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Spring Cleaning 🧹
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Thanks for the great Customer Service. Needed new holes drilled in my two small plates from bad shots. To my surprise I received two brand new plates. Our set up is ready to go again thanks to Mr. Target.
dear manager ,we are a professional manfacurer of steel shooting targets and paper targets(IPDA also)),also available to providing samples and produce according to your designing.Hope there is any chance to cooperated with you . We are the producer of SIG SAUERS,ASG and Umarex .Any feedback will be much appreciated.pirce and catalog will be send soon.
Any Memorial Day sales or discount?

We build the most fun armored steel shooting targets that you can find. Be green... don't litter the desert by shooting trash and paper targets.

Our targets are made of armored steel that can withstand thousands of handgun and rifle rounds... including 5.45,5.56/223, 7.62/.308. If you are looking for cost effective GONG targets or the highest quality reactive targets, you can find them here. All of our reactive targets take seconds to setup and are easy to transport. Custom shapes and sizes are available to call/email for your specific requests and ideas! Look out for our Demo Shoots we sponsor all over the state and please contact us if you would like to sponsor an event.

Operating as usual

Come see how @benaveryrange is taking care of their customers and adding a new level of excitement for outdoor and recreational sports! Rifle and pistol steel shooting every weekend! If you own or manage a private or public range... we can help you too! #azgameandfish #azgfd #steeltarget #steeltargetshooting #reactivetargets #mrtargetonline #mrtarget

First time shooting a dueling tree for this guy at @rangesatoakfield Looks like he was doing great until he ran out of ammo! Get over to @thomasville.georgia and check out this Beautiful range!


We all just watched this here at the shop... and were all scared for this guy. What would you do if you didn't have protection?

Mountain Lion Charges ⚠️ language
BusyWild #busywild
🎥 Kyle Burgess

This is how you set up a range for maximum fun! Ranges at Oakfield... thank you for the amazing customer service! Visit Tallahassee - make sure this is on your list of attractions!

“So glad I found you guys. I’ve bought other targets over the years and they never last. The quality of your products is far superior to everything else out there. I’ll be back for more.” -James D. - Phoenix, AZ #mrtarget #steeltargetshooting #rubbertargets #rubberdummy

We wait until after too 😉 Thanks for the kind words, Russell S. “I tried out the koozer lollipop at some local BLM lands and it was so much fun. Random guys came over and offered me beer to be able to shoot at it 😁

I let them do it for nothing because I drink after I shoot but it was fun as all hell! Thanks for making such innovative sturdy targets.” #steeltargetshooting #rubbertargets #mrtargetonline

It’s hunting season... get some!
#mrtarget #mrtargetonline #steeltargetshooting

We have always been about excellent customer service... and it is rare to feel like we need to up our game. Today we were schooled by @setjet on our trip to Cabo. Not only was their service 5 ⭐️... but they had the Mexican Customs Agent waiting with gift bags and shots of tequila as we exited the plane. Come fly with us. #setjet #flysetjet #privatejet #privatecharter #flyprivate

TAC III F-CLASS Armored Steel Reactive Target being put to good use!

Have you checked out our products? You have several options for base and accessories! Check out our page under BIO!

We just received sad news early this morning. The Founder/Owner of Patriot Ordnance Factory is off to a better place.

We were just speaking earlier this week about the successes we have had with business, design ideas, the importance of family, and of course... politics.

We thank you for your years of service to the industry, raising the bar on quality and innovation, your wisdom, your mentor ship, and most importantly... your friendship.

We wish strength for your family and employees... and we wish you the best in the afterlife!

Thank you for everything, Frank DeSomma


[05/08/20]   Great comments by one of our customers. Keep up the good work, Matt. Thank you for what you do!

“I am a pistol and rifle instructor at a couple different large national organizations and I have used many different steel targets at different ranges and at friends home ranges. I have never used a better product than Mr Target. The innovation in design, the quality, the price is all the best I have ever seen. I will be ordering more and I won’t even be considering the “other guys” steel.

MT Risner - Moscow, ID

AXE&KNIFE TARGET - Wood throwing target for axes & knives - Mr Target

Knife and axe targets are available... The AXE & KNIFE Throwing Target by MR TARGET LLC will give you a reason to use your axes and throwing knives. Become an expert in close quarter situations

2019 Reactive Targets & Rubber Dummies in action at Cowtown Range

Offensive Marketing Group and Rob Orgel making it happen...

Steel targets, rubber targets, Koozer Lollipops, and Dueling Trees assemble in seconds... but they also go together perfectly with MP5s and Glocks. Get out t...

@desertdogoffroadadventures in Fountain Hills, AZ - rent a Jeep, rent a target, pick up some ammo and explore for a day... or the entire weekend!!! #getoffthepavement #covid19

Christensen Arms oh yeah! All we need is an optic and an elk... 300PRC

The Perfect Stand

Hear that?!?! These things ring like crazy and are the only target on the public and private ranges here in Arizona that require NO MAINTENANCE! 8” to 24” in stock and ready to ship.
@azlrps @cowtownrange @benaveryaz

Steel silhouette... with steel “windage ring” makes a totally different sound when hit. Great training tool thanks to Tucson Border Patrol for your continued business!


Luke Air Force Base to honor essential workers with a flyover across the entire valley here in Arizona.

We would like to honor them as well. And for everyone that is out of work... staying at home with their family... bored out of their mind... we salute you too!

Here’s a discount code that will get all of you 15% off your order through the weekend (expires May 4th).

coupon code - COVIDSUCKS

*ONE THING... due to changes with fedex and ups shipping rates we MUST ship to a commercial address. We will call you to set that up once your order goes through.

Cover that up! Better protect that rubber!

Things you can do at home! (Or the park)

Portable Axe throwing targets... axes coming soon!!!

Bored? Stuck at home? Learn a new skill... or better yet, teach your kids how to throw ALL FROM THE SAFETY OF YOUR BACK YARD! #TrainLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt #SickGuns #WeaponsDaily #WeBleedThe2nd #9mm #freedom #libertyordeath #liberty #patriot #libertytap #igmilitia #merica #molonlabe #nogunsallowed #gun #guns #gunporn #2ndamendment #2a #america #comeandtakeit #donttreadonme #steeltargets #rubbertargets #throwingknife #axethrowing

Jesse and Cameron are finishing up one of our new axe and knife throwing targets so you can come out of hibernation with a new talent! Modular and portable... these work in all of your MR TARGET base systems. Videos coming soon...

Hope you are enjoying Quarantine safely!

Not just hand sanitizer and facemasks and social distancing… But also not throwing a 300blk round down your 5.56 barrel! This could happen… And you could lose your face! 🤯

BE SAFE while you are having fun! Oh... and call us if you want something new and exciting to shoot at! We’re still shipping!

Everybody likes sparks! We’re still shipping so if you are tired of sitting at home and need to get out... hit us up for some of the greatest reactive targets on the planet!

Two clicks left... don’t forget that wind, my friend!

Now is a great time to hit your favorite targets... Stay safe out there!

We are still shipping... but took a quick visit to the range to test some belt eaters and a new target design.

Have you had time to get out??? Share some pics and videos with us!

Oh yeah... here’s a little discount to help motivate you to get out and get practicing.

Coupon code - COVIDSCHMOVID - for some free rimfire plates with any dueling tree or Koozer Lollipop purchase.

For all the AZ residents... Trent Woods is our local gun law guru. Great write up explaining the new senate bill.

As you may be aware, anti-gun extremists have just proposed new tyrannical gun control measures here in Arizona. Calm down, take a breath, and spend 15 minutes reading and digesting the information below so you can get on target. The three laws are summarized as follows:

SB1624 - Ban on private Transfers. The proposed law prohibits the private sales/transfers of firearms unless conducted through an FFL. This would ban merely letting a friend shoot your gun while target shooting in the desert.

A violation of the statute is a class 5 felony. Text:

SB1625 - Ban on "Assualt weapons" and Magazines over 10 rounds. The proposed law prohibits the manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of "assault weapons" or "large capacity magazines" (over ten rounds) unless you register the item. Registration consists of 1) registration, 2) background check, 3) "safe and secure" storage of the item with rules that DPS will make up, 4) annual renewal of the registration and background check, and 5) you may the ONLY possess the item in a few scenarios: a) on property that you own or immediately control, or b) while on the premises of a licensed gunsmith for repairs, or c) at a duly licensed firing range, or d) while traveling to or from any of the three locations above IF the item is stored unloaded in a locked container (does not include glove compartment or trunk). {Noticeably absent - you cannot shoot such items out in the desert. Or hunting.} If item is stolen and you do not report the theft within 48 hours, you are liable civilly for all damages.

An "assault weapon" is defined as i) a semi-auto rifle that has a detachable magazine,
ii) semi-auto pistol or any semi-auto centerfire rifle with a fixed magazine that has a capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, iii) semi-auto pistol that has detachable magazine and has at least one of the following: a) any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip held by the nontrigger hand, b) a folding, telescoping, or thumbhold stock [definition of "stock?}, c) a barrel shroud or foreend that allows you told the firearm with the nontrigger hand and not get burned, or d) ability to accept magazine outside of pistol grip, iv) a semi-auto shotgun that has any of the following: a) pistol grip or thumbhole stock, or b) any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip held by the nontrigger hand, or c) folding or telescoping stock, or d) a fixed magazine that can have more than 5 rounds, or e) ability to accept detachable magazine, v) a shotgun with a revolving cylinder, vi) kits, parts, or combination of parts that can make an assault weapons.

A violation of the statute is a class 1 misdemeanor with minimum fine of $500 for first violation. Second violation is class 5 felony with minimum fine of $2500. Third violation is class 4 felony with minimum fine of $5000. Text:

SB1626 - Red Flag law. The proposed law institutes a several threat order of protection scheme. This law prevents the respondent from owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving, or controlling a firearm or ammunition for one year upon a statement by a family or household member (related by blood, marriage, adoption, or current or former dating partner {what on earth does former dating partner mean - someone who you went to the movies once twenty years ago??} {also - ANY person related to you - 6th cousin's spouse??}, legal guardian, or has resided in the same household within the previous year), LEO, school administrator or teacher, or behavioral health professional that claims the respondent poses a significant danger or causing physical injury to self or others. The order may be granted ex parte (without the respondent being there or even knowing). The order WILL be granted the same day the application is filed. If the order is granted, the court shall order a hearing within 14 days to the respondent can fight it, if they want. If granted, the court shall notify DPS within one day, then DPS shall notify the FBI (NICS). The police will charge storage fees as long as they keep the respondent's firearms/ammo. When the one year is almost up (11 months to be exact), the petitioner has an opportunity to renew the order. If the order is not renewed, the respondent can request their items be returned. Text:


1) Join Arizona Citizen's Defense League. It will cost you a whopping $30 per year and they do more to protect Arizona gun rights than anyone. This should be your initial step.

2) Contact your state representatives (Governor Doug Ducey, and your senator and two representatives). You can do this easily on AZCDLs website by simply entering your address, it will show you your reps and allow you to send them all a message easily. Click here and then do the "Find Politicians" box on the bottom right corner. Sample text of the message:

I am your constituent and I respectfully demand that you vote no, or otherwise do all you can to block passage of the following proposed laws if they come before you: SB1624, SB1625, and SB1626. Not only am I your constituent, I am one who votes and I will vote against you at the upcoming election if you vote in favor of any of these proposed laws, or any iteration that is similar in nature. Thank you for your prompt attention to this very important matter.

3) Vote in the upcoming elections. Our state is getting overrun by anti-gun extremists and it is crucial that YOU vote and get your friends and family members to vote too. Laws like those proposed are proposed virtually every single year. This time they probably won't pass, but, unless 2A supporter's start getting more involved, they WILL eventually pass here in AZ. Don't say it will never happen here. It will - unless we stop it.

4) Support Firearms Policy Coalition ( or Second Amendment Foundation ( if you are able.

5) Spread the word about this important issue by sharing this post and talking to people you know -particularly those you know who are likely to oppose such laws.

- Trent Woods,

If you 4x4 or shoot... here is a location that is always in danger of being closed because of the amount of dumping and trash that is left behind by irresponsible people.

The biggest way you can help keep this place open is to KEEP IT CLEANED UP. Thankfully we have people like Nicole and Justin and the team from Natural Restorations.

If you would like to be involved in this extremely well organized cleanup... we need all the hands we can get.

All the details are in the pic... ALL WE NEED ARE BODIES. Food, gloves, drinks, and all the cleanup tools and containers will be provided.

Please share!

People that take pride in their work... and can make it show in whatever product or service they produce... are worth having.

We have ALWAYS been blessed to have great people around us. Some are off chasing their dreams, some are still here. But... ALL of them have been a blessing.

We are still shipping for Christmas. Get your orders in and give us a call with any questions!

Fairfax County Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Civil War

Give this man a new gun...

And 20% off a new target. Reminder... we’re still shipping in time for Christmas! Use code THANKSGIVING20 for the best deal of the year.

The danger we face in Virginia. 1776 United shirts [including Sons Of Liberty hoodie]: (use code Mrgunsngear for 20% off): Nine Line Ap...

Why do GUN GUYS take their time to propose?


Big shout out to these two for pulling the forever trigger... and including us!

May your aim be true, your POI shift be small, and let’s hope all the malfunctions happen outside of the bedroom.

20% off sale continues all week with code THANKSGIVING20.

This is the only time discounts are offered all year... and now you have some new products to choose from.

Peek-a-Boo target plate - fits behind a car... or another one of our plates.

Sales happening all week... and will roll into the weekend at the Crossroads of the West Gun Shows SAR West Gun Show 2019 at the Arizona Fairgrounds.

We'll be in the yellow SAR building with all the good stuff. Look for the MR TARGET banners and come claim your 20% savings from the guys at the booths.

We're stocked and ready to show off the new items!

Our dealers are also having the same sale so pick up some new accessory targets today!

The sale keeps going! THANKSGIVING20

How much can you fit in your cart?

Armored Paper Target Brackets (and everything else)

All 20% off with code THANKSGIVING20

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Tempe?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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somewere to talk and share pics with people that like the same thing as you

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