Ethereal Arts Self Defense

A martial arts school offering a diversity of disciplines located in Stow, Massachusetts.

Ethereal Arts teaches Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi Chuan (for health and combat, Muay Thai Kickboxing, The Lissajous Weapons System, Chin Na (joint control), Submission Grappling and Live Action Weapons (foam weapon sparring)

Mission: To help each student develop their level of skill and understanding of the martial arts as well as the judgement of when and when not to use their art.

Another photo from yesterday. Great job guys! One more photo to go.

[12/21/19]   Great day today. Everyone was excellent today.

Great event at Grandmaster Cervizzi’s school. Kathy Long is an inspirational teacher. Thank you so much for hosting us at your school.

Congratulations to our newest Yellow Belt. Well done!

Donnie Yen 甄子丹

Been waiting for this. I think we should rent the theater for everyone at the dojo.

12 years, 4 Films. Dec 20th The final fight!

Kara Newcastle the Author of Nike - The Demon Road is also an amateur cartoonist and shared this with me. I thought you might like it.

Ethereal Arts Self Defense's cover photo

Amherst Karate Studio

Ippone Kick Off Tournament & Banquet.

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Cervizzi's Martial Arts Academy

Train with a LEGEND! Kathy Long will be joining us on November 16th and 17th at the North Reading Dojo! There is still time to sign up for the Defense Tactics Seminar and the Fighting Applications Seminar!

Learn more and register for one or both seminars!

Peace, Love, and Everything Else

[10/28/19]   A special thank you to Paul Haapanen for leaving us an excellent review of Ethereal Arts. Thanks again Paul, very kind of you to do so.

[08/06/19]   Back to work after a great time in Miami Beach at the Gathering of Eagles. I met and trained with the best in the Kenpo world. Bobby Lynn, Joe Rebelo, Billy Dalton and Jeff Davis are simply the best. Great to work with all of you and thank you for your time and patience with me.

Budo Brothers

Very smooth. Watch how well he moves.

👊 Master Apolo Ladra showing how to enter with weapons.

Coach Jeff Burger

It's our life style because it changed our lives.

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Full Contact


Kenpô France Federation & MMA

I LOVE Kenpo. This is just one reason why.

Démonstration Kenpô lors du championnat d’Europe de Karaté à Guadalajara (Espagne) Carlos & Sergio Jodar

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It’s always great to see these two artist together in a motion picture

Known Jet for nearly 40 years, very happy and blessed to worked together for our fourth time and wrapped on the same day!!! 🙏
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[10/22/18]   So much going on right now.😵 First thing is our school tournament this weekend. I will be sending out a reminder email very shortly. Any student that would like to compete ages six and up should get their tournament app turned in to me before Wednesday of this week. Next on my list is our after school program. I am still looking to fill two more spots in our roster. We are offering to pick kids up from Stow and Maynard schools drive them to the dojo in Stow where they will have time for: tablets, homework assistance, snowballs (no not kidding) just cotton snowballs, snacks, games, and the karate class in included for up to five days a week. Early release days are included as well. Call the school for more information. 978 897 8585. Last on my list is our new Yoga hours. Valerie has changed the hours as follows:
Tuesday 8:00-9:00 Slow Flow
Thursday 8:00-9:00 Vinyasa All Levels
Saturday 7:30-8:45 Sunrise Yoga
I am really happy to offer yoga at the school and can't wait to hear how it has helped people. As always, Be well.

Friends of Matthew Moncreaff

While this campaign isn’t in my district I have known Matthew Moncreaff for many years and I believe he is the right person for the job. If he was running in my district he would have my vote for certain. If you are able and (of course) if you agree with his policies, won’t you please help out my friend in his efforts to improve our state government. Just a few dollars could make all the difference. Thank you for reading this since I am a martial artist and don’t often talk about politics. I do however believe in him, and his plans for improving Massachusetts. Be well. Holden, Princeton, Paxton, Rutland, Sterling, and Westminster


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[10/16/18]   Saturday was a very full day. Little Griffins was great followed by foam weapons where we did bo staff sparring 🤕. So hard to see with those helmets on. But we need to stay safe. Then it was off to the Marlborough Kenpo only tournament. Very few Kenpo only events in existence so I try to support them when I can. Francis took second in a very close match. Congratulations Francis. I wasn’t at the school for the rest of the classes but all went well including a rank promotion to white belt first degree. Congratulations to you sir!

We are still trying to fill both our after school program as well as our yoga classes. Please let me know who is interested. Call me at the school or write. Thank you and be well.

After School Program

Someone mentioned to me that we should post more about our after school program so here is the application so people can look it over. Please let me know if you have any questions

Someone mentioned to me that we should post more about our after school program so here is the application so people can look it over. Please let me know if you have any questions

[10/06/18]   Today was exciting! Two Little Griffins today in class. Then one of our students brought in their puppy. So cute!!! Then I was off to a martial arts tournament to see how other styles run their events. Then back to the dojo to write about the day. I would like to take a moment to remind people about a few things.
1) We now have Yoga classes here at the dojo. Tuesday Thursday and Saturday mornings. Please contact me at the school for information and rates.
2) We are now running an after school program for ages 6 thru 12 here at the school. The program can be anywhere from one to five days a week. We are offering this to kids from Maynard and Stow. Shuttle service is available as well. Martial arts classes are included in the program. Please contact me at the school for information and rates.
3) Our next in house tournament is October 27th. Print out your entry forms in the email I sent out and turn them in to me at the dojo by Oct. 24th.
4) The King Richards Faire trip is on for Tomorrow. I hope to see you there wearing your school t-shirt. I'll be looking for you. This is also my 34th Kenpo Birthday and I will be celebrating nearly three and a half decades of teaching Kenpo. ++++Fun!
5) October is equipment sale month. We sell off used equipment from the dojo and replace it with new stuff. Need a punching bag? How about floor mats? See an instructor for more details.

Thanks for taking the time to read this way too long post. Be well.

Here is the flyer for our new after school program. We just started offering shuttle service from Center and Hale school to our dojo for our after school program. Up to five days a week with Karate classes included as well as homework assistance and snacks too. Please contact us if you are interested. Discounts for additional family members and if you do not require the shuttle service. We can be reached at 978-897-8585 or [email protected]

[09/24/18]   I am happy to announce that Ethereal Arts will be offering an after school program starting October 1 for kids ages 6 through 12. The program will include shuttle service from school to the dojo, snacks, time for homework, and training in Kenpo Karate five days a week.
Contact me at the school for more information.
978 897 8585

After fighting with file formats and software that I don't completely understand, the tournament video is complete and available at the dojo. Trimmed down to only the events. The DVD is $5.

[09/22/18]   Another Saturday and another great day here at Ethereal Arts. 9 am and it's time for Little Griffins. Only one little one today but she ran circles around me while we learned blocks and stances. 😀 Next up... foam weapons. Again only one student and she beat me up with her Bo Staff made by Action Flex. She's getting good. Kids class had five today including our newest White Belt first degree! The order of the day was techniques on a partner with Sensei Jeff while I worked with the non-ranked students on basics, stances, and blocks. Sparring had seven people today. I ran the push hands ring while Sensei Jeff ran the sparring ring. Some great matches today that included more than a few kicks to the head! We should have had one more person at sparring class today but he couldn't make it since he was busy winning first place in sparring at a Martial arts tournament in Sturbridge. 🏆🥇🎉🤯 Great job!!!! The adult classes were about cleaning up technique and learning new belt requirements. Chin-Na class saw the promotion of one of our students. Congratulations on making it to Yellow Belt. Great day for Ethereal Arts students all the way around. I am so proud of you all. Be well.

Here is our latest update on our Yoga classes. Valerie has given us a flyer for the dojo and our lobby. I am so looking forward to the start of our new program. Be sure to contact me at the school if anyone has questions about our Yoga classes.

[09/19/18]   O.K.... so normally I post on Saturdays since they are the busiest day of our martial arts week and have the most stuff going on in any one day. However, I wanted to let people know how things are going since..... 1 we have added five new students to the school with our new pay your age promotion. 🎉 Good! 2 we have now added five new yoga classes to our morning schedule starting in October! Great!! 3 we just promoted two students today, one to white belt first degree and one to Yellow belt first degree. AWESOME!!!🤩🦎🎊🏆🥇 not sure why I put a lizard in there but it's still awesome. Great job to both of you and a Thank you to each and every one of you that is a part of Ethereal Arts. You are why our school is a great place to be. - Be well.

[09/18/18]   I posted a list of available options for our upcoming Yoga classes but so far there has only been one response. (Thanks again Bob) Please, if you are interested in having yoga classes here at Ethereal Arts please leave a comment in the yoga list post so we can start rolling out the classes that people want in October. Thanks so much for your time.

[09/15/18]   What kind of Yoga classes would you like to see offered here at Ethereal Arts? We can have more than one!

[09/15/18]   What a great day today was. Each class had something great in it. Little Griffins welcomed a new student today. (Hello little one!) Weapons class involved pins and spins with Bo staff definitely level three training here. The kids class was all about station training where each cone on the floor represents a skill they need to practice and everyone moves from cone to cone and works on a different skill. Then we finished off with crab soccer! Remember kids don't block the ball with your face! If you do, it just might go in the goal. (Right guys???) Sparring class had two rings today one for fighting and one for push hands. Thanks to Joshu Kara for running the push hands ring today. Great improvements in the sparring today as well. During the adult class Joshu Kara took over while I had a meeting with our new yoga instructor. Yes! you heard me right we now have a yoga instructor her name is Valerie Kacian and we are planning to start Yoga here at Ethereal Arts on October first!!!!! Please call or write to me with your questions or to reserve a spot in these new classes. I'm so exited for this. We also had a rank promotion from White Belt first degree to Yellow Belt. Congratulations to you sir!!! Another awesome occurrence in the same hour. And last we had our Chin Na class once again take over the Muay Thai class and become a two hour long grappling class. Great job to Assistant Instructor Ryan for learning a two person Chin Na Kata. All in all an amazing day. Till next time....... BE WELL.

[09/12/18]   From time to time people have mentioned that they would love to see Ethereal Arts offer Yoga classes. Earlier this month I posted a job for a Yoga instructor here at the studio. I am currently interviewing people for the post and I am still accepting job applications for anyone interested in the job. I am also interested to know who is looking to study Yoga with us here at Ethereal Arts? Please comment with a Yes or a maybe or some sort of inkling that you are interested in the idea. I would love to get this new program up and running. - Be well!

[09/08/18]   What an excellent day of classes today. Little Griffins had one visitor today. Thank you to all the Little Griffins who showed up today Great job in class! Foam weapons was only one student today but I had a second instructor helping out with all classes today. Thank you Kara!!! She helped out during Live Action Weapons while I was free to do paperwork 😭 Kids class was great too several kids completed more than one requirement toward their next rank. Great work class!!!🏆Sparring class was out of this world🤯. The class was just as much fun as it always is until Sensei Jeff calls for all kids vs all adults sparring match. It was a five on five madhouse of sparring. Everyone finished the match extremely tired but very happy. It was amazing!! I will try to post a video of the event. After that nothing is quite as exciting never the less the adult classes were quite productive working on Kata and even some defense against knife techniques. Lastly the Chin Na class ran on and took over the Muay Thai class as I and my assistant instructor Ryan spent the time discussing Chin na and our first lock flow form. Well that's it for today great work all of you. A special thanks to all the instructors and assistant instructors that made today possible. Be well.

[09/05/18]   I'm a little late posting since I collapsed after an amazing day at the dojo on Saturday. First off was Little Griffins.... one little guy came in and we worked the first six Kenpo techniques and he rocked the first three (we ran out of time) Next up..... foam weapons class. This battle was staff vs. nunchaku. Tons of fun for both students, just remember to wear a helmet in this class.🤔After weapons it's kids kenpo with a brand new student!!!! WELCOME NEW GUY!!! No names of kids on Facebook for us.🤫Then it's off to sparring class. Surely not everybody was Kung fu fighting? Or Kenpo fighting? Either way one of the best classes of the day. Kenpo adults after that and a good turn out too. Then off to Chin Na with the return of a long lost student (welcome back sir) nearly at the end here because then were off to Muay Thai Kickboxing. And last but not least was our Nerf Knight battle of Nerf. Two hours of blasters and sword battles. What a day! Thanx to everyone for an amazing day you all make the dojo a great place to teach!😃

[09/01/18]   I would like to ask people to leave us a review please. Also if your review is more than a year old could you please update it. It would go a long way toward reaching new people and really help out the school. Thank you so much.

[08/31/18]   Just got some feedback on the Nerf Knight. The event is free to students of Ethereal Arts. Remember to wear your school (summer) uniform. Gi pants and school t-shirt. You will need your own nerf equipment (don't forget eye protection) for the second half but the swords and helmets we will provide for the first half. I will update this as more feedback comes in.

[08/31/18]   Wow! what a great day today. The weather is at least a little bit cooler and it just feels great to be outside. Classes at the dojo are a little bit more relaxed on Friday. No one here for sparring or chin na but I am looking forward to Muay Thai tonight. Our latest workout has people smiling when they leave class 😄 Bag work and partner drills, excellent!!! I am personally looking forward to tomorrow's Nerf Knight! One hour of foam sword sparring and one hour of nerf darts. This is going to be awesome. Don't know about nerf knight? Drop me an email. Stay cool everyone....... don't forget about our KRF trip on 10/7/18.

Here is the latest version of our September Sign-Up Sale

[08/23/18]   We are doing a Back to School promotion. Any new students that sign up at Ethereal Arts from now until September 30th. The first month of tuition is the student's age. Regular price tuition is $139. A 7 year old student would only pay $7 for the first month. A $132 savings. There is no limit to the number of family members. We look forward to working with you.

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