24 Hour Fitness - Kuykendahl, TX

24 Hour Fitness - Kuykendahl, TX


Does this place have a kids area for while parents workout
If you worked at 24 Hr Fitness or another gym that has closed or is closing and you need a place to train your clients to make an income, I am opening up my gym to you. This is not something I normally do because we have our own in house PT services. However, under the circumstances and with so many trainers needing to make an income , I will open my doors to only a select few to help you out. This is a transformation based gym so our focus is PT. This is for PT only. We have our own Boot Camp and small group training programs here already so we can’t overlap that.

There are certain requirements:
☑️ You must have a current certification or qualifications
☑️ You must carry your own PT insurance
☑️ You must have your own client base or advertise yourself for your business. Our gym members are not an option bc we have our own PT division.
☑️ You must run your business with integrity, professionalism, respect and honestly. Absolutely NO drama allowed here!
☑️ Your clients are YOUR clients however they must sign a waiver which protects our gym.
☑️ Other small details apply as well that will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Serious inquires only! I will be doing my due diligence to check out your PT background. Just to reiterate, we have our own PT program here so this is just to help out a few trainers who are in need to make income and just need a facility This is not a job offer.

Contact me(Nanci) at
[email protected]
Or 281-719-0780 (if not answer leave a message and I’ll call you back)
Happy Monday
The Zumba Class starting today or Next week???
In this location??
When will this gym be open?
When are you crooks going to stop charging me for a membership I cant use? You could be decent and pause the membership till you re-open...
Since the 24 hour fitness will be closed will they be charging cards for memberships we can’t use
Deberían educar su personal de la noche estuvimos más de 10 minutos frente al trabajador ellos no les importa agarrar personal para el lugar nadie nos atendió nadie nos enseñó lo que tienen
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Denae is a horrible instructor especially in Body Pump .... she doesn’t count during her routine well only the first 3 then stops & actually doesn’t do the routine either. She stops! What’s the point in having an instructor?!?!??! Never again! Awful!
It’s been weeks since the clocks were removed...when do you guys plan on replacing them?
I decided to write a review on this gym today and I will let the reader to be the gym.
Today, I had to wait for over one and a half hours to go to the gym because the gym management decided that they don’t need a second person at the daycare and they met their capacity 30 minutes after the daycare opened.
Now for the ppl. Who exercise and especially for you take pre workout like me you know how it feels to wait over one and half hours after taking the pre workout.
I want to also mention that I put up with the wholes on the floors, broken and not maintained equipment, and the dirty (almost everything) but two hours to get to workout. At the the end of the wait I lost interest in working out all together.
If you charge people for service you should provide all I am saying.

Welcome to the fan page for our 24 Hour Fitness Kuykendahl club. We love to hear from our valued members so feel free to send us a message or post on the wall.

Welcome to our Kuykendahl club in Spring, TX. At our health and fitness center, we believe in changing lives through fitness. Our state-of-the-art facility has just about every feature you could wish for in a gym membership. Our club offers a wide range of group exercise classes, personal training and a wealth of other benefits and features. Whether you plan to lose weight, tone-up, or train for a

Operating as usual



Glute building today? 🦵

Master Coach Alicia from 24 Hour Fitness - Elgin & Louisiana, TX has you covered!


Happy Together Challenge

Our Happy Together Challenge starts NOW!

Let's spend the next 30 days building your squad and getting after our goals together. If you're ready to score points and win prizes, click here to register: http://ms.spr.ly/6188w5DWQ

You'll earn entries as you go for a chance to win a $1,000 Prize Pack!


In The Gym

Closing out the week strong with @aubreyball_official 💪


24 Hour Fitness - Kuykendahl, TX updated their business hours. 03/07/2022

24 Hour Fitness - Kuykendahl, TX updated their business hours.

24 Hour Fitness - Kuykendahl, TX updated their business hours.

Timeline photos 03/06/2022

New hours are coming soon! Starting March 7, we will be open 5am – 10pm Monday to Thursday, 5am – 9pm Friday, and 6am – 8pm Saturday and Sunday. Come on in and work in that workout.


Gym Face

😀🤣😬🥵 @coachkeverydamnday is not afraid to share her lifting face with us.

Drop an emoji that best shows your gym face in the comments ⬇️


Timeline photos 03/01/2022

Kicking off #WomensHistoryMonth with #FitSquad24 member @te.re.sah lifting heavy. Teresa inspires us to challenge ourselves every day, because you’re stronger than you think. 💪


Drop It Like a Squat

Who's squatting low on Monday?

📹 24 Hour Fitness - Yorba Linda, CA


Challenge Is On

A little late on the train 🚆 but 24 Hour Fitness - Oxnard Collection Super-Sport is on it!

24 Hour Fitness - Panorama City, CA 24 Hour Fitness - West Hills Super-Sport, CA 24 Hour Fitness - Northridge, CA 24 Hour Fitness - Mission Hills, CA

TAG you’re it!!


Kevin Rogers BHM 2022 LI.mp4

As a kid, Kevin Rogers loved to play basketball at 24 Hour Fitness—and went on to play in high school and college. When his assistant coach—a 24 Hour Fitness district manager—suggested Rogers become a fitness counselor, he joined the team. Now a district manager himself, Rogers is also a member of BOLD24 (Black Organization of Leadership and Development, a 24 Hour Fitness employee resource group) and a passionate youth league coach.

Here’s what’s on Rogers’ mind as a leader of others in the clubs and on the court.
#BlackHistoryMonth #BOLD24


Happy Self

Don’t forget to sign up free for our Happy Self Challenge for a chance at $750+ in prizes!

From now until February 26, you can earn entries in the final drawing by doing things like checking into the club, joining us in class, exploring special virtual sessions and trying workouts from our collection in 24GO. You'll also get free guidance from a coach and weekly tips your mind, body and soul.

Find details at https://www.24hourfitness.com/programs/happy-self-challenge

📹 24 Hour Fitness - Carson Sport


Trina Webster LinkedIn BHM 2022.mp4

Trina Webster, GM, Kessler Park Super-Sport, is a 24 Hour Fitness graduate from the McKinsey Black Leadership Academy Management Accelerator Program, and a council member of BOLD24 (Black Organization of Leadership and Development, a 24 Hour Fitness employee resource group). Here's how she says her program cohort has shaped her actions as a Black leader at our company.

#BlackHistoryMonth #BOLD24


Be Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Tag your swolemate in the comments ⬇️

📹 24 Hour Fitness - San Bernardino Super-Sport



Who’s hitting the gym before the game?!

📹 24 Hour Fitness - Yorba Linda, CA

Timeline photos 02/11/2022

It's all about moments like this 🤩 Reserve your spot in class with the 24GO app and come join us in studio!

We *will* be checking reservations from here on out, so we can plan a great experience for everyone. Stop by the front desk if you need help, or download the 24GO app here: https://link.24go.co/n0pjC1tfnnb

Timeline photos 02/11/2022

The Happy Self Challenge just started and #FitSquad24 member Jennifer Dorling is doing the balance-all-the-stuff-in-life thing 🧘‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️

Join the Challenge here: http://ms.spr.ly/6185wEQHV



We asked #FitSquad24 member @ej_ for his thoughts on how being a Black man has influenced his fitness journey, and this is what he shared. #BlackHistoryMonth

Timeline photos 02/09/2022

Shout out to our amazing GX24 community for reserving your classes in 24GO! We love knowing who’s coming, and seeing your smiles when you step in at the start of class.

Haven’t tried it? Here’s what to do:
Get the free 24GO app.
Search for your favorite classes and coaches.
Tap "Reserve" to hold your spot up to two days in advance.
Change in plans? Cancel in the app, so someone else can enjoy!

Reservations are now required for all GX24 studio and cycle classes. Download the 24GO app to get started: http://ms.spr.ly/6185w8XbJ

Timeline photos 02/07/2022

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like as a movie? For Leilani Manglona, it seemed a happy ending was out of her reach when her resolve to lead a healthy life faltered.

All that changed when a friend introduced her to 24 Hour Fitness team member Cy Hirota. When he wanted to know her goals, her response was brutally honest: “I want to do everyday things without feeling like I’m going to die.”

Together, Manglona and her coach wrote a different script for her life. Most importantly, she understands the power of having someone in your corner. Manglona says, “I’m down more than 60 pounds and still going. I’m stronger, leaner, I have more confidence, and I destroy those stairs at the gym."

Read her story at https://www.24life.com/leilani-fights-her-way-back-to-fitness/



Happy Self Challenge

Sign up free for our Happy Self Challenge for a chance at $750+ in prizes!

From February 7 to 26, you can earn entries in the final drawing by doing things like checking into the club, joining us in class, exploring special virtual sessions and trying workouts from our collection in 24GO. You'll also get free guidance from a coach and weekly tips for your mind, body and soul.

Click here: http://ms.spr.ly/6181wByVP to sign up and learn more!

Timeline photos 02/05/2022

We want to create the best possible experience for you, so please remember to reserve your studio classes in advance. It’s a great way to get you-time on your calendar – and jump in without waiting when the moment comes. Download the 24GO app to get started! https://link.24go.co/n0pjC1tfnnb


Dr Chou Facebook.mp4

Congratulations to member Dr. James Chou on turning 102! The 24 Hour Fitness Pearl City Super-Sport team was thrilled to celebrate this milestone recently with Dr. Chou and his son (and workout partner), who visit the gym four to five times a week.

Check out Dr. Chou’s tips for longevity that he shared when he turned 100: https://www.24life.com/dr-james-chou-turns-100-and-shares-his-tips-for-longevity/


Robert Bryant BHM 2022.mp4

Recently, 24 Hour Fitness team members including Robert Bryant II, GM, Centennial Super-Sport, graduated from the McKinsey Black Leadership Academy Management Accelerator Program - a program designed to empower Black leaders with the skills and networking to ignite fulfilling careers and effect positive change. We're proud to share Bryant's thoughts about his experience and how it’s making a difference in our community.

#BlackHistoryMonth #BOLD24


Fun is the Key

Coach @nickosantaana & Coach @liftwithtiffitness from 24 Hour Fitness - Brentwood, CA say fun is the key to staying consistent. Their workout looks challenging AND fun!


Time To Refocus

If you need to refocus, check out what #FitSquad24 member @staceyervinjr has to say ⬇️

Anyone else need to hear this as much as I did? 😤 It’s time to starve the distractions, & feed the focus.

Don’t eliminate a bad habit & leave an unintentional void. A default void will almost always be filled with another negative.

Rather, intentionally replace a bad habit with a good one, so there’s no room for negativity to fill in.

If you feel like you’ve gotten off track, you can choose to refocus, reform, & reinforce good habits NOW to put you back in your zone. 🎯

Let’s get it.



The ONLY bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. The team @24hourfitnesswestcovina says if you feel like quitting, remember why you started!



In honor of MLK Day, 24 Hour Fitness team members such as Frankie Edwards, Manager, Learning and Development, are volunteering in communities across the country this weekend to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King. Edwards volunteered with the Riverside Community Shelter and is also a member of our employee resource group, BOLD24 – Black Organization for Leadership and Development.

Follow in Dr. King’s footsteps by volunteering in your own neighborhood! Check out @VolunteerMatch or @AmeriCorps for local opportunities.



Check out what #FitSquad24 member @iamrayysyymone picks up on her vegan shopping trip 🛒 🥕


24 Hour Fitness Oxnard

They are running, pulling, pushing and climbing their way through the week at 24 Hour Fitness - Oxnard Collection Super-Sport!

Drop an emoji, how is the week going for you?


Deadlift Day

It’s a deadlift day for #FitSquad24 influencer @lindaaabear 💪 She takes the good days and the bad by staying positive and trusting the process!


Foam Rolling Tips

Soreness and tight muscles?

Don’t sweat it, 24 Hour Fitness - Oceanside, CA trainer Giovani is here to help you roll it out!

Timeline photos 01/03/2022

Who's hitting the gym with fitness influencer and #FitSquad24 member @te.re.sah?! 🏋️‍♂️

Timeline photos 01/01/2022

Wishing our #FitFam a happy, healthy 2022 – we can’t wait to see you in the new year! 🎉 📆 💪



Running into 2022 like... 🏃 👑 Stacey Ervin Jr.


Member Story - Elaine

Friendly reminder from a fellow 24 Hour Fitness member, who has learned to trust her abilities again after an injury set her back. “My trainer Lorenzo, never accepted my ‘I can’t do it’ attitude…He pushed me beyond what I could have imagined possible for myself.”

Find more member-to-member inspiration and share your story at 24HourFitness.com/Stories


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Happy Together Challenge
In The Gym
Gym Face
Drop It Like a Squat
Challenge Is On
Kevin Rogers BHM 2022 LI.mp4
Happy Self
Trina Webster LinkedIn BHM 2022.mp4
Be Mine




18541 Kuykendahl Rd
Spring, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 10pm
Tuesday 5am - 10pm
Wednesday 5am - 10pm
Thursday 5am - 10pm
Friday 5am - 9pm
Saturday 6am - 8pm
Sunday 6am - 8pm

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