Precision Pilates of Spokane

Precision Pilates of Spokane


Congratulations Precision Pilates of Spokane! Here's your chance for all of you who have been thinking about joining. FYI you don't have to be in Spokane, Washington anymore, everyone can do it!
Looking to shop local this year?? Project Beauty Share partners with local small businesses in our community and they could use your support!


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From a past years red nose day since my virtual red nose is not cooperating. 
Are you in Spokane, Washington?

Come join me TONIGHT, Dec 6th 5:30-7:30 at Precision Pilates of Spokane for their annual open house!

There will be shopping, food, spirits & giveaways!


See you at 5:30!
215 W. 2nd Ave, suite B
Spokane, WA 99201

**** you enter off the alley ****
Have you heard about ZYIA Active yet?

Many of you know Jen is retiring at the end of this month so I have been looking for an opportunity to make up some of the difference and also be able to stay home with the littles as much as possible.

I was 1st introduced to ZYIA from my sister Amber, she was so excited about it and decided to carry it as one of the lines of activewear at her studio Precision Pilates of Spokane. I immediately wanted to be a part of the company after experiencing the products and looking into the company and their core values. I decided to become a ZYIA Independent Representative under Amber. While she has the studio to showcase the line, the company itself was designed under the at home or online party model. Which gives mamas like me the opportunity to contribute to the household income while still being present in the day to day of the little ones.

As perfect as this opportunity is, it's scary too. It is not something I can do on my own, so I am asking you to support me by LIKING my ZYIA page, Zyiawearwithali, and sharing it with your friends and family. I plan on using that page to really share about the products, how ZYIA fits in my life and the opportunity to host parties with me.

PARTIES are how I do business. We all have all our "ladies", our make-up lady, our skin care lady, our supplement lady, our CABI lady, our Tupperware lady and ............................... I WANT TO BE YOUR ACTIVEWEAR LADY ;)

Regardless if you are active or you just love the athleisure style of clothing, I know I have products you'll love and that will quickly become your go to pieces in your wardrobe!

Please take a few minutes to check out my ZYIA website, ,and see if anything tickles your fancy. This is my 1st posting to launch my business and I just opened my 1st online party, scary and exciting all at the same time! Again please share and LIKE my page and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

To shop my party go to

I'm new at this so be gentle with me if things aren't as smooth as I hope for - xo ali
****Short Notice Post****
If you are in Spokane, Washington instead of going to “Taco Tuesday” tonight, join me at my sister’s Pilates studio Precision Pilates of Spokane as she debuts the new activewear line they’ll be carrying ZYIA ACTIVE & see how everything fits!

With my renewed motivation of getting healthy I find myself looking for the best fit of activewear & ZYIA has the sizes that fit women like me 💪🏽

If you can’t make it & want to check out the amazing offerings check ZYIA our online, I have a special link 😉

Message me if you need directions or have questions!
Did you know that we have one of the most sought after in the world right here in Spokane,Washington State ? We do!

Amber Butler of Precision Pilates of Spokane practices under the Lo**ta San Miguel Legacy program. Amber travels the world to certify Pilates instructors. However, her primary passion remains her studio & students in the heart of downtown Spokane. Wether you are seasoned in Pilates or this is the first time you’ve heard of it, you’re going to want to check it out.

Your body will thank you!

We are committed to teaching all levels of Pilates work to all levels of clients. It increases strength and flexibility in a balanced manner.

Pilates begins by addressing the core musculature (abdominal, pelvic and back) thru specific exercises performed using eccentric contractions, which simultaneously lengthen and strengthen muscles. Pilates unites the mind with the body by using the principals of breath, focus, precision, flow of movement, centering, coordination and balance throughout each exercise. The exercises are preformed on a mat and various pieces of equipment fitted with springs.

Operating as usual

❗️Pilates in the Park Cancelled 08/21/2023

❗️Pilates in the Park Cancelled -

❗️Pilates in the Park Cancelled We’ve been looking forward to Pilates fun in the park, but with air quality this low we’re opting to keep everyone park-free


✨Precision's App Answers are HERE!✨
It took some extra work but we're so excited to move forward with our new software!

It's simple as 1-2-3!

Please follow
👇🏽this link for session registration

👇🏽this link to schedule private sessions

Book yourself for the classes you've selected for your session for the first week - January 1-8 - pick your payment option and we'll handle the rest!


We welcome new Precision People to our space on the weekly.
We also have such a large family of friends that have been here from the start
(& we wouldn’t have it any other way 🥰)

We love riding life’s ups and downs with our favorite humans


Any & every body at ANY & every stage of life
✨we’re here for it✨
Many clients find us when looking for alternative answers to their physical problems. Sometimes there are deeper roots to our discomforts that until resolved more traditional methods can’t access.

So while a specific event might be the final thing that caused your pain, there are usually a lot of underlying tightnesses and issues that (until confronted mentally, emotionally & physically) won’t allow you to unlock your healing

We love being a part of your journey to wellness 🥰


Sometimes the prescribed or common solutions to back pain work really well, sometimes they’re just not for you and sometimes it’s a combination of things that makes the difference.

We’re thrilled to be a part of your journey whether you’re looking to relieve discomfort with regular movement or otherwise
We’ve got your back 😘


Another Legacy weekend in the books!
Teaching better teachers for better studios and better outcomes for clients
It all starts here 🥰
Our studio has been getting into so many great things lately and there’s a special place in our hearts for the education behind the work 🤓

Photos from Spokane Humane Society's post 09/16/2022

How sweet it is to receive feedback like this 🥰
We’re so thankful you came to visit, .bakay ! We so hope to see you again soon!



An INTENSE extension⁣
Requiring respect to be done properly (and safely)⁣

Just as your Leg Pull Front was simple enough on the surface, rocking isn’t all that complicated, however, it shouldn’t be taken lightly all the same.⁣

Shoulders should stay down from the ears⁣
The shoulders and hips should be flexible enough to stretch this far⁣
The spine should be properly warmed up and actually able to extend this far without losing the rib alignment and kiss⁣

So much to think about just to get to your starting position…⁣
But then once you’re there, how do you move?⁣

We like to think of a big ball of heavy air in your belly⁣
We use the imagery of this ball rolling forward and back along the abdominals to work with your body’s counterpressure working to maintain the extension of the body.⁣

It’s been SO FUN sharing so many movements and moments with you all this Matness season and we can’t wait to share more educational content with you in the future 🥰⁣

Always feel free to check out our website to become a Precision Person and if you’re seeing this BEFORE 4/9 remember that we have an Intro to Precision Workshop that Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm⁣

This is the workshop that gets you into Precision’s classes WITHOUT taking the Precision private sessions - and better yet - we’re discounting that day’s workshop $25 to celebrate winning Best Pilates in the Inlander Reader’s Poll!⁣

All the loves!⁣


Leg Pull Front⁣
Take a plank, now make it sassy, right?⁣

At face value this is simple enough - ⁣
Just lift the leg⁣

HOWEVER, because this is Pilates⁣
and because this is Precision⁣
We ask for a bit more intention in your execution⁣

We ask for the shoulders to stay away from the ears⁣
For the energy to shoot out through your heels so that it’s a truly abdominal exercise…⁣
We ask for the leg to ONLY LIFT as high as you can control⁣
MEANING - as high as your neutral pelvis can maintain.⁣

So while this is simple on the surface, if you take into account the hip flexor flexibility and simultaneous glute strength to just take the leg back beyond the plane of the body…⁣

Is a lot of work and thought!⁣

Just that could challenge your pelvis’ stability.⁣

So working on your length and strength in the rest of your practice is key.⁣
Consistent and precise effort makes perfect 😘⁣

All the loves⁣


Control Balance⁣
Just as it sounds - The ULTIMATE test of how well you control your balance⁣

Requiring simultaneous flexibility AND strength of the shoulders & chest, the spine & abdominals, the hips & hamstrings.⁣

Balancing not only your physical body but each of the Pilates principles.⁣

And the first time you’re able to get from laying on the mat, through the full balance, AND back down without falling out you feel SO ACCOMPLISHED⁣

Like mentioned in previous posts, this is one of those incredible mile marker exercises.⁣
Basically, the more you practice EVERY OTHER Pilates exercise, the more control you find in your advanced repertoire.⁣
WITHOUT specifically working on your advanced repertoire.⁣

So you don’t have to tackle your Control Balance every day to accomplish it.⁣
By practicing Pilates every day both in class AND in habits some day you’ll be cued into your control balance. . . and AMAZE yourself.⁣

It’s pretty stinking cool⁣
All the loves!⁣


Our Intro to Precision Workshop 😍

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Rocking⁣🤘🏼🪨🎸⁣⁣An INTENSE extension⁣Requiring respect to be done properly (and safely)⁣⁣Just as your Leg Pull Front was s...
Leg Pull Front⁣Take a plank, now make it sassy, right?⁣⁣At face value this is simple enough - ⁣Just lift the leg⁣⁣HOWEVE...
Control Balance⁣Just as it sounds - The ULTIMATE test of how well you control your balance⁣⁣Requiring simultaneous flexi...
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215 W 2nd Avenue, Ste B
Spokane, WA

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