Spokane Boxing Gym

Spokane Boxing Gym


Great sparring at Spokane Boxing Gym 🥊!!
Great trip to Spokane! Went to 2 different gyms for sparring! Great experience and always improving🥊. Thank you Hillyard Hammer's BoxFit and Spokane Boxing Gym for having us🥊
Howdy y’all!!
Probably most don’t know me but I went to this gym for like 8ish years years ago- a second home!

Wanted to let y’all know that one of my dream ideas came true this next quarter at my job! I work at Seattle Childrens Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Skills center which is Long winded name for a recreation and lifelong learning center for adults with autism, different development and intellectual, physical disabilities and just different abilities altogether!

I am teaching an adaptive boxing class for them this next 6 months or so which has been a dream of mine forever!
If anyone has any ideas for low impact/adaptive but fun and exciting activities/lessons to teach them techniques and overall promote excessive and self confidence let me know! Even adaptive gear ideas…

This gym has always said that boxing is for everyone and damn right it is. I am so excited to share my love and the sport that gave me everything to my favorite people ever.
Cheers to Spokane Boxing! 🥊💕
*Here’s us at title boxing in precedented days where we could breathe near each other.*
Indeed my ass was kicked!
Would anyone be interested in doing a group run at Manito park tomorrow AM?
Spokane Boxing Gym packs a punch, but now the ring will be packing punk; Rick Welliver operate his gym by day, but, on some nights, the ropes will drop, and the ring will be converted into Club Pompii, a Spokane stage for old school and emerging punk that used to occupy the same building.

City of Spokane Police Department officers become coaches and mentors for kids as the Police Activities League Boxing Program gets going again at Spokane Boxing Gym.
It is with great sadness to report that coach Ray Atwood is moving to Alabama on April 14th. We simply cannot let him go without a proper send off. The place will be Brick West Brewing Co. The day has yet to be determined. Considering Saturday, April 3rd, around 5 pm. Let me know if that works for everyone.
A few more photos from this week's PAL Boxing!

What an amazing partnership with Spokane Police Foundation, Spokane PD, Spokane Youth For Christ and Spokane Boxing Gym!
What are the class times for Fridays? Thanks!
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Special thanks to Spokane Boxing Gym!

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Have you watched all of the amazing Arts Mean Business music videos yet?! You can now watch all four videos!

Spokane Arts was honored to be able to put Spokane County CARES Act funds to work hiring local musicians and local filmmakers to create original songs and music videos in support of their favorite local businesses! Thanks to Greater Spokane Incorporated for the grant support that made this project possible. Plus, a big thank you to project producer Juan A Mas of Purple Crayon Pictures for helping coordinate all the details to make sure each video was shot thoughtfully and safely!

• by Buffalo Jones
• at The Big Dipper Spokane
• filmed by Michael Notar of Shutterworks Rentals Spokane
• produced by Purple Crayon Pictures

"No Man's Land"
• by Olivia Brownlee
• at the Northwest Mediation Center
• filmed by Miguel Maltos Gonzales
• produced by LTNX Artes and Purple Crayon Pictures

• by The Practicals
• at Spokane Boxing Gym
• filmed by Darrien Mack
• produced by Darrien Mack and Purple Crayon Pictures

• by Ayre the Rapper
• at Rain Lounge Spokane/Scratch Restaurant
• directed by Misty Grace of Mermaid Motel Media
• filmed by Trevin Spencer
• produced by Purple Crayon Pictures

Behind the Scenes
• filmed by Spokane Falls Community College students Alonso Banuelos and Kyle Freese

A boxing gym for everybody. Health, fitness, and to be a part of a special community. A gym that caters to every need. We have pro boxers, amateur boxers, and also the general public working out at our gym.

Operating as usual


Tonight's the night to get in a kick-ass workout at Spokane Boxing Gym

We are kicking off our new class just for women. Starts today @5:45pm for 45 minutes, every Monday & Wednesday for the next 10 weeks $125

We are offering an optional Saturday class 11AM
Gloves provided, but there will also be gloves for sale. You can also drop in for class for $10 a class.

This will be the best workout, no excuses!!!

🥊 👊


TAKE NOTE: there will be no GIRLS BOXING class tonight. We will be back this coming Saturday 3/19 @ 9am


Boxing, like life, takes some work if you want to make your life better, achieve your goals, or just be confident & happy!!

Every damn day we come together as a team and a community of humans wanting to be better. We help one another through the tough times, times of injury, and times of uncertainty 🥊. That's what it means to be "FAMILY"

If this sounds good to you come to the gym and become part of the Spokane Boxing family! There is a place for EVERYONE ❤ 🖤



The time is NOW!!
Stop HOPING and just START🥊

Next Wednesday we will be starting a class just for ladies on Mondays & Wednesdays @ 5:45pm and Saturdays @ 11 am for 45 minutes of a great workout physically and mentally!!

Sign up for 10 weeks $125 or
drop in for $10 a class.

We have gloves for you to use and also for sale if you want your own pair!

👊 🥊


Starting next Wednesday, March 16th

Women's Workout Classes twice a week on Mondays & Wednesdays @5:45pm for 45 mins with an optional 3rd weekly workout on Saturdays @11am.

10 weeks for $125 or
drop in for $10 a class.

Gloves will be provided and for sale. No refunds.



We are here for you.

We are here for motivation.

We are here to lend support.

All that's left is for you to be HERE. 🖤❤



TGIF 🥊 Friday Vibes

🥊 👊


It's almost the end of February and if you're still sitting around thinking about working out, get off your a$$ and get to the gym!! You're not going to get stronger by thinking, stronger happens when you are working on it 💪


Coming Soon!

Ladies Workout classes twice each week at 5:45pm
Stay tuned for exact start date and days!



It’s a new year. Going forward everyone will get current with money owed. No exceptions.


That's right! We have a Girls Boxing class on Saturdays @9am and Tuesdays 5:45 pm
Email Coach Nicole [email protected] for more information.

🥊 🥊 👊 💪

Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store 12/03/2021

Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store

Only 3 more days to order!

This is a great way to support not only the gym but a local small business, Dynamite Enterprises, they do all the printing and shipping right here in Spokane!!

Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store Online ordering for Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store ends on Sunday December 5th, 2021 (11:59pm PST)

'He’s what’s right about the world': Shriner's Children's Hospital helps future boxer on his road to recovery 12/01/2021

'He’s what’s right about the world': Shriner's Children's Hospital helps future boxer on his road to recovery

This is what we do!

'He’s what’s right about the world': Shriner's Children's Hospital helps future boxer on his road to recovery When Yakobo Mleha was a young boy living in Tanzania he broke his lower and it was never properly treated.

'He’s what’s right about the world': Shriner's Children's Hospital helps future boxer on his road to recovery 12/01/2021

'He’s what’s right about the world': Shriner's Children's Hospital helps future boxer on his road to recovery

A great story about one of our boxers. The gym is a place where all come together to support each other no matter their journey.

'He’s what’s right about the world': Shriner's Children's Hospital helps future boxer on his road to recovery When Yakobo Mleha was a young boy living in Tanzania he broke his lower and it was never properly treated.

Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store 11/26/2021

Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store

Gear Store open til December 5th.

Something for everyone on your gift list 🎄🎁

Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store Online ordering for Spokane Boxing Stencil Logo Store ends on Sunday December 5th, 2021 (11:59pm PST)


It doesn’t matter where you come from. What matters is where you are going. Where are you going?

Photos from Spokane Boxing Gym's post 11/20/2021

Friday night in the gym 🥊🖤❤️


Boxing isn't just a sport. It's not just fitness. For many, boxing is a pathway to hope.

"Helping needy kids through a sport that helped me so much growing up has been my goal much of the last 20+ years." - Coach Rick

As a non-profit, we are always looking for wars to fund the gym, to enable growth in the communities in and around Spokane, WA and in Silver Valley, ID and the surrounding communities. If you have a heart for supporting our vision and helping at-risk youth, give Rick a call at (509)217-0731 to discuss the opportunities that are available for you to contribute.

We are strong because of each INDIVIDUAL member and our TEAM! We'd love for you to join us 🥊



Be sure to thank a veteran today and everyday. Their willingness to serve allows us to live in this country. 🙏🇺🇸



You will never ever ever ever regret going hard, in a fight or in life! Always do YOUR BEST 🥊

🥊 👊 🥊


A few of our boxers🥊 are heading to Missoula, MT this coming Saturday for Missoula Boxing Club presents ZOOTOWN THROWDOWN; Olympic style Amateur boxing at the Hilton Garden Inn.

If you see Jorge, Al, or Bear in the next couple of days wish them well. They've been working hard, so let them know our gym is rooting for them 🖤 ❤️ 🖤 ❤️ 🖤 ❤️



Due to an emergency I will not be in the gym this AM.


Spokane Boxing is closed Saturday July 3rd and 4th in observance of Independence Day.

Spokane Boxing Gear Store 06/28/2021

Spokane Boxing Gear Store

Gear shop is open!

Check out the great ladies items, we have expanded the options for our ladies that box - take a look!

Spokane Boxing Gear Store Online ordering for Spokane Boxing Gear Store ends on Sunday July 11th, 2021 (11:59pm PDT)

Spokane Boxing Gear Store 06/28/2021

Spokane Boxing Gear Store

Spokane Boxing Gear Store Online ordering for Spokane Boxing Gear Store ends on Sunday July 11th, 2021 (11:59pm PDT)


Spokane Boxing will be closing tonight 5:30. Sorry for the short notice.


Tomorrow is Hit Like A Gurl day!

9am the badass girls of Spokane Boxing Gym gather to train their bodies AND their minds.

It's an all ages class so if this sounds like your tribe or your daughter's tribe email Nicole [email protected] to sign up!



Our final bout of the night Jorge won!!!


Second Spokane Boxing bout of the night and Benny takes it!!


First fight of the night for Spokane Boxing and Kristina takes the bout!

Way to go 🥊


This is the future . . . . . of boxing, of our gym, and of our community!
Support those that support our kids.


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Stay Fearless
Planks for today!
Jumpin Rope


General Manager

Rick Welliver


Groups Reserve Walkins

Price Range



Classes Wednesday at
10am. 11am. 12-15 people tops.
Get in. Work hard. Get out. Be on time. Don’t be late.

Payment Options

Cash Mastercard Visa




115 S Jefferson
Spokane, WA

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 12pm
4pm - 8pm
Tuesday 10am - 12pm
4pm - 8pm
Wednesday 10am - 12pm
4pm - 8pm
Thursday 10am - 12pm
4pm - 8pm
Friday 10am - 12pm
4pm - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm

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Our Mission: Create Belief - Inspire Hope - Change Lives