Funk Beach Leagues

Funk Beach Leagues


I just moved back to the area, I haven't played in over a year and a half, would like to get back into playing. Please message me if you have a rec spot. thanks!
Hey gang. New to the group and new to the area. I’d like to get on a team or sub ASAP. Let me know!
When are you starting the Monday and Wednesday leagues in Scottsdale?
Would anyone be able to sub for our two teammates who are on vacation this week? Little Kahuna, 7pm, tomorrow, at the Monastery
Anyone available to play tonight at 615 in Mesa at the Monastery
Long shot, but if anyone needs a Monastery sub tonight, let me know.
In need of someone to sub for me tonight. Reverse co-ed game at 6:15.

Thank you in advance
Who is thinking of signing up for Top Notch Coeds at Buttes? Haven't played in a while but might be looking to get back in to a league.
Hello Funk Beach people, my girlfriend and I are looking to start playing 4's (C/B) on Monday nights in Tempe. We'd love to find another 2 for the September 25th "season". Thanks in advance!
Alison Daus and I are looking for 2 players for the sandiego tourney!
preferably two guys that can set or hit! Let me know if anyone needs a team!

Beach volleyball leagues in Tempe and Scottsdale. Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri for intermediate and re

Operating as usual

Photos from Funk Beach Leagues's post 10/27/2022

Tempe Wednesday Recreational League Brackets for tournament night are posted!
Please reach out to teammates.
10 is max number of teams we run a single bracket on 2 courts. More than 10 teams and it becomes bloated - too much sitting between games.
So we break it into a Silver and Gold bracket.
The bottom 4 teams will enjoy a short contest just between themselves (kind of nice to not have to wrestle with the top teams, lol).
The surviving team from Silver playoff gets a bid into the Gold bracket as seed #8.

**Please note the 6:15 first game start times for you 4 Silver teams - a little earlier than league has been.

Guys - we would love to flow uninterrupted right into the next season, start Nov 9.
We hope you all enjoyed the league and will be back for season 2, and that we can just keep growing.

If you are in for the next season, please visit the registration page and let's keep it rolling!

**We will not go above 14 teams so that we stay with just three time slots.
We will not run a 4th time slot during the 2 colder seasons.
Get on board here - mahalo everyone!

Photos from Funkalicious Beach Ball's post 04/14/2021

Photos from Funkalicious Beach Ball's post


I KNOW someone asked me this week if we knew of a free agent hitter for a league team that lost one of its players - but because I smoke a LOT of pot, I cannot remember who that was.

I have a very springy, skilled gentleman named Marcus Suman who is a certified mercenary looking to join a Monday or Tuesday team.
Marcus will be an asset to any squad - please reach out so I can get you and he schnackled up for the new season - mahalo!


Congrats to our latest three league night tournament champs from Monday Rec League, Monday Intermediate League and Wednesday Rec League at Elks Island.

NEW SEASONS ALL REBOOT FEB 1, 2, 3 & 4 as we take a short intermission from January and the colder winter season, hoping to get closer to the spring warmer nights because the month will start with F and not J. Makes perfect sense.

Register today for any of our four nights in Scottsdale at Elks Island!


Funkalicious Beach Ball

Our Onesie Funsie Friday Night Funk last year was a cozy & warm fun, fun time. Really do want to do it again next week.
It needs more participants - more fuzzy Funksters looking to have a relaxed, somewhat silly, fun time together.

We're done by 11:45 latest in the winter months.

Can we make this happen?
We have 8 onesies for players without one of their own:
- a shark, a moose, a tiger, an elf, a giraffe, a wolf and 2 unicorns.

Register here to join the Furry Party:


Putting in the man hours at Prestige Worldwide.
Working the land.


Hi guys, Shawn here. Our apologies - Buttes management has been repairing sprinklers and plumbing for bathrooms all week, we were assured it would be done by tonight but they let us know a bout 15 minutes ago they are not done. Out of our control - but we apologize nonetheless.
The bracket you see here is for next Thursday Oct 22 as a result. Please enjoy your night and we'll see you next week.
***IF your team likes the groove and want to keep it going without a goofy off week, we can absolutely hit it again with the new season rebooting Oct 29.
Shawn (me) is going to take this week before tournament to give the Buttes some needed TLC - thorough cleaning of the restrooms, trimming of the out of control trees, repairing of the woefully inadequate ball net fencing, fixing the broken water spigot, raking again of the thorny branches and a deep tilling of the sand.
We had a robust 18 teams in this excellent league not too long ago, before Covid kind of hit it in the groin - so we know the market IS out there.

Will you do what you can to help us spread the word, recruit any volley-friends you think would enjoy joining you?
We are going to - we promise - market Tempe Thursdays HARD to new teams, to old teams who vaporized in March with Covid, to get this fun, fab league rocking again with 10, 12, 16, 18 teams.

Thank you everyone for your mojo and for your patience about tonight.


Funkalicious Beach Ball

The one and only Dave Kamena is going to not only be with us all weekend at Elks island with his Kamena Outdoor goods for sale before Rocky Point, Dave is actually playing Sunday with our guys in the Men's 2s Beach Kings tournament.

Come hang out with us at the Backyard Beach at Elks Island this weekend even if you're not playing in one of the three events, shop some stellar beach wear and pick up a new fav for your closet or drawers.
Dave's been a great part of Funk fall editions of Rocky Points for quite a few years now; here's an early chance to get some great threads on your ass, back or head.


Yes, we are playing league Labor Day night Sept 7.
Where you going anyway? It's Covid year.

And besides, who's not back from whatever their doing by Monday night? Is Tuesday a holiday? Is this Europe?
We're playing, ya Marys.



Very sorry to have to make this announcement; tonight’s planned first night must be cancelled at The Buttes.
The damage from recent monsoons is too great to remedy in time for games tonight.

Mostly it is the blanketing of the grass and the East court of close to 4500 sq feet of mesquite tree shrapnel, spiky twig fragments.
It’s dangerous.

I picked up and raked as much as I could the last 40 minutes, but there’s still an hour of work here and I cannot stay.

Apologies, players.

We will put in the work needed to make your play area safe and comfortable and relaunch opening night next Thursday Sept 3.

Please spread the word to your teammates.

Thank you.



The schedule for both Recreational and Little Kahuna has been utterly gutted and changed; please review and re-calibrate.

Please DO NOT depend on a screen shot you may have taken (BTW - never advised, ever to screen shot the schedule) the first week.

Please re-consult the schedule - it has changed...for every single team.

**Explanation: a team took a valiant run at Little K Intermediate, found they were in a little over their head and out of their element, asked to make our fun Rec League their home. We agreed this was a wise move.

So Rec now has 14 teams strong ( awesome!),
little Kahuna is hanging in there with 4 teams this season.

Your first night's results and resulting standings and records are now posted as well.

Mahalo all for making Elks Island and Funk Beach your league home - see you next week for more fun!



Funk Beach Leagues's cover photo


Schedule for the brand new spankin' season of He-Man / She-Ra nets leagues Tuesday nights at Elks Island in Scottsdale with an overflowing 19 teams total is now created and posted.


Mahalo everyone for the overwhelming sign ups and enthusiasm for Elks Leagues from Funk Beach; we did not anticipate being full all four nights in just our second season, but that's where we're at, and we are most grateful.

New seasons will reboot in October - and we'll either be adding a third court to Elks or expanding to Tempe at The Rock to make leagues a 2 location tandem.
Register anytime for these seasons to get into the queue to be a part of our Funk Family.

We can take you through the steps to become an Elk Lodge member as well if you'd like to enjoy the perks of membership.
BONUS kickback - when you complete your Elks membership you get a free season of league as a player, worth $50!
Contact Desi or Shawn or Fernando or Michelle for the details.

Mahalo and Funk On!


TWO Tuesday Big Kahuna Intermediate teams that need a player piece that's missing:

One team needs a free agent woman warrior out there who would like to step onto a team and play Tuesday nights starting next wee.

One team needs a male hitter for their squad.

Message Shawn McConnell ASAP and he will hook you up with either one!


Change of plans kids:
Monday Little Kahuna and Recreational Leagues at Elks Island will start NEXT week, 8/24.

No leagues after all tomorrow night, 8/17.

Enjoy your evening all.
Schedule that does start 8/24 will be posted no later than noon tomorrow 8/17.



Last call for Monday Scottsdale Elks Island League teams.

We have just 2 spots left to give - can be in either our Recreational Fun (Here For The Beer) League
Little Kahuna (Hands Fly Free) Intermediate.

Would LOVE to ultra-max this night out at the 18 team mark
(16 teams currently registered).

Have a squad that's hip to get on the sand at Elks Island Mondays?

Register fast here and we'll make it so:


Tuesday Big Kahuna players - I've got a very capable, A level male hitter who is looking to farm out his talents to a team in need for leagues rebooting Tues nights at Elks island in Scottsdale (starts Aug 25).

Contact Shawn for details and we shall put you together with this fine gent.


Funk Beach Leagues's cover photo


Congrats to team Wizard of Oz, our Big Kahuna (He-Man net) Tuesday night competitive coed 4s season tournament champs!
Mikey, Maggie, Jimmy and Scotty took the prize, never dropping the ball with a 4-0 run to the crown.

And congrats also to our best record of the season (winning $100 off the next season) and 2nd place finalists team Pulp Fiction!
Chris McClellan (played here by Ian Mulqueen), Rob, Monic and Will.

Also congrats to our Reverse Coed League tournament champs, team Die Hard!
Alicia, Mike, Marissa and Ruben were the 4 seed but the best of this night - well done, guys!

Here is the link to our Tuesday Big Kahuna and Reverse Coed (aka He-Man / She-Ra nets) Leagues page for all the information:

We'd love to start fresh reboot this coming Tuesday 8/19.
Reality says however that we'll need a "collection week" to assemble all the team registrations not yet in - so YOU can get your team IN and rocking with us by 8/19 or 8/26.

Join the Beach in the Backyard awesome leagues Tuesday nights at Elks Island - dual formats running simultaneously on two nets, side by side!

Here are our rosters from this past season - we can take a max of 18 teams total across both leagues. We are almost there for maxing out!


Funkalicious Beach Ball

New Leagues starting soon!


Thank you so very much Tempe faithful Funksters for your continuing joy of play at The Rock - Tempe Marriott Buttes at 48th Street & Broadway!

Here is your season finale tournament night bracket.
Please note your team's first game starttime.

BYOB and food - we'll make a night of it and crown a champ!

PLEASE REGISTER NOW for the new season's reboot, so we can hit the ground running without some dumb week of break.

We can make a schedule and keep you homies playing without interruption IF ---- IF we get everyone's team registrations in.
Send those in NOW friends - we'll do our part!


Register UP for the new season - we can build Wednesday Little Kahuna back to a formidable beast - as it was in the days before Covid ruled the land!
Remember The Rock? Remember The Rock!

Restore the glory of Kahuna Wednesdays!
Register your team here:…

The Funk steps of league:
A) Starting Recreational
Mondays and Wednesdays

B) Hands Fly Free Intermediate Little Kahuna
Mondays and Thursdays

C) Little Kahuna Full Rules

D) Big Kahuna Intermediate (and Reverse Coed)


Funk Beach Leagues's cover photo


We got started off the blocks with 12 teams last season for our VERY groovy and buzz-inducing Thursday night Little Kahuna Intermediate (Hands Fly Free) League in south Scottsdale at Elks Island Funk Beach.

Tonight we launch Season 2 of Thursdays with an almost full 16 teams (absolute max possible is 18 teams).
Kind of nice to have 16, as that means all teams play all nights - no byes - so kind of a perfect number.

Here's the schedule page for reference:

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo to all 64 players making up this season's Fun.
Let's GO!!!
See you tonight at your time slot:
either 6:15 / 7:20 / 8:25 / 9:30.

Say kid - if YOU want teams on Thursdays to know YOU are available as a sub - just join our Facebook group for Elks Thursday nights and post whenever you're in the mood to sub - it can be a great way to break into the league network.

Join here:


- Monday Little Kahuna Intermediate and
Monday Recreational Here For The Beer

- Tuesday Reverse Coed and Big Kahuna Intermediate

- Wednesday Little Kahuna Intermediate
-Wednesday Recreational Here For The Beer


Loving this awesome group of 15 teams for Thursdays at Elk’s Island!

Got a handful looking to join a team and need to communicate with each other by end of night to make a 16th team.. 😉


OK now we have very fun, cool, sweet Ms Jennifer Halen and Mr Vladimir Kurenyshev ready as one half tandem of a 4 person team looking for two teammates for Thursday night's Little Kahuna Hands Fly Free league.
Jennifer wants to set.
They need a back row defensive player and another hitter.
Anyone interested?

Play starts this Thursday 8/6.
$50 a player is your buy in for a 7 week season of plays, 20+ games guaranteed.
Game times rotate between 6:15 / 7:20 / 8:25 / 9:30.
League will run from 8/6 to approximately 10/1.
No hand sets called that stay on your net side - full clean rules of play beyond that.

Contact us here or either Jen or Vlad ASAP - we need to get two by tonight!


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Little Kahuna Intermediate - Hands Fly Free - practice your hand setting skills with us THURSDAY nights in Scottsdale at Funk Beach Elks Island!

- Great, low beer and drink prices at the Elks Lodge bar.
Even better (40-50% discounts) when you become an Elk member.

- Deep (12-14 inches in the play area) beach sand, lovingly maintained. Never cruel, always soft - safe to dive, knee and roll in.
Elbows, toes, knees and shins confirm.
It's The Beach in the Backyard at Elks Island.

- Level is BB to B to C (a spectrum of team levels)

- Hand sets that stay on your team's side of the net are not called - you've got the freedom to take out those paws and try that hand setting you've wanted to practice.

- We had 12 teams this past season - we can take up to 18.
When we get to 16, we can break into Gold and Silver Little Kahuna divisions for even more tailored level competition.

Help us build and grow a groovy volleyball world and family here in Phoenix - REGISTER today and please join The Funk!


Thank you everyone for hanging with us this season MONDAY nights as we caught our breaths and reset the instruments for Covid reality.
The regular season has concluded for both our Little Kahuna Intermediate and our Here For The Beer Rec Leagues!

Playoff brackets are now published:
HFTB Rec is up first next Mon, 8/3,
Little Kahuna battle night is 8/10 for all 10 teams.

REGISTER TODAY for the new season reboot on Aug 17.
Help us help YOU by getting a fresh season started without a needless week off to collect teams - we CAN get you going without an interruption - IF we get teams resigned-up and new teams IN by Aug 10.

Register here, let's GO for an even stronger league family!:


It's tournament night for Wednesday night Hear For The Beer Rec League Funksters this week!
Here is your playoff bracket - note your team's sart times.

LITTLE KAHUNA TEAMS - you have a BYE this week - no play - Rec tournament is on - we'll see you mext Wednesday, Aug 5.

Get your Rec and Little Kahuna teams registered for the new season that reboots fresh on Aug 12 now.
We're aiming to hot the ground running Aug 12 - we've had enough delays and messin's with us, dontcha think?

Let's start a new season ready to roar Aug 12!



Funk Beach Leagues's cover photo


In case you missed the company memo, it's hot outside here in Arizona in early July.
Interesting enough, we are in the eye of the hurricane for AZ summer - last week and this very week comprise the highest mean daily temperature averages of the year in your community.
F yea, let's party dude!

So the point - please keep your human bodies hydrated, adults. The brain and heart are 73% water. We always have our 10 gallon bright orange water cooler supplied with iced H2O if you've somehow forgotten to fill your Hydroflask with liquid.

If you ever feel faint or overheated, for Pete's sake please tap out - the game can manage without you. Use one of the two water hoses available to cool your body temp, seek refuge in the A/C'ed inner sanctum, etc.

You're playing at your own responsible risk of course, but we care about you, so gauge your own tolerance for heat and always play it safe, campers.

See you tonight and thank you all for your love of the game!


Looking to get some deep, soft sand between your toes?
12 inches worth in the play areas, cared for lovingly and tilled regularly?

Funk Beach Leagues are operating Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with no COVID interruptions, just precautions and communal care and... THE BAR IS OPEN!

Would love to work your team into the schedule.
We can. We can work your team IN. We can pro-rate your team fee accordingly.
Send us a message.
Let’s keep our volleyball community tight and thriving, active and diving!
Come join Desi, Fernando, Michelle and Shawn, your concierges for sand bliss.

We want you.

MONDAY SCOTTSDALE: Recreational & Little Kahuna Hands Fly Free (Intermediate)

TUESDAY SCOTTSDALE: Reverse Coed & Big Kahuna (Upper)

WEDNESDAY SCOTTSDALE: Recreational Here For The Beer fun

THURSDAY SCOTTSDALE: Little Kahuna Hands Fly Free (Intermediate)

THURSDAY TEMPE: Recreational

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Funk Beach Leagues Tempe/Scottsdale

Scottsdale and Tempe fun and competitive leagues for all levels.

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2000 W Westcourt Way
Tempe, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 6:15pm - 10:30pm
Tuesday 6pm - 10:30pm
Wednesday 6pm - 11pm
Thursday 6pm - 11pm
Friday 6pm - 11pm
Saturday 6pm - 10:30pm
Sunday 6pm - 11pm

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