Passive Golf

Passive Golf


Ron...played on Sunday my slice never showed up and my friends keep saying how straight and long my drives were. See you Sunday. Jeff Rubin
Did Ron ever make any more video's after the 300 yard swing?

Passive Golf RdB

Operating as usual


Love hanging with my golf brother @therealchrisspencer He’s the funniest comic, actor, director and golf junkie. We were talking about the old days with Jack and Arnie and I told him they smoked but never on the course when TV was there to not send the wrong message to the kids. Within less than 2 seconds he tells me to have a cigarette in my mouth go to the top and stop and wait for him to light it then hit the ball. If you’re not having fun then why in the name of Ben Hogan’s sister-in-laws, best friends father’s, second cousin are you playing golf 🖕



Mark Immelman has the # 1 most insightful podcast with the worlds greatest players and gives all of us a view into his world being that he’s with the worlds greatest players weekly. This segment with Bryson is so informative as are all of Mark’s podcast and I will say that outside of episode 430 July 21,2020 (No really Mark I’m kidding… NO I AM NOT kidding🖕) This episode with Bryson explains so much of where the power should come from. Give a listen to this segment then head over to all of On The Mark podcasts.


Jesper had his hip replaced for like the 11th time a couple of weeks ago and since we couldn’t do any work on his swing he brings his good friend Johan , a long drive competitor. I didn’t really appreciate Johan hitting my 8 iron 200 yards. I had knee surgery a year ago (meniscus) and I’m still not 100%, meanwhile it took everything I have to take my pitching wedge out of Jesper’s hands because he wanted to hit a few shots. Are all Swedes strong AF or am I just a pussy? Before any of you asshats answer that don’t go there because I already know the answer 🖕.


T.B.T. Joe Pesci
“I can’t get down there like that… you can you f**k”. RdB. “Of course I can”. Meanwhile Joe hits this shot on 18 at Lakeside about 3’ makes the birdie and takes my lunch money. PS no I NEVER say “ yo Joe you’re funny you know that?” 🖕🖕🖕🖕


I play 18 holes, hit balls for a couple of hours afterwards then take 3-4 days to recover. Meanwhile Jesper had his hip replaced, for the 48th time, two days ago and I will guarantee you by Friday he will be playing 18, hit balls for 5 hours then do a 2 hour cardio session at the end of the day! Hope you have a speedy recovery Pro 🖕🖕🖕


This was so long ago they called this parchment not paper 🤪🖕


There’s no question that golf is an expensive sport. Unless you were born with a silver 7 iron up your… chasing the PGA Tour is impossible if you did not have the financial means. In 1992 Smokey Robinson gave me a 3 year contract and the rest is history! Love you Smokey.


That moment when your students look at you for a hot minute then say “RdB were you AJ in pilot episode of the OC?” Of course I reply, did you see me swinging a golf club?🖕.


Who says you can’t teach a Duke Kahanamoku new tricks? I absolutely get a kick out of my clients that do not want to hear one word about the anatomy when it comes to swinging a golf club. Can you imagine teaching someone to throw a ball by instructing them to start with one body part then a different body part “Whilst” keeping your head still? I thought I would throw in a word that was perfectly fine all these years being called “while” so i could sound more knowledgeable Kind of like “Trail” = back and the word “Lead”= front. Anyway Michael Schwab took a little time away from the green room and tightened his 💩 up. Cheers @michaelbschwab


Driver and Pitching wedge


I’m still the leading bleeping winner with an avg 6.5 bleeps per episode !


29 years ago today Smokey Robinson began my golf journey by giving me a 3 year sponsorship to play professionally. I will never forget the first professional tournament that I won I was so excited to call Smokey to let him know we won as well as my joy in sending him the check. The first thing Smokey said when i called him was “ Keep the check because all I care about is your growth as a golfer but more importantly your growth as a human”. Smokey you gave me much more than a contract this day 29 years ago and I continue to count my blessings for it. Love you Brother. @smokeyrobinson


“Hey RdB I’m super athletic in every other sport so why do I suck at golf?” Oh that’s easy golfers you sick at golf because it’s 100% all you and by that I mean there’s no opponent that can advance your score by them screwing up… NO it’s all you. Oh and if you’re wondering why you get super pist because you suck that answer is easy… EVERYONE who’s ever achieved a single digit hdcp, scratch golf or the professional level knows exactly why you suck and that’s because you are too lazy to put the proper work in. PS the answer is yes…. We all know when you complain, blame your instructor, or blame the squirrel that farted in the middle of your backswing are all laughing at you 🖕.


Yeah but who practices that shot? I don’t know about any of you all but if you have control of your swing and know what to do then what’s up? Of course most of you asshats hit and hope!! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PRO FIND ONE 🖕🖕🖕


Are you having an issue coming over the top? Getting too steep on the downswing? It’s your lucky day and for two easy payments of STFU you too can change your swing. If you can’t stop these issues there’s a good explanation why…..


Going to the driving range five days a week and hitting a large bucket means absolutely nothing. How you practice is how you get better and if you’re interested in learning how to practice correctly ask your professional. If you do not have a pro why bother playing golf.


If you don’t have a pro find one. If you’re checking out a 💩 load of golf videos on social media trying to build your swing all you’re doing is getting ready to give me or any other pro RACKS $ of money which is fine by me asshats 🖕


I promise you that there’s not 1 single qualified golf instructor that would get butt hurt of you interviewed them before you start working with them. If any pro gives you even the slightest bit of sh*t run like you stole something. 🖕🖕


Developing a repeatable swing is not too tough (if y’all put the work in) but “edumakating” folks how to play for BIG $ is another. This picture was taken a few seconds too soon as i was fixing on losing it. One of my students Sean Malto played a match against another one of my students Cole “Metalwood” Owens Cole’s around a + something and Sean a single digit. We all played a one club tourney and after 9 holes Sean made some coin. After the match I head to get something out of the car, come back and they’re gone. Fast forward 20 minutes and there they are. I asked where they were and Cole says (with an epic 💩 eating grin) “Sean gave me a sweet Aloha bet”. Sean is a professional skateboarder and I have to think he either caught a rail and hit his dome too hard or he’s a swell guy! Either way I have stock saying when folks get their ass taxed and want to get their coin back. Get out the same way you got in. @seanmalto @metalwoodstudio @thick_owens


I have the advantage of not being a 5x teacher of the year by any organization of America as well as not being in the top 2 million golf instructors boy club THEREFORE I have an easier time saying this than others. There’s that as well as I don’t give a f**k about taking my junk out and measuring it (it’s an inny anyway and my balls have been in my wife’s purse for 26 years) so that being said I have the luxury of saying what most instructors probably would like to and that’s the following: DO YOU HONESTLY think that a professional instructor cannot tell if you’ve practiced in between lesson? Do you think we cant tell the difference? I have news for y’all, this game is frustrating because it demonstrates your inability to commit to YOURSELF to get better and your frustration is valid and all you have to do is follow what your pro is telling you to do. Other than that feel free to put your Members Only Jacket on as you get into your red corvette and have fun striking out at a Hooters 🖕.


Golf instruction is getting very interesting....


TBT Forever great full to you Smokey. Love you!!!


I’m not going to even begin.....


Over 30 years of catching 💩 for teaching the head thingamajig (and I loved it asshats can I have some more) I have TWO, yes that’s right 2 words for all y’all and those two words are “shut the f**k up”. PS I have only one more thing to say and don’t worry it’s only 3 words.... “make sure your momma makes me a bologna sandwich” 🖕


Look here Eric f**king Andre... I have 2 words for you and they are “Shut your 🖕ing pie hole and just do it asshat” Furthermore of all the people I know you’re one of them


Would you look at that @curbyourlarrydavid That’s what the 🖕 I’m talking about and based on your message don’t get all happy and optimistic because it would ruin your career. PS I now charge by the yard so it’s time to sign a multi year contract 🖕🖕🖕


The #1 most important fundamental of hitting a shot off of a cart path is USE SOMEONE ELSE’S CLUB!

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