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Clifton's Diving Ventures offers multiple courses taught by certified instructors. Scuba Diver to Instructor, with on site Course Director & Specialty’s

Operating as usual


After a year and a half of the Covid shut down of my business, and then my City decided to finally tear up my street, Which they had been saying they were going to do for over the past 10 years. Well June 1 they started ripping out my sidewalk the approach of my drive and 3 1/2 foot deep of my road (designated Truck Route), and almost 1500 ft. of the road leading to my business, as well as NO PARKING on either side of the street. So after 17 years of being in business in the city of DeKalb, IL, and ending with 25 years in Sycamore, IL, I will have to shut my doors because when you can’t get students to your business but yet you have to keep your pool open, Hydro and VIP 40 tanks. Clean and check all the regulators rental wetsuits, repair and replace Air Compressor, filters, quarterly air testing (at a cost of over $7500 yearly), and then sit on inventory for 2 1/2 years. The nine students I had enrolled when the construction started most of the students went elsewhere and I have not heard from any of the other students. And now our great Governor of Illinois has put a mask restriction on once again for everyone that is inside a building which has pretty much scared every parent from allowing their child or children to finish or start a scuba course once again. I just can’t justify keeping the doors open anymore. The only good thing that came out of the Covid situation for me it did allow me to get the many needed surgeries to regain some of my health back. 2 Rt. rotator cuff repairs, Rt. Elbow Repair, Spinal Cord Stimulator replacement, Gallbladder surgery, Rt. wrist repair. All these needed to be done before I could get my Lt. Hip replaced this past January. and of course there were those unfortunate finds of Cancer in my Lt Bicep muscle, Rt. Quadricep muscle, and the good old Prostrate Cancer, as well as an aggressive skin cancer (thank you ladies from my aquatics class at the Y for making me see Dr. Frederick). I’ll be concentrating all of my future Diving efforts into the Freedom Divers International Foundation and continue introducing persons with disabilities to diving and being able to share this with their family and friends.

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Follow the pictures and see what fun I have every year at this time. It’s the beginning of Dive season, and I get to open the pool at our facility. From blah to looking good. Hey it only takes about 9 days to get this pool clear and ready to go.


Hoping if this weather keeps up I’ll have the pool open and ready


Scuba courses starting weekly

04/12/2020 03/02/2020


Kurt received the NAUI Outstanding Service Award at The 2019 Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association show.


Well at least my luck stays constant, it just doesn’t get any better


Our next Scuba class will be starting July 5. Get ready to enjoy the underwater world and start your next exploration


Wishing a safe and Happy Easter to All


How amazing is this?! Thousands of turtles have been filmed migrating to the northern Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to nest 👏👏


Armor Techs

Happy Thanksgiving! May you gobble up delicious food with your family and close friends ❤️


We were working hard at the DDI booth at DEMA show and then the rarely seen smiling shark appeared


A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Anna Hughes for becoming the Newest NAUI Scuba Instructor #60183. She completed here instructor training course today with Clifton Diving Ventures and pictured with Kurt Clifton NAUI Course Director, and Karen Clifton NAUI Instructor Trainer (not pictured)staffing her Instructor Course.


Deep Look • PBS

Wouldn’t this look like fun going down under the water and seeing all these beautiful colors and creatures. Sign up for scuba classes and you’ll be able to do this

Nudibranchs may look cute, squishy and defenseless ... but watch out. These brightly-colored sea slugs aren't above stealing weapons from their prey.


Well I’d like to thank the three people that donated to the Freedom Divers International Foundations fundraiser that I was hosting on Facebook. We were trying to raise money for a lift chair and handicap accessible bathroom for our pool training site. We raised $175 of the roughly $7000 to $8000 we needed. We will have to postpone our next Try Scuba Experience for Sycamore/DeKalb, for our wheelchair participants, as our insurance company will not allow us to place participants in the water manually anymore.
Thanks to all who participated we will hopefully try again next year.


Don’t forget to sign up for that Scuba Class you’ve always wanted to start. We have classes starting every week, until when school starts, so sign-up now and call us at (815) 349-7574, or stop by at 276 N. Cross St. Sycamore,IL


Sting rays from the underside are actually adorable.


Well diving is off for the weekend, as students keep canceling because something came up. So we will be hosting a NAUI/DAN First Aid and CPR course on Saturday July 28.


Planning a trip to Europe? Try to hit some of these awesome dive spots!


What was the most magical place you ever dived?


INSTRUCTOR Training Course July 24-29, 2018
We will be hosting a NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) at Clifton Diving Ventures, in Sycamore, IL 60178. Any Divemaster or above who has been thinking about becoming a Scuba Instructor, well its time to put your experience to
work and join the Ranks of Scuba Instructor. For anyone certified Instructor from another recognized agency we will be host a INSTRUCTOR CROSS OVER July 27-29, 2018
Call and ask for either Kirt or Karin and we can further explain all the advantages and required text for these elite level scuba programs.


Saturday & Sunday July 28-29 NAUI Advanced Diver, and NAUI Rescuediver Courses at Pearl Lake, South Beloit. These classes are filling fast. Call, or email [email protected] and sign up today


Same thing


Diving really is therapy! You should try it sometime ;)


Added to bucket list: Diving between two tectonic plates at the Silfra Fissure in Iceland.


Saturday & Sunday July 28-29 NAUI Advanced Diver, and NAUI Rescuediver Courses at Pearl Lake, South Beloit. These classes are filling fast. Call, or email [email protected] and sign up today


Have you ever dived Bonne Terre Mine in Missouri?


Solmar V · Member of the Pelagic Fleet

Beautiful diving with Peter Hughes

Socorro is one of a kind. "I think there is no other place in Mexico and probably in the world, where we can observe what we have been observing here." – Alejandro González Leija, Director National Park Archipelago of Revillagigedo

Video: Erick Higuera


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos


You came to the right Facebook, bro! We’re back in the social media game after a little break. Stay tuned for some recent photos and upcoming news!


Nat Geo Wild

Take a dive with these giant king penguins!


National Geographic

Watch as champion free diver Guillaume Néry launches into the darkness of Dean's Blue Hole—an inland flood cave in the Bahamas and the deepest blue hole on the planet.


Well this is a blast from the past. Doing some cleaning and found this. Does anyone remember where this is from?




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