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It's competition week‼️

The Back Lot Bout goes down this Saturday. We've got the field set at 30 teams across our Rx, Intermediate, and Scaled divisions. Looking forward to seeing you all compete this weekend! 💪🏋️‍♂️🔥


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The field is set for the Back Lot Bout! Here are the final 5 teams!

Only 10 days until 3-2-1 go!


The Rule of Thirds

Today just wasn't my day in the gym. Right from the start, the movements in the workout felt harder than they should have, the weight felt heavier than it should have, and I couldn't catch my breath like I should have. It just felt kind of like 💩

Driving home and thinking about why it might have felt so rough today, I remembered a video I came across a few years ago describing "The Rule of Thirds". Olympic runner Alexi Pappas described what her coach told her after tough day of training:

"He said, 'When you're chasing a dream or doing something hard, you're meant to feel good 1/3 of the time, ok 1/3 of the time, and crappy 1/3 of the time. And if the ratio is roughly in that range, then you're doing fine'".

She goes on to describe that you don't abandon the goal or the dream just because of a bad day. Just understand that it's part of the process and still show up. This has so much application not just to training, but to nutrition goals and ambitions that we have outside health/wellness with our careers and families.

Check out the full clip at the link below. Only about a minute long, but worth it.


‼️Monday Member Highlight‼️

This week we're highlighting another regular member of our 6:00am crew. Grace started at UnCharted CrossFit 2 years ago this month and is really seeing her consistency and hard work paying off. Not only is she getting stronger, but she is also adding new skills, and constantly pushing herself to improve. Not only does she love to compete with herself, but she'll also be stepping onto the competition floor in the Back Lot Bout in a few weeks. Keep crushing it, Grace!

"Having a coach there everyday to guide me makes the workout easier and fun. I keep coming back because I enjoy seeing my progress physically and on the board. Getting a new PR is always great too!
My biggest accomplishment has been competing for the first time. That's soooo out
of my comfort zone, but I'm happy I did the Back Lot Bout last summer. This year I've moved from the scaled division to intermediate. Another great accomplishment to document my progress!"

Good luck in the upcoming Back Lot Bout, Grace! You're going to do great! We love having you as part of the UCCF community and appreciate the work ethic and determination you bring to the gym everyday!

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⚠ Back Lot Bout Vendor and Sponsor Alert ⚠

Shout out to all the company's that have committed as a sponsor or vendor for the Back Lot Bout!

These companies will be helping make this year's competition great in a variety of ways with food/drink options 🥪 ☕, sponsoring event shirts 👕, providing rehab and prehab services for competitors 🩺, or providing podium prizes 🏅. Check them out.

Dragon's Den Cafe: https://dragonsdenstl.com/
Health & Performance Center: https://hpc-stl.com/
Treign: https://www.gotreign.com/
Supplement Superstores: https://supplementsuperstores.com/
Stacey's Gymnastics: https://www.staceysgymnastics.com/
LRX Apparel: https://lrxapparel.com/
Fitaid: https://www.lifeaidbevco.com/

Thank you for being a part of the Back Lot Bout‼️👏🙌



It's Friday. The weather is gorgeous. Let's kick off the weekend announcing another Back Lot Bout WOD!

This one is gonna get spicy 🌶! Hit the gas and hang on. Let's see who can outrun the burn🔥!
Check out Don't Leave Me Hanging 💥 💪
*Full workout details will be explained during event.

Still not registered? For full competition details and to register: https://app.conquestevents.net/events/back-lot-bout-2024/details?date=upcoming

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The field is almost set for the Back Lot Bout. 8 more teams ready to throw down! Let's Go!!!

We're just over 2 weeks out, and we're about sold out! Just a couple more spots up for grabs, so get your crew signed up before it's too late!

Are you in yet? Get your team and get in! Share with your fitness friends and register here: https://app.conquestevents.net/events/back-lot-bout-2024/details?date=upcoming


Bench Press

Use your legs to bench big weight. Yep, you read that right. Use your legs to get the most out of that lift that you think of as just chest exercise. 🤔

Just like with anything else, power is generated from the ground up, so it's important that we get our legs involved in the bench press as much as possible. This means that we want feet flat on the floor, heels pulled back toward the glutes, and push hard into the floor to get engagement from the glutes and hamstrings and generate maximal power output 🦵=🔌⚡️

Getting this kind of drive out of the legs will cause a bit of an arch in your lower back, and that's ok. Keep your glutes, shoulder blades, and head on the bench, and drive hard into the floor. And if you need a little help keeping your feet flat on the floor while on the bench, throw a few weight plates down to get a good surface that your feet can reach. Get your legs involved and see your bench numbers climb 📈


‼️Monday Member Highlight‼️

Hendrik is a regular part of our 6:00am crew. He gives his best effort every workout, and really shines and inspires when the barbells come out. He recently completed the 1000lbs. Challenge - achieve 1000lbs. total between back squat, deadlift, and bench press!

"My favorite things about UnCharted CrossFit are the great coaches that individualize every WOD according to the level and abilities of each athlete through appropriate scaling and the camaraderie of all the athletes.
I keep coming back because I have seen the results on my own body and lifestyle. Without the structure of UCCF, I would find it very difficult to keep my motivation for exercising high.
I'm most proud that I am, at 59 years old, stronger than I have ever been in my life. This enabled me to do the 1000lbs. Challenge with my two sons. It will alway be one of my nicest memories with them."

Congrats on the 1000lbs. Challenge, Hendrik and the much deserved Monday Member Highlight! You're stronger everyday, and we're so happy to have you as a member of our fitness family at UnCharted CrossFit!

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‼️Back Lot Bout Shirt Deadline Tomorrow‼️

It's gonna be sun's out, guns out this year at the Back Lot Bout ☀️💪! The deadline to get this sweet tank with your team registration is tomorrow - Tuesday June 4th by 2pm. Registration will remain open after this time, but c'mon, you want to have this tank to rock all summer long. We've only got a handful of spots remaining!

Back Lot Bout - 4 Person Teams - June 22nd
Registration open! Register here: https://app.conquestevents.net/events/back-lot-bout-2024/details?date=upcoming

Photos from UnCharted CrossFit's post 06/03/2024

Happy June! School is out for the kids 🥳, it's feeling like summer ☀️ and we've got the gym doors open! We're excited about our Back Lot Bout competition in just a few weeks, and we're excited to celebrate so many June birthdays, new members, and UCCF anniversaries!

Happy birthday 🎂 to those of you celebrating another trip around the ☀️ this month!
Welcome 👋 to all the new members joining us 💪!
And happy fit anniversary 🎉 to those of you celebrating another year of commitment to your health 🩺 and fitness 🏋️‍♂️ at UCCF!


Active Recovery 🧘‍♀️

The day after Murph seems like a perfect time to talk about active recovery. If you did Murph yesterday, then you might be thinking about taking a rest day today to give the legs, shoulders, arms, chest, and everything else a chance to recover. That's a great idea, but the way that we approach our recovery and rest days is important too. We don't want to turn this into a day of just sitting in front of our 💻 or sitting on the 🛋 staring at our 📱.

Active recovery involves low impact exercises performed at lower intensities (30-60% of max heart rate) to get the blood pumping a little bit and get those recovering muscles working through some ranges of motion. This gets oxygen rich blood to our recovering muscles, keeps muscles flexible, helps reduce soreness, and helps us get ready for the next high intensity effort sooner.

Active recovery exercises can include: walking🚶, jogging 🏃‍♀️, swimming 🏊, cycling 🚴‍♀️, rowing 🚣‍♂️, yoga 🧘‍♂️, foam rolling, and stretching.

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⚠ Back Lot Bout Vendor and Sponsor Alert ⚠
We've got our next batch of vendors and sponsors lined up!

Stacey's Gymnastics is sponsoring event shirts. 👕
Treign Athletic Apparel will have a booth set up to sell merch and will be providing podium prizes. 👕🏅
Fitaid will also be providing products for the event. 💪

Thank you for being a part of the Back Lot Bout‼️👏🙌

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Happy hump day CrossFit community!
We know you all have been patiently waiting to see some workouts for the Back Lot Bout, and today is the first taste. A fun two-part workout that will have us outside pushing some sleds 🛷 and throwing around some heavy barbells 💪!

Check out Let The Sled Dogs Eat 💥 🐕‍🦺 🏋️‍♂️
*Full workout details will be explained during event.


Still not registered? For full competition details and to register: https://app.conquestevents.net/events/back-lot-bout-2024/details?date=upcoming


Why do front squats show up so often compared to back squats?

This was a question asked during a class today, and it is a totally valid question. In CrossFit, it does seem like front squats come up a lot. And the answer to the question has a few elements.

First, if you are better at back squats than front squats, then it might just feel like the movement you aren't as good at comes up a lot. Kind of like if you're thinking about buying a certain vehicle, you suddenly notice that type of vehicle all over the place.

That said, the front squat has much more carryover to other movements that commonly come up in CrossFit. The front squat shows up pretty directly in squat cleans, wall ball shots, thrusters, and goblet squats. Indirectly, the front rack position also comes up in overhead movements like the shoulder press, push press, and push jerk. So, we have a lot of reasons to have a strong front squat and good front rack position. Also, the front squat likely shows up in the warm up for some of those other movements, which again, makes it feel like it shows up more often.

And even though it doesn't have as much direct carryover, the back squat is still critical in building lower body strength and should be included in a well-rounded training program. It just may not feel like it comes up as often because it doesn't really show up as part of other movements.


‼️Monday Member Highlight‼️

Chrissy is a regular at our 4:30pm classes. Her fun-loving attitude and sense of humor always make it fun to be in class. Once the workout starts, she gets to it and works her tail off!

"I didn't come to UnCharted CrossFit just because it was a CrossFit gym. I came because I saw there was a variety of people at different levels and not just your typical body builders. I was tired of seeing gyms trying to get you in with pictures of members showing off their measurement tapes for inches lost. While that is a goal folks have and a great goal to achieve, I just wanted to be stronger. Stronger with weights, and stronger in my confidence."

Keep up the great work, Chrissy! You're stronger everyday, and we're so happy to have you as a member of our fitness family at UnCharted CrossFit!

Back Lot Bout 2024 05/20/2024


Are you ready for a fun and competitive day at one of the best local competitions around?! 😎

UnCharted CrossFit is excited to announce we will be hosting our annual “Back Lot Bout”, a four person, co-ed team competition on Saturday, June 22nd.​​ 🏋🏼‍♀️

Prizes will be awarded to the top teams in each division. Up for grabs are 1st Phorm Supplements, weight Vest, Rogue gift card and more! 🏆

Grab your squad, and be ready for a fun day of competition FITNESS at UnCharted CrossFit! 🔥


Back Lot Bout 2024 THE BACK LOT BOUT IS BACK!​Are you ready for a fun and competitive day at one of the best local competitions around?!UnCharted CrossFit is excited to announce we will be hosting our annual "Back Lot Bout", a four person, co-ed team competition on Saturday, June 22nd.​​We pride ourselve...


📣 Calling All Local Companies📣

Get your company in front of local fitness and health enthusiasts at the UnCharted CrossFit Back Lot Bout! This annual competition sees competitors from across the St. Louis area. We've got opportunities for vendors on competition day, event shirt sponsorships, and podium prize sponsorships.

Email Casey Moore at [email protected] with the subject line Back Lot Bout Vendor/Sponsor for more info or to get your company onboard.

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⚠ Back Lot Bout Vendor and Sponsor Alert ⚠

Dragon's Den Cafe will be onsite to provide that much needed caffeine ☕ and some food options.
Health and Performance Center will have a booth set up to provide rehab and prehab services. 🩺
LRX Apparel is helping with podium prizes. 🏅

Thank you for being a part of the Back Lot Bout‼️👏🙌

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Get tall before you get small.

When? In our squat cleans. Get tall before you get small is a great simple phrase to remind us to fully extend our hips to maximize our power before pulling under the bar. As Coach Mike Burgener notes, “Snatching, cleaning, and jerking is nothing more than a jump and a land.” If you want to jump high, you've got to extend your hips. Same principle applies if you want to sn**ch, clean, or jerk heavy.

Here we see Coach Chris giving a nice example of this concept from one of his cleans in class this morning. 💪🏋️‍♂️


‼️Monday Member Highlight‼️

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw

Lionel is a perfect embodiment of this quote. Lionel will be celebrating his 75th birthday this year, and he's still in the gym crushing it. From jumping rope to pushing sleds to loading up the barbell or getting upside down, Lionel is a great example of how CrossFit and fitness can be for anyone at any skill level or any age.

"I've been doing CrossFit for seven years, now, after my wife and daughter pretty much told me I was going to start. I really enjoy the variety of exercises. We don't get stuck doing the same things over and over so I always feel like I'm learning something new.
I can't say that I enjoy every workout, but I do enjoy every class and all the people in class. If it wasn't for the group class, I would never push myself or even try these new things. I never regret a workout and always feel better once I have."

You're doing great, Lionel! Keep up the great work, and keep showing up! We're so happy to have you as a member of our fitness family at UnCharted CrossFit!


‼️Monday Member Highlight‼️

Coach Chris Guthrie is our next Monday Member Highlight! Chris brings great energy to the gym and his classes, and always makes class more fun whether as a coach or athlete. Chris is always working to find ways to make our members better, even if it's just a little detail in a lift or a skill. We love having Chris as part of the UCCF coaching staff and appreciate everything he does for our community as a coach and an athlete!

"I started coaching CrossFit because after moving half way across the country where I knew no one, I found a home at the gym, and I want to be able to provide that to people when they come in.
My favorite thing about coaching is when an athlete has an "ah hah" moment with Olympic lifts or developing other skills. It's a rush as a coach when someone FINALLY gets a new skill!
As an athlete, CrossFit helps me in everyday life as I'm using it to build good habits for the future in regard to simple things like nutrition and exercise. Any time I'm doing manual labor or picking up my child, I just think about what movement it's like in real life vs. CrossFit. So much crosses over!"

Photos from UnCharted CrossFit's post 05/02/2024

What's the best and/or funniest CrossFit team name you've seen in a competition? Let us know in the comments and get your team registered for the Back Lot Bout this June! Registration link in comments.

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It's already May! We're We're excited for the warmer weather ☀️ and more outside activities sprinkled into our workouts. Memorial Day and Murph are just a few weeks away to kick off the summer season. And we're especially excited to celebrate this month's birthdays, new members, and anniversaries.
Happy birthday 🎂 to those of you celebrating another trip around the ☀️ this month!
Welcome 👋 to all the new members joining us 💪!
And happy fit anniversary 🎉 to those of you celebrating another year of commitment to your health 🩺 and fitness 🏋️‍♂️ at UCCF!

Photos from UnCharted CrossFit's post 04/30/2024


Variety is right in the definition of CrossFit - "constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity". But variety isn't just working lots of different muscle groups. It's important to work the same muscle groups in a variety of ways over time to build more strength in that muscle group.

For example, someone that wants a bigger back squat would be leaving gains on the table if they just did back squats every session. All varieties of squat movements (front squats, wall balls, weighted step-ups, one leg squats, lunges, etc.) will add a piece to the puzzle to build a heavier back squat. That could come simply placing the load in a different spot on the body (back squat vs. front squat), being more explosive with a lighter weight (wall balls or jumps), or loading legs individually to target weaknesses between each side (step ups, one leg squats, lunges). This is why we still see results on each lift even if it seems like there as been a bit of time between dedicated sessions to a particular lift.

If you're stalling out somewhere, get creative to hit those muscles in a new way, and you'll also inject some fun and energy back into your routine. Remember, variety is the spice of life!

See you at the gym!


Four weeks from today we'll join gyms and athletes from across the country and around the world in what has become a yearly staple for many CrossFitters, gyms, and fitness enthusiasts: Murph.

Since 2005, CrossFit has posted workouts meant to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. While there are several well-known hero workouts at this point, perhaps none is more famous than Murph. This workout is in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy who was KIA during an operation in Afghanistan. For his bravery and sacrifice, Lt. Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor.

This Hero workout is not only a grueling physical test but a mental test and serves as a perfect reminder of the struggle and sacrifice that those that serve and their families go though in the defense of freedom.

We will be performing this workout as a community on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th at 8:30am. We invite you to join us for what is always an inspiring event. If you've never been part of a Murph at a gym, it is certainly a humbling experience to join in with the broader community to remember this fallen soldier and all fallen soldiers that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we often take for granted.

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