Otaki Han Taihojutsu

Otaki Han Taihojutsu is the present-day form of the older feudal taihojutsu system of the Otaki family--a family with a policing heritage dating back to Edo Period Japan.

Otake Han Doshin Ryu Jujutsu is the present day form of the taiho jutsu system of the Otake Clan--a family with a policing heritage dating back to feudal Japan. Brought to the USA in the 1960s by retired Japanese military policeman Myoshi Otake and passed to his senior student Eric Merrill it now thrives in Arizona as a small, close-knit martial system consisting of several dojo locations throughout the Phoenix valley.

Operating as usual

[07/15/20]   As of July 15th, 2020, Otake Han Doshin Ryu Jujutsu has officially changed its name back to its original historical name of Otaki Han Taihojutsu. The system had operated under different names over the years for various reasons but has now come full circle and is returning to its origins. This was done to help better explain the system’s philosophical and technical approach to jujutsu and to reinforce its historical perspective and heritage. Additionally, the term jujutsu has, in modern times, become so associated with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) that a distinction between those types of modern sport jujutsu and the techniques, principles, and martial philosophy employed by Japanese feudal taihojutsu needed to be made for the sake of clarity. Domo Arigato.



Traditional Japanese jujutsu training.





10781 W Carlota Ln
Sun City, AZ
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