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The Bullpen, LLC

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Claire Buswell Coaching
Claire Buswell Coaching

The Bullpen, LLC offers professional pitching instruction and strength training in the Northern Virginia area.

At The Bullpen, our goal is to separate ourselves and our athletes by going about our training less like a business, but more like college, professional, and other elite training programs from across the country. Our program is designed to train athletes at a high level, multiple times per week, with a focus on improving the athlete in all areas needed to excel on the mound. Stop by to sign up for pitching instruction in Sterling today!

Operating as usual


Merry Christmas!!


Great Month 1 progress from our guys! Strength numbers up across the board

We always start the off-season with a month long throwing shut down and really hit the weight room hard. Very proud of our guys for the work they’ve put in over this first month and the gains that they’ve made.

Now its time for the fun stuff as we build up the their throwing in preparation for the spring!


Huge shoutout to my old teammate from pro ball and current pitching coach on taking the time to catch up a little and talk shop us.


Newly designed ex*****on tracker to be used during our athlete’s bullpen sessions. Utilizing intended zones and pitch location data from we can not only track strike percentages but also precisely measure and calculate how much each pitch missed its spot by - giving us a comprehensive overview of the pitchers ex*****on during the bullpen. Looking to utilize tools like this to reach your maximum potential?? Come schedule an assessment with us!


With the recent PR by the big man , the entire top 10 of our High School Velo Leaders are 90+ 🔥🔥 Super proud of the work that our boys have put in to get to this point and looking forward to the next crop of guys coming in to take the spots of those names leaving for college.


From starting at The Bullpen, to becoming juco bandits and roommates at , and finally squaring up against each other at and , have been grinding alongside each other for a decade. Stuff like this is why baseball is the greatest sport on the planet and makes me want to instruct guys for the rest of my life.


Any guesses as to what we are building?


Congratulations to my dude on his commitment to . Cayden has been with our program for quite a few years and since day one, he’s been a quiet leader by the way he carries himself and goes about his business. He conducts himself like a professional and is a borderline perfectionist at everything he does. It’s not surprising that he’s moving on to play at one of the top programs in the country, . Cayden has a big future ahead of him and I’ll be excited to see his continued success. Congrats brotha!


Day 2 of The Bridge Seminar


Excited to be at the Wake Forest Bridge Seminar and learn about the next wave of baseball technology, science, and data in regards to pitching development.


50 dozen new pearls thanks to


Congrats to on his commitment to . Sam has been working hard for the last year to improve mechanical inefficiencies and his mobility. He has the potential to be a power arm and front end guy as he continues to develop and mature. Congrats Sam!


Congratulations to my dude on his commitment to . Going from not pitching at all and throwing upper 70s touching 80 to now sitting 90-93 a year later is no easy task. Additionally, adding roughly 40lbs to your frame in that time is also just as challenging. Nate is one of the hardest working players that has ever walked through the doors here and I’m incredibly proud of him for his non stop focus and efforts to achieve a very large goal.


Ankle mobility with friends is fun!


Always nice getting new equipment from


Thank you ! We’re excited to get to work with our new toy.


New plyos!


16 of our 24 College Commits from this years class. Everyone one of our seniors committed except one even though he had offers he decided to focus more on high level academics. I’m proud of all these guys for their efforts and focus through the years. 3 of them have trained with me since they were 10 so to say I’m close to these guys is an understatement.

Front Row: (Juniata) .perrin15 (Elizabethtown) .montagne (John A. Logan) .ruggeri (UPenn) (Penn State Harrisburg) (Denison) .chiarello (Marymount) (Tusculum) (Ole Miss) (Maryland) (Tennessee) (Harford) (VT) (Lycoming) (Roanoke) .hultquist (Davidson)


Try this drill if you struggle with your drift, hinge, early extension(jumping) from the rubber, or any postural issues.

Knee Hug Drill-Hugging your knee to your chest, make sure that your posture with hip plane, spine, and shoulder plane is neutral. Make sure that front leg is in a passive position. Slowly shift your weight to the inside of your back leg/foot to begin drifting. Keep front leg passive as long as possible letting go as late as you can to land and stop forward momentum. Maintain neutral posture.


Did an assessment with my man last week and spoke with him about making some mechanical changes to help improve his efficiency.

1.Drift- We looked at his drift, he has a tendency, like most, to lift and get stuck over back side which causes a few major issues downstream such as excessive pelvic, spine, and shoulder tilt, early extension/rotation of back leg(jumping), and rotational timing issues due to the increased stride length.

2. Neutral Posture-Staying as close to neutral as possible is key for most efficient human movement patterns. Players often have a tendency to excessively tilt back -pulling their pelvis, spine, and shoulders away from neutral - because it feels more powerful. The premise behind that idea seems to makes sense, but really what we are feeling is stress. The body is working harder to move downhill into foot strike instead of using gravity, the downslope of the mound, and effortless weight transfer to do the work for you. We like to reference hitting a home run, when you hit the sweet spot of the bat and the timing aligns perfectly, it almost feels effortless which is what happens when we are at our most efficient patterning. The pitching delivery should feel the same as you lift, drift, and drop into foot strike. It should feel loose, fast, and there should be a sense of ease not feel stiff, full of effort, and tiring.


Thanks for breaking your second chair in two weeks


.grohowski of working on cleaning up some postural components of his delivery and throwing some nasty stuff! Hitters will have to cover roughly 40” of horizontal movement between his sinker/slider combo.

FB 21.1” horizontal and 5.1” i.vertical
SL 19.3” horizontal and 5.1” i.vertical


Drift, posture, and moving down slope into footstrike may be the most important thing you can do to create efficiency and fix mechanical issues. In the top video was throwing with an RPE(rate of perceived exertion) of 9/10 as opposed to the bottom video in which his RPE was 3/10. The top video was 83 and the bottom was 80. What changed and allowed him to create much more efficiency in a matter of a few pitches? Well, it was simply the thought of relaxing and creating loose fluid movement, maintaining neutral pelvic plane, spine, and shoulder plane, and a lot of focus on directing all of that energy into footstrike.

You must allow gravity and the down slope to work for you, as stated, it is free energy. Rather than pushing into footstrike, we believe it’s much better to dynamically fall down slope. Pushing is a movement in which the 3 joints of the lower half move from flexion to extension or load and unload. If you unload to get to footstrike, you’ve essentially killed your lower half’s ability to become active after footstrike. We want to use that free momentum and store the active muscular power allowing it to build into footstrike. Envision a wave building and crashing into the shore.

Initiate movement through COM(center of mass) by dropping the pelvis inside the back knee and ankle while simultaneously paralleling the slope of the mound, allow the ankle to move into eversion, maintain neutral posture, and apply all of that force into the ground. “Force down is force up”


Huge shoutout to for the hookup. We used our first set so much over the last year that they were getting a little beat up and we needed some fresh trainers. Thanks for getting us set up with the next round David!!


The end goal is obvious - be nasty in games as often as possible. But to consistently perform at 100% effort, there has to be a foundation of consistency at lower efforts. Reverse engineer the end goal and you’ll end up with a good place to start. For us, that starting line is focus and intent during drill work. No matter the athlete skill level, focus and intent in drill work lays the foundations for success during the high effort, game speed movements. Train the athlete to move correctly while going slow, then train the athlete to move correctly while going fast, then set them loose on any and all opponents.


dropping truth bombs. So many players don’t understand this until it’s too late. Spending an extra few minutes a day to mobilize, do your arm care, or even some basic mechanical work can go a long way over time to help maintain/improve performance and help to prevent injury.

Just an extra 10 minutes a day is 70 minutes by the end of one week, 140 minutes after week two, 210 minutes after week three, and 280 minutes after week four.

That means if you stick to working on something extra for just 10 minutes a day for four weeks, by the end of the month you’ve focused an extra four hours and 40 minutes on one very specific aspect.

I’ll bet when summer/fall recruiting season begins and you have 20 coaches all analyzing your ability, you’d probably wish you had that 4 hours back to prep and show the best of what you’ve got. Don’t wait, because opportunities present themselves for those who are prepared and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile!


Truly happy and proud of my man .bordes2 on his commitment to . Tyler has been a mainstay here at The Bullpen for many years, and during that time I’ve seen his success, struggles, effort, commitment, and desire to continue to improve and earn the opportunity to play at the next level. He’s been one of the most consistent and hardest working players for many years here, and regardless of his success or failures, he’s never once slowed down in his pursuit to play college baseball. It’s guys like him that make me want to keep training and pushing players because to see them at the end of this process is just as rewarding to me as I’m sure it is to them. I’m proud of you Tyler, congratulations! Now get back to the grind!


Just want to send a huge shoutout to my man on committing to . PJ is one of the most focused, hard working players that we have, which is why he is an exceptional student and also a very skilled, high level athlete. PJ has had to battle many issues over the last year and half due to an injury that led to TJ, but throughout the entirety of the process, he never once had a poor attitude and remained extremely focused on controlling what he was capable of. A note to others who are in his situation, even if it’s late in the recruiting process and you are dealt with an injury, you still have time to commit, just remember that your gpa is just as, if not more important than your mph’s, as high level academics can open up just as many doors. PJ’s future is very bright and I’m proud to see him commit and have the opportunity to move on to the next level. Congratulations PJ, now get back to the grind!


This is why I love baseball!! opening day!


How do you stay healthy during the season?? One big aspect is monitoring fatigue levels. Fatigue (muscular AND nervous system) is one of the biggest causes of both injury and decreased performance.
We monitor counter movement jumps, and grip strength on a weekly basis with our guys when they are in season in order to be able to identify down trends that may indicate fatigue. If there is a large drop off from one week to the next, ask the athlete questions.
“How does your arm feel?”
“How have you been sleeping?”
“How have you been eating?”
“Is your high school coach running you a lot at practice?”

Knowing when an athlete is fatigued (not just guessing) allows us to recommend temporary deloads in lifting and throwing volume to get them back on track.
On the flip side, we have objective numbers that can show us an athlete is feeling good and ready to step on the gas!

Measure, interpret, make decisions. Don’t guess when it comes to your athletes health!!

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