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Just showed up at 12 had a 1 tee time so far so good this thing performs. Still getting a feel for it but already out driving my R11
Just wanted to thank Lance Reader at Krank Golf for getting me into the new Formula F11. I'm a 55 year old swinging at about 100mph and have never hit the ball farther or more consistent averaging 15-20 yards more off the tee 285 to 295 yards here in Az and sometimes with rollout 300+ Thanks Krank Golf.
Preparing for takeoff in 3...2...
Just want to say Thanks to Krank!! 120 swing speed and 180 ball speed with the new Formula 11 pro. Makes this 55yr old Senior Amatuer very happy.
I got my new f11 pro driver with the upgraded shift the atmos and omg I'm hitting it 30 yards more than last years driver the extreme I'm 60 years old and I recommend it to everyone so much better than the Calloway matrik
Finishing first custom fit KRANK Extreme X build tomorrow for a junior college golf coach. He is happy - more to come!!
No1 longdrive head. Krank Golf Long Distance Drivers Alvin Cruz #Krankitup #FormulaXtreme
Shafts make so much of s difference.
Stand behind your products. Broken shaft this company could care less. I'll be going back to a company that actually warrantys their clubs. Besides that they tried to blame me. Have a good one krank. Sincerely another lost customer
Broken shaft called in and got disconnected. Then I get a rude response claiming I hung up on them. No need to support this sham of a company that doesn't stand behind their products
Krank has the best product around from the driver to the hybrids
I currently have the option on purchasing the Formula 5 What are your experiences with this club. I'm currently swinging between 115-123mph Thanks

Creating and providing the worlds undisputed, longest hitting driver to golfers around the world backed by our winning history in the sport of Long Drive.

Krank Golf is committed to the everyday golfer as much as the pros on tour or hard swinging Long Drivers. Just keep in mind, our success comes from your success on the course. We consider every golfer who purchases our driver, our storefront. Providing you the tools to enjoy golfing more is out utmost priority and is the only way we will ever attain our goal of becoming the #1 Driver company in the world.

Mission: * To continually create the best Drivers for Golf and Long Drive. * To create additional quality golf products that will compliment our amazing Drivers. * To provide the absolute best customer service in the golf industry. * To rethink golf club fitting and apply it to every golf club purchase Krank Golf receives. * To create an environment where every golfer can get quality information that will improve their individual golf experience. * To create a simple hitting system that any golfer can apply to their game. * To assist in establishing a worldwide recognition for the Long Drive Industry. * To be known for quality not quantity. * To continue our commitment to Charities around the world. * To promote the Great Game of Golf. What makes us different? Give us a call some time and learn for yourself. We create friendships, not just customers.

Operating as usual

So impressive what’s going on in South Africa with Long Drive! Congratulations to all the Champions! Krank Domination!!! Awesome hitting by all!!!

Congratulations to Justin James for another dominating win in the Long Drive World!!! This is what it looks like when you crush the field. #teamkrank #krankdomination.

Justin James Golf Appsoft Development
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Here is what you need to know about Krank Golf. Every normal spring effect conforming USGA driver is rated for 115 to 120 mph swing speed. If you are swinging slower than that, you are not effectively activating the spring effect of the face. You will never maximize your distance off the tee box hitting a driver face rated for Dustin Johnson unless you are swinging as fast as he is. It’s very simple science. Krank forged beta titanium metal is significantly harder than any other driver on the planet. When we thin the face of our drivers to the proper thickness for your swing speed, the ball goes faster off the face of the driver and you hit the ball further. Virtually every Krank driver is the same except for the face thickness. We have chosen to match the proper face thickness to your swing speed. We now make 3 playing drivers. Formula 11PRO, Formula 11X and Formula 11XX. We choose which driver is best suited for you based on your swing speed or average distance. We now match your swing speed to your shaft flex and driver face flex. Makes complete sense to us and absolutely increases your distance by 20 to 40 more yards off the tee box. Over the past 18 years, Krank Golf has been taking care of the fastest swingers in the world, winning 22 World Long Drive Championships and completely dominating every golf driver manufacturer on the planet. We are different and better at creating distance with a driver. We have proven that for a long time. This cannot be disputed! We are now focusing our technology on the slower swing speed golfers who need the distance the most. Go enjoy golf! The greatest sport in the world for many many reasons!

To better understand which Formula 11 Driver is right for you, please click on this link.

Congratulations to Krank Team Member Justin James for winning the @prolongdrive event today. This is what it looks like when Justin James Golf puts a serious hurt on a Topflight golf ball and the rest of the field. 154MPH Swing Speed and 226 MPH Ball Speed. Longest ball 407 Yards. Another @krankgolf win with the best driver on the planet.

Yes! Long Drivers Matter when it comes to the development of all Krank Drivers. Whether it is USGA conforming drivers or High COR drivers for slower swing speeds, it all starts with the remarkable super hardened forged beta titanium we use for all our drivers, for ALL Swing Speeds. Nothing comes close!!! Check out this video to understand more.

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This is what the world has been waiting for! Click the link below to find out how Krank has changed the game of golf forever!


Krank Golf's cover photo

Watch. Learn. Evolve.

Timeline Photos

Krank Golf is now accepting new Elite Product Review Members. We will be posting here periodically asking for specific age groups, hand orientations, swing speeds, etc to participate in our product testing and review process.

This request is open to - ALL GOLFERS / ALL AGES.

We want to be very clear - We are not giving away free clubs.
Our screening process is strict and any applicants that are accepted must pay the Elite Product Tester Group price for any products shipped to them. If you are only looking to get free equipment, this program is NOT for you.

All Members who are accepted will receive a HUGE discount.

Due to MAP pricing agreements with our distributors, we are unable to publish the discount (Yes, its that SUBSTANTIAL).

Space is very limited and only individuals who meet our criteria will be considered.
You MUST speak with one of our staff to be approved.

Click on the link below and fill out the form to be considered. 👇🏻

We at Krank Golf are hoping and praying that everyone is staying safe and making it through this crazy time.

We look forward to getting back on the golf courses around the world very, very soon!!!

We are very fortunate to be able to work remotely and grateful for all the interest in the Formula Double X Driver.

Due to the overwhelming number of calls and emails, we recommend if you need to get a hold of us at Krank, feel free to call us at the office 480 699-5041 Opt 1. If we don’t answer please leave a message. We will call you back as soon as possible. If you would like to schedule an uninterrupted call to go over your swing, and a very detailed fitting, please click on this link.
Be safe and be well!

Lance Reader

In this time of crazy, there is always an opportunity to be amazing. My favorite Quote by far. Thanks @mcuban

Golf Club Fitting - Krank High-COR Drivers

From humble beginnings in long drive to the modern technological advancements in extreme durability under extreme swing speeds, Lance Reader, President of Krank Golf and Russ Ryden, Owner of Fit2Score, discuss the golf driver face technology that brought Krank Golf 22 championship wins. Now, Krank has brought that same technology to create the ideal driver for the average golfer with swing speeds under 110mph, adding 20 yards to 40 yards to anyone's swing for more fun on the course. Golf Driver heads are being ruled non-conforming on the PGA Tour now that the USGA is testing heads in the field. Lance Reader, President of Krank Golf and R...

Absolute Heartbreak!!! Prayers go out to all the families and friends suffering from this tragic loss. @kobebryant

What a fantastic time with our Japanese distributors, World Long Drive Champions, Team Members and Friends. We look forward to Krankin up Japan in 2020!!! Thanks to @beewonkoreancuisine for an amazing dinner and hospitality! Highly recommended!

As with life, changes are inevitable. Our 2019 World Long Drive Champion Kyle Berkshire Kyle Berkshire has made a change, signing with Callaway Golf. Kyle is a dear friend along with his family and has risen to the top of this sport in just 3 years. His commitment and focus has been remarkable. We wish him the best, but make no mistake about it, Team Krank will bring the heat in every round with every ball to maintain our dominance of this Sport. Get ready for the fireworks! We are going to take it to the next level like never before, I guarantee you that!

We make the undisputed, longest hitting and most powerful drivers in the world of Long Drive and Golf. We are the Reigning Back to Back World Long Drive Championship Driver!

Remember, if you’re not hitting Krank, you have to hit against it.

Krank Golf is committed to the Sport of Long Drive and all those who promote this remarkable Sport. It has been our passion from the start. With 22 World Long Drive Championships under our belt, we look forward to making it 23 in 2020.

“The Grids Clear, Hit Away!”

Grid Pro

Get ready to cheer on Team Krank Member Thorne Van Zyl as he fights for the GRIDPRO SA/International Title in
South Africa November 30th to December 1st!

Happy Halloween 🎃 from your friends at Krank Golf!

Fujikura Golf

The Legend himself Chris Trott paid us a visit to see behind the scenes at Fujikura Composite America and learn more about our golf shafts and Tour efforts.

NH Graphics19

There's no denying that Kyle Berkshire was on fire as he hit the second half of the 2019 #WorldLongDrive season! We're stoked to see what kind of fiery passion he'll bring to the competition next year!

#teamkrank #tenmilekyle #champion #longdrive Athalonz 볼빅골프웨어 Volvik Golfwear

Congratulations to Kyle Berkshire on Winning 2019 world long drive championship. Congratulations on A Great Year @kyleberkshire #krank #krankgolf #worldlongdrive #golf #nhgraphics19 #VolvikWorldLongDriveChampionship #onestoppowershop Krank Golf World Long Drive Volvik @onestoppowershop

No matter how you play it, Krank Golf always comes out on top! 22 #WLD Championships, 28 team members, #1 in the game! Unbeatable power meets immutable durability for 7-8% higher ball speed & 10-12% gain in distance!

#teamkrank #krankgolf #kranknation #worldlongdrive #golffitness #golfaddict #golfing #golfgods #thailandgolf #golfthailand

Photo Credit: Art of Golf @artofgolf_thailand

1910 Dag Digital

Can't get enough Long Drive in the off-season? Check out this interview with Kyle Berkshire in the free digital copy of Avidgolfer Magazine (pg 42) as well as coverage of this past year in World Long Drive (pg 52)!

PLUS The 2019 Long Drive Championship Test Drive the Mercedes-AMG S 63 Irving Golf Club Reopens How Kyle Berkshire conquered the longest hitters on the planet

World Long Drive

Hi I'm Kyle Berkshire...

Golf Channel

Check out these solid tips from the Golf Channel on getting more bang for your buck off the tee and making it to the green in one shot ⛳️ What do you think of his tips? Beneficial or bogus—tell us in the comments!

Wind it up and watch it fly 🚀

Here's how to gain more distance off the tee just by making a small adjustment in your backswing.

World Long Drive

Let's take a closer look at two-time WLD champ Tim Burke and how he swings his Krank driver!

A two-time World Long Drive champion and a two-time winner this season, Tim Burke's swing is something to behold.

Want to add serious yardage to your drive while doing some good? Look no further than the Maurice Allen Signature Driver from Krank Golf! A percentage of the proceeds of each Maurice Allen Driver sold is given to the American Cancer Society. Use the coupon code MA360 to get $100 off!

#kranknation #teamkrank #longdrivegolf #longdrivepro #worldlongdrive #golfswing

136 – Long Drive And MORE! – Lance Reader Interview

Can't get enough #longdrive in the off-season? Check out this interview with our CEO/President Lance Reader and Tony Wright of Game Improvement Golf as they discuss the origins of Krank, the truth about CT Migration, how Paderson Shafts Regular Flex is the new 3X, differences in bulge and roll over time, and so much more!

#longdrivegolf #longdriver #longdrivepro #teamkrank #worldlongdrive #golfpodcast Long Drive And Krank Golf: Insights For Us “Mortal” Golfers! Welcome to Episode 136 of THE Golf Improvement Podcast! Dedicated to sharing useful information on true custom club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques. I Create EXCEPTIONAL GOLF CLUBS – You Shoot LOWER...

Another huge win for Krank on the international grid, cinching not 1, not 2, but 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place wins at the 2019 Volvik Grid ProSA no8 Magaliesburg in South Africa! Congratulations to Champion @Thornes_tj_van.zyl and 2nd Place Jason Cook. Great hitting

#teamkrank #krankgolf #kranknation #worldlongdrive #golffitness #golfchannel #golfaddict #golfing #golfgods
Fujikura Golf Paderson Shafts Hj Glove of America Volvik USA World Long Drive GolfChannel

World Long Drive

Missed the triple win for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for #TeamKrank at the Grid Outlaws South Africa event on Saturday Sept 14th? Then check out this video of Jason Zuback prepping for the 2019 World Long Drive championships with the Tim Burke Signature Krank Formula X Driver!

#krankgolf #worldlongdrive #golffitness #golfchannel #golfaddict #golfing #golfgods #topgolf #worldchampion #longdrive Fujikura Golf Hj Glove of America

Want to know what it's like to prepare for the ultimate stage in World Long Drive?

Allow the GOAT Jason Zuback to show you the ropes.

World Long Drive

Long Drive is an adrenaline sport at the highest level. You have 3 minutes where you put it all on the line, round after round. When you get to match play, it’s do or die. As good a job as GolfChannel does to show the anxiety, pressure and desperation, it doesn’t even come close to what’s really going on. It’s heartbreaking when some of the most talented hitters in the world miss the grid and go OB for a match play round especially. All the dreams get shattered. All the hard work, blood, sweat and tears get washed down the drain and you have a full year to think about it. It’s brutal at the highest level.

I’ve been pondering what to post about Krank Team Member and 2017 World Long Drive Champion Justin James Justin James Golf. First and foremost, he hits the ball as long as any hitter in the history of Long Drive. His commitment to this sport day in and day out is at the highest level. Watching someone of his talent go OB in the most critical moment is so painful. The reason for me writing this is to shed some light on how difficult it is to compete at the highest level of this sport. Justin will be back with vengeance. Thanks for choosing to hit Krank Golf. We are all a Team and in many way suffer together. On to 2020. Watch Out For Justin James!!!

#teamkrank #TBT #worldlongdrive #golffitness #golfchannel #golfaddict #golfing #golfgods #topgolf #worldchampion #longdrive
Krank Golf Fujikura Golf Hj Glove of America World Long Drive GolfChannel 볼빅브이닷 평촌점

3...2...1 liftoff 🚀

Justin James Golf's action from his head to his toes is something Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee can't get enough of.

#TBT to last week's showdown at the 2019 Volvik World Long Drive Championships between Kyle Berkshire and Tim Burke!

#teamkrank #krankgolf Hj Glove of America Fujikura Golf 볼빅브이닷 평촌점 Paderson Shafts World Long Drive

Big Money Golf

!!! THE WEATHER is looking Great for Saturday's Big Money Golf !!!

Also, thanks to Superior Credit Union for partnering up with Big Money Golf for the Krank Golf Driver Giveway!

Krank Golf (winner of most of the LONG DRIVE COMPETITIONS on ESPN) will be on-site at Hidden Creek Golf Club in Lima, Ohio this Saturday, for our participants to demo their clubs at the driving range (where the range balls are sponsored by Real Living-CCR Realtors!)

Participants can simply demo a driver and sign up (free of charge) for a chance to win the Krank Golf Driver (valued at $500) - Thanks again Superior Credit Union!
Only 5 team spots left open!

Sign up at

What a pleasure it has been to have Martin Borgmeier - Long Drive on #teamkrank over the past year. He has taken #LongDrive by the horns and made a huge statement. Don't blink, this Hitter is only getting better, faster and stronger. Can't wait to see what he brings to the grid next year! #worldlongdrive #golffitness #golf #golfaddict #golfing #golfgods #martinborgmeier #europeanlongdrive Fujikura Golf Hj Glove of America GolfChannel 볼빅골프웨어 Volvik Golfwear

Let's slow it down and get ready to say "Bye bye, ball!" as we take a close look at Tim Burke's powerful drive!

About Krank

Krank Golf is the unquestionable authority in distance hitting with 21 World Long Drive Championships, including the 2010 (1st and 2nd), 2011(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) and 2012 (1st, 2nd and 3rd), 2013 (1st, 3rd and 4th), 2015 (1st, 2nd, and 8th) Open Division Championships, 2018 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) Open Division Championships. Krank Golf drivers have completely dominated the Sport of Long Drive Worldwide for over 3 years, winning more Professional Long Drive events than any golf company in history. This includes: Taylormade, Callaway, Titliest, Ping, Cobra and every other golf company on the planet. We know golf drivers and that is an absolute.

Our goal is for YOU to understand that Krank Golf Drivers are the most forgiving and longest-hitting golf drivers in the world today. We also understand that there is more to the game of golf than just your driver. We don’t build irons and probably never will. Our passion is simple, build the highest performing golf drivers in the world and without question we are doing it! All our golf drivers are USGA Conforming with the exception of the Formula XX EXTREME Non-USGA conforming.

A little more of what you should know about Krank Golf Drivers:

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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