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Black Widow CrossFit is bigger than just a gym. It’s an entire community of people working together, supporting each other, and providing a positive space for everyone to grow healthier and stronger.

Operating as usual


Hooray! By popular demand, we have added a 4:30pm class beginning this week. Sign up in Push Press under "Classes". While we don't have a mid-morning class this week, stay tuned - something's coming...


Yoga Foundations is canceled today. Stay inside. Stay safe!


Voting is underway for this year's Best of Loudoun! Find Black Widow CrossFit under "Body & Soul" followed by "Fitness Center/Gym". Vote daily! Thanks for your support!


Our 10am group CrossFit class is canceled for this week. Stay tuned for new class times being released - the new schedule will begin next week! Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback! Also, a 24-7 access add-on is available through Push Press! If you need to get your WOD on in the middle of the day or night, look no further.


The CrossFit Open starts next week! Be sure to sign up through CrossFit, and get ready to have some fun!!


Did you know the Best of Loudoun is seeking nominations for gyms and yoga studios?! Nominate us by clicking the link below, followed by "body and soul". You can add us under Fitness Center/Gym and under Yoga/Pilates Studio! Start here: Let's put Black Widow on the map!


The RPM Training 10K Challenge started today, but you can still join in the fun! Be sure to join team @black.widow


While you were shoveling…
Check out Morgan crushing some muscle-ups today!


Black Widow is opening on time tomorrow! Be careful out there! 🏋🏽‍♀️🕷❄️


It's Bring-a-Buddy Week! Members can bring buddies all week for no charge. For each workout your buddies attend, you'll receive an entry into a raffle for a cool give-away. For each buddy who joins Black Widow CrossFit, you'll receive $30 off of your January membership. Info and registration can be found here:

Home - Black Widow CrossFit 11/22/2021

Home - Black Widow CrossFit

Commitment is the first step to beginning your fitness journey. You don't need to get in shape before starting, but you do need to make a commitment today that will help you begin tomorrow. We are here for you and we can help.

Home - Black Widow CrossFit Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? Learn more about Black Widow CrossFit and schedule a free intro to receive your tailored training plan.


A valley girl, a unicorn, and a chicken walk into a gym… (comments below to finish this)


What's better than beating your friends in a fun Saturday WOD? Beating them dressed like a hot dog. Or a cat. Or a Superhero. Come to tomorrow's workout! Dress up! Have a great time!
**Costumes not required, but super fun.


Did somebody say MUSTACHE?! (Warning: bad, dad-joke style puns’ve been warned. Don’t give us any LIP!)

Hey fellas! I MUSTACHE you to grow some upper lip hair for a good cause. Make Black Widow CrossFit the most mustached CrossFit in the country this November! It’s totally a thing. Register HAIR to join the team:
Fundraising not required. Facial hair is required. Coolness guaranteed.


Hello, everyone! We're TWO days behind this week's guest; many apologies for that. We'll blame the beach for that. That said, let's meet Coach Brodie. Brodie is an Army brat whose birthplace is Martinsville, VA but lived much of his life in Clarksville, TN (near Fort Campbell). Brodie has two older step-siblings. When he's not coaching, he's doing cool stuff as a civil engineer. Brodie played football and baseball in high school and club baseball in college. Brodie's began in 2013 at a where a high school friend "poached" WODs from a Florida affiliate that he shared with Brodie. Brodie has fond memories of doing the original and WODs; he cut his CrossFit chops on an 8-minute comprised of , , and ! Brodie's first true affiliate membership was @crossfitballston; his favorite is ; and loves any barbell movement, especially . Brodie loves CrossFit because of its impact on his own fitness, and as a coach, he gets to aid people in enjoying the same benefits and positive impacts both in and out of the gym.

Favorite food: Bacon
Favorite move:
Favorite color: Lime Green
Superhero: Batman
Marvel or DC: Marvel
Phobia(s): (spiders)
Murph or DT: DT
Chipper or AMRAP: AMRAP
Favorite zoo animal: Zebra
Pull-up or handstand: Handstand
Last book read: by Greg McKeown
Last meal request: All you can eat sushi
NoBull or Reebok: NoBull
Science or history: Science
Hypothetical arrest charge: "Improper walking" (inside family joke)


Black Widow CrossFit is excited to become an official host of Team RWB's WOD for Warriors! All proceeds support Team RWB and their mission to enrich the lives of America's veterans by coming together in support of our veterans' physical and mental health.

Register at


Got plans on Monday, October 11th? We hope it includes your workout! Black Widow CrossFit will be open according to our regular class schedule.


Hey, ya'll. It's Monday, and what better way to celebrate the return of social media (just a tad of - see what I did there?) than to drop a teaser about our next guest!

This individual was voted "bestallaround" in high school. Nothing but the for our staff, right?


When you see it . . . . .

This is cause for excitement! Follow @sterlingfestva to support the best community event in !

Photos from Black Widow CrossFit's post 10/02/2021

It's time to meet Coach Meagen! Meagen and I couldn't meet in person, but I could HEAR her voice through her words as she provided some fantastic info about herself. Coach M was born in Portsmouth, VA where both mom and dad served in the . She spent much of her childhood on both the west and east coasts, and claims home since 2006. Coach M has two brothers ages 32 and 27. She is a busy working mother of two children, wife, and high school counselor @lightridge_lcps.

Coach M's began in March 2019 at CrossFit Loudoun - . Coach M has an extensive sports background as an athlete and a coach - soccer, lacrosse, running, yoga, pilates, basketball, and @clemsonrowing. Her first WOD was an AMRAP that had deadlifts - she says, "I was quickly humbled."

Favorite food: A "runny egg sandwich on nutty bread topped with a terrific trio of bacon, avocado, and sharp white cheddar cheese
Favorite movie: Braveheart
Favorite color:
Favorite zoo animal: 🙈🙉
Superhero: Hulk
Marvel or DC: Marvel
Murph or DT: Murph
Phobias: None
Chipper or AMRAP: AMRAP
Pull-up or handstand: Pull-up
Last book or podcast: by @elizabethbanks
Science or history: Science
Claim to fame: Coach M admits to being "fondled" by her female friends for her . . . SHOULDERS
Last meal request: with sausage
HYPOTHETICAL Arrest charge: Indecent exposure (ask her!)


EIGHT DAYS until cameo appearance @sterlingfestva! What you see here is where our tent will be located. Prime spot off Enterprise BLVD, right next to the and the band! Come see us; bring your friends and family; spin the wheel to win fantastic prizes, maybe take on a SECRET movement challenge, and meet our wonderful and coaches!


The MOMENT you ALL are eagerly anticipating: for this week's featured segment. This one is a !

1 - "I didn't learn how to 'properly' cook rice until my 20s; i.e., not have leftover water that I drain out of the rice pot, and abide by the 2:1 ratio; in fact, I was working at a wilderness school making rice; I was draining the water into a drain in the ground and it splashed onto my foot and burned it severely"

2 - "I nearly got hyopothermia climbing in July 2012

Photos from Black Widow CrossFit's post 09/27/2021

Both @tylergator and @coach_whiz work very diligently to build, promote, and strengthen the community at BWCF. Their latest endeavor - to introduce Black Widow CrossFit to the community of Sterling at large. Join them and your coaches at @sterlingfestva on October 9, 2021 from 11 am to 5 pm. If you see this awesome banner, you won't miss us! Bring all your family and friends! This is our affiliate's first of MANY public appearances, so this is HUGE!

Photos from Black Widow CrossFit's post 09/26/2021

Happy Sunday Funday, Black Widow CrossFit friends and family! I bet you were just SALIVATING ALL DAY for this week's segment. Well - wipe up, because HERE WE GO!

Meet Coach Mark (@sentinel3). Mark is 42, hails from Newport News and lives in Herndon. He's the youngest of three brothers and is father to a daughter. Coach Mark is truly an OG of the , tracing his CrossFit journey back to Fort Riley, KS in 2006. His first WOD was (21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups for time). Coach Mark LOVES cleans, and his favorite hero WOD is (30 RFT of 5 , 3 , and 1 at 225 lbs). His qualifications include CF-L2 and .

His answers to :
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite movie: Heat
Last book read: A River Wild
Favorite zoo animal: Zebra
or : DT
or : Chipper
or : Marvel
Last meal request:
Arrest charge: Motorcycle shenanigans

Mark's background is so wide-ranging that we may do a sequel! For now - let's give a hearty thank you to him for all his knowledge and experience!

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