on 150 beautiful acres, five miles southwest of Spokane.With 3 large barns ,and a beatuiful Indoor Arena,

Operating as usual

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post 05/19/2021

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post 05/19/2021

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post 05/19/2021

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post 05/19/2021



Coming soon to an adult rider Eventing camp near you ..

Our dear friend and coach, Sharon White and Cooley on Show. Beyond words!! Erin Gilmore Photography.


The Jay Duke Show, Season 2, Ep 11: Concussion Roundtable

Please watch. Dressage and trail riders have head injuries as well- not just those who jump
I watched the recorded version now available

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post 04/01/2021

Could court cases for many of us be far behind ?

Improving Balance at First Level 02/24/2021

Improving Balance at First Level

Almost 30 years ago..my lessons this weekend with lilo involved those same basics.. but we had some remarkable horses and riders with a couple of really special coming GP horses. Was such an honor and pleasure to Have Lilo here. She will return April 16-18. Plan to audit.

Improving Balance at First Level This video is an excerpt from the 1993 USDF National Symposium featuring Michael Poulin and Lilo Fore. Watch as they give exercises that progress toward First Level balance. For more videos like th…

Photos from Spokane Sport Horse Farm's post 01/24/2021

New rules for the national champs (Lamplight) at int 1 and Gp for 2021 require 3 shows over 3 weekends judged by a panel of 3 S or FEI judges. My shows will remain level 3 qualifiers for FEI young horse and the Jr Yr for those lamplight champs unless or until that rule changes as well. For 26 years now I’ve offered quality recognized dressage shows and often underwritten the costs for them to be qualifiers. But for the one or two rides we might have I can’t justify costs for another judge unless entries required three arenas. With Devonwood and Donida already stepping up to accomplish this and adding weekends I expect entries to plummet here. Very few travel east to compete. I will welcome everyone else to shows in 2021 with some improvements in grounds and footing and wish those on a trek for small and large tour national championships all the best.

VIDEO: New music from Willie Nelson celebrates rescue horses | AGDAILY 12/15/2020

VIDEO: New music from Willie Nelson celebrates rescue horses | AGDAILY

A friend shared this with me..it can be expensive and difficult to keep an older horse that served you well..I know as I have more retired than riding horses myself. But they know you and trust you to help them..don’t dump them in the killer auctions..there aren’t enough good souls out there able to rescue , Re home or euthanize them if that was the best answer. That $10-$20-$100 you can give a local rescue might make a miracle happen

VIDEO: New music from Willie Nelson celebrates rescue horses | AGDAILY Willie Nelson recently released his new music video for the single, "Ride Me Back Home," which was dedicated to his rescue horses.


Please wear a good helmet-purchase based on science more than just color accent choices. When the MIPS technology came out my daughter and I purchased new Charles Owens mips -helpfully fitted by the Gallop’s folks right here at our event last year. They aren’t the most expensive, they don’t have glitter and fancy colors but they fit perfectly and will help protect us. We wear our helmets-every ride-while loading even the most trusted horses in the trailer (my own worst concussion and an injury that affects my daily life came during loading a trusted horse)-I even put mine on when I start grooming ala pony club rules. Accidents happen-life changes forever within seconds.

If you read one social post today let this be it...

These images show the helmet of top US Showjumper Laura Kraut after her recent fall. Laura’s horse was wearing studs and as Laura landed her head was stepped on twice.

Laura sustained injuries to her face but incredibly is back in the show ring today as her helmet was designed to withstand this kind of impact scenario, the PAS 015 (PAS 015:2011) standard, with a BSI Kitemark (this kitemark means the helmet is retested every year).

If your helmet does not show this 'PAS 015' BSI Kitemark on the label, your helmet is not designed to withstand this level of crush or stud injury.*

What could have been a much worse injury wasn’t just prevented because she wore a helmet, but because she wore THE RIGHT helmet.

You only get one head and one brain, protect it with the best. All Charles Owen helmets are made in Britain and tested in our in-house testing facility.

Please share this post to protect your fellow riders from a future fatal accident and to raise awareness of the importance of the ‘PAS 015’ standard.

Laura wore an Ayr8 on the day of her accident and is remarkably already back competing today.

*SNELL safety standard also provides a very high level of protection for crush and stud injuries, you can find this in our 4STAR helmet. VG1 & ASTM do also provide a level of protection but not to the same level as PAS 015.

sasequinephotography.pixieset.com 06/27/2020


Rainbow braids for Pride Month. Just something so beautiful. If you have ever tried to braid a horse...

sasequinephotography.pixieset.com Photo by SAS Equine Photography


Spokane Sport Horse Farm

Short notice informal dressage schooling day- Saturday, June 20th. Time for some fun in the sandbox again!


Short notice informal dressage schooling day- Saturday, June 20th. Time for some fun in the sandbox again!


[05/24/20]   today and yesterday is what spring on the farm makes me happy. 60 degree weather, sunshine, everything green and growing, happy horse folks, and fun.

[05/18/20]   June Dressage Show was Cancelled to comply with state of Washington guidelines for Covid. We are hopeful that we can offer the July and August Dressage shows. Let us know if you would consider attending to compete and/or volunteering.


What face masks actually do against coronavirus

One of the requirements for shows to return is the use of a mask- by staff, officials, volunteers and competitors. Spectators aren’t allowed. This is an excellent explanation of why a mask...

Face masks don't make you invincible. Support Vox by joining the Video Lab at http://vox.com/join or making a one-time contribution: http://vox.com/contribut...

[05/04/20]   Due to the Governor's edict and todays USEF video conference, our June dressage show is cancelled as we will not meet the dates and requirements for hosting a recreational event with more than 50 people. we remain cautiously hopeful for our remaining shows and events.


I recommend this course to all barn and horse owners. While the course direct charges $1 instead of the $150+ usual the site add about $4 in taxes and fees for a total of around $5. You’ll save more than that in your first month I’ll bet by choosing your horses feed with education and not emotion 😉



Excellent use of a $1 for your horse. Sign up via email!!


chronofhorse.com 04/17/2020

All Brentina Ever Wanted Was A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Happy to be there that night as one of the ones clapping and yelling- during hush hush dressage no less! Watch the video-you see a true partnership of rider and horse, dancing to the songs- interpreting the music.

chronofhorse.com The 2020 FEI Dressage and Show Jumping World Cup Finals were scheduled to take place this week in Las Vegas. They were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe. In honor of the event, we'll be hosting a variety of articles on coth.co...

[03/24/20]   Stay Home
Stay Healthy

We are closed for haul ins, clinics and lessons until the situation changes.

[03/22/20]   I regret to announce that our 25th annual level 3 dressage show to be held May 23-24, 2020 is now officially cancelled. We will keep you updated as to whether any of our later shows can proceed this year. Please everyone keep your distance and don’t go out if you don’t feel well. As a physician the disregard I am still seeing is terrifying to me. Respiratory failure and dying in an ICU is NOT what anyone wants to happen to them or their family or friends.


Eventing Nation

A clear demo for social distancing

Time for a laugh, eh? We could all use one. This mare has this whole "social distancing" idea down:

[03/13/20]   Given the announcements of today by national, state and sports organizations I feel we need to cancel the April schooling event. Any entries will be returned in full. The next 10 days will likely give us some direction as to whether we can proceed with the may recognized event or not.

If you are healthy and your horse healthy you may still make arrangements to school independently. Many of the jumps are out in new places and the trails are coming along as we progress toward a fall 2021 FEI event.

We hold everyone in our thoughts and prayers as a new reality arises. Please be kind to one another, be sensible if you don’t feel well and isolate yourself voluntarily, don’t hoard essentials. A horse show is not a necessity but caring for others is.


spokanesporthorse.com 03/07/2020

Spokane Sport Horse Farm

go to www.spokanesporthorse.com for the entry form for the one day event (actually 3 days of options) click on the event on the right or under forms.

spokanesporthorse.com Clean, quiet, quality, and just minutes away from our facility. Don’t forget to mention that you’re participating in a SSHF event to qualify for special rates and the special attention you deserve . . .ask for code LTSC

[03/05/20]   ok folks, a couple of our part time folks are moving on to bigger things. While we wish them well, we are in need of one full-time person. Call Gail 509-999-6611 farm work, cleaning stalls, hay, etc. some lifting of up to 80#, MUST PASS BACKGROUND CHECK, riding horses is NOT part of the job.


A beautiful cold morning 8* but warmer in the indoor- a balmy 25* and the intrepid cavaletti group showed up to play. Kudos to Lee Ellyn for hauling in. We are trying to keep some wed am wed pm cavaletti lessons going on a weekly basis . We can turn those into jump grid lessons for the eventors easily.
Other days and times available for any lessons. If I’m here on the weekend and not on the judge or education circuit we can do a weekend day as well.

[01/09/20]   Hi everyone. Jan winter storm means I cancelled the GailRedinger clinic this wed 1/15. Stay safe and warm all!

dressageandsporthorse.com 12/16/2019


This is a nice quick review of why I’m so determined to help you with your position. Why when we fix that we can then work on the ‘movements’.

dressageandsporthorse.com   By PEGGY CUMMINGS What prevents dressage riders from going beyond Training or First Level? Why are so many backyard riders not able to get their horse off the forehand? Why is it that so many performance horses have poor walks and why are there so many cases of bridle lameness? All of these limit...

equimanagement.com 12/11/2019

Barometric Pressure and Equine Colic

Interesting..we always said with weather changes we keep an extra close eye on everyone

equimanagement.com College thesis paper looks at the relationship between barometric pressure and incidence of colic in horses.

blog.dressagenaturally.net 12/07/2019

An Assumption Of Obligingness

This was the discussion in a lesson just the other day.. isn’t it amazing they do anything with us? But the exAct reason we can’t change the rules on them..the approach has to be systematic, quiet and slowed down to their time frame as they can’t see the big picture we might have plans for. Why we start all over again when we change direction..but the entire underlying premise is how fortunate we are to be able to ride and share a moment with these generous creatures. Not so sorry that my student’s horses know they get a cookie and neck pat at the start of a lesson (old pony clubber-I check tack quickly on everyone) and at the end. They know and expect!
‘Calculus to an alien’..funny I use the phrase horse calculus all the time when we start something new- maybe because differential equations was often a mind bender for me 😉

blog.dressagenaturally.net Many riders don't enjoy the process of training or learning to ride dressage. Many problems come from riders demanding performance instead of appreciating effort. Learn how to enjoy learning and doing dressage by believing that it shouldn't work!


Training with positive reward is often better for both of you.


How does this apply to schooling/training? Frontal lobes are involved in higher mental functions such as reasoning. This means that horses cannot reason or plan to be naughty. They cannot be blamed for bad behavior or poor performance. They cannot recognize future consequences. Horses simply react to the situation. They learn through conditioning and memory.

I see and hear so many riders anthropomorphize their horses instead of finding better training tools. Phrases such as, ‘he just likes to be difficult’ or ‘this pony is so naughty’ or ‘he understands or knows what I want, but won’t do it’, or ‘he moves his hindquarters at every halt just to irritate me’. Horses do not know what we want unless we explain it in a manner that they can understand immediately.

A few months ago a rider told me how her horse ‘just does not want to co-operate’. It started with overt flight behavior and then became a subtle ‘snatchy’ movement of the nose. I asked her whether it could be due to discomfort. She answered, ‘no, she is just naughty’. It turned out that the horse was suffering from laminitis and was in severe discomfort! It made me want to cry.

At the moment I am training a young horse from scratch. I also used phrases such as, ‘she has a short fuse’ and ‘she challenges me every step of the way’. Then I realized that everything I was doing on this horse was completely new to her. I realized how frightening that must be for an animal with no reasoning ability. She was actually trying hard to understand me, but when new instructions were a tad confusing, she showed me in no uncertain terms that she did not understand it. The horse’s reactions to learning new skills all depends on personality. This particular horse is extremely sensitive and an introvert. Utopia, my older horse, is less sensitive and a complete extrovert. She can deal with much more pressure than the youngster. The message for me is that I must train each horse with the kind of pressure which they can deal with. Each horse has a different tolerance for pressure. Us riders have to be adaptable to each horse’s ability to deal with pressure. Personally I find that most behavioral problems stem from confusion, discomfort and too much pressure. Photo is the equine brain in front of the human brain.

Thanks to Karin Blignault for the info!!

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Welcome to the 4th annual Fall Event!
puppy steeplechase- Large dog heat
A fun day at Rebecca farm for Mickey Mouse and Cyra going Novice three day.
Great time galloping through the new water jump for the first time! Great friends made it extra enjoyable!
Cyra and Mickey conquering the water jump!
Gretta- 2003 Lippizan mare




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