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At StudioM, our classes stress learning the proper dance technique and showmanship, but above all, we are a place for students to express themselves through dance in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.

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Operating as usual


Hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas…!!!! 🎄

Hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas…!!!! 🎄

Performances - NIU - School of Music 12/18/2021

Performances - NIU - School of Music

Hey y’all …I have landed and I am ready for a great show!!!
I finally got the link for our live stream this morning!!!
Feel free to share with family!
I do ask if you would please donate $10 for this stream! Thank you!!
Stream will go live 10 min prior to showtime!!

Performances - NIU - School of Music The safety of our performers and audiences is of utmost concern and to that end, the NIU School of Music is taking precautions as we open our concerts to the general public. All tickets must be purchased online prior to the event.


Good Morning and Happy SHOW WEEK!!!
Just a few reminders for you ....
~ACT II-Tech rehearsal today-4:30-6:30 at NIU....please bring all necessary shoes etc with you
~ACT I-Tech rehearsal tomorrow -4:30-6:30 at NIU....please bring all necessary shoes etc with you
~Tickets will be available at both tech rehearsals, you may also pre-order with VENMO and tickets will be waiting for you at show...
~Dont forget to get your early bird discount .....sign up for Spring Term today/tomorrow or thru email before show day to get the extra discount!!
Let me know if you have any questions.....thank you !!


It’s Dress Rehearsal day….. 8:00am sharp!!
Don’t forget masks are required!!
See you soon!!


Hello Friends~
It has been an exciting , unbelievable and yes very emotional weekend!!!
Anyone following Niu Football knows we won our Championship and are heading to another amazing Bowl Game!!
Here’s the emotional part….our bowl falls on our show day! This has never happened in my 28 years doing this!
So after many tears and sleepless nights…I have decided to do just the one show …Saturday December 18th! I know the dancers will be disappointed as am I …but I am really stuck between a rock and a hard place !!
The only other change (😞)… is moving Thursday tech to Monday , same time!
I completely understand if this does not work for some of you …!!
So ~Act II -Monday 4:30-6:30
Act I - Tuesday 4:30-6:30
I have been on phone calls with Niu to schedule our show (next December) completely away from Bowls …this will not happen again!
My sincere apologies to all of you!! You have alway been an amazing supportive family…!!


Good Morning Friends....I have a few updates for you!
~First...thank you to those who sent me the KSO flyer asking if I knew about the concert on the same day as our Dress....I did and was told as long as we were out by 1:00 no problem ......well spidey senses told me to double check this....I was again told no problem......well then the next email came....NIU went to KSO making sure about the 1:00 time.....they said they need to set up at 11:00am.....UGH! Soooo long story short .....we need to move our Dress time from 10:00am to 8:00am.....I am sorry about this inconvenience....but at least we can still have our rehearsal!
~Second-Tickets are now available for purchase.... we have an unlimited amount of tickets and both downstairs and upstairs will be open
~Third-There is a slight typo on the new schedule...the TECH 101 class is 1 hour in length not 30 min the class will meet 6:30-7:30pm.....thank you !!!


Here is the schedule…!!!!

Here is the schedule…!!!!


Good morning and happy Monday~I hope you all had a marvelous holiday weekend......and now it begins....we are only 2 short weeks away from Dress Rehearsal so it is gettin real....
~All practice videos are up and running on my YouTube channel....if you have questions about this just let me know....
~Schedules are out .......there are a couple of tweeks to it, including a technique class for the dancer who really wants to work extra of leap, turn foundations and help with stage presence.......check it out (I will post it here and on our Instagram page)...
*If you sign up for classes before the show you will recieve a 10% discount....on top of your pay in full discount....Even if you pay monthly you will recieve this discount...!!
*2 new policies are being added in 2022....
1. There will be a late fee added to late tuition payments
2. I will be adding a $20.00 MPower company fee
Please let me know if you have any questions!
~Did you all get your recital packet?
I cannot believe it is already showtime......


Happy Thanksgiving..I am so grateful for all of you!! Have a wonderful day!!🦃

Happy Thanksgiving..I am so grateful for all of you!! Have a wonderful day!!🦃


Hello Friends~
All classes will run today Monday, and then the studio will close for the holiday.....
~Recital notes went out last week (Monday dancers will receive theirs today)...if you did not receive yours please let me know
~Spring Schedules are out.....
~Costume and Tuition payments are now past due...please get those in ASAP!
~Recital Tshirts are happening -who wants one? Notes will go home today....if you are not here today I will have them available this weekend at MPower rehearsal
Have an amazing Holiday Week!!!


Good Morning Friends-
I hope you all had a lovely weekend -here is the next few weeks ahead...
~Recital Notes are coming out this week....
*Dress Rehearsal -Sunday December 12th 10:00am
*Show Dates-Friday December 17th -7:00pm
Saturday December 18th -2:00pm
*Tech Rehearsals (at NIU) Tuesday/Thursday December 14th/16th 4:30-6:00
~Winter/Spring Schedules Drop this week!!
~All Tuition and Costume payments are now DUE!!!
~Studio will be closed for Thanksgiving -Tuesday November 23-Friday November 26th -We will reopen for Mpower company rehearsals on Saturday November 27th
Let me know if you have any questions !!


Howdy friends and Happy Monday
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
~Tuition and Costume payments are past due, get those in ASAP
~Schedules for the upcoming winter term will be available Monday November 15th~there is an early bird incentive !!
~Who wants a new Red StudioM hoodie, this would make a nice Christmas gift...let me know asap
~Final recital/costume/tshirt note will go home starting next Monday
~No Classes Tues/Wed/Thursday November 23-25-Happy Thanksgiving!
Have an amazing week!!


Happy November-Wow where has the time gone....eeek!!!
GREAT day at the Pumpkin Parade....thank you to all that was so fun!!!
~Yes the Studio is open today!!
~Hoodie payments are now due - $40.00-Also I have had some interest in the Hoodies......they are super cute and would make great Christmas Presents, let me know if you are interested in purchasing!!
~All Costume and Tuition payments are now due!!!
~Final Recital letters will be going out before Thanksgiving
Have a wonderful week!!


Hey y’all
Pumpkin parade sweatshirts were picked up today (thank you Olivia)..and will be waiting for you when you get to o spot 105!!!
See you tomorrow!🎃🎃🎃


Good morning Friends and Happy Rainy Monday.....
Here is what is happening....
~This week is Pumpkin Parade...woot looks like it is going to be a great day.
~If you were not here on Saturday for practice ...the instructional video is up and ready....let me know if you have any questions.
I also handed out a note with all of the Pumpkin Parade details, please pick one up this week during class if you did not receive one.
~If you ordered a StudioM hoodie for the parade...they will be in this week, I will let you know when they arrive....the cost is $40.00 ...checks made payable to StudioM or you can use your VISA or Mastercard-Thank you
~Dont forget Tuition and Costume Deposit payments are now overdue.....get those in ASAP
Have the best week!!

Pumpkin Parade 2021 10/24/2021

Pumpkin Parade 2021

Pumpkin Parade 2021


Hi friends and happy Monday....Fall is finally in the air....

~Please set up tuition payments ASAP!!
~Costume Deposits are now overdue!
~Pumpkin Parade Practice is this Saturday October 23rd 9:30-10:00...dont miss it.....If you are in need of StudioM apparel please sign the list (on the bulletin board)..with name and size of sweatshirt .....we have run into a snag and will need to take care of this ASAP!
If you have any questions....please ask !!
Thank you and have a great week!!


Oops forgot something,,,,,
YES there are classes today!!!


Good Morning and Happy Monday...
I first want to say a HUGE Thank you to all of my StudioM family who so generously donated to my youngest daughter Brie...I was (as she was as well) so overwhelmed with the kindness of you! She has a long road ahead and I would be happy to share her journey with you ....!!
I am wanting to do a small fundraiser for her~would anyone be interested in a Recital/StudioM cup/water bottle/hat/key chain etc....let me know your thoughts!! Thank you
~Reminder ....all tuition/ costume deposit payments are now due! If you have not set up a plan, please do so ASAP!
~Pumpkin Parade practice -Saturday October 23rd 9:30-10:00
~Spirit Wear will be available
~Recital dates are set....
.Dress-Sunday December 12th
Shows-Friday December 17th and Saturday December 18th
Tech Rehearsals will be Tuesday/Thursday December 14th/16th
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Have a wonderful week!!!


Hello Friends~Sorry for the post delay....Facebook was down most of the bad is it to rely so much on this!! is whats happening....
~Costume deposits are now past due....please get these too me ASAP
~Tuition payments are now past due.....I will be sending out bills this week so please get these payments in...
~Pumpkin Parade Practice is scheduled for Saturday October 23rd at 9:30-10:00 ....dont worry if you are unable to make this practice...the very easy routine will be filmed and posted on our YouTube channel..
~ Spirit wear for the Parade (you will need StudioM attire) is in the works....I will let you know all the info when my gal gets it too me!!
Have a marvolous week!!


Hello Friends~
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to a glorious week ahead...
Reminder-I am still looking for Costume Deposits and Tuition payments....please set these up ASAP
~Pumpkin Parade practice is set for Saturday October 23rd at 9:30am-Spirit Wear will be available! I will let you know what is available as soon as get confirmation from my gal!
~SHOW DATES are set....Dress Rehearsal -Saturday December 11th
Show-Friday December 17 (eve show) and Saturday December 18 (matinee)-Put these dates on your calendar!!
Have the most wonderful week!!


Good Morning and Happy is a little gloomy today but I am so ready for Fall!!
Here is what you need to know this week
~Costume Deposits are now due!! $45.00 per costume
~Tuition for Fall Term is now due!! If you have not set up a payment plan you need to do that ASAP! It is hard chasing down tuition at the end of a term.
~Has your dancer signed up to dance in the Sycamore Pumpkin Parade...??? Do it today !!
~If you have ordered high heeled tap shows ...they are slightly back ordered....I hope to have them soon!
Have an amazing week!!


Good Morning friends and Happy Monday....
~Reminder Costume Deposits are due this week.....Do you want me to charge your card that is on file??...let me know!!
~Tuition for Fall classes is now due....if you have not paid or need to set up a payment plan please contact me ASAP!!
~Pumpkin Parade is ON.....Yay!! Sign up sheet goes up today......this is for ALL studio kids....come join the fun!!
Have a great week!!


Good morning and Happy Tuesday...I hope you all had an amazing Labor Day Weekend....and are ready for a new week ahead!

~Reminder-please set up a payment plan for class payments if you have not done so already
~Costume Deposits are due - Monday September 13th - this is a little early due to some picture ideas ! Thank you
Have a wonderful week!


Good Morning and Happy Monday
*Today is the last day to get your shoe/tight/leo order in before I place the order tomorrow! Let me know !
*Dances are already beginning this week for our show!! Attendance is always encouraged....and remember I do have a Zoom account if your student is home sick or if precautions need to be taken
*Costume Deposits will be due by September 13th
*Looking to do some new Fundraising of our Dance Families has just opened Paint and Create in Dekalb....anyone interested in doing this? We can use it as a Fundraiser and help out one of our own!!
Have a Marvelous Week!!


Good Morning Friends and WELCOME BACK.....
Today the studio is back and ready to start a new and fun dance season.......
Here are a few reminders
1. Masks are required both outside and inside the studio
2. Please have your dancers bring their own water bottle
3. If you are in need of shoes, tights leos, etc.....I will be measuring students this week.....
4. If you were part of MPower Company last season you still are!! (reminder Company goes from January - January ).....however you need to be enrolled in classes before you can participate ! I would like to start our first rehearsal this weekend....please let me know if you have a conflict....Thank you
Cannot wait to see you all!!!


Hello friends~
Can not believe it is already time…
Early bird registration is Wednesday
If you are unable to come in person that is no problem…just send me a message/email between now and Wednesday and you will still receive the 10% discount for early reg!!😉
Can’t wait for a new year to begin!!


Hello friends
It is August and that can only mean one thing ….back to it!!
Fall schedules have gone out!!
Things may look a smidge different for some of you!!
ALL Corp kids have been moved up a level…
Bittys are now Petites
Petites are now Jrs
If you have questions please let me know
Early bird registration is Wednesday August 11th 10:00-1:00
Classes begin Monday August 23rd
Show clues will start soon!! 😉


Hello Friends~
I havent been on here much...I hope you are all having a wonderful summer......!!!
Here are a few things....
~We have 2 weeks left of summer private lessons....however I do have 1 "bonus" day on Tuesday August 9th...I have 3 to 4 spots open starting at 11:30 - this will be a 1st come 1st serve deal....let me know if you would like a spot!
~Fall schedules are going out this week.....I cannot believe it ......I WILL be having an "Early Bird" registration day....Wednesday August 11th from 10:00am-1:00pm! You may order shoes/leos etc and get an additional 10% if you register on this day!!
Classes begin on Monday August 23rd
Let me know if you have any questions !!!
Have a wonderful week!!


Hello friends and Happy Monday
I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July
Just a reminder ~The Studio is closed this week!! We are traveling west …see you next week!!


Have a wonderful and safe Holiday!!!

Have a wonderful and safe Holiday!!!


Hello Friends......BARNUM dvd's are done and are now ready for pickup...
~If you put it on your card (on file) it will now be included tickets on this charge...sorry for the delay ...I waited until I had them in my hands...thank you !


Happy Father’s Day to all of our dance dads!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of our dance dads!!!


Good Morning and HAPPY SUMMER...
Private Lessons begin tomorrow....are you still in need of signing up for a time, message me and we will get you all set!
~Each lesson is 30 min with the cost of $30.00 - each dancer gets 1 on 1 and will be urged to push themselves....these private lessons are beneficial to anyone who wants to continue to grow!
Have a wonderful week....Happy Flag day!


Howdy folks!!!
I am here at the studio..!!
Message me if you’d like to set up your private lessons…(starting next week!)
Thanks mucha




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