Aikido on Ventura

Aikido on Ventura


鏡開き(Kagami Biraki) 2019. Happy NewYear!
David [email protected] Dojo in Tokyo
David Sensei with Jonz Wale Sensei
David Sensei with Chida Sensei
Payet Shihan seminar 2015.
Second day of training with Jacques Payet shihan working on ushirowaza
Renshinkai 7th Annual Demonstration
David sensei
Renshinkai 7th Annual Demonstration
Aikido Renshinkai’s 7th annual demonstration was held at 13th Sep. in Tokyo.
The theme of the Demonstration this year was "Raku". It has various meanings enjoy, pleasure, delight, comfort etc. At Tsutomu Chida-Top Shihan' s demonstration, he played Waza with joyfully.
Also for me, it was impressive that David Fryberger-Sensei -of "Aikido on Ventura" in L.A.-'s Waza with beautiful form like Japanese Samurai.

In this video you can catch a glimpse of David Sensei training at Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo in 1994. He is seated in the middle of the front row of students. You can see some of his kihon dosa and he also serves as uke toward the end of the video.
#oscar worthy training and #selfdefence magnificence

At Aikido on Ventura, adults learn a traditional Japanese martial art that unifies body, mind and spirit through training, collaboration and mindfulness.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 12/31/2020

Charcoal artwork of Paul at the All Japan Embu three years back. Amazing work from Zin Lim @zinlimart

Timeline photos 02/15/2020

Ray worked on wrist and forearm strengthening through yonkajo. Not for the uninitiated!

Timeline photos 12/14/2019

The sign of commitment! Congrats Eric. Looks great! Osu!

Photos from Aikido on Ventura's post 09/06/2019

12th Annual All-Japan Demonstration. Great uke Helena and great photos Takashima-San.

『ストレンジャー・シングス 未知の世界』キャストの東京合気道体験! 07/07/2019

『ストレンジャー・シングス 未知の世界』キャストの東京合気道体験!

The cast of Stranger Things visits the hombu dojo!

『ストレンジャー・シングス 未知の世界』キャストの東京合気道体験! Q:モンスターからどうやって身を守る?😈 A:合気道🥋 ついに最新シーズンが公開された『ストレンジャー・シングス3』キッズたちが東京で合気道に挑戦! ゲイテンvsケイレブ、ノアvsセイディの対決も…? キッズたちの....


Congrats to Nikos, George and Marina (not pictured) for a great job on their recent respective tests!


What a crew on Saturday! Close to mid-August sweating during our last March class!


Thank you Yuka!


Jan 2019 Top: The crew (Dom, DG, Paul and Helena) just finished with the written part of their instructor’s test. Bottom: Saori and Nikos diligently training at Kan Geiko.


A new year, a deep tatami cleaning! After the first full class of the new year the Godokan students took to the mats and mopped up a year's worth of blood sweat and tears.
Happy New Year!


Thank you to everyone that joined us for the Godokan Weekend Intensive! 11 hours of training and a lot of fun!


Marina and Nikos training hard at Thursday's noon class. Technique: yokumen uchi sankajo osae (=)


Some of the action from this year's Kagami Biraki demonstration.


End of test training weekend intensive. Great to see our friends from New York and England. Ganbatte to everyone next month!

Timeline photos 03/19/2017

Helena and her young protégé working on kotegaeahi.

Timeline photos 03/06/2017

Takeda Sensei visiting from Tokyo, going over details of ikkajo at the Saturday intensive.

Timeline photos 01/30/2017

Top: With two legends of aikido, Inoue Sensei and Chida Sensei. Bottom: Hombu kagami biraki festivities.

Timeline photos 09/01/2016

Amazing seminar weekend at the Godokan with Chida Sensei


Godokan students increase training for upcoming Chida Shihan seminar. The seminar is open to all styles and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. August 27-28 in Los Angeles.


Chida Sensei will be in Los Angeles for
his only US Seminar of this Year!
Save the Dates and join us in LA
August 27th and 28th
Aikido on Ventura-Go Do Kan
[email protected]


Yokumen Uchi Jiyu Waza, Kagami Biraki 2016, Nihombashi, Tokyo


Laurance Mar Sensei executing shomen tsuki jiyu waza, Kagami Biraki 2016, Renshinkai Hombu Dojo, Nihombashi, Tokyo

Timeline photos 01/30/2016

Relaxing after Kagami Biraki, Renshinkai Hombu Dojo, Nihombashi, Tokyo

Photos from Aikido on Ventura's post 11/25/2015

Photos from Aikido on Ventura's post

Timeline photos 11/18/2015

Chida Sensei at work and at play!

Mobile uploads 10/10/2015

Godokan Demo last month in Tokyo. Daisuke did great as uke.

Mobile uploads 09/27/2015

Chida Sensei throwing David at annual demonstration in Tokyo last week.

Mobile uploads 04/18/2015

Godokan students training under the watchful eye of visiting instructor Dylan Gardner this week.

Mobile uploads 03/29/2015

David Fryberger aikido seminar in New York City this weekend.


Holiday Iriminage!

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