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Melissa is very knowledgeable in training and nutrition. She has a positive approach to help the client.
Spot on.
Thinking of you today...for some reason your number is notin my contacts anymore, will you send please? Would love to catch up:). X
The Pure Strength workout allows you to meet your fitness goals while fitting into a busy schedule - there is nothing as effective or efficient!!
What a great studio and trainer. Melissa is the best! Way to go girl!!!!
Yay, Melissa! So glad you've come to FB! Xoxo
I miss you. Actually my visits were my week's highlight. I am looking forward to coming back, working out, getting fit and enjoying your company, ladies.
Hello to our friends in Studio City! Keep up the great work, Pure Strength!!
Yay! PureStrength is the best!!!
This place is the best! I have met my weight and fitness goals due to the amazing workout and wonderful, supportive women here!
I miss you! Best work out and would be so good for me right now...I need Melissa here in Encinitas!!!

Pure Strength, founded by Melissa Gunn in 2004, is a private, exclusive, personal training studio. I Melissa Gunn is the founder and CEO of Pure Strength LA, Inc, Certified SuperSlow Specialist, and a fitness and nutrition coach.

With over two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, Melissa has worked with thousands of individuals over the past 20 plus years helping them to regain and rejuvenate their health and today is the founder of Pure Strength LA which focuses on helping women and men over 40 achieve optimal well-being. From her years of experience as an exercise specialist, Melissa understands the

Operating as usual


We love our Juvent! By only standing on it 10 - 20 minutes a week you get the benefit of increased circulation, increased bone density, relieving joint pain, enhancing strength, and so much more!

Send us a message to try it out


Do you feel like you don't have time to take care of yourself?

Are you not sure what to do during your workout or where to even start?

One of our specialties at Pure Strength is working with busy professionals. With a few simple steps, our expert instructors can guide you and get you back on track and thriving!


Muscle soreness vs Pain

Muscle soreness is a completely normal feeling after doing a new exercise or performing an exercise you haven’t done in a while. It occurs a day or so after and should last a shorter time than pain. It will also go away on its own.

You will notice that your muscles feel tender to the touch, tired, or will feel a burning feeling while exercising. This feeling is perfectly fine.

Pain can be an immediate feeling that will come up during the exercise. You will feel discomfort and the movement will bother you. This feeling will last longer than a few days and it will not stop once the exercise is finished.

During your session if you feel any pain, you should always set the weight down right away to prevent any serious injuries.


Do you want to feel stronger?

According to studies, using high intensity workouts have shown that “ strength could be doubled in only 12 weeks of training. Even… frail nursing-home residents in their 90’s could build muscle and strength.”

Whatever your age, start now. Your body will thank you!


Nearly 20 years ago I established Pure Strength. I understand how important it is as a professional to
make your health the number one priority and am passionate about helping others achieve this.

When you have your health, you can be productive and high functioning, professionally and personally. It doesn't have to be hard!


Thank you to all of our clients for supporting us and making what we do possible!

In 2004, I created Pure Strength. Not your typical workout facility, I've created what I feel is an ideal environment with your whole being in mind.

I've personally selected each piece of equipment in the studio. Each session is all one-on-one private instruction. All of this is designed so you get the most out of your time with us.
If you've been struggling with finding a program that gives you results, reach out to us for a free health consultation. We'd love to have you as part of our Pure Strength community!


Want to regain your strength and improve your bone density?

Let us show you how it's done safely, effectively, and efficiently!

Send us a message!


What’s one of the most beneficial ways to ensure results in an exercise program?

Supervision. Put simply, better results come with supervision.

At Pure Strength, every session is private, exclusive and the total focus is on you! With the combination of complete supervision by our expertly trained instructors and a program backed by science that’s been providing results for the last 20 years, you are sure to get results!


Magnetic Field Therapy enhances the body's natural recovery process by increasing blood circulation, improving oxygen supply, and enhancing metabolism.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy include:

- Speeds recovery from injuries
- Strengthens the immune system
- Reduces inflammation and Pain
- Increases Energy

Send us a message to schedule a session!


It's important to keep your form no matter how challenging the weight feels.

Remember, the goal is not to finish the rep. Your goal is to reach muscle failure.

Keeping your form is important especially when it prevents unwanted injuries.

Next time you're on the chest press, challenge yourself and keep your form the way it was from beginning to end.

It really makes a difference, trust us!

Need guidance when exercising? Send us a message
so we can guide you.


When you move more you impact your health greatly.

Some simple ways you can do that is by taking the stairs or parking further away.

What simple ways can you Implement more movement in your day?


Did you know that compared to sedentary individuals, physically active adults were more likely to live up to or past the age of 80 and had ½ of the risk of dying with a disability.


Do you want to increase your productivity?

Take a few minutes today and step outside! Not only will you end up getting more done, you'll give your immune system a boost and get more out of your workout.


Did you schedule your free health



What happens during THE ECCENTRIC phase (lowering phase of the weight), why is it important?

Significant strength and muscle growth benefits have been found in all populations. When one side of your body builds strength, the other
side of your body builds strength as well. This is known as bilateral transfer.

We produce more force when lowering the weight than we do lifting the weight. As we lower the weight, because it takes more force to control that weight coming down, we can make the muscles work harder without exhausting ourselves as much as when lifting the weight.


Labor Day is a day to celebrate the contributions that America's workers make to its strength and prosperity.

Thank you to all of You!


Who has plans to stay active and cool during this holiday weekend?

Share them below, we would love to hear them!


Looking to add cardio to your routine?

Try out the CAR.O.L Bike and get an efficient workout in!

This bike can give you the same benefits of a 45
minute jog in just 10 minutes with only two 20 second sprints with an all out effort.

Using the CAR.O.L Bike will:
• Reduce inflammation
• Improve blood sugar levels
• Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
• Improves heart, lungs, and circulation
• Reduce cardiovascular disease
These are just some of the benefits that come with the use of the CAR.O.L bike.

So what are you waiting for? Send us a message!


September is National Self Improvement Month!

Share in the comments below what you are doing to improve your health?


Osteoporosis is a clear indication that individuals lack strength. Walking is a great way to get the blood moving, however, it is just a small dose of what the bones need. Our bones require activities that put stress on the bones such as weight-bearing exercise.

At Pure Strength, our instructors have the expertise to stimulate your bones without placing any stress on your joints and ligaments.

Send us a message for more details!


When it comes to fitness, we believe that strength training should be safe, effective, and efficient.

Our sessions are only 30 minutes, once a week!

Curious to know more?

Schedule your free consultation today!

Send us a message.

We will be looking forward to seeing you.


Here’s something we notice often. When lifting weight, whether it’s at home or at the gym, always remember to breathe. Never hold your breath, as this could increase your blood pressure, cause exercise induced headaches, or a stroke.

This is why we watch you so closely, to prevent anything like this from happening. It’s hard to notice the habits we do when we train on our own.

We’re here to guide you throughout your entire workout to ensure it’s safe, effective, and efficient!


Need a little motivation to push yourself in your workout ?

Push yourself until you are out of breath. An elevated heart rate means all the blood being pumped is carrying oxygen and important nutrients that all your body organs need in order to stay healthy and work properly.


Our expert instructors have to go through a rigorous program and certification process to become an instructor at Pure Strength.

They have the most knowledge on how to guide our clients through a safe, effective and efficient workout in just 20 minutes once or twice a week!

Think you have what it takes? Send us a message if you’re interested in joining our team!


Your body responds quickly!

When you strength train, your body adapts to everything you are doing. At first it is adapting to the movement we do in the studio. Then once adapted, the exercise becomes intense and your body adjusts and produces more energy and strength. Then, as time passes you will see how your body composition also changes.


Did you know?

Studies indicate that the loss of skeletal muscle for the average normally healthy person amounts to about 25% between 30 and 70 years of age. This loss may accelerate as aging progresses. The muscle is replaced by fat, usually in a way that is not noticed by the individual.

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Do you want to feel stronger? According to studies, using high intensity workouts have shown that “ strength could be do...
Want to regain your strength and improve your bone density?Let us show you how it's done safely, effectively, and effici...
When you move more you impact your health greatly.Some simple ways you can do that is by taking the stairs or parking fu...
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What happens during THE ECCENTRIC phase (lowering phase of the weight), why is it important?Significant strength and mus...
Looking to add cardio to your routine?Try out the CAR.O.L Bike and get an efficient workout in!This bike can give you th...
When it comes to fitness, we believe that strength training should be safe, effective, and efficient. Our sessions are o...
Here’s something we notice often. When lifting weight, whether it’s at home or at the gym, always remember to breathe. N...
Need a little motivation to push yourself in your workout ?Push yourself until you are out of breath. An elevated heart ...
Having trouble staying consistent with your workouts? Not sure how to challenge yourself safely to get results? We can h...




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