Ethereal Arts Self Defense

A martial arts school offering a diversity of disciplines located in Stow, Massachusetts.

Ethereal Arts teaches Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi Chuan (for health and combat, Muay Thai Kickboxing, The Lissajous Weapons System, Chin Na (joint control), Submission Grappling and Live Action Weapons (foam weapon sparring)

Mission: To help each student develop their level of skill and understanding of the martial arts as well as the judgement of when and when not to use their art.

[04/15/20]   Wow what a moment for us here at Ethereal Arts. We were hit with two back to back power outages that were not very serious at first glance. However it did knock out the memory of our internet devices. So all of our connections to the internet went down. Phones, email, and of course our zoom meetings were all dead in the water till I can get the network back up and running. Sorry to cancel everyone on such short notice. I had to run around the parking lot till I got one bar of service so I could send out the email letting everyone know we were out of commission for the day. We are about 70% back up and running now and will be having classes tomorrow as usual. Power outages not withstanding. Thanks and be well.😵

[04/03/20]   I just had an excellent private lesson with two of our students. During this online virtual class we obviously can't interact physically and so these two came to class with a page of hand written notes and questions for me. After exhausting all of their prepared questions the final topic of the lesson was push and pull theory. Specifically timing and when to activate the returning hand in relation to the extending hand. This triggered many more ideas and questions about hand with hand, hand with foot, and even opposite hand and foot and led to the private lesson extending beyond the original half hour. I am still thinking about how great a job those two did. Their insight and drive to learn make me proud to be a teacher. Great job! Both of you. Keep up the great work.

[04/03/20]   Great classes everyone. I have enjoyed seeing each and every one of you online. Your smiling faces help to keep us here at the dojo in a positive mindset. Each of you wearing your uniforms and training with us in our virtual classes makes me proud to be your teacher. I am very happy you are all a part of Ethereal Arts. I look forward to seeing you in Saturdays classes. Be well.

Great job everyone. This year’s tournament was a great success thanks to all of you.

Ethereal Arts Self Defense's cover photo

Our new Get a Sidekick Challenge just launched for our students. Good luck to each of you.

Ethereal Arts Self Defense

Muay Thai class going on now. Drills and combinations tonight. Soon we’ll gear up to fight. Great class guys. @ Ethereal Arts Self Defense

Muay Thai class going on now. Drills and combinations tonight. Soon we’ll gear up to fight. Great class guys. @ Ethereal Arts Self Defense

This was such an excellent moment I had to use this photo. Two of our competitors for our video game tournament yesterday. What a great job everyone did. No sad faces, just handshakes and smiles and pizza too. My thanks to you all.

Pic #9 Not much left. Waiting on the carpets! I can finally go home.

#9 floor is in. Finishing touches are all that is left. Borders and carpets.

Pic 8. Old floor is mostly gone. You can see the dojo used to be a tile shop. Quite the floor there. Making serious progress.

Pic#7 all the floor tiles have been moved in to the dojo (see the huge pile of boxes) and most of the floor has been cleared. Time to start making some real progress. Also watch for our day of Seminars series too. Thanks everyone be safe and be well.

Pic 6. More floor done and fixed the mats not all the way against both corner walls. New floor feels great!

Pic five. Background work mostly. The kind of stuff only an owner would appreciate. Painted walls fixed holes cleaned in corners and tightened fixtures and fasteners. Boring, but this is the stuff that keeps students safe. Be well.

Pic four. Board holder repainted more rows of the floor done. This is when I get the bright idea to touch up the paint on the dojo walls. The bo staff/weight bar I found is 32 lbs. used it for a few minutes, nearly dropped it and decided work was safer. Be well!

Pic three. Two rows done with wooden man back in place and corner man nearly set up as well.

Day two of the upgrades changes may not be all that visible. But the floor at the far end is completely new.

Bad Cat Clothing

What kind of rodeo is this?!
#badcat #badsugarglider #meow

Pic one of the dojo upgrade! Starting to tear up the floor.

Another photo from yesterday. Great job guys! One more photo to go.

[12/21/19]   Great day today. Everyone was excellent today.

Great event at Grandmaster Cervizzi’s school. Kathy Long is an inspirational teacher. Thank you so much for hosting us at your school.

Congratulations to our newest Yellow Belt. Well done!

Donnie Yen 甄子丹

Been waiting for this. I think we should rent the theater for everyone at the dojo.

12 years, 4 Films. Dec 20th The final fight!

Kara Newcastle the Author of Nike - The Demon Road is also an amateur cartoonist and shared this with me. I thought you might like it.

Ethereal Arts Self Defense's cover photo

Amherst Karate Studio

Ippone Kick Off Tournament & Banquet.

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Cervizzi's Martial Arts Academy

Train with a LEGEND! Kathy Long will be joining us on November 16th and 17th at the North Reading Dojo! There is still time to sign up for the Defense Tactics Seminar and the Fighting Applications Seminar!

Learn more and register for one or both seminars!

Peace, Love, and Everything Else

[10/28/19]   A special thank you to Paul Haapanen for leaving us an excellent review of Ethereal Arts. Thanks again Paul, very kind of you to do so.

[08/06/19]   Back to work after a great time in Miami Beach at the Gathering of Eagles. I met and trained with the best in the Kenpo world. Bobby Lynn, Joe Rebelo, Billy Dalton and Jeff Davis are simply the best. Great to work with all of you and thank you for your time and patience with me.

Our Story

Ethereal Arts teaches Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi Chuan (for health and / or self defense), Muay Thai Kickboxing, The Lissajous Weapons System, Chin Na (controlling the joints of the body), Submission Grappling (ground fighting) and Live Action Weapons (foam weapon sparring)

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118 Great Rd
Stow, MA

Opening Hours

Monday 11:00 - 21:30
Tuesday 11:00 - 21:30
Wednesday 11:00 - 22:00
Thursday 11:00 - 21:30
Friday 17:00 - 21:30
Saturday 09:00 - 16:00
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