Northern Virginia Ninja - NoVa Ninja Youth

Northern Virginia Ninja - NoVa Ninja Youth


Casey Passafaro Northern Virginia Ninja - NoVa Ninja

All of the parents of the young children attending your gym deserve to know that you have zero interest in knowing them as you stated to me and my current husband who
You are sleeping with and living with when he had two small kids at home. We are not divorced. You took him on a trip to Florida while he was on a Protective order for threatening my life. You have assaulted me, called me “whore”, “cunt”, etc. You are the worst kind of role model for children - especially young girls. I hope these parents begin to see the only concern you have is
To make a profit at the gym. These kids deserve love, respect, and a role model. None of which you are at this moment. NovaNinja NovaNinja64 NoVa Moms NinjaWarrior

Welcome to the NoVa Ninja Youth Page! Check back for updates and information about upcoming competitions! Welcome to the NoVa Ninja Youth Competition Team Page!

Operating as usual


NoVa Ninja & NoVa OCR


Jake Hollowell ANW 2019

So stoked to have Jake Hollowell as a fellow coach this season for the youth competitive team! He’s an amazing ninja (amongst many things) and we are lucky to have him! Welcome to team nova ninja!!

Check out my submission video for the American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Season 11.


Repost from @ninja_rileymac using @RepostRegramApp - This obstacle was a tough one. I stayed after to beat it. 💪💜💜💜



Repost from @ninja_rileymac using @RepostRegramApp - This obstacle was a tough one. I stayed after to beat it. 💪💜💜💜

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[09/13/18]   Hey everyone! For those of you doing the winter season... the code for the competition is TEAMNOVANINJA and it will register you for $0. 06/21/2018

Birthday Party & Group

Train like the real life ninja warriors on your birthday! Youth and adult parties!


Repost from @bjeggie25 using @RepostRegramApp - Congratulations Sierra on beating the warped wall 😁🤩. She has been working at this for a while and finally got it! @crossfit_loudoun @nova_ninja_training #anwkids #ninjakids #americanninjawarrior #anwtraining #igdaily #insta #instakids #fitness #fitkids #anw #ninja #ninjawarrior #anw10 #crossfit #crossfitkids


Working on nova ninja kid Makayla’s kids ninja warrior audition video!! Ran the savage race with 6 kids today and it was so much fun! People were talking about “those nova ninjas” being better than the adults 🙂 I’m looking forward to comp season for those who compete and running more races with the kids. It made my heart happy! 05/03/2018

CrossFit Loudoun Competing for a Cure #savethetatas

Hey ninja youth team! Don’t forget this Sunday I am going with any youth signed up for the savage sprint to help coach and run with. Please let me know if you signed up! Depending on age we will either run the competitive heat together (I’ll be racing in that one) or if younger I’ll re-run it just as a coach! It’s based on obstacle completion so it’s up our ninja ally!! Also... I am competing Saturday in a breast cancer fundraiser along with coach JJ. All of the profits and additional fundraising go 100% towards breast cancer research and survivors. My mother is a breast cancer survivor (and as many of you know I’m an oncology nurse practitioner) so it’s a topic that is VERY near and dear to my heart. If you’d like to support our team any donations are appreciated no matter how small! You can donate here: Owners Casey and JJ and Coach Brandi are teaming up to compete in GIRLS GONE RX in support of women battling breast cancer. Girls Gone Rx started with the idea of getting women together to benefit a great cause. We wanted to do something that ...


Northern Virginia Ninja - NoVa Ninja

Join us on April 28th at NoVa Ninja | CrossFit Loudoun for an Open House!

Bring your kids to check out the gym, hear details on the official announcement of the NoVa Ninja Youth Team -- an expertly coached youth competition team -- celebrate with us, and ask your own questions about the launch.

See our current competition kids and coaches run compete in an obstacle course of our own creation.

Email [email protected] for more information and please check out 03/23/2018

WhatsApp Group Invite

Whatsapp team chat link Follow this link to join

[03/22/18]   Hey guys! I talked to Heidi today (head of casting for kids ANW) and she was super excited for the kids I described that I thought would be great! We have a conference call tomorrow afternoon so I will
post details. Can’t express again how stoked I am for this opportunity for your kids that have been training. They are looking for legitimately talented ninja youth so we definitely have an edge! More to come tomorrow!! Is there anyway anyone who would like to submit an audition tape can meet tomorrow? More for training as I just want to get an idea of where everyone is at. I know there is no school so I’m open for different time slots or ninja night.

[03/21/18]   Can we create a whatsapp team chat? There are some things I want to communicate to everyone but Facebook isn’t the best way for me and not sure everyone has it. Have you all used it before?


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NoVa Ninja Youth Competition Team

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