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Operating as usual


We are a group of leaders. Our Regional 1stF "Ferris" put together an epic Ruck/fundraiser as his going away present to the boys. Passed the flag to our man "Kale". 13 miles. Visiting 6 AOs for beatdowns. Great leadership and leaving a Legacy for us all to pick up and carry forward.

If you'd like to make a donation to help support people with food insecurities, drop a message and we'll make sure to send you the details.


This Saturday 12/9 The Men of F3 will holding our 1st Annual Food drive. There will be a Ruck (25 # suggested weight) open to all Men. We are asking for participants to bring a food donation. Preferred choice would be "meals in a can".
As with all F3 events, everything is scalable. We will have rides available to return to the starting point. If you'd like to make a food donation, but prefer to not Ruck donations can be made between 630AM and 730am in Blanchette Park.

F3 Cardinal and the victory of broken hearts 10/04/2023

Did you know spiritual leaders are more likely to suffer from anxiety, loneliness and depression than most people??? F3 Nation lost a member earlier this year. He was a Pastor named Taylor Phelps (nicknamed Cardinal) and he collapsed unexpectedly from an undiagnosed heart condition during a workout that he was leading.

What his wife said in the following days of his death is what has impacted many. Instead of being angry about his death and maybe even holding resentment towards his workout buddies, this is what she said…. “Thank you for making his last days bright,” his wife Andrea wrote to his fellow F3 workout brothers. “Taylor had really struggled with loneliness. It’s so hard to be a Pastor and your only friends are your church members. He had been happier than I had seen him in so long when he found you guys. Thank you for making his last days bright.”

October is Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month. You are encourage to reach out to your Minister, Youth Pastor, Elder, Deacon or anyone who has had an impact on your faith and tell them how much you appreciate them. They need to hear it.

And please forward them this post so they know they are welcome to join men in their own community called F3 which stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. They need F3 more than they know, let us pray that like “Cardinal” they find it or another support system that helps them. More details on when and where the workouts are held locally in the comments of this post.

F3 Cardinal and the victory of broken hearts He died after collapsing in the gloom. But that was only the beginning of the story.


Are you a runner? We have an AO dedicated to running. We have 6, 8, 10 and 12 minute men. And, as you can see here the 8 minute guys come back and bring the 12 minute guy (me) back. And, it's beautiful.
Free. Open to all Men. Peer Led. Monday and Friday.


This morning men and women from The Chuck, F3 St. Charles: The Last Stop FIA St. Charles and F3 Wentzville joined up to take one last run with our guy Cut It Out and check out a facility that helped in his recovery. Re-Emerge Fitness in St. Charles was AWESOME!! I mean, if you like working out indoors and stuff. Sefton Hale (Dr. Commando in the Gloom) was super helpful and guided us through some new moves. Veteran owned. Check out his bootcamps for Veterans.


Bittersweet Day at our Running Site "AO Le Baton". "Cut IT OUT!!" Passed the Baton to his Lieutenant Hasselhof. We have nursed this eagle back to health and he is flying off to bigger and better things. His is the definition of a High Impact Man. Shows the way in leadership of his site, his family, his church and our nation. He is irreplaceable. But, we will step in and try.
Also, if you're a runner (what is WRONG with you?) we meet Monday and Friday at 530AM by the Lewis and Clark statue. And, these men leave no man behind, trust me.

Well done good and faithful servant.


"Dear John" opened our latest AO 'The Boathouse' this morning at 430AM. If you need to get up and out early, we have a workout for you.


Check out F3 NOTN “News of the Nation” featuring an AAR of GTE036!

News of the F3 Nation May 8 SEATTLE - I joined F3 for the intensity of the workouts, but what I gained is greater than muscle mass, strength, endurance and speed. As my father’s health was declining, I gained a community of unlikely friends.


We plan to have a mother’s day brunch with made to order omelets and pancakes for Mothers / Wife and Shorties.

Date: May 13 (Saturday before Mother’s Day)
Where: St. Charles Christian Church 3337 Rue Royale St, St Charles, MO 63301

Here is a signup link to reserve your spot!
Times available from 8:30am-11.

https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0944a5a623a6f4ce9-saturday #/


Just a small glimpse of what’s to come tonight!

The PAX wrapped up the “KINGBUILDER” this AM at Westhoff Park in O’Fallon MO

Think we had a record of 200+ Men gathering together to get 1% better each day to leave an impact on their community!


Some of the PAX from the region that were able to attend the RALLY in prep for GTE:36.

Busy day tomorrow, be sure to follow along on F3 Nation for a chance to catch some of these Guys LIVE going under the log!


GTE:36 RALLY tonight at Laurel park pavilion N.

Get ready to party this weekend!
Good luck to all our registrants!
Follow F3 Nation for some possible
LIVE footage of the events taking place!

(Rally and Kingbuilder are FREE. Open to all men. All other events require paid registration. )


F3 GTE36!! Is coming up in our backyard! Friday evening and Saturday morning items are FREE!

You must register for “GrowSchool” and the “Crucible Ruck”!

HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET?! Hit us with a like and a comment!

Tag someone that needs to attend the AM workout with you!

Jackson Schmitt - Honored Kid | St. Baldrick's 03/13/2023

This Saturday! 3/18/2023 the men of F3 St. Charles: The Chuck will be rucking for a cause! This is a fundraising event with an opportunity for fund match!

St. Baldrick's Fundraiser
When: Saturday, 03/18/23
Time: 5:30 am/ 9:15 am/ 10:15 am
Where: New Town Amphitheater

The men of F3-The Chuck (men only workout group) want to invite all men to join a workout (3/18/2023) and ask all to help raise donations for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in memory of Jackson

March 18, 2023, the men of F3-The Chuck, will do their annual St. Baldrick's Ruck and Shave Event. The event will start at New Town Amphitheater, St. Charles, MO. The men will do a 9-mile ruck (weight or no weight-walk) starting promptly at 5:30 AM on 3/18.

Upon completion of the ruck, the men will hold an hour long workout starting promptly at 9:15 AM at the amphitheater. At conclusion of the workout (10:15 AM) the men will hold a shaving event at The Commons, 3324 Rue Royale St Ste 108, St Charles, MO 63301. The shaving event is open to all who want to attend.

F3-The Chuck member, , is organizing this event in connection with the family of Jackson Schmitt who also held an event in Barnhart, MO on 3/11.

This is the story of good friends, from Barnhart MO, that lost their son, Jackson, to childhood cancer. https://www.stbaldricks.org/kids/mypage/9332

In July 2019, Jackson Schmitt, Jackson had been experiencing knee/thigh pain for about 2 months, the family thought it could have possibly been growing pains. Jackson was going to the doctor, ER, specialists and nothing was coming up. Jackson was taken to the ER for possible dehydration and through the course of 6 days, the family found out that he had osteosarcoma, had a flap on his mitral valve and had multiple strokes. Jackson didn’t even get the opportunity to fight the cancer. Jackson had a 9" tumor in his femur. Jackson was a sweet young boy who looked out for others and had a heart of gold. Jackson had raised $1200 for the St. Baldrick's Foundation back in March of 2019 when Jackson too shaved his head, not knowing he probably had Osteosarcoma and had this tumor at that time. Jackson’s favorite song was Sweet Child of Mine, by Guns and Roses. Jackson was a big brother who loved his little brother (then age 3). Jackson took care of all the other kids when the parents got together, and was just be a ball of energy. Jackson was a High Impact Man, even at his young age.
To raise awareness for Osteosarcoma and remember Jackson and those that have passed because of this illness, on 3/18 we will ruck 9 miles (hike with weighted backpacks or sandbags) from New Town to Blanchette Park and back and will have an hour-long workout to follow. This workout will be held at the New Town Amphitheater and will be led by some amazing F3 men from around the area. After the workout, some men will have their heads shaved to stand in solidarity with children who have lost their own hair to this disease. This is an amazing event, honoring the family and memory of Jackson, and showing what F3 is truly about. The family of Jackson will be there to cheer everyone on.
Childhood cancer needs our help and is grossly under-funded. The men of F3 want you to know why they are doing this. The men of F3 would like to invite you and your family to be part of this event, as we are more than a workout group; we changers of the community. If you feel called, please donate, get others to donate on your behalf, and come participate/watch some crazy, fun, loving men shave their heads for a great cause.

F3-The Chuck will also accept monetary donations during the event.

Jackson Schmitt - Honored Kid | St. Baldrick's Thank you for supporting me and the more than 300,000 kids worldwide who will be diagnosed with cancer this year. By sharing the gifts of your time, talent and money with the St. Baldrick's Foundation, you're supporting research to give all kids with cancer a better chance for a cure.

Major New Study Shows Exercise To Be 1.5x More Effective At Treating Depression And Anxiety Than Medication And Counseling 03/09/2023

Check out this new study. At F3 we are dedicated to helping men with loneliness and exercise. We offer workouts 6 days each week in multiple locations across the City of St. Charles (and, across the globe). Heck, we will even show up Sunday if you ask. Free to All Men.

Don't go it alone. Come and See.

Major New Study Shows Exercise To Be 1.5x More Effective At Treating Depression And Anxiety Than Medication And Counseling A massive new study (more than 128,000 participants analyzed) from the University of South Australia (UniSA) suggests that exercise should be the primary treatment for depression, anxiety, and other common mental health conditions.


GrowRuck 36 in April!!! Are you registered?!!


There 5 Locations of FREE Men’s workout groups all around St. Charles!

Here’s the schedule and locations below!

Tomorrow 3/8, you can find us at
McNair Park, or Blanchette Park both @0530!


1% better every time out

Don't underestimate the small things.👊


If you were at our running AO "Frontier Park" this past Monday morning at 0530 you would be able to answer this question.

Time to find out who thinks they're a lot faster than they really are 😂⚡️⬇️

Local grassroots organization offers 'fitness, fellowship and faith' 02/03/2023

Are you looking to improve your Fitness? Your relationships and friendships? And, grow in your Faith?

Come and See

Local grassroots organization offers 'fitness, fellowship and faith' The national organization with active local groups has been helping men of all ages, sizes, and creeds improve their lives, while also helping people in need in their communities.


If you love Run-ing. Monday is the day for YOU!! We are launching our new Run focused AO. Bring your Brooks/New Balance/Hokas or Chuch Taylors and meet us by the Lewis and Clark statue at Frontier Park at 0530. All running levels welcome and encouraged.

Photos from F3 St. Charles: The Chuck's post 01/23/2023

Thanks to Bike Shop Cafe for giving us a warm place to get together for our 2nd F (Fellowship) after a tough workout for 1 group and long runs for another. We love supporting our local small businesses. Them Peabut Butter balls hit the SPOT!!


We are peer led in a rotation by men who participate in the workouts. Today our Region's Leader (Nantan) "Majorette" passed the leadership to "Cowbell". These two men embody all the elements of a High Impact Man. Come and See.

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We are a group of leaders. Our Regional 1stF "Ferris" put together an epic Ruck/fundraiser as his going away present to ...
This morning men and women from The Chuck, F3 St. Charles: The Last Stop FIA St. Charles and F3 Wentzville joined up to ...
Bittersweet Day at our Running Site "AO Le Baton".  "Cut IT OUT!!"  Passed the Baton to his Lieutenant Hasselhof.  We ha...
"Dear John" opened our latest AO 'The Boathouse' this morning at 430AM.  If you need to get up and out early,  we have a...
Just a small glimpse of what’s to come tonight! The PAX wrapped up the “KINGBUILDER” this AM at Westhoff Park in O’Fallo...
Saturday Morning
Nantan Ceremony
Cardinal VQ - ao- The Crater
You can find a F3 location 6 days of the week all around St. Charles!  This morning we were at Blanchette Park Bum's Hol...



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