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Pure Strength, founded by Melissa Gunn in 2004, is a private, exclusive, personal training studio. Its core principles are simplicity, efficiency, and balance, to give individuals over 40 the best personal training in a private and focused environment.

Melissa Gunn is the founder and CEO of Pure Strength LA, Inc, Certified SuperSlow Specialist, and a fitness and nutrition coach. With over two decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, Melissa has worked with thousands of individuals over the past 20 plus years helping them to regain and rejuvenate their health and today is the founder of Pure Strength LA which focuses on helping w

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When working on your core, our instructors help make sure that you’ve got the right speed.

Listen as one of our instructors Randi shares how to build a stronger core using our ab machine.

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Sometimes we wake up not feeling 100%. We wonder whether or not we should even do our workout.

In case you need a bit of motivation, even if you won’t be able to push yourself to the max, showing up and doing a little, still goes a long way.

Consistency pays off in the end and you'll be surprised at what a difference it makes!

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We don’t recommend for you to exercise before or after you come in for your workout at Pure Strength.

We would like you to feel fresh, so that you will be able to push yourself intensely. By resting properly you will notice more progress with us over time! Too much exercise during the week can make you feel drained and tired even before you come to workout with us. This can hold you back from getting the results you want from your workouts.

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Don't get discouraged if you get to muscle failure! This is your goal!

When you exercise to the point of exhaustion and can suddenly no longer move the weight, a lot is happening!

We’re aiming to empty your energy stores so your muscles can grow bigger and stronger.

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Did you know?

One pound of fat and one pound of muscle weigh the same; however, their size and shape vary considerably.

Muscle tissue is smaller and takes up less space than fat. Having more muscle will give you a leaner appearance along with a toned physique.

We’ve got the know how to help you change your physique into more of what you want! Send us a message to chat.

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One of the best ways to track your progress here at Pure Strength is by using our Fit 3D!

It gives you so many more measurements than just your average scale. We've got you covered to make sure you're moving in the right direction! Send us a message to get you scanned the next time you come in.

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Muscles are the engine of our body. They allow us to move, function, increase our cognitive function, control our blood sugar, and much more! How did you work your muscles today?

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Inactivity contributes to 1 in 10 premature deaths and $117 billion in healthcare. The good news is, is our specialized technique is backed by science. So doing our 20 minute workout once a week will save you money in the long run and give you a longer life to live.

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Have you ever left the gym and wondered what kind of progress you're making?

At Pure Strength, we keep accurate records. We track your progress each week to ensure your strength is increasing so you get results!

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The PEMF is great to help with recovering from sports injuries, relaxation, overall wellness, and more. Send us a message to add it in to your next session or come another time during the week!

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Pure Strength training is the miracle drug. Through our specialized technique, our expert instructors help individuals preserve their health and quality of life! Are you ready to chat with us to get started?

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At Pure Strength, it is not about the amount of repetitions performed. Instead, focus on slow, controlled movements with proper form. By doing this you will actually fatigue your muscles which will give you greater benefit from your workouts and protect your joints and ligaments from unnecessary strain.

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One of our specialties is helping people to build muscle. Building muscle is the most efficient way to burn fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn while doing nothing.

Just remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so when looking at the scale don’t focus too much on those numbers. Measure your results by how you feel and how your clothes fit!
-Pure Strength

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Great spending time with @bixquik this weekend! Check out what he said below! 👇🏻

#Repost from @bixquik

Thank you Melissa and Lupita @purestrengthla for making time to show me your great studio! Highly recommend that anyone in the LA area looking to pursue an efficient, safe, and evidenced based strength training program check out this studio out! Great atmosphere, modern equipment, highly qualified instructors, and super clean!
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Looking for other ways to get strong glutes?

Find some hills to climb!

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Are you suffering from any type of joint, knee or back pain?

If so The Juvent's safe micro-impact platform will help relieve that pain!

Pure Strength will give you access to this very specialized machine that not many people have, so send us a message to book it with your next session!

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We had such a great time with Rapport Eleven shooting our new Pure Strength video! Check out their amazing work! 🎥: Rapport Eleven (check them out on IG!)

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Do you think that to get your results with us that you have to workout with us in person? Well the answer is no.

We have figured out how to get you your best results possible virtually, while maintaining our unique 20 minute once a week sessions.

So if you’re across the country, no sweat. Let’s chat and get you booked!

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The popular saying, “No pain, no gain” can be very misleading to many individuals who are not familiar with exercise. When you feel a sharp pain at any moment throughout the exercise, do not try to push through it. Make sure you communicate with your instructor to stop the exercise to avoid injuring yourself.

Pushing through pain only sets you back from reaching your goals.

Feeling a slight discomfort from how challenging the exercise is, is completely normal and should end once the exercise stops.

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Allen has been with us for twenty years now and is an inspiration. He has rarely missed a workout and doesn't seem to have aged a bit since he first walked in the door.

When we see the results in our clients like this, it inspires all of us to never stop strength training. It's the fountain of youth!

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Are you still on the fence about us helping you become the best you possible?

This is one of our amazing clients, and what she has to say is why we do what we do. We’re here to help your bones last longer, encourage you, coach you, and help you become stronger and stronger each time you come in.

We have just a few openings left and would love for you to take one of them. Send us a message to do your free consult!

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At Pure Strength, the goal is muscle failure! When you get to the point where you can no longer move the weight, challenge yourself to keep trying for another 10 seconds.

At this point of muscle fatigue, it's the effort that will make a big difference. Keep pushing while maintaining good form- watch and see what happens!

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Want to get more out of your workouts? Try moving very slowly on the first inch of every repetition.

It's so easy to speed up and force the weight out and skip this part- especially when it's getting harder. But try going even a little slower and you will see how your heart rate increases.

Remember, when your heart rate increases, you know you are stimulating your body to produce all of the benefits you came to us for. This is what you want!

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Don’t rush! When you expect results in a short amount of time you will probably be discouraged and end up going back to the habits you have been wanting to fix.

Start out by making small changes to your diet or physical activity that are achievable and sustainable. You will find yourself maintaining a better routine that enhances your health for the long run! What small changes can you start working on today?

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A great example of why it's key to build strength is to prepare for an upcoming surgery.

Having muscle to support your body helps you recover from surgery much easier and quicker.

Kee has been with us since 2016, and her story is one of the many reasons why we do what we do!

We'd love to help create a story for you, just like we did Kee!

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Here at Pure Strength we like to address the whole body from the inside out.

One of the ways that we do that is with our awesome PEMF Therapy machine.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field is a great tool to help stimulate and exercise the cells in our bodies to address cellular dysfunction and support overall wellness!

It’s a great add on to help speed up recovery from injuries! You can chat with your instructor about adding this on to your next session!

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A common misconception that people have is that you’ll be able to lose fat in a specific body part by exercising it repeatedly.

What really happens is that the muscle you are exercising becomes stronger underneath the fat.

To lose fat, the best option is to include a healthy diet along with strength training that will produce a stimulus for muscle growth. At Pure Strength we know how to alter your muscle mass and create the fat burning process effectively and efficiently. Send us a message!

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Imagine going about your day; whether it’s shopping, working, or playing with your kids, AND being able to burn a great amount of calories without having to think about it, sounds like a win, right?

With our intense workouts anyone can achieve this by adding muscle to their body, which is our specialty.

Give us a call and we will guide you every step of the way!

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